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It was a warm sunny afternoon and the two girls had gone down to the beach. They’d found a nice spot, put up their umbrella and got down to the serious business of getting a nice tan. They stretched out on their towels, just basking in the warmth. If it got too hot they could always sit in the shade of the umbrella.

They’d been there about an hour when Brad came wandering past. He happened to glance idly in their direction as he passed and kept on going. Then he stopped, curious. Turning he retraced his steps.

After a couple of steps he could see the two young ladies basking in the sun. Another couple of steps and they were out of sight. Interesting, he decided. He turned and ambled over to where the girls were lying.

“We’re married,” was how Karen greeted him.

“Really? Congratulations. You know, I’ve never met people in a same sex marriage before.”

“What? Not to each other, you fool. I have a husband.”

“Oh, my mistake. Ah, did you mean one husband for the two of you or one each?”

Susan laughed. “One husband each. It is the normal way of things.”

“Not really. I don’t have a husband. A wife, yes, but no husband.”

“Then why aren’t you with her?” asked Karen.

“Probably for the same reason that you’re not with your respective husbands. She’s working, leaving me with a rare afternoon to myself, an afternoon that I’m enjoying by relaxing at the beach.”

“Well, don’t let us stop you.”

“I won’t. I was just admiring your little hidey hole. Standing in the middle of it you’re in public and can see everyone around you. Lying down like that you just vanish from the public eye, hidden by the contours of the land. Anyone passing by will just naturally walk along the sand and from there you’re only visible from a narrow aspect. I noticed when I walked past that you’re visible for only three or four steps.”

“So that’s why you walked back and forth in front of us. Seeing how hidden we were.”

“Either that or he was trying to impress us with his physique?”

Brad grinned and settled down on the shade of the umbrella.

“I’m Brad,” he said. “And you are?”

“I’m Susan. She’s Karen,” Susan said, seeing no reason not to be polite.

“Karen? A genuine internet Karen?”

“Not really. I don’t think you’ve ever demanded to see a manager in your life, have you?”

“Not that I can think of. Of course, if the beach has a manager I’d be tempted to demand his presence right now.”

“Are you having a shot at me? Poor harmless little me? Shameful, that’s what it is. How’s your tan going. You have to be careful not to burn.”

“Our tans are going just fine,” said Susan. “Thanks for asking.”

“If you’ll excuse me for a second I’ll just do a quick check.”

Brad reached over and brushed one small triangle away from Karen’s breast, exposing the whiteness hidden there. Also exposing the bit of pink in the centre.

Karen gasped and hastily moved the triangle back into position, ignoring Susan’s giggle.

“Don’t do that. Why pick on me, anyway? Why not Susan?”

“Why not.” Brad turned to Susan who hastily moved her hands to protect her bikini. Brad simply changed where he was grabbing and had her bikini bottom coming down before Susan could change what she was protecting.

Pulling the scrap of cloth right off he tossed it under the umbrella.

“If you care to move your hands, Susan, you can get a proper comparison between tan and no tan,” said Brad breezily.

“Stop giggling,” Susan snapped at Karen. “This is serious. Give that back to me.”

“Oh relax. What’s it matter if you lost your bikini bottom? Who’s going to notice?”

“You for a start and anyone who wanders past.”

“Me, of course, but I don’t mind. As for anyone who wanders past if they happened to look this way they’d just see a couple of girls sunbathing, one of whom has a white bikini.”

“He’s right you know,” said Karen. “Anyone who looked at us from the beach wouldn’t know that you were half naked. They’d just think you had a mismatched bikini.”

“If you took your top off you could really relax as it would no longer be mismatched,” Brad pointed out.

“He’s got a point,” goaded Karen. “Go on. I dare you.”

“Ha! Would you?”

“Of course,” came the carefree taunt, knowing she wasn’t being asked to sacrifice her modesty. Then came a startled yelp as Brad decided to help put her in the same position and a moment free spin or two later two blushing girls were cupping their groins, looking daggers at Brad.

“What the fuck do you think you’re playing at?” demanded an indignant Karen.

“I was just putting you in a position where you have to make good on your statement that you’d take off your top if you were in the same position as Susan,” said Brad, smiling. “We’re waiting.”

“Yeah, Karen. We’re waiting,” said Susan with a giggle.

Karen looked at Susan and then she took a deep breath.

“Fine,” she said. She reached behind her back and fiddled, then lifted her bikini top off over her head and tossed it next to the pants.

“Well?” she said, looking at Susan.

This time it was Susan’s turn to give Karen a look. Then she turned a defiant look on me and calmly took off her top, tossing it over under the umbrella. She settled back down on her towel, not even trying to cover anything.

Karen did the same, both girls now sun-baking in the altogether, ignoring Brad. Well, almost ignoring him. When a young lady is naked it’s rather hard to completely ignore a young man looking at her.

“You can move along any time now,” Karen suggested.

“Now why would I do that?” asked Brad. “The pair of you have forgotten to put on sunscreen. Let me help you with that.”

