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Jenny stumbled again and fell sideways on her hip. The three girls broke out into a renewed peal of laughter. They were so drunk. It was Jenny’s twenty-first Birthday. Her first night out to the bars without having to use a fake I.D. Her friends had already had theirs.

All three girls wore skin tight dresses and heels. Jenny, the birthday girl, wore red. Her long lush brown hair was shiny and magnificent even though it was a bit messy. She struggled back to her feet with the help of her two friends; Carla and Vivienne. Jenny held onto to them, her head spinning for a moment.

“Oh dear,” said Jenny. “I think I might be a little drunk.” The girls all laughed hysterically again. They were at a point where they did not even know what they were really laughing about. But it was funny.

“Dirty Dan’s,” said Carla. She wore a lime green skin tight dress and she had long blond hair.

“Who?” asked Vivienne looking around, not sure where she was for moment. “Dan Jenkins? Did you fuck him? You slut!” This created another long round of loud laughter. Vivienne had very dark hair held in a pony tail and olive skin. She wore a deep black skin tight dress and matching heels.

“Dirty Dan’s,” said Carla. Then pointed at the sign above the blacked out door in front of them.

“Is it a bar?” asked Jenny blinking her eyes trying to focus. “Haven’t we been in there already?”

“Let’s find out,” said Carla. She was taller then them and always held her booze better.

“Carla, no, I can’t drink anymore,” pleaded Jenny.

“Oh come on, you’ve been drinking free all night, you only turn twenty-one once, only night you get free drinks everywhere,” said Carla as she opened the door and dragged the other two along with her.

They went through the door into a small, poorly lit, dive bar. It looked a little rough and the girls stopped and looked around. All the other patrons had stopped what they were doing to look at them. The three girls usually drew a lot of attention wherever they went.

“Come on in, we don’t bite,” cried out a deep male voice from the back. Another voice agreed.

“It’s a dive bar but the landing is real soft,” cried out another voice and most of the patrons laughed.

“It’s my friend’s twenty-first birthday today!” announced Carla while raising her arms in a cheer. The whole bar cheered and many raised their glasses. It was warm inside and two men at a near table moved to join others at another one and created an empty booth for the girls to sit at. The bar broke into a spontaneous drunken rendition of Happy Birthday and a mature husky waitress brought over a shot and lit it on fire in front of Jenny.

Jenny blew it out with the help of Carla and then knocked it back and the bar cheered. Everyone then returned to their own business as the girls laughed and high-fived amongst themselves and then ordered another round.

“I told you this bar was cool,” said Carla.

“You’ve never been here in your life.”

“Have to.”

“Have not.”

“Fuck you.” The girls broke into another bout of hysterical laughter.

Something dropped from the ceiling and they all screamed. A rubber spider bobbed on a string in front of them and then retreated back up to the ceiling. People at the bar were laughing and the bartender re-secured the string that had let the spider drop down.

“Oh my god,” said Vivienne. “I almost pissed my pants.”

“This bar is so cool,” said Carla. “I told you it was cool.” Jenny held her stomach, feeling a little queasy.

“I’ve got to go piss,” said Vivienne. “Who’s coming with me?” They discussed this and Carla relented that she would go with her as Jenny did not need to at the moment.

Jenny sat alone and looked up at the ceiling. There were a lot more things up there attached to strings to drop down on unsuspecting drunks. Staring up, she lost track of time, but it still seemed like the other two were taking an awful long time. There could not be a lineup.

Then there were two men with huge belt buckles standing at her table. Asking her questions. She could not take her eyes off the belt buckles for some reason. They were so big. She kept calling them cowboys and they kept assuring her they were not, they were truck drivers. Jenny knew full well she was in a terrible state to be alone and talking to men. When she got drunk she got terribly horny. She did not get drunk that often and had to rely on her friends to keep her from doing something she would regret.

Not only were those belt buckles huge, but there were bulges underneath. Her eyes soon focused on those. The men seemed to lose interest after not getting anywhere and bowed slightly, one tipped his hat, and they left her alone.

Soon after the men left her friends appeared out of the passageway at the back of the bar. They walked closely together, a strange look on their faces, and Vivienne wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. They sat down without saying a word, shared a look with each other and suppressed a casino oyna giggle.

“Where have you two been?” asked Jenny.

