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Over the next few weeks, we weren’t able to get together as a group of eight or even as a group of six, but we continued to see each other when possible. Carly (tutoring) and Jen (running store) both picked up part-time jobs for extra income or a “side hustle” as they called it.

Jen and I felt great chemistry with Matt and Naomi, who invited us to their house about a week after the barbecue for dinner. Among other things, we talked about the urgent sex that took place right after they left.

“Damn my early work hours!” Naomi bemoaned.

“After what you did to me,” Jen admitted to Matt, “I would have been able to fuck anything! It was nice that a cock was available.”

They had a beautiful home, and after dinner, we went down to their finished basement. The walls were painted a light blue, and the carpeted floor felt nice. They set up a card table with four chairs and taught us how to play Spades, a team card game.

Having just learned the game, we all agreed it would not be fair for the two experienced players to be on the same team. Naomi suggested men vs. women.

Throughout the game, I started to develop some strategy for bidding. Of course, I realized the spades were the most valuable cards, but at the beginning, if you had high cards in another suit, you had a good chance of winning that hand.

I underbid a few times, and our bag total piled up. The two teams were within 50 points of each other when I successfully converted a nil round. Matt protected my hand well, and we eventually were the first to hit 500.

Knowing that we would likely get involved in more than dinner and cards, it was not surprising when Matt epnoucraged us all to move to their sofa, with spouses not sitting next to each other.

Jen and Matt started to feel each other up through their clothing. Jen looked so small compared to him, and I think she loved being handled by such a larger man.

Naomi and I picked up where we left off on July 4. She straddled me as we made out. My hands roamed around her tight body, and I quickly discovered she had been braless the whole night. She moaned into my mouth as my fingers traced the outline of her breasts, leaving no square inch untouched.

She took off my shirt and started to kiss me all over. As she kissed, she put extra pressure down on my hardening crotch, which benefitted both of us. I decided it was only fair that she be topless too, so I removed her loose t-shirt and had my first extended look at her tan breasts.

I imagine she had a body similar to Kim when she was younger. They both had strong abs with Naomi having slightly bigger breasts, but Kim having no sag in them.

Naomi moved from kissing my chest to focusing on my neck. I felt like I was in high school again, making out in someone’s basement with a likely hickey coming. Jen gasped, and we stopped our necking session to see what was going on.

Matt’s pants were around his ankles, and Matt’s large cock pointed skyward. With Vince, it was tough to tell if one of our cocks was really bigger than the other. From a glance, I felt we couldn’t be more than a faction of an inch apart.

It was very easy to tell with Matt. It must have been eight inches and thick. No wonder Tori thought he had a baseball bat! Jen, who was stripped down to her underwear, a matching black bra and panty set, stared at it, almost forgetting what to do with a hard cock.

She started jerking him quickly, and Naomi got off me to whisper some advice in Jen’s ear. Jen slowed down the pace dramatically, adding several seconds between each stroke. The rewards were instant, as Matt began to moan from Jen’s delicate touch.

After seeing their progress, Naomi decided that she wanted to play with my dick. As it sprung into view, she appeared pleased, alleviating any concern about my dick size compared to her husbands’s. She knelt next to me on the sofa, leaning in to take my dick into her warm mouth. I reached behind in and started playing with her ass, eventually inserting a finger in her pussy.

Jen had about half of Matt’s cock in her mouth, as she continued the slow jerking motion. Her face blushed with the effort, and she buried two fingers in her pussy. Desire in her voice, Jen told Matt, “I want you in me.”

“That actually could be a problem,” Matt said. “We don’t have condoms because Rob and Sarah are in their mid-forties too.”

Jen looked over to me, and I told her I forgot them. She glared at me. “Do you want me to go next-door? I swear Vince and Tori shop for condoms at Costco!”

Jen smiled, letting me know we were all good. Naomi had lifted the cushion off of a square seat, which had storage within it. She pulled out a black strap with a purple dildo that appeared to be six inches. While the length was comparable to my cock, this rubber dong had the advantage of an upward curve at the tip, allowing for deeper stimulation. “Jen, if you’re willing, my husband and I would be happy to consume a Jen sandwich!”

Jen stared at the dildo and reached out to touch it. She güvenilir bahis thought about it then happily agreed to the proposition. Jen went back to sucking Matt’s cock, while Naomi started to lube up the tip. She whispered in my ear, “My pussy is available. Free free to stay in as long as you’d like.”