He picked up the bottle of sunblock and poured some oil into his hands. Karen hastily covered her breasts, then a look of shock crossed her face when she realised where he was putting it. She looked at the hands rubbing her mons and the edges of her vulva, not quite believing that Brad had the unmitigated gall to do that.

Susan was watching, mouth open in surprise, only to close as she started giggling. Then it was her turn to be shocked as she say Brad reaching for her.

“Oh, no,” she said, one hand quickly covering her mons while her other arm covered her breasts.

“If you say so,” said Brad, not seeming worried. He turned back to Karen, calmly pushing her arm away from her breasts and closing his hands over them. With that he started massaging the oil in.

“Will you stop that,” snapped Karen. “Just what do you think you’re doing, anyway?”

“Haven’t you worked it out yet, Karen,” chided Susan. “He’s trying to seduce one of us.”

“Wrong,” Brad put in quickly. “A base calumny if I ever heard one. A young man as healthy and energetic as I wouldn’t be satisfied with just one. I want to seduce both of you.”

The girls were silent for a moment, exchanging glances. Then they looked at Brad.

“Both of us?” asked Susan carefully.

Brad nodded, smiling.

“What makes you think you could seduce even one of us, let alone both?” asked Karen.

“Actually, it will be easier to seduce both of you than it would be to seduce just one of you,” Brad told them. “Trying to seduce just one of you and she would be worried about what the other would think, and wonder if she’d tell. However, seducing both of you, you will interact with each other, goading the other on, whether you know it or not.”

He reached for the sunblock again, pouring a little more into his hand.

“Move your arm,” he told Susan, starting to rub the oil in when she did so.

“This is a case in point,” he explained. “If I hadn’t already been rubbing the oil into Karen’s breasts Susan wouldn’t be permitting this.”

He laughed when Susan hastily pushed his hand away, laughed again as she gave a startled little cry feeling his hand rub over her mons and cup her mound.

“You can’t be serious about this,” said Karen, sounding a little indignant.

“Why not,” he asked, turning his attention to her. His hand slipped between her upper thighs and moved upwards, rubbing against her lips in remarkable short order.

“But we already told you. We’re married.”

“I know. So am I. That means nothing serious can come from this so we can just have a little fun.”

“Ignore him,” said Susan. “He doesn’t really mean it.”

“Easy for you to say. He hasn’t got his hand jammed against your pussy.”

“Ah, he’s got two hands,” said Susan with a bit of a squeak to her voice.

Brad removed his hands, giving the two girls a wink.

“Why don’t I show you how serious I am?” he suggested. It was the work of a moment to push down his shorts, revealing his intentions.

The girls looked and deliberately looked away.

“You bonus veren siteler don’t seriously believe we’re just going to let you stick that thing in us?” protested Karen.

“Of course not,” Brad said. “I figure you’ll want to get a feel for it first. A taste of what is to come, you might say.”

Brad looked at the girls and the girls looked at Brad. He was surprised that they hadn’t raised a vigorous protest prior to this. After all, if either girl had slapped him and jumped to her feet he would have had to beat a retreat. Now he waited, amused, to see what would happen.

What happened was that Karen reached over and took hold of his erection, stroking it. That he hadn’t expected. He’d thought that if either girl worked up the nerve to do that it would have been Susan. Karen stroked him a few times and released him, looking at Susan as if to say it’s your turn now. Susan blushed slightly and reached. A moment later Karen giggled and also reached and both of them were stroking his cock.

Susan pushed Karen’s hand to one side and bent her head. Her mouth closed over him, and her head bobbed up and down for a few moments. Lifting her head away she looked at him.

“It tastes salty. You obviously went swimming earlier and didn’t bother showering when you came out.”

“My turn,” said Karen, bending forward. Brad clenched his teeth while smiling. Karen lifted her head away and nodded. “Definitely salty,” she said. “You should always have a quick shower after swimming or the salt will irritate your skin.”

The two girls looked at him, identical smirks on their faces.

“So we’ve had a feel of what’s to come, got a taste of it as you suggested, so what are you going to do now?”

Brad was feeling just a trifle irritated, a wee bit taken aback. He really hadn’t expected the girls to react like that. No choice but to increase the pressure and see what happens.

“Well, as you are both naked I’m going to lay you one at a time flat on your backs, lift your ankles up until they’re touching your ears, and then slide slowly into you while you watch it happen. Just in and then out and on to the second girl. Who wants to go first?”

“Susan,” Karen said, shuffling slightly further away.

Susan gave her an indignant look and then gave Brad a challenging one.

Brad placed his hands on her breasts and pushed, making her lie down, not that it required much of a push, more of an indication, really. Reaching for her ankles he pulled her legs apart and lifted, resulting in Susan being bent well over, her own vulva in her view. Brad turned to Karen.

“Seeing I’m holding her ankles would you be so kind as to position me properly.”

“Seeing you ask so nicely,” came the murmured response and moments later he could feel her hot little hand on his cock, adjusting its position. “Start pushing,” he was told and Brad proceeded to do just that.

Brad was watching Susan’s face, enjoying the shock showing on it as his cock started sliding into her. For her part Susan was watching Brad’s cock sinking into her, not really believing that this was happening.

