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Comments and constructive criticisms are appreciated, but I will not hesitate to delete any nasty or abusive comments. I enjoy corresponding with readers and if you send me a comment or an e-mail I will respond. All the characters in this story are fictional and over 18 years of age. If you like the story, please register your approval with a vote at the end.

Jennifer was sick and tired of her clerical job. She was dedicated and always went the extra mile and for her diligent dedication she received crap remuneration. There were tons of good technical jobs out there and there was no reason why she couldn’t land one. Her uncle was an electrician and had offered her an apprenticeship position if she took the Electrician Technician course at the local college.

28 years old, married for 5 years, she had talked it over with her husband Bill and decided to take the one year course and the offer from her uncle. Yes, they had decided, one lean year with one income and extra school expense, would pay off in the long run.

The very first day included a safety lecture about working with electricity in which they had shown pictures of wedding rings fused into flesh by the passing of huge voltage from a wiring short it had caused. Jennifer slipped her rings off her finger and into her pocket as soon as the movie was over, and tucked them away in her jewelery box when she got home that night. When Bill asked about it she explained and he understood.

With her long dark hair, fine facial features and soft D cup breasts, Jennifer had always been an incorrigible flirt, and she had enjoyed the attentions of males her entire adult life. Her husband Larry had made it clear early on that he was committed to a monogamous relationship, but he really didn’t mind her teasing other men as long as she never strayed from their marriage vows.

For her part Jennifer was in flirt heaven in the male dominated apprenticeship program. She was one of only three girls in the class of twenty, but she had some competition. The other two girls were both younger and dressed in tight low tops and those yoga pants which displayed their assets to advantage. But tight tops and yoga pants were a dime a dozen at high school and college. Jennifer was different.

She had spent the weekend scouring her closet and cruising through the thrift shops to find just the right outfits. A pair of coveralls for the practical work in the shop meant that she would be free to display her assets to their best advantage at other times of the day. She had decided on 6 or seven dresses, all in stretchy fabric, with scooped necklines. She’d had to raise the hem on three of them to make sure she was showing enough leg, but that was easy. Two pairs of virtually skin tight jeans and 4 tank tops completed her basic school wardrobe.

Slight and thin, the shortest of his friends, Calvin had always had a problem with numbers. They just wouldn’t stand still or stay in their proper place. He had struggled mightily throughout high school and with the help of his guidance counselor he had decided on the electrical apprentice program. Although there was not much mathematics in the trade itself, there was an introductory math course to pass in the first semester and it was going to be a challenge for Calvin.

As he timidly walked into that class the first seat he came to was beside a woman. Although he had dated throughout high school he was in no way a ladies man and felt quite nervous sitting beside her. She smelled terrific, he thought as he unpacked his books, a little older than him and quite pretty. Her long dark hair cascaded down her shoulders and onto her back and breasts. Her breasts. Hmm.

She was wearing a rather low scooped top that showed a generous amount of cleavage. Not that little girl cleavage he was used to from high school, but full soft breasts pressed tightly together all the way from where they joined her chest until they disappeared into her top. As he stood beside and slightly behind her, he could look down and see the tops of her bra cups just beyond the edge of her shirt. As he stood there trying not to look while looking, he felt himself starting to stiffen in his jeans.

He quickly finished unpacking his books and sat down before he embarrassed himself. He was no sooner seated than she turned to him and introduced herself as Jennifer. She had nice eyes, he thought as he greeted her. Nice eyes and a rather cute little nose above a wide and friendly smile. Her hand was smooth and warm as she shook his. A little older, yes, but a very good looking woman all the same. What was it his friends called them? A MILF. Calvin blushed a bit at the thought.

As the class progressed, Calvin became increasingly confused. Numbers jumped around on the blackboard, and on his page. When the first hour flowed into the second he began to fidget. There had always been a break at high school. Weren’t they going to take a break? How could anyone canlı bahis concentrate on this stuff for this long. His increasing restlessness and agitation finally overcame him and he grabbed his books and bolted from the room.

