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Disclaimer: This is my first ever story, and I know it’s not particulary good. My next stories will be chapter based with a little more depth. Feel free to critisize this to death.


It was a pretty brisk summer morning that day. The sun was shining but there was a cold wind snapping through that made Jade shiver as she stepped out onto her porch, wearing just a pair of blue short shorts, white tight tank top, white sports bra and matching panties. She had on a pair of white sneakers and did a few stretches as she prepared for her early run.

As Jade stretched she could hear a mower running saw Mr Hill, her neighbour whom she’d become well acquainted with; him and his wife. Although he was in his mid-forties and getting on a bit in the looks and charm department, she couldn’t help but like the way he was so genuine and funny. His wife was lovely too and Jade was jealous of what they had. All her boyfriend and she seemed to do was fight.

However Mr Hill and his wife had been married for at least 20 years and she could tell he was getting bored. Jade often found him checking her out whenever she walked past his place while he was outside, and he would often come over just to “hang out” as he called it. Not many guys in the 40’s just “hang out” with a girl who’s barely turned 20.

Jade could understand why he was attracted to her, she wasn’t dense, and she knew she was rather attractive. At 5’6, a pretty face, long dark hair and a good figure (32c-27-32) she was quite a catch around her neighbourhood and she had had her fair share of guys before finally moving in with my 36 year old boyfriend. Her parents and numerous other people told her he was too old for her but this just strengthened her resolve to move in with him, they had now lived together for just under a year and things were just beginning to get shaky.

Jade finished stretching and took a look out into the blue sky, with a smile she picked up her feet and started to jog.

She was barely twenty metres down the road when she heard that familiar voice call “Hey Jade! Great weather we’re having here aint it?” She smiled and turned to Mr Hill waving, he was wearing a pair of casual brown shorts, a plane white t-shirt, and a pair of sneakers.

“Yeah tis isn’t it? See ya round Mr Hill,” Jade shouted over the sound of the mower, turning back to continue her run. As she ran round the block she couldn’t help thinking that Mr Hill was pretty cute, and he did have some nice biceps…She quickly dismissed these thoughts and continued with her run.

Jade was jogging back through her street just as Mr Hill was finishing up with the lawn, he was just throwing the last of the cut up grass into the compost heap when he walked over to his fence smiling. What a gorgeous canlı bahis smile she thought. She smiled back and stopped at his fence.

“No work today huh, Mr Hill?” She said a little breathless after her run, he grins at her.

“Nope, got the whole week off, the boss insisted that I take a break,” he said and his eyes began to lower to her full round breasts, he then looked back up at her face, “And not a bad week to be off too, weathers beautiful…so’s the scenery,” he said with a bit of a laugh.

She laughed too and hit him on the arm playfully “So where’s the wife, shouldn’t you be having a vacation with her?”

He shrugged and his grin went down a little “nah, she’s busy with work…but it’s ok, this is a good chance for me to get some alone time and do what I like for a week.”

He then sparked into life “But what am I saying, you must be thirsty girl, come in and I ‘ll get you something to drink,” he said as he started walking towards his house. She didn’t exactly have a choice so she followed him towards the house.

Mr Hill went inside and grabbed himself a beer and had a look inside of the fridge “coke’s all I’ve got I’m afraid, unless you’d like beer?”

Jade gave him a smile and shrug “a beer wouldn’t be so bad,” he smiled back and passed her a bottle. They moved into the lounge and sat in opposite chairs. She took a few sips of her beer and crossed her long exposed legs, he watched her as she did so and Jade felt herself blush as she felt his eyes on her. His eyes making her whole body feel hot as she swallowed giving him a nervous smile.

Jade bit her lip and Mr Hill smiled “So how’s that boyfriend of yours Jade, still treating you right?” he said with his usual upbeat way of talking.

She shrugged and talked quietly, suddenly feeling very attracted to this older man “well umm…we’re going through a bit of a rough path” he looked at her sympathetically and shrugged “these things happen luv, hopefully he’ll come round and realise how I lucky he is, I mean I know I’d be counting my blessings if I had a girlfriend with a rack that nice.”

Jade almost spat the sip of beer out of her mouth as she heard him say this, she blurt out “Sorry!?” Flattered but rather surprised, he’d never mentioned his attraction to her, even though she knew he was attracted to her.

He laughed and smiled at her “No point in denying it now is there Jade? I’m attracted to you, and you are a beautiful girl…hope it doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable I just felt like I had to say something” he said sitting back.

She couldn’t help but smile at his honesty and her smile grew “No Mr Hill…it’s fine…”

Jade then swallowed “In fact I’m quite flattered.” She bit her lip and she realised her eyes have widened bahis siteleri since he’d complimented her breasts, she felt like a high school girl who’d gotten a crush on her teacher.