As promised Brad sank fully into her and then slowly withdrew, disengaging, somewhat to Susan’s relief.

“Your turn,” he said to Karen who was looking rather nervous.

Karen didn’t resist when he moved her into position, although she sort of wanted to. It was just that she couldn’t back out now that Susan had done it. For her part Susan was right there, more than willing to steer Brad’s cock into its striking position.

What followed was a repeat of what happened to Susan, with Brad slowly sinking in while Karen watched, finding it just as hard to believe as Susan had.

Once he’d pulled out the two girls looked at each other and then away.

“I can’t believe he did that,” muttered Karen.

“I can’t believe that we did that,” giggled Susan in return.

“Moving right along, why don’t you girls get on your hands and knees, head down, bum up, and we’ll try again. Just in and out.”

The girls didn’t say anything but then Karen took the lead, moving into a crouching position, head down, bum up, as specified. Blushing slightly Susan did the same, the two girls facing each other.

Brad moved around behind Karen, kneeling behind her. This time, once his cock was engaged, he thrust in a bit more forcefully, drawing a muffled sound from Karen. Disengaging he moved deneme bonusu veren siteler to kneel behind Susan, who was turning her head nervously, trying to watch him. He treated her the same way as he had treated Karen, a hard thrust that drove him fully home and then a withdrawal.

Brad moved to lie down, hands tucked behind his head.

“Your turn,” he said. “Who get to sit down first?”

“Your turn,” Karen said quickly. “I was first last time.”

A very flushed Susan moved over to him. Initially she just straddled him. Then she lifted herself up a bit, took hold of him, and moved him into position. With him in position she settled down upon him, moving very slowly, much to Brad’s annoyance. He had to control himself not to thrust wildly up into her.

Once Susan had mounted and dismounted a giggling Karen took her turn, acting in the same manner and leaving Brad feeling a trifle frustrated. He wanted an end to and preliminaries. He sat up and looked at the two girls.

“Playtime is over,” he said. “This time I’m going to ride you ragged. First you, Karen, and then Susan.”

“Why me first?” demanded Karen.

“Because it’s your turn,” said Susan smugly.

Karen found herself on her back. A toe between her ankles and her legs obediently parted, letting him move into position. Then it was simply a case of line up and go.

Brad thrust fully home right from the start. That done he pulled back and repeated the thrust, at the same time his hands closed over her breasts, squeezing them. The mucking around, the foreplay, the watching the same things happen to Susan, it had all contributed and Karen was more than ready for what was now happening.

Thrusting in hard, thrusting in often, Brad was heightening Karen’s arousal in a relentless manner. Her legs had come up and wrapped around his waist and her hands were clutching at his shoulders, while her hips moved rhythmically, matching his wild eagerness.

For all that he seemed to be carried away with what he was doing Brad was actually controlling himself to a certain extent. Yes, he was enjoying himself thoroughly, but the knowledge was there that this wouldn’t finish with Karen. He needed to get Susan under him so that he could have his pleasure there, too.

Brad’s cock plunged into Karen time after time with Karen’s arousal building with each savage thrust. She was becoming quite vocal, urging him on, and then she was climaxing, releasing Brad and covering her mouth with her hands, not wanting to scream her release in the middle of the beach.

Karen had barely come down from her climax and Brad was moving. He reached for Susan, easing her into the crouching position again. Then he was behind her, cock driving in, hands reaching for and closing over her breasts. Finally he was in a position where he could just let himself go, as long as he lasted long enough to satisfy Susan.

For her part Susan was feeling hot and ready to trot. Already aroused from the foreplay, watching Karen being so thoroughly shafted had really got to her. Crude it may have been but she wanted the same. She set to with a will, pushing eagerly to meet Brad as he came driving in.

Brad idly noticed that Karen had her bikini back on and was standing looking around. Mainly watching him and Susan, to be sure, but also looking around. He was surprised when she suddenly pulled the beach umbrella loose and held it behind him. He was amused to catch on to the reason for this when he heard voices passing close by.

The close call didn’t worry him at all. He was getting his rocks off with the aid of a willing and talented young lady and that was his sole concern at this point. He continued on his merry way, listening to Susan as she voiced her encouragement.

He was able to hold on and he timed it to a nicety, cutting loose at the last moment, meeting Susan’s climax with an energetic one of his own. He relaxed, his work done.

“You’re a maniac,” Karen snapped at him. “You’re lucky you weren’t seen and arrested for indecent exposure and other things.”

“Not my fault,” protested Brad. “The pair of you seduced me. I was helpless before your practiced wiles.”

“We seduced you?” half shrieked Susan.

“See. She admits it,” Brad said with a sigh. “It’s getting so that a man isn’t safe anywhere.”

“I bet if we buried you here no-one would ever find you,” Karen observed. “If you don’t go away now I’m willing to find out.”

Brad sighed, fastening his shorts. Reaching over he patted Susan’s bottom, giving her a wink. With that he moved on. As he departed he could hear the girls giggling behind him. Probably comparing his performance with each other and against their husbands. He hoped they were kind.

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