Naomi placed a pillow under Jen’s knees to raise her body up. With the strap-on in place, Naomi lightly touched Jen’s pussy lips before lining up the artificial cock with her opening. Jen moved back a bit, and soon, the dildo disappeared completely into Jen’s welcoming pussy.

Naomi seemed to really enjoy the idea of being the one fucking, even slapping Jen’s ass a few times. Jen continued to work Matt’s cock, the fucking causing her to speed up the jerking a bit. Matt had a handful of her hair now, dictating the pace of the blowjob.

I locked eyes with Naomi, who gestured for me to join the line of pleasure. I had given them some time to generate a rhythm but was more than ready to fuck my sexy neighbor.

I entered her and realized I was now contributing to everyone’s pleasure. My strokes were slow and measured at the beginning, but I soon started a faster pace. As I fucked Naomi harder, she fucked Jen harder, and she worked Matt’s cock with more vigor. Matt’s groans grew louder and louder, and we all knew he would spurt very soon. He bellowed, “I’m coming!”, and Naomi and I briefly slowed the pace of our fucking to accommodate Jen’s ability to swallow.

With Matt’s cock no longer in her mouth, Jen praised Naomi’s fucking and screamed out in delight. “Fake or not, keep fucking me with it!”

Naomi’s pussy muscles started to tighten around my cock, and I felt really good. Matt walked over to his wife and started kissing her, as she was now sandwiched between my wife and me.

I now couldn’t see Jen from where I was fucking, but I could still definitely hear her! She screamed out, “Yes,” there times and smacking the ground. They must have become disconnected because Naomi asked me to briefly pull out.

She removed the strap-on and laid face up on the floor. I entered her missionary, while Matt fed her his monster cock. She sucked it lovingly as I filled her pussy. Jen recovered and crawled over to me. She squatted over Naomi and had a glazed look on her face that comes from too much alcohol or just enough great sex. Jen kissed me urgently as I continued my assault on Naomi.

Naomi jacked Matt’s cock and implored me to come inside her. Naomi moved her legs upright, and Jen stood up to hold them in place. Her legs and back now formed a near-perfect 90 degree angle, and I knew my orgasm would come in this position.

An orgasm gripped Naomi’s body and sent my sperm flying out into her pussy. I withdrew my slightly-deflating cock and admired the only cream pie I’d given to anyone but Jen.

“That was fantastic!” I panted, with all three others agreeing. Our sexual night concluded with Jen and Naomi double-teaming Matt’s cock. Jen focused mostly on his balls, occasionally meeting Naomi at the tip. When his orgasm came, he had four targets, each breast of the women. He nearly went four for four but hit his wife on the shoulder on the third spurt.

The women embraced and each thanked the other for sharing their husband with them. We promised to host them soon with Jen’s condition that the strap-on comes along too!

The only other major development was in our group text conversation, which now included all eight of us. It soon became a place for us to flirt and send naughty pictures. Tori sent a picture in a sheer shirt that left nothing to the imagination and asked if we thought it was work-appropriate. I made a similar joke one morning when Jen had worked me up but left my dick needing relief. I took a picture in my work clothes and an obvious budge and asked if anyone thought my co-workers would mind. The female responses helped boost my self-esteem.

Matt and Naomi offered everyone to come down to their beach house in Cape May for a long weekend. They had two weekends in mind, and fortunately, we were all able to make the second weekend they offered. They explained there were four bedrooms and believed we could all figure out a way to share that. Carly sent an extremely sexy pic of her and Jen in the bathtub, their breasts covered in suds, expelling “we have no problem sharing!”

When Jen and I discussed a beach trip during the cold winter months , we never could have imagined this turn of events in our life. Instead of renting a beach house or booking a hotel room in the middle of beach season, we had our own free beach house. Better yet, we had already fucked most of the people going with us!

We talked separately with Vince, Tori, Kim, and Carly, and as a group, we decided that we should pay for all of the food on the trip as a thank you to Matt and Naomi for their generosity. This seemed like a nice gesture and a fair trade-off.

Some of the women went shopping for swim suits together, and all of us had the August weekend on our mind as a light at the güvenilir bahis siteleri end of the tunnel. Jen and I had been on a longer road trip the previous spring but had mostly been confined to southeastern Pennsylvania since then.

