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It was the first Sunday of September, 1973, and Jackie had the blues. It was the summer before his first year at the U, and it had been uneventful, particularly in the romance department. He was attractive enough, slim and sandy-haired with striking blue eyes, but shy; even as a lifeguard, he didn’t attract much attention from the girls on the beach, and he never knew how to initiate things with them. So, he’d started the summer alone, and was ending it that way.

He finished his last shift on the beach stand and packed away all the gear for the winter. When he was done, he walked back to the small boarding house beyond the dunes, to shower and finish packing for his trip up to college the next day.

Heading around back to the outside shower, he passed the innkeeper’s daughter, Lulumae, who was on the patio, putting away beach chairs for the season. She was a strawberry blonde about a year younger than him. She was an active and athletic girl, but also cute, part Southern belle and part freckled tomboy. She was always running to the beach and into the water and back, so she wore her hair short in an easy-maintenance style. She always wore loose-fitting sundresses, as she did today, that left her physical features a matter of speculation. Jackie regarded her from time to time, but she was always busy, and he was always tongue-tied. Another missed opportunity, he thought to himself, glumly.

As he entered the outside shower, he heard thunder in the distance, and as he stepped out of his trunks it began to rain. Naked, he turned on the shower and sat on a little redwood bench while it warmed up.

Jackie always found it a little sexy to be naked in the outdoors, and frequently it gave him an erection. This time was no different. He toyed idly with his cock and ran a hand over his nipples, and was suddenly overwhelmed by the urge to jerk off. Checking the door, he felt the latch was closed, if a little loose. No worries, he thought; it was really starting to rain out there, and nobody would want the shower. He leaned back on the wooden bench and extended his legs under the warm running water, and began to stroke himself.

As he surrendered to the delicious sensation of masturbating out of doors, he noticed a woman’s one-piece swimsuit hanging on a nail on the back of the door. Jackie was always a little bit fond of women’s clothes, particularly stretchy things like his sister’s swimsuits and mom’s panty girdle. When he was lonely, he would from time to time put on something from their dressers or the laundry. He would imagine himself as a girl while he got himself off. He was not a crossdresser in the sense that he wanted to dress all the way up and go out as a girl; he just liked the tightness of spandex around his chest and his ass. He recalled that now, as he regarded the swimsuit on the door.

I shouldn’t do this, he thought to himself. I don’t know who’s suit that is, and they would surely object. However, his growing desire and his tightening penis were urging him on, and it was almost involuntary. He reached up for the swimsuit. It had a pretty floral pattern, with shoulder straps and stiff bra cups. The bottom was like a bikini, covered by a little skirt with the same flowers on it. Jackie decided. He slipped his feet into the swimsuit and pulled it slowly up, over his hips. His erection disappeared into the tight panty and the little skirt brushed his cock. He pulled the top over his two arms, and the bra cups cradled his natural chest flesh, and caressed his nipples.

Hoo, boy, Jackie thought, I better not come all over this suit. He pulled the crotch of the bikini panty aside, and pulled his erection and his testicles through it, so they were outside the suit. This way, his orgasm would not end up all over the swimsuit.

Standing, he leaned back against the shower wall opposite the door, and began to jerk it in earnest. A cracked mirror almanbahis giriş hung from the door where the swimsuit had hung, and in the dim light he looked like a pretty, athletic girl in her bathing suit. His pulse began to race, and the threw his head back in ecstasy.

“Holy fuckin’ shit,” a girl’s voice said suddenly. Lulumae stood in the open doorway.

Jackie was paralyzed, with fear and embarrassment, and also incredible arousal. He could not speak. The rain poured down behind her in the doorway, which Lulumae left ajar. A smile began to spread over her face. “Boy, is that my fuckin’ bathing suit?”

Jackie was further stunned by the realization, that yes, it was her bathing suit, and he was wearing it and holding his engorged dick in his hand, and he was more or less helpless. He still couldn’t speak.

“This latch don’t work too good,” Lulumae said, wryly. “You queer?” She asked him.

“No,” Jackie whispered.

“You like boys?”

“No!” he replied, emphatically.

“So you like girls . . . but you also like girl’s clothes.”


She paused and regarded him. “You like me?” She asked.

“Oh, yeah!” Jackie managed to say.

“Well, all right darling. Now we understand each other. I came in to get out of the rain, but I could use a shower too. You keep that on if you want,” she offered, referring to the swimsuit.

