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This is the second part of a recent bathhouse visit story. The first part describes taking my first pictures of group male sex, in a session lasting over an hour and involving 3 different men on camera.

Following that extraordinary experience, I went downstairs to shower and have another beer. Returning to the bar is starting to become more common, especially when the sex is really hot, cock wanting a bit of extra relaxation before submerging itself in further uninhibited male pleasures, found so easily here. The baths are a temple for cock worship, filled with men devoted to having sex with other men in heavenly bliss.

Finishing the beer, I went to the empty dark room, stretching out and relaxing. A couple of men came in and out, including one who spent a couple of minutes caressing my body before leaving. The darkroom is an inconsistent place, much like the porn theater. Sometimes, the action is fantastic, other times there are men around but nothing sparks between them, and then there are times where no one comes in at all for an extended stretch.

Today was completely typical for the darkroom, making it impossible to judge whether the new booth section, where an hour had just been spent with an open door and multiple men and a camera, was having an impact on public group fun. Another man came in, taking his time to explore the darkroom before discovering it was not empty. Finding my outstretched arm, he seemed unable to orient himself to my position, including running a hand over my face clumsily enough to almost push off my glasses.

However, he was able to place his mouth on my cock, making me sigh in contentment. Sighing that soon ended, as he too surprisingly left, for no obvious reason. This too has happened in the past, but having two men act the same way in such a short period was unusual. Though a part of me thought it might just be a balancing of the scales, considering how fantastic the previous session in the booth had been.

At least one, and possibly a couple, persons entered and then left, making me wonder about going myself. Playing with other men or simply relaxing in the warm darkness are both attractive, but with visitors apparently uninterested in sex coming and going, neither of those options could be enjoyed. Another man entered, starting to walk behind the glory hole wall, now making sure that my left foot was so positioned at the rear entrance as to be unavoidable.

As turned out to be the case, a hand running tantalizingly up my leg, then along my inner thigh. He began to lightly brush my cock, causing it to grow. He shifted, placing his knee on the pad, making it fairly clear what would happen next. Yet as almost always happens, the sheer delight of a mouth enveloping my cock head forced a slutty moan, followed by saying “oh fuck yes .. suck it.”

When his mouth left my cock, I found and opened the poppers bottle, doing my fourth hit of the day before going down on his thick stiff cock, taking him deep into my mouth, lost in the pleasure of sucking a stranger’s dick. However, we never quite got into the proper position for 69ing. A couple of other men had entered the darkroom, but the proper spark seemed to be lacking. Though I did go down on him again, poppers making me a total suck slut, he did not return the favor, soon leaving the way he had come.

It was a bit complicated to leave, with two men in the way, and though the time had been enjoyable enough, it was nowhere near the earlier sheer pleasure of the mini-orgy in the cabin. Deciding to stay at the baths a bit longer to let the beer bahis şirketleri clear a bit, I went to the steambath.

Reaching downstairs after going down the spiral and long straight stairways, a few towels were in the cubbyhole wall. In the interest of completeness, I walked over to the whirlpool, discovering it completely filled. Deciding that the steambath would be the last stop of this visit, I entered, almost bumping into a man wanting to go through the door. Walking directly to the rear, I needed to dodge another leaving man, and soon discovered that the back was empty.

Taking a quick shower inside the steamroom’s shower space, I rinsed off the last soap that might have still been on my cock and balls. Going back out, cock swelled after a bit of jacking off in the shower area, my luck changed, as a man approached as I stood at the dividing line between dim and pitch black. One of the better places to hang out if interested in having sex with strangers, as both men walking through the dimness and those concealed in the darkness can take advantage of a person standing there.

We grew quickly entwined, tongues exploring, our hands fondling a new cock, starting to submerge into a mutually desired state of horniness. The second beer and following less intense period had been good – the preceding half hour in the darkroom now seemed to be the ideal interval for regaining the same edge that existed from the point of getting sucked openly at the start of this visit.

A visit that, till now, had been mainly spent letting other men pleasure me in public fashion. And enjoying pleasuring them, as was happening now. Until he bent down, taking my cock into his mouth while straddling the line between the dim and dark sections, to my left side in the soft light, providing an interesting view of him going down on me, making interesting shadows as my left hand reached out and began sliding over his ass.

His moaning reaction along my shaft was a real turn on when starting to touch his hole after my fingers had teasingly explored his crack and balls. His cock sucking was heavenly, and when his fingers began to play with a nipple, I started to push a finger into him, both of us lost in the addictive satisfaction of finding another skilled man to play with in a male only sauna.

He rose, and we started kissing again, my tongue going deep before he moved, breaking contact. While clearly trying to create another form of contact. One that did not lead to an immediate rejection, saying “condom first .. fucking .. naked cock.” He moved against me as I jacked him off, still moaning to him about how naked sex was to be avoided even as starting to stroke my cock between his soft ass cheeks.

Still holding the shaft, guiding it between his ass cheeks, getting off on the sensations of tempting myself with the forbidden, gasping at how good it felt when my cock head slid over his waiting hole. Poppers were out of the question if I wanted to stay safe – or to not cum immediately, reluctantly but firmly deciding not to use them. This is the sort of binding decision that is possible to make at the start of a session, and follow through on.

Though poppers are really enjoyable, the effects tend to be the same. Wonderfully the same, but variety is one of the main attractions at the bathhouse. And poppers do require a bit of care, something unnecessary when not using them. As much of the bathhouse is actually tiled, it remains one of my fears that a bottle will slip and break, and spilling them would be even easier to imagine. At this point, having become bahis firmaları a regular customer, it could be possible that such a situation might not lead to banning. However, I do not want to take the chance.