Cape May was a little over two hours away from where we lived. On the Friday of our beach trip, the eight of us met up in the cul-de-sac, fitting their bags into the two cars. Matt and I drove, with Vince and Tori joining them, with Carly and Kim taking up our back seat.

After weeks of sexual exploration, it was funny to see everyone exhibiting G-rated behavior. In our car, we sang along to the radio and chatted. The eight of us stopped at a bagel store along the way, and we simply looked like a bunch of very good friends to anyone seeing us.

We arrived at the beach house, which was on a street filled with other similarly-shaped buildings in every bright color imaginable. The front yards contained rocks where grass would normally be. Exiting the car, I took my first whiff of the smell of the salty scent of the Atlantic Ocean.

Inside, the house was nicely furnished. While not spacious, the design was practical. There were two bedrooms and a bathroom on the first floor, along with a living room and a small kitchen, which led to a small deck. The other two bedrooms were upstairs along with two more bathrooms. Paintings and photographs of the ocean reminded you where you were.

We were all eager to get to the beach, which was about three blocks away. Because of our history, we were not a shy group, and everyone changed right there in the living room. The men all wore pretty standard swim trunks that looked like shorts. I liked the feel of mine, and they had pockets. I decided a long time ago that there is no point for me ever wearing anything without pockets again.

Jen turned out to be the only one wearing a one-piece swimsuit. It was green and black, and hugged well to her body. The rest wore bikinis, but nothing too scandalous like a thong bottom. We walked down to the beach.

Laying down our towels, Tori and I lathered each other up with sunscreen. In fact, no one remained in their marital couple to achieve this.

Everyone’s ideal beach experience looks a little different. Jen and I spent most of our time in the water while I took a long break to throw a frisbee with Vince and Carly. Matt and Naomi both brought books which kept them occupied nearly the entire time. Many of the women were content to lie down and let the sun do its work.

The rhythmic sound of waves crashing had always been relaxing for me. I also enjoyed people watching. To me, the beach contained the largest blending of people. Families built sandcastles next to college kids day-drinking next to the one person who lived in the area and wanted a day of sun. The only guaranteed cost was transportation to the beach; otherwise, everything else was free. Many people around us had packed a mini-picnic. Sea gulls lurked, ready for a meal of their own!

In the early afternoon, we collected our chairs and towels to have an early dinner. With three showers and plenty of willing volunteers to share, we cleaned up in no time. There wasn’t one table big enough for all of us, but we managed between a small kitchen table, the deck, and the couches.

We brought some liquor and raised a toast to Matt and Naomi, who enabled this weekend getaway. We were set to leave Monday afternoon.

Tori and Jen gathered everyone into the living room, which could seat all eight of us if we pulled up a few kitchen chairs. There were two couches that made an L-shape with an end table separating them. The couches fit two comfortably, but Carly, Kim, and Naomi were able to squeeze onto one of them.

Tori and Jen stood on the carpet that softened the hardwood floor. They both dressed comfortably after their shower, Jen in a halter top and pajama pants, while Tori had a loose t-shirt on and pink panties. Jen spoke, “I wanted to say I’m so happy that we’re all able to be here today. “Matt and Naomi,” she smiled at our neighbors, “we want to extend our full appreciation to you.”

Tori stepped in, “I know what you’re gonna say.” She puffed out her chest and spoke in a deep voice, “That’s not necessary. We’re happy to have met such nice people.” The group, especially Matt, laughed at her mini-impression.

She waited for the room to quiet down. “Well, fuck that! Because we really want to show our appreciation.” She walked over to Matt and hopped onto his lap, straddling him and kissing him.

This signaled the rest of us to begin. Jen, Kim, and Carly were right behind Tori, while Vince and I joined the surprised Naomi on the couch. Naomi’s eyes opened wide, “Do I get you two all to myself?”

We nodded and smiled, sitting on each side of her. We began kissing and touching the side of the body we had. The effect on Naomi was immediate, as she started breathing heavily and moving her body to accommodate our desires.

While we worked together to overstimulate Naomi, the women iddaa siteleri seemed content to take turns. Jen was on top of Matt now, kissing him with her small hands around his neck. The other three women stood behind her patiently like the receiving line at a wedding.