“Powdering our nose,” said Carla. She made a motion on her face, as if signalling to Vivienne that she had something on the side of her forehead. Vivienne quickly raised her hand and wiped something away. The two of them suppressed another giggle.

Vivienne forced a straight face and said, “Need to use the washroom Jen?” They could not hold their straight face and they both broke into a giggle.

“What the fuck is your problem?” asked Jenny. “What is up with you two?” Jenny felt left out of a secret. But being drunk, it really did not seem to matter. She still could not figure out why all those things were on the ceiling.

“So you been just sitting out here all alone?”

“Well no, these two massive belt buckles were here, they said that they weren’t cowboys but I’m sure they were lying. They were so big,” said Jenny.

Carla and Vivienne fought to keep a straight face again. “We had a similar problem.” The two of them then broke out into laughter.

“What?” asked Jenny. “What has gotten into you?”

“Mmmmm, quite a bit actually,” said Carla as she smacked her lips.

“You love it,” said Vivienne accusingly. She kept taking small sips from her drink, swishing it around in her mouth a bit.

“I don’t mind it,” said Carla. Jenny gave up trying to understand anything and realized that she needed to pee now.

“Jen, you don’t feel that, undeniable pressure building do you. Something you just have to release, right now?” asked Carla.

Jenny could not make heads of tails out of what was going on. “Where is it? I have to go.”

“At the back, turn left, there’s a sign,” said Vivienne. “You can’t miss it.” Jenny moved to get up.

“But don’t use that one,” said Carla.

“What?” Jenny sat back down.

“Don’t use that one, it stinks like there’s a dead body in it or something,” said Carla.

“Which one?”

“The one labelled chicks. Don’t use that one,” said Carla.

“Then which one?”

“The red door,” said Vivienne. She swirled her drink around. “Use the red door.”

“Whatever,” said Jenny. She got to her feet, held onto the table for a moment. It is not easy walking on four inch spike heels when you are drunk. She walked and smiled when a few people called out ‘birthday girl.’ There was a sign pointing straight ahead that read ‘dicks’, and a sign that pointed to the left that read ‘chicks.’ She walked down the short hallway, passed a red door, and came to a dark brown door with another ‘chicks’ sign on it. She opened it, stepped in, and immediately retreated backwards. It really stank.

Jenny retraced her steps and came to the red door. The door was bright red, freshly painted with a polished brass knob. She stepped inside and it was wonderful. A fresh floral smell, spotlessly clean, beautiful fixtures, and had exotic art on the walls. This was more like it. It was a single occupancy washroom and she locked the door behind her and then moved quickly to the toilet. Raising her skirt, she pulled down her red thong panties, sat on the toilet, and immediately released a relieving stream.

She took a deep breath, closed her eyes for a moment, everything spun and she quickly opened them again. The relief made a big difference. She felt warm and happy and good. A loud bump against the wall to her left caught her attention. There were male voices on the other side. The voices argued and soon faded away. She finished pissing in the toilet, took a square of luxurious four-ply, and wiped herself clean.

After pulling up her red thong, she readjusted her tight red dress over her sexy curves, and then stepped to the sink and started washing her hands as she looked at herself in the mirror. She finished washing her hands, combed out her hair with her fingers a bit, smoothed a corner of her red lipstick, ran a finger over one eyebrow, and then leaned close to the mirror while looking for a stray hair. Something moved behind her and she turned with a start and shrieked.

A cock was sticking out of the wall. A real one. There was a hole there about waist height. She had not noticed it before. There was even a pillow on the floor underneath it. She had not noticed that either. The cock was all the way through the wall, she could see the balls, the cock was hard and standing straight out. It flexed a few times and bobbed up and down.

The behavior of her friends flashed through her mind and she put her hand over her mouth to stifle a laugh. “Oh my god,” whispered Jenny. “I don’t believe it.”

It was a beautiful cock. Jenny started to notice that. Not too big, cut, thick and smooth. The cock bobbed up and down again as he flexed. She heard a male voice from the other side of the wall but could not make out what he said. Jenny looked around feeling guilty, then back at the hard cock, and she took a step towards it.

“Come on birthday girl,” said the voice. It was muffled slot oyna but she heard it now that she was closer to the hole. She took another step, she could almost reach out and touch it now. It flexed and bobbed again. It looked so beautiful. So hot.

