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Bob and Angel talked about the beach on the drive back to Angel’s place. She then said, “Oh Bob, I am so excited that I could fuck all night with both couples me met on the beach. My head and cunt are spinning!”

Bob glanced at Angel and said, “I did not know you were such a cum-slut love, but I like what I saw at the beach today. Oh fuck, my dick is still throbbing and wanting more. However, I think I will save the rest of this hot sexy excitement for tonight’s rendezvous.”

Bob parked in the drive and walked Angel to the door. He kissed her goodbye then told her to wear something slinky tonight.

However, Angel was so hot, she wanted to fuck until dinner time. Nevertheless, she decided that she would be too worn out for the after dinner festivities. She told Bob goodbye and walked into the house.

Angel kicked off her shoes, she walked into the bedroom and put on one of her favorite country music classic CD’s. Then laid down to try and relax a bit before taking a shower and getting dressed.

She was just began to doze when something awoke her. She rubbed her eyes looked around and wondered what time of day it was.

As her eyes focused on the clock by the bed, she noticed it was only 6pm. She has a few minutes to waste, so she laid back down and listened trying figure out what had awaken her and heard nothing.

All she could hear was the rhythmic beating of her heart, which made her shiver deep inside. Angel could not stand being in her big four poster bed alone. Her loneliness sometimes haunted her, she desperately wanted someone to permanently sharing her bed and her life.

Her breast were aching to be touched, her hardening nipples straining the fabric of her blouse. She slid her top up and rolled her nipples between her fingers and felt a tingle that went straight to her clit. She leaned over and drew one the nipples into her mouth sucking and biting it gently at first then harder as her arousal grew.

In her mind, Angel recalled walking on the beach with Bob. Watching the two couples they saw, one black the other white. “Oh god, I would love to see what kind of endless sex game the black couple and I could play,” she squealed.

Angel quivered as her fingers caressed her hot-box. She ankara dansöz escortlar started envisioning Sandy’s lips and hands at her breast, cupping them and massaging them as they swell against the palm of her hands. Then rolling the nipples between her forefinger and thumb and then sucking one into her mouth.

As Sandy continued to tantalize Angle’s bosom, Mike spread her legs wide and shoved his hard throbbing dick into her hot wanting pussy. She trembled as she felt the wave of climax building deep inside.

Angel closed her eyes and uttered, “Oh, I wish you were both here doing all this to me.” She needed to feel a man’s dick inside me as a woman’s gentle touch drives me beyond the realms of ecstasy!

Then Angel sat upright in bed and wondered, what would she do if they knocked on her door right now. She has never been afraid to ask for what she wanted, she hated one-night stands even in the daytime. A million thoughts rushed through her head. Then she shock her head and decided it was too late in the day for all this thinking as she had a dinner party to go to.

Slowly her body and mind took over and she shivered from head to toe and said, “Ooooh fuck, now I am as horny as hell!”

Angels hands reached down and removed her drenched panties. Then she separated her swollen pussy lips and her index finger encircled her swollen clit. The first two fingers of her other hand slid into her hot hole as she pinched and rolled her clit. She threw her head back and ground her pussy onto her fingers fucking herself deep and hard. She closed her eyes and exclaimed, “Ooooh yesss, mmmmmm! Where is a hard dick when you need one!”

Angel continue to masturbate, seeing the image of Mike and Sandy with her. Mike’s lips kissing her deep and the delightful sensation of his dick caressing the fold of her pussy making it so hot and wet.

Then Angel looking at Sandy and saying, “Oh honey, I want to feel Mike’s dick fucking me deep and hard as my tongue tantalizing every inch of your pussy.”

Just then, she heard a light rap at the door and said, “Damn, who could that be? I am not expecting anyone to come see me.”

Angel put on a her robe and walked toward the front door shouting, “Just a minute, I will ankara saatlik veren escortlar be right there.” As she looked through the peep hole she gasp when she saw who was standing there. Her heart began pounding and her lips went dry, because Mike and Sandy were standing on her porch.