Particularly as the chances I was now taking advantage of felt fantastic, continuing to jack off his stiff rod as my own went up and down as he stood in front of me, definitely enjoying the yielding invitation of his soft entrance. I’m sure that the second beer played a role in how easy it became to have my cock experiencing such direct delight, and in truth, that had been one of the reasons to drink it.

Another man walked near, stopping in front of us, hand reaching down to find another stranger already playing with a hot cock. He bent down, allowing me to guide a turned on cock head into this new man’s mouth, feeling his lips slide down. As always amazed at what a forbidden turn on it is to be so slutty with other men, and how wonderful it was to experience the forbidden. I continued to keep my cock on the glorious edge of temptation, as the blow job clearly began having an effect, feeling how his hips moved to fully capture my cock.

Something I partially allowed, playing with my cock while keeping my cock head from going deeper. Too often, that is, knowing that our game was mutual, with me fully thrilled to add to the pleasure of a man getting sucked. And not so coincidentally, for something like the fifth visit, enjoying a beckoning temptation that is really starting to have a hold on me – the baths offer plenty of opportunities for anal sex.

I only realized that things had changed when the motions of the man in front of me became even more enticing. Looking over his shoulder, it was clear that he had started fucking the new man bareback, making me press against his back, teeth beginning to nip at his ear and neck. Talking really dirty about fucking another man, how hot his hole felt against my cock head, turning him on as much as possible. I make no judgments about people at the baths, unless it directly relates to myself, playing with anyone or everyone, turning them on as much as possible.

As he thrust deeper into the other man’s available ass, my cock was becoming especially captivated whenever our movements resulted in touching his invitingly offered hole. To the point that I adjusted position to have it happen as often as possible, still able to constrain the desire to just let my naked cock slide in and start to deliciously fuck a man with an uncovered cock, having already enjoyed covered ass fucking earlier today.

Clearly, this was precisely the sort of situation requiring a condom, yet utterly unable to stop experiencing my cock moving along and against his ass. Knowing that it would be so easy to just fuck him, my cock driving his cock’s motions in the other man, fucking two men at once in a certain sense. Prompting me to press against him, talking dirty about how hot it was to watch him fuck like a steamroom slut. Licking his neck, kissing it ever harder, using my teeth, listening to both of them getting off.

When the fucked man left, he was very quickly replaced by another man, going down on a still rigid length. By this point, the fog of sex had filled my mind as the first partner started fucking his second ass. It had become impossible to keep from playing with my cock, particularly feeling his soft yielding hole. Wanting more, I made sure that my cock was between his thighs before grabbing his hips and beginning to ride him as he fucked. Imagining how good it would feel to let my cock free to fill kaçak bahis siteleri him.

One of my most desired fantasies is to be fucking and fucked at the same. However, this was not going to happen today, unless I was willing to throw all caution to the wind, like the man in front of me obviously had. I knew why, and definitely understood why getting condoms on my own and another man’s cock in such a situation would be a challenge. Demonstrated by the sheer inability to put one on right now, as the pleasure was far too enticing to interrupt, my hand having brought my cock back into position to feel his soft and inviting anal ring.

The pair in front of me separated, providing a necessary chance to gain a bit more control of my cock’s desires. When the first steambath partner left, I felt completely drained in the most satisfying way, though my cock was still hard. Today had been extraordinary, riding right on the edge of abandoning myself in a sea of endless sexual pleasure in the steambath, only now growing slowly aware that the heat had become overwhelming.

Leaving the steambath for the showers, half erect, the clock showed a half hour had passed. The shower area was crowded, all four being used, meaning it took a bit to reach one when it became available. Of course I looked around, and saw one man was hard. Which made it even easier to start playing with my slippery soaped shaft, looking to my left to see that the man there had stepped closer.

The soap dispenser is easy to use one handed, and using it left handed, I looked down at his sexy swelled cock before looking at his face. Feeling his hand move along my thigh as my soaped hand found his cock, seeing how turned on his face became as I started jacking him off. Knowing that the same was true in reverse, as he began to play with me, making me start to moan. Though as quietly as possible, this being a more public space than most where I have sex.

Today, however, things were more uninhibited. When he bent down to suck me, it felt as good as always, adding another man to today’s list of cock suckers. Lifting his head before starting the water, pulling him up to kiss his mustached mouth. A fairly small mustache of a sort not unusual in the late 70s. As we kissed, another mouth began to surround my cock in irresistible pleasure. Undoubtedly the change in my kissing was obvious enough to prompt my partner to bend down, starting to share my cock with another man.

This continued until pulling up my first partner a second time, starting to play with his length, causing him to step closer to my cock, kissing him deeply the entire time. Soon, I was pressing his cock against mine, then both of us started to be sucked off, shared kissing fantastically slutty. Considering that we were part of a male threesome openly getting off, sluttiness was a given. Getting more soap, I spread it over his ass, starting to touch his ass.

We continued like this for a while, yet at some point, it seemed as if only my cock was being sucked. Not that it mattered to me, but it did seem part of the reason why the other man started to suck a nipple, with a finger sliding over the other, making it grow hard. Slowly, my thrusting turned into face fucking, while pulling up the mustached man’s head for a third time, to kiss him while getting head.

The sounds of cocksucking started to become more obvious, and for the first time since feeling his mouth, I looked down at the man kneeling on the wet tiled floor. The sounds had already been a clue, making it less surprising to see that it was the same man that had started today’s visit sucking my cock in the upstairs hallway. The one that had cum on me, cock to cock, an hour ago.

Sometimes, an entire bathhouse visit is spent among other sluts, lost in the freedom of male sex.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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