Mr Hill smiled at her and cleared his throat “well I’m glad, I was afraid that you’d get freaked out that a guy of my age is attracted to you”.

She shrugged “Hey you’re not that much older than my boyfriend…probably a little better looking too,” she said without really thinking and now she’d had her fingers twirling through her hair in the flirty fashion, her breasts were heaving in and out with her newly excited breathing and she realised she wanted the guy sitting across from her.

Jade grinned at him and stood up, looking down at him she stroked her tongue along her teeth, the soft clicking of her tongue ring was heard clearly in the silent room and Mr Hill looked at her with his mouth slightly open “you know, I’ve always wondered whether those things actually enhance…well you know…”

She looked down at him and her grin spreads wider “No what? Mr Hill?” She said giving him a mock look of confusion and put on a little girl’s voice.

He struggled to find the words as he felt his heart beat faster “well…you know…umm…whether tongue rings give better…”

He can’t find the words so she moved a few steps closer to him, opening her mouth wide she gave him a good look at her stud and then raised her eyebrows “head?” She said smiling and he just nodded; his jaw hanging down.

Jade lowered herself to her knees in front of him and she smiled up at him “Mr Hill…have you ever wanted to do something real bad…knowing that it was real bad…but you still wanted to do it anyway?”

He looked down and his brow became tense and he choked a bit on his words “Uhh Jade…maybe we shouldn’t…”

She put a finger to his lips and flicked her tongue out, flashing the metallic stud “no one has to find out…you just have to be good at keeping a secret,” she says with a softness to her voice, but accompanied by an evil undertone in it.

Jade hooked her thumbs into his shorts and slowly started bringing them down, her large blue crystal eyes never leaving his doe brown eyes. She threw the shorts to the other side of the room and he quickly pulled off his t-shirt throwing it the floor. She licked her lips knowing that he wasn’t going to back out. Jade grabbed at his boxers and made quicker work of these, pulling them off and throwing them with his shorts. His semi-erect cock sprang out and it was pretty big even at semi-erectness, in anticipation of how big it could get her hand instinctively went towards it and slowly started to stroke it back and forth, her small soft hand barely managing to wrap around his thickness. As she continued to stroke it a canlı bahis siteleri small oozing of pre cum slid out, she looked at it and then up into his eyes to make sure he was looking at her, his eyes were fixed on her hand and his cock so she leaned forward and licked up the slit of his cock, licking up the pre cum and swallowing it down as she looked up at him, he let out a groan and an “Oh fuck Jade, my wife never does that”.

Jade then took her second hand and began to stroke him with both, up and down, the second starting when the first finished, keeping this action going until he reached his full 7 inches. She grinned up at him, opening her mouth she took his head into it, sucking gently as her hands continue to work on his cock, she let out the gentlest of moans as her tongue ring massaged the head of his cock lightly, her moan vibrating down his cock as he groaned. She continued to suck him, getting a little faster and took him down deeper into her mouth, her lips and tongue working there way up and down his length as one of her hands begins to play with his balls, stroking and squeezing them while she sucked him, the other hand stroking whatever she wasn’t sucking on his cock. She started to get quicker sucking on his cock till she was taking enough that she couldn’t stroke him anymore, he let out a few moans and grabbed her hair “oh god yes Jade, good girl…keep sucking…” he said as she let out a muffled moan as he began to push her head harder onto his cock.

Jade started to suck him deeper and deeper, his hand steadily forcing her head down onto his cock, she gagged a little as she sucked him, but continued at the same pace till he forced her head right down, deepthroating him.

Mr Hill lets out a louder moan “mmm, fuck yes…that’s it Jade…you suck like a pro hunny,” he said as she started to tilt her head, getting a different angle which caused him to groan in approval.

“Jesus girl, you know what you’re doing” he said as she got faster and faster, her hands grabbing and squeezing his balls a little harder as he reached out grabbing a breast through her top. She moaned as his cock moved back and forth down her throat, her tongue ring sliding up and down the underside of his cock, the cold metal getting warmer with each stroke. She gagged and pulled her mouth of his cock a few times as she deepthroated him but placed her hungry mouth back on his cock straight away with each gag as he grabbed her hair forcing her head down again. After a few more strokes of her mouth he let out a loud groan and then a rush of cum shot out his cock, almost drowning her as she struggled to swallow his load, after a few waves of cum she pulled her mouth free.

Mr Hill grinned at her and held her in front of him by her hair as he splashed a shot of cum in her face “mmm yeah, that’s it Jade, take it like a good little slut” he said and she felt a shudder go through her as he called her a slut.

She grinned and licked her lips tasting his cum “mmm, you like that huh Mr Hill?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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