Suddenly, Jennifer was there beside him. He could feel the warmth of her hand on his shoulder as she touched him.

“You OK Calvin?” She asked with concern in her soft voice. “You kind of seemed agitated in there. Is something wrong?”

“Well,” he began. “I have trouble with math and the numbers get mixed up, and we didn’t get a break, and I need a break because I need to get up and move around, and the numbers were all mixed up, and I don’t think I can do this,” he continued, all in a rush.

Jennifer felt sorry for this poor kid. Her maternal instinct immediately kicked in and she began to comfort the agitated youth.

“Look, Calvin,” she soothed. “This isn’t going to be easy for me either. Tell you what, let’s make an appointment with the instructor after class and I’ll go with you. You know, moral support. Then let’s you and me make it a date to go to the math help center this afternoon and see if we can get some of those numbers to behave better for you. OK?”

Calvin began to feel better as she talked him down from his agitated state. His mind wandered to her body again. She was really pretty hot. Those large soft tits swayed gently under her shirt. The pliable flesh pressed tightly together above her neckline. Her legs were pretty nice too. Bare skin from well above the knees right down to her ankles. Although some guys might have thought her legs a bit on the heavy side. Calvin liked the look of her strong thighs. He felt himself stir and quickly excused himself before she could notice.

The next course was held in a small lecture room with tiered seating. Calvin slipped in the back door and worked his way down the rows to just behind and to the right of Jennifer’s seat. From there he had a clear view down her top all the way to her bra cups, and beyond that, her bare legs where her skirt had pulled up above mid-thigh.

He didn’t actually get anything much out of the lecture as he ogled her body and dreamed of what it would be like to hold those luscious tits in his bare hands. They seemed so soft and fluid as they bobbled when she walked. It would be so great to press his fingers into the warm pliable flesh and hear her moan his name. Suddenly the lecture was over. Where had the time gone? Embarrassed to realize that he was semi-hard again. He remained in his seat until the classroom had cleared out and he had softened. Somewhat.

When Jeremy stood up at the end of class and looked back for his friend, he had been shocked by the view. That woman, Jennifer he thought it was, had been sitting behind him and even though her legs were held tightly together, her short skirt gave him a clear view almost up to her panties. Then as he was taking in the view, she shifted her position preparing to get up and opening her legs a bit. Jeremy got a quick glimpse of the little blue panties she had on and he felt a tickle in his balls. That tickle grew to a thickening when Jennifer stood and bent over to pick up her books. The view down her top was impressive. Her large breasts fell forward and almost fell out of her top.

“Oops,” she giggled as she stood up and readjusted her top and bra.

At the end of the class, Jennifer saw one of her classmates looking back towards her. He was kind of cute and she instantly decided to give him a little thrill. As innocently as possible, she made sure to widen the space between her knees. Not enough to look brazen, just enough to give him a look all the way up to her crotch. Of course she saw his eyes flick down, then back up and it gave her a thrill, as it always did, when she knew he had taken the bait. She hadn’t intended it to happen, but when she stood up and bent to retrieve her book bag, her breasts almost popped right out of her top. Unintentional as it was it still gave her a naughty thrill as he watched her readjust her clothing to its proper fit.

It was so much fun to tease and taunt these virile young men. To use her body to make them stiffen in their jeans. Calvin hardly ever left her side, sticking to her like glue. He sat with her. Always teamed up with her for the practical exercises and plopped himself right across from her in the cafeteria. He always made sure to drag her to Math help classes every chance he got. Although not quite so clingy, Jeremy also become a frequent companion. Never more than one or two seats away and walking and talking with her between classes.

By the middle of the semester, Jennifer found herself constantly surrounded by three or four strong cute guys. They walked with her, joked with her, teased her. In short, all the things that boys did to try to impress girls and get close to them. For her part Jennifer did not discourage it in the least. She teased them back and pranced down the bahis siteleri halls between classes with her entourage gaggling around her, following her every move. Taken by their bold flirtations, Jennifer enjoyed being swept up into the mating dance of the college student. It had been a long time since so many young men has paid so much attention, so much sexual attention, to her and it fed her ego to the max.