Jackie watched, thunderstruck, as Lulumae pulled the sundress over her head and stepped out of her panties. He had never been so sexually aroused in his entire life. She was a little shorter than he, but only a little, with smallish breasts that were obviously still developing, and pointedly erect nipples. She was slim but muscular, with a perfect ass and a thin furze of red hair over her pussy.

She faced Jackie and showed herself to him, completely nude.

“This good for you, Princess?” Gesturing to the hook on the back of the door where her clothes were hung, she said, “Maybe you want to wear my dress and panties too?”

Jackie lost it. He instantly climaxed with those words. He hadn’t even touched himself, he just came. His cock spasmed uncontrollably, firing semen in all directions, on the swimsuit, on his legs, on Lulumae’s tits and belly. He sort of passed out from the release, and lay back on the bench, blissed out.

Lulumae rinsed herself off, then turned the shower on Jackie, who was revived by the feeling of warm water washing over him.

She laughed. “Shit, darlin’, that was fast. I was hoping to have a little fun with you. Better slip out of that suit so I can wring it out.” She slipped the straps off his shoulders and pulled the suit down and off his legs. His cock was still erect.

Crouched naked between his legs, with the warm water running over them, Lulumae said, “Well, hell, sweet-ass, you gonna be ready to go again soon after all!”

Jackie was rising to the occasion, but was full of conflicted emotions. “Nobody’s ever seen me wear clothes like that before. Nobody knows.”

“Except me?” she asked, with a mischievous twinkle.

“Yes! And I don’t understand. You’re a girl but you don’t mind? You don’t think it’s …”

“Oh, fuck no, Jackie. I’m what you call a free spirit. I blow with the wind, and take pleasure wherever I find it. I like sex a lot, and I like it all different ways. Boys, girls, indoors, outdoors, I will have sex fuckin’ anywhere, with anybody. And I wear whatever kind of fuckin’ clothes I want, and wear ’em anywhere I want, but boys can’t. Never fuckin’ understood that.”

Jackie marveled at the wise and philosophical nature of a girl who seemed so young. “How old are you?”

“Eighteen last month.”

He regarded her.

“Don’t worry, asshole, I’m legal. Not that it mattered two minutes ago, when you came all over my tits.”

“I never touched you.”

“True dat. I’m beginning almanbahis to think you are fucking queer after all.”

“Got a boyfriend?” Jackie inquired, a gentleman through and through.

“No. I’ve had my share of cock but never saw one I wanted in me twice.”

“What do you want now?” he asked, and her eyes speculated.

She smiled at him, and shooed him off the bench, taking his place. He knelt between her legs on the wood floor, and the rain began to really come down. She took his face in her hands, and drew his lips to hers, and kissed him deeply, drinking him in. Releasing him momentarily, she answered his question with a question.

“What do you think?” She pulled his head down towards her creamy thighs. “Make me come, dumbass.”

Jackie did as he was told. He sought out her clitoris, which was engorged and pretty easy to find. She was more aroused than she let on. He took her clit between his lips and stroked around it with his tongue, avoiding the hyper-sensitive center under its little hood. Lulumae moaned, and pressed herself against his face. She was drenched from her arousal and his stimulation, and he slid three fingers into her vagina, gently fucking her as she began to squirm.

“Jackie, I … don’t … yes … Oh, fuck!”

And with that, she came. Her contractions clamped down on his fingers, and he held her clit motionless in his mouth, feeling it throb.

In the throes of orgasm, Lulumae always felt like she was bodysurfing naked on the beach, as wave after wave broke over her, driving her ever more gently but insistently toward the beach. At last, she opened her eyes, with little waves lapping at her pussy lips.

“Okay, okay. You can stop now!” She opened her arms and legs wide, and he took her in his arms. She kissed him ferociously, as though she was the man and he the woman. When she had kissed him enough, she looked deeply into his eyes.

“You got pussy all over your face,” she said, which cracked them both up. “Go wash, pussyface,” she cackled, and Jackie cleaned up under the running shower. When he was done, she stood up, her face inches from his. She cupped his balls with her left hand, and encircled his hard-on with her other hand.

“Now what?” Jackie asked.

“Take me up to the beach, and fuck me in the rain.”

“I don’t have any protection. I wasn’t planning this.”

“I know,” Lulumae said.

“You on the pill?” Jackie ventured.

“Shit, no. I am still under 21, and this is still the deep South, and this is still 1973, you know.”

He frowned. “We better not,” he concluded. “I wouldn’t want to knock you up.”

“Who cares? Fuck me anyway. They have that new abortion law in Washington.” She referred to a case before the Supreme Court that would allow abortion on demand nationwide, with which he was vaguely familiar.