“It is my birthday,” said Jenny softly to herself. She took another step, reached out with one hand, and gently took hold of it. It felt warm. A moan came from the other side of the wall. She stroked that nice thick cock slowly and gently. Flicking her hair back with her other hand, Jenny licked her lips. This is what those two were up to.

“Suck it.”

Just a little bit. Jenny held onto the cock and the wall for balance and lowered herself to her knees on the cushion on the floor. The hard cock was right in front of her face. It flexed and bobbed again. She stroked it once, leaned forward, and took it softly between her lips. The voice moaned on the other side. It felt so good. Hot cock in her mouth, she could feel it pulsing, it was so hard. She licked around the head. I need this. That feeling spread throughout her body and she reached down between her legs, pressing and rubbing.

“Good girl, suck it.”

She used one hand in front of her mouth. Stroking the cock along it’s entire length while she sucked on the head, licking and swirling with her tongue. Then she pushed deeper, taking it in, filling her mouth. She moaned on it. It felt so good. She pressed her hand against her pussy.

“Oh yea, that’s it. Suck that cock.”

Jenny built into a rhythm. Bobbing up and down on the cock. Stroking in front of her mouth, her tongue swirling and licking when it could. Deeper and deeper till it hit her throat. She gagged. Stopped for a moment to catch her breath. Spit hanging from her lips.

“Suck it cocksucker.”

She took it in her mouth again, pushing down on it right away, right to her throat. Swallowing, relaxing, pushing, it slid slowly into her throat. Deeper and deeper. She gagged a bit and she pulled off it, panting, wiping drool from her lips.

“That’s it cocksucker. Do it.”

Taking it again, pushing down, relaxing, it slid in, deeper and deeper, she gagged but kept pushing, deeper and deeper, till her nose pushed into his dark fuzzy pubic hair and then against his skin.

“Oh fuck yea. That’s it. Such a good girl.”

Jenny pulled off it again, breathing hard, spit hanging from her chin, her makeup running. She looked down and some spit had got on her dress. She let go of the big fat wet cock and pulled her dress up around her waist then reached around her shoulders and pulled it up over her head. Underneath she wore a red thong and red lace push up bra. Jenny tossed her dress aside onto the floor and took the cock in her hand again.

“That’s it cocksucker. Get nasty.”

Jenny rubbed hard between her legs. She was so hot and wet. She took the head of the cock gently into her mouth, licked, then drove herself down on it. All the way. She came back up, licked then went back down again, deepthroating the whole thing. She stopped for a moment. Smiling, she felt kind of proud. She took the cock deep again, and started bobbing on it in long deep strokes.

“Oh fuck. You’re good. You’re damn good. Do it slut. Do it.”

She worked faster and faster, stroking in front of her mouth while she bobbed and licked. Then she moved her hand to his balls and rubbed while she went deep. Her other hand pressed and rubbed harder into her pussy. Faster, she sucked and worked herself into a frenzied pace. She put both hands on the wall to steady herself and sucked as hard and as fast as she could.

“Oh fuck. You slut. Oh fuck. Here it comes. Shit.”

Jenny kept sucking at a furious pace, she felt his cock start to spasm in her throat and she pulled back and let the hot cum flood into her mouth.

“Oh shit. Take it cocksucker.”

She swallowed it. More pumped into her mouth and she swallowed that. Sucking on the head of his cock while she stroked it with both hands. She kept swallowing and swallowing till the flow slowed and the groaning started to fade from the other side of the wall. She kept stroking the cock but with slower and more gentle strokes. The cock shuddered. She took her mouth off the cock, spit hanging from the head, then kissed it.

The cock pulled back out of the hole. It was dark on the other side. “Thank you,” said the voice. Light and noise filled the other room as a door opened and she saw a silhouette of a man walking out, and then it closed and he was gone.

Jenny looked down at herself. Spit had run down her chin, over her cleavage and down her stomach. She reached between her legs, under her panties, and rubbed her clit. Using her other hand, she wiped a long string of saliva from her chin. “Mmmm, thank you strange man,” said Jenny to herself and she smiled.

She was about to stand up when the door in the other room opened. It closed with a click and she heard footsteps coming towards the hole. A face flashed in front of the hole canlı casino siteleri and then was gone. She then heard the unmistakable sounds of jeans being undone.

Jenny looked over at the locked red door and wondered what her friends would be thinking now. Maybe she should stop. That was fun but maybe she should stop now.

