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Willow and Georgia spent the first few days of the summer sneaking off to give each other oral. They loved practicing and then heading out to parties to meet girls and try to get some use of their practice. They were having a wonderful summer already.

One day though, their secret fun time ran out. The girls had snuck down to the pond and were skinny dipping. After they wore themselves out swimming, they retreated to the boat house to fool around some more. They were undressed fully, Georgia had her face buried in Willow’s snatch. Both of them were so into their passion, they never saw it coming.

Georgia’s father, Little Eddy watched them from the doorway. He had slipped his cock out of his pants. It was fully erect and about eight inches long. As he watched the girls he got harder and began to play with his cock. He was jerking it back and forth when the girls noticed him.

When Willow saw her uncle, she covered herself with her hands as best she could. Georgia didn’t care if her father saw her, she liked when he touched her. She had told him about Willow seeing their morning sex romp a few days ago and he’d gotten excited. She knew he wanted to fuck Willow too.

“Well Willow, you’ve sure grown up my favorite niece.” Eddy said.

“Now Daddy, It’s not your turn. I like having fun with Willow!” Georgia said

“Now honey, you know you’ll always be my favorite. Every once in a while I want to try something new, but I’ll have time for you too.” He turned to Willow again.

“Now drop those hands and show me how much you’ve grown up Willow!”

Willow’s slowly bursa escort bayan dropped her hands to her sides. Her tits were no where near the size of Georgia’s, but they were perkier.

“Come over here and give your Uncle Eddy a big hug.” He said to Willow.

Georgia crossed her arms over her chest and pouted. Willow slowly made her way to her uncle. She wasn’t sure what he was planning to do, but she was interested in finding out.

Her uncle was a very large, muscular man. He was tanned from always working around the farm. When Willow reached him, he pulled her against his solid chest. Her nipples got hard as he pressed against her.

He tightened his grip and his lips pressed against her ear. “Why don’t you give your Uncle Eddy a kiss. It’s been a long time since I got one of those. You owe me.”

She turned her head to his, lips parted. Their mouths pressed together, his tongue darting between her lips.

Uncle Eddy was a good kisser too. She tasted his tongue and he pulled her tighter. His erection was pressed between their bellys. She had never actually had intercourse, so she was a little nervous.

He showed her the way to the loft above the boat house. There were blankets spread and a few small pillows. She realized that it was a romantic spot for him and Georgia. “Uncle Eddy, I don’t think Georgia would like us to be up here doing this.”

“Now girl, who cares? Uncle Eddy wants his favorite niece to come show him how much she loves her uncle.”

He stepped out of his boots and dropped his pants. His cock still stood erect. Uncle Eddy didn’t care nilüfer escort what Georgia wanted, he wanted her. She glanced down over the loft, she could see Georgia stomping out the door, she was so angry!

When she turned back to Uncle Eddy, he was gripping his cock while he waited. She joined him on the blanket and their lips met again. This time, he was more forceful. His lips more demanding.

Her fingers trembled as she reached for his member. His cock was so hard, almost pulsing. She left his lips and lowered her mouth to the head of his cock. Her lips parted and he pressed her head down over his cock. She bobbed her head up and down.

After going too far down, she choked. Coughing and gasping, she came up for air. The grin on his face showed he’d liked gagging her. He was ready for more.

This time, he pressed her face down but once his cock was in her throat, he didn’t just watch. He spread her legs and pulled her over his mouth. Her wetness dangling before his mouth. He lapped at her like a puppy would. Savoring the taste of her sweet pussy.

She gripped his cock with her hands, jerking them down his member over and over. Her tongue flickered against the head of his cock. Pre-cum dripping from it already. He spread her wider, rubbing her clit with his tongue. His dick pressing deeper into her throat muffled her moans.

When she finally came, his face dripped with her cum. He enjoyed lapping it all from her glistening cunt.

He began to get up so she stopped her sucking. He leaned her back against the pillows, lowering his face to her türbanlı escort wet cunt again. He teased her clit with his tongue. His fingers dripped with her juices as he fingered her tight hole. She spread herself wider, revealing her tigher asshole.

He took his wet fingers and toyed with her asshole. Rubbing the outer edge before slipping his finger into it. Poking in and out while he rubbed her swollen clit with his tongue. This time, his cock wasn’t in her mouth so her screams were heard throughout the boat house.

“Oh Eddy, Yeah! Right there, damn Uncle Eddy, I’m gonna cum again.” Her juices squirted over his tongue and chin. When he lifted his face, his grin was even bigger.

“You are way louder than Georgia, I like loud girls.”

Slowly crawling up over her, he pushed her legs up over his shoulders. His dick was inches from her sopping wet snatch. He pressed into her, almost cumming when he realized how tight she was. “Damn you’re tight girl, Georgia isn’t as tight as she used to be.”

Willow cried out each time he pressed into her, she felt as if she was being torn in half. Her pussy was tighter than she thought. We he slowed down, she pushed him off her.

Laying next to her, she whispered into his ear, “I’ll take care of you now Uncle Eddy.”

She stood and crouched above her cock, lowering herself onto him. She bounced on him, slowly getting used to taking all his member.

He began to moan louder, he wasn’t going to be able to take much more. She rubbed her tits, pinching her nipples. Riding him and touching herself was more than he could take. His cum exploded inside of her tight hole. He pulled her all the way down onto him. His cum filling her.

When he finally released her, she lay in his arms. Uncle Eddy seemed to have a new favorite girl. Georgia was not going to be happy about this.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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