“I don’t think that passed yet. You’d still have to go to Sweden.”

“I know. Just come prepared next time, asshole,” she said, deridingly.

“There’s going to be a next time?”

“Memorial Day. You’re coming back here to work again next summer, right?”

“Well, yeah, as long as I don’t flunk out of the U,” he surmised.

“So don’t flunk out, and don’t show up here without some goddamned rubbers!”

Jack had to laugh at that. “What makes you think you’re going to want to?”

“Because,” she pouted. “It’s the first time I found a cock I wanted to get inside me and couldn’t. The suspense is killing me.”

Jackie pulled her close and they kissed, long and languidly. She felt his hardness against her belly, and looked up.

“Let me do something about this,” she said, referring to his erection. “It would be a shame to let it go to waste.”

Lulumae sat him once again on the bench, and took him in her hands. He was already at the brink of orgasm, and he was holding back with difficulty. almanbahis giriş She gazed at him, and in a sultry voice said, “I’m sorry you couldn’t come inside me, Jackie.”

“You can come in my mouth, though,” she said wickedly, and closed her lips over the head of his penis.

Jackie climaxed immediately. Fully recharged, he fired burst after burst of semen against the roof of her mouth, until he could do no more, and he settled back to earth. He opened his eyes, and saw her face with his cock still in her mouth. She pulled back gently and lay his penis gently against his belly. She looked him in the eye with a grin, and swallowed audibly, then licked her lips.

“Hello, pussyface,” she giggled.

“Hi, cockbreath,” he retorted, and they collapsed in gales of laughter on the floor of the shower. Lulumae turned off the shower, and the storm began to abate.

The sky was clearing, the summer was over, and the beginning of something was about to end.

“I can’t wait to do that again,” she said, impishly.

“Next year.”

She curled up to him, kitten-like. “I still want to fuck you. Let’s do it anyway.”

“Definitely next year,” Jackie said, with a mammoth exercise of will.

“All right,” Lulumae said, crestfallen. “A whole year? Can I come see you in college?”

“The U? It’s 2300 miles from here.”

“Fuck. Come see me at the holidays.”

“Can’t. Gotta go home to see my folks,” he told her.

“Shit. Not till next year?”

“Memorial Day. It’s only 9 months.”

“All right,” Lulumae said moodily. She slipped into her dress and panties, and briefly regarded the wet swimsuit on the door hook. A smile danced briefly across her lips. “All right, you fucker. But you better think about me out there, freezing your ass off all winter.”

“What happened to the free-spirit-fuck-anybody-anywhere girl?” Jackie teased her, gently. “You developing a thing for me.”

“Fuck you, pussyface. I just want that thing that develops between your legs.” Then she softened suddenly, and she gazed at him. Without sarcasm, without wisecracking, she said, “Just come back to me, Jackie. Remember me. You’ll be the first one who did.” She kissed him one more time with tenderness, and then turned on her heel and walked away.

“I’ll remember you,” he promised.

“You’re goddamn right you will.”

* * *

College was harder than he thought, and he was buried in work. In truth, he did not think of her very much over the first six weeks. Calculus was driving him mad. His brain was full of differentials and infinitesimals. Lulumae had been right; he needed to be reminded.

So, it came to pass that on the Friday before Columbus Day, 1973, a large, flat rectangular box arrived at the campus mail room. He went over to get it, assuming it was from his mom at home; the usual care package. Then he noticed the postmark was not his home town; it was the general post office of the little beach town down South. He gathered it up and returned to his dorm floor.

Inside the box was another, smaller box, and an envelope. He opened the box, and reflected upon the article within. It was a woman’s one-piece swimsuit. It had a pretty floral pattern, with shoulder straps and stiff bra cups. The bottom was like a bikini, covered by a little skirt with the same flowers on it. Jackie smiled broadly and opened the envelope, and withdrew the folded paper from within.

Dear Pussyface,

I know you forgot about me, and don’t try to deny it. NOW try to forget me, you stupid dick. I know your secret. You belong to me now, and I am going to get you back and fuck you until your ears fall off. So hurry back down here. Maybe I don’t love you and maybe you don’t love me either … so until I see you again, why don’t you just go take a shower?

Love, Cockbreath

Jackie laughed and laughed out loud then. He felt elated and aroused, and maybe a little loved. She was a little crude and a little dominating and very insistent, and it made his dick hard as a rock. She was a little threatening and genuinely crazy, and Jackie did not care one bit. Lulumae was right. He would never forget.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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