She then opened the door and said, “Hello, how did you get here? I thought we were meeting you guys for dinner later?”

As they walked inside Mike and said, “Baby, I took the liberty of obtaining her address from Bob. I hope you do not mind?”

Angel replied, “No I do not mind, because Bob knew what I like and I trust his judgment. It’s a shame he is not here right now.”

She showed then the sofa then offered then some cool refreshment. Then they all began talking about the days events. Before Angel could ask why they were there Mike sets his glass down moved over to where Angel was and pulled her into his arms and kissed her deep and hard.

While watching Mike kiss Angel, Sandy said, “Well love, we were so turned on after meeting you, that we had to see where you lived. You know just in case we want to come see you again and again for a hot fuck session.

Angel’s head was spinning and her body yelling,

“WOW what a kiss!” She broke the kiss, walked over and locked the front door.

Mike then said, “Ahhh I think the little lady was reading our minds Sandy. We have enough time for talking later. Right now Angel, I want you to strip so we can lick and kiss every inch of you. Then I am going to take this nine inch black dick and fuck you like you never been fucked before.”

Sandy then walked over and kissed Angel on the lips as her finger caressed Angels curves. She then said, “Ooooh Angel, I cannot wait to see you on all fours. When you are, I am going to crawl under you and lap at your cunt while Mike fucks you.”

Angel kissed her back then replied, “Oh god, you guys are making me so fucking hot. Sandy, I can wait to eat your pussy as Mike drives his hot dick deep inside me! Let’s get his balls rolling, dinner can wait!”

Angel led Mike and Sandy toward the bedroom where their was a frenzy of fingers as clothing was stripped off. Angel then climbed on the bed got on all fours, shivered ankara azeri escortlar and squealed saying, “Come and play with me, it’s time for a trip through paradise.

Angel is on her hands and knees with her ass up in the air when Mike came up behind her and starts rubbing his big dick around on your ass and cunt. After teasing for a few minutes, he eases the head of his dick into her pussy and starts to fuck her with long slow strokes.

Sandy crawls up under both of you and starts to lick Angel’s pussy lips, suck on her clit and using her tongue to guide Mike’s dick into Angel’s fuck hole. After fucking Angel for awhile, he pulls it back out and Sandy takes the head of his dick into her mouth and sucks on if for a couple of minutes. Then Sandy uses her lips and tongue to guide the head of his dick back to Angel’s pleasure hole so that he can resume fucking her.

This hot action continues with changes of Mike pulling his dick out and presenting it to Sandy so that she can lick and suck your deep pussy juices off of the head of his big fat dick.

The combination of Mike’s deep fucking and Sandy’s licking, sucking and tonguing of Angel’s pussy, overloads Angel’s senses and she screams, “I’m cummmminnnggg!!

Mike followed pumping her hot-box full of his fuck juice. At this time Mike and Angel are just about wiped out, all fucked out.

At that time, Bob pulled up at the house. He wondered if Mike and Sandy had came by to visit Angel yet. He know she would be hot, wet and overanxious about the upcoming encounter. So he decided to let himself in and surprise her with a little before dinner fucking.

Bob quietly strips and walks to Angel’s bedroom. Where he found Mike, Sandy and Angel making out on the bed. Bob reacts by getting a big horny hardon.

When Sandy glances over at the door, she sees Bob’s big stiff and ready dick. She then advices him that she has not cum yet and is in dire need of a good hard fucking.

Bob climbed onto the bed and him and Sandy proceed to get busy fucking in good ole missionary position. As they fuck, they reach out and touching and caressing Mike and Angel.

When both couples are done fucking, everyone goes into the bathroom where they crowd into the shower. While in the shower they each take their turn under the water. After the shower they get dressed and go out to dinner as they are all starving.

Angel smiles her mischievous devilish smile all the way through dinner wondering which one of them she can have for desert when they tour the sex club!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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