I snaked my tongue into Naomi’s mouth kissing her strongly, then started pawing at her breasts, as she repeated the same with Vince. This continued for several turns, and we all were getting turned on. My erection was strong and healthy, and I imagine Vince had one too.

We stood Naomi up. From behind her, I pulled off her shirt and unclasped her bra, while Vince removed her shorts and panties. She grounded her sexy ass into my crotch, driving a familiar sensation through my body. Vince and Naomi had very little space between them and continued to kiss.

She grabbed the bottom of Vince’s shirt and pulled it off. She turned to me to do the same, and Vince was treated to her shaking ass. I ran my fingers through her short hair as we started to kiss.

We broke off our kiss when we heard Carly exclaim, “Its so big!” Without looking, I already knew what “it” was. Carly was face-to-face with Matt’s cock, obviously for the first time. Kim was on her knees next to her roommate and equally impressed. It was tough for me to keep track who has been with whom.

Matt literally had his hands full with the four women, as he was fingering Tori and Jen on either side of him. Both were naked. Kim and Carly both had a hand on his shaft, and there was some room to spare at the top. This room was soon occupied by Kim’s mouth.

“Sweetheart,” Matt called out to his wife. “I think we should have the neighbors here more often!”

“I would make the drive every week!’ Naomi cried back. At this point, she had a handful of each of our dicks through clothing and was happily jerking away. The three of us fell down to the carpet, and Vince and I quickly joined her in nudity.

I crawled between Naomi’s legs, licking at her pussy, which was extremely wet. Vince fed her his dick, which she happily sucked. Then we would switch, and I would receive the treatment from her vacuum-like lips, while Vince went down on her. Naomi was clearly a very happy woman. Each rotation in her mouth drew an even more fervent tongue job. Switching between pleasure-giving and pleasure-receiving allowed me a constant state of horniness.

We had each tongued her to an orgasm, and she panted, “I need a dick in me, now!’

Vince raised his eyebrows, looking down at her crotch, “Not two?”

Picking up on his meaning, Naomi answered, “I don’t really care for anal, but I promise I’ll make it worth your time!” Vince slid into her pussy, holding the bottom of her knees while pounding into her. I laid on my side and continued our kissing while tracing my fingers around her body.

I took a break to readjust and was rewarded with an incredibly erotic scene. The other couch was very full. Jen rode Matt, and Tori fed him her pussy. Kim and Carly knelt on either side of him, casually touching his body as their tongues met. He must have done something right because Tori was moaning loudly.

I poked my dick into Naomi’ side. She started jerking it while I continued to watch the five. Jen was getting a workout, and she placed her hands on his muscular chest for a slight breather. Carly and Kim moved to the seat right next to him continuing their make out session.

Naomi went back to sucking my dick. This muffled her moans as Vince started to go into overdrive. “Fuck, Naomi, I can’t last much longer. I’m gonna cum in you!” He closed his eyes and slipped forward on her.

I moved out of her mouth so Vince and Naomi could share a quick kiss. “That was very nice!” she smiled at Vince, who had a sheen of sweat covering his body from the exertions.

“Clean-up in aisle three if anyone is interested,” Naomi announced. Tori moved quickly from husband to wife, getting to work cleaning up her own husband’s seed. This left Jen alone with Matt, and she started to turn up the heat. Flexing her leg muscles, she would crash down hard, eliciting a large moan. “Oh, oh, fuck me! You’re filling me up so well!”

After cleaning up Naomi, Tori was asked to stay for the next inevitable clean-up. Tori offered to be my “fluffer” until she grabbed my shaft and said it didn’t seem like I needed one.

“I don’t think it’s possible for my dick to get any harder,” I laughed. With my hard cock and Naomi’s slick pussy lips from three sets of saliva, I developed a great rhythm from the first thrust. Naomi rolled her eyes back, opening her mouth slightly.

Each thrust, I buried my whole length just to remove it and slam it again. Naomi certainly wasn’t complaining. She reached her hand down to start stroking her clit, but I brushed it away to use my own fingers. She shuddered in an orgasm.

“No more,” I heard Jen plead from behind.

Simultaneously, Carly and Kim called dibs. “We’re next!”.

Tori briefly separated from our group, taking a leadership role in their threesome. She instructed Kim to lay on top of her roommate with their pussies just inches apart. Although I couldn’t see them, I knew which one was being fucked because she would vocalize how hard and big Matt’s cock was to the other.

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