A long, uncut, semi hard cock poked through the hole near her face. She looked at it. No voice came from the other side. It did not throb or bounce. It just waited. Jenny licked her lips. After looking around the room self-consciously, she reached out and took the cock in her hand and started stroking it. The cock hardened.

Stroking faster and faster, Jenny leaned forward and took the head into her mouth. She licked it, then started working it hard. Bobbing fast and deep. She was warmed up now. She took it deep down her throat and sucked so hard her cheeks indented sharply. She rubbed herself while she did it. Harder and faster. Soon, with no warning, it starting cumming in her mouth. It took her by surprise and she pulled her mouth off it and it shot a thick stream of cum across her face, and again, then in her eye, then over her mouth and nose. She took it back in her mouth and the cum shots slowed and then stopped.

After a moment, the cock pulled back through the hole. She could hear the same jingling and zipping from before. Then the footsteps lead away, the door opened, and he left.

Panting and hot, Jenny tried to stand up but her right leg did not support her properly and she tumbled onto her back. Sitting up, legs spread, she laughed and found herself looking down at her pussy. She reached down and rubbed it over her panties. Cum dripping from her face, she licked her lips, looked at the hole, and slid her panties off her hips a bit. Knees up and spread, Jenny rubbed her clit and then started fingering her freshly shaved pussy.

“What a hot slit,” came a voice from the hole. Jenny jumped and closed her legs. “Don’t stop. Keep going. You look so hot.” Jenny grinned, opened her legs back up slowly, displaying her pussy to the unknown man on the other side of the hole. “Yea, that’s it. That’s what I like. So hot. It’s perfect. Take those panties off. Take them off. I want to see it all.”

Jenny bit her lip. Hesitated just a moment, then pulled them slowly down her legs, bending at the knee and twisting slightly, she took her panties off over her heels and tossed them aside. She looked into the hole and opened her legs wide.

“Yea, that’s it. So hot. You’re so hot baby. Play with it. Play with that cute little pussy.”

Jenny rubbed her hand up and down her slit. She took her other hand and spread it open while she circled the fingers of her other hand around her clit. It felt so good. Wetness lined her outer lips and seeped out at the bottom of her slot.

“Fuck yea. So hot. Show me your tits baby. Show me. Take off your bra. Yea, take it off, finger that hot wet hole.”

Sitting up a bit, Jenny reached around her back and unhooked her bra. She smiled, teased him by holding the cups over her full breasts for a moment, and then tossed it away.

“Oh yea baby. I love your tits. You’re so hot. You’re so beautiful. You have me so hard over here. Finger that cunt baby. Finger that hot wet hole.”

Jenny rubbed both hands up and down on her pussy. Using two fingers from her right hand, she slowly pushed inside herself. Jenny moaned. It felt so good. She fingered herself slowly and sensually while looking into the dark black hole in the wall.

“Fuck that’s so hot baby. Fuck you’re so hot. I can’t stand it. I’m so hard for you. I want that pussy so bad baby. Come over here. Come close,” said the voice. A strong burly hand came through the hole in the wall. It waved her to come closer. “Closer baby. Let me feel that wet pussy.”

Still fingering her pussy slowly, Jenny bit her lip again, thinking.

“Let me feel it. Come on baby. Let me feel how wet you are.”

Jenny smiled and shrugged her shoulders a little. She got to her feet, steady on her heels, and stepped forward towards the wall. When she got close enough the hand wrapped around the back of her thigh and pulled her even closer. Then the hand touched her pussy. Jenny moaned and arched her back and braced herself with her hands against the wall.

The hand rubbed up and down along her slit and pressed against her clit. Fingers down, palm up, the hand pushed it’s middle finger up inside her. Jenny arched her neck and moaned.

“So wet baby. You are so hot and wet. What a pussy. What a perfect little hole.”

Another finger joined the first one, curled up, rubbing behind her clit. The hand frigged faster and faster. The thumb then moved and pressed and rubbed against her clit.

“Oh shit,” said Jenny and she reached one hand down and gripped the man’s wrist. She did not try to pull it away. She hung on. Jenny moaned loudly. The fingers fucked into her, hard and strong. It felt so good. Breathing hard, her body broke into a sweat. She braced herself with one hand on the wall while gripping the man’s wrist with the other. Riding the fingers. Grinding against them in a hot sweaty mindless lust. The fingers and the hand suddenly pulled away and back through the hole.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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