It was a big project and Jeremy had been distracted by the sight of Jennifer’s ass squirming under her tight coveralls all morning. It was a sight that never failed to get him at least half hard. He had to keep looking elsewhere and focusing on his work, or he would have gone fully hard just from watching her. By mid morning he was ready for a break. He needed to get away for a few minutes to cool himself down and thought he would slip down to the cafeteria for a take out coffee.

“Hey Jennifer,” he called over. “I’m gonna run down for a coffee. Want me to bring you one?”

“Yeah, but I think it’s my turn to buy isn’t it? Listen, I’ve got a fiver in my pocket. Your hands are clean just reach in and get it and bring me back the change.”

Her words sent a rush of blood to both his heads . He felt an instant flush on his face and a thickening in his pants as he contemplated what she had just offered. Did he just hear her correctly? Did she just tell him he could put his hand in her pocket? Her front pocket? Put his hand in and root around in there for her money? Jezus that was so fucking hot. There was no way he was going to pass up on an opportunity like that.

Distracted by the thought of what he was about to do, Jeremy walked across the shop to where Jennifer was standing, smiling at him. He glanced down at his crotch to make sure his dick wasn’t giving him away and when he looked up he saw that she was also glancing there. His brain was reeling with sexual tension. She had offered to let him reach into her pocket and then she had been checking out his package. When he approached, Jennifer turned to the side and pointed at her front pocket.

“It’s in this one. Just reach in and get it, but no funny stuff mister.” This last bit delivered with a very flirtatious intonation.

Almost blinded by his arousal at her invitation and teasing, Jeremy reached down to the indicated pocket and reached in. The instant his hand went through the opening he knew he had made a mistake. In his haste he had aimed a little too far back and wound up slipping his hand into the open pocket in the coveralls, the one that allowed the wearer to reach inside to access the pockets on their regular clothing. What he found inside caused him to go instantly hard. His hand slid right onto Jennifer’s bare thigh.

Jeremy froze as his brain tried to process the information. He recalled walking behind her this morning and she’d had on one of her short little skirts, but it certainly wasn’t so short that he would be feeling her bare skin at pocket height. His palm was now resting on the bare skin of her thigh and he could feel the elastic of what he assumed was a thong running from her hip down towards her snatch. A thong. Her snatch. Oh my God. He was instantly and painfully hard in his jeans as he stood motionless, his mind reeling.

Then through the cacophony of thoughts, he heard Jennifer gasp.

“Uhm Jer… That’s not the pocket I meant,” she whispered.

He couldn’t help himself. He made sure to wiggle his hand around a bit as he was extracting himself, so that he was able to get a good feel of her thigh and hip before he was done.

“OH. GOD. Sorry Jen. Sorry. I didn’t…I… Sorry.”

“It’s OK Jer. An honest mistake. Could happen to anyone. Now take better aim and get the money from the other pocket.”

What he had originally thought was going to be the main event now seemed almost anti-climactic. It was still hot as hell, but nothing to compare to the feel of her bare skin. He still got a sense of the elastic and the warmth of her skin through the thin pocket lining which kept his excitement level pegged at max while he fished out the fiver.

There were several awkward moments between them that afternoon as each remembered the feel of unintended flesh on flesh contact. Jeremy shared his secret with the other guys swearing each one to secrecy before revealing the arousing details, and as young men have a tendency to do, embellishing the experience a bit each time. By the end of the day, Jenifer’s entire entourage knew the story.

When she went to bed that night, Jennifer found it hard to settle. As Bill lay beside her fast asleep, she could not shake the feel of that cool bare hand pressing against her naked thigh. The nearness of his fingers to her most private place. The way his hand lingered, then squirmed a bit as he extracted it from her pocket. Regardless of her teasing and flirting, she had never let another man touch her like that since she had been married.

The whole experience bahis firmaları reminded her of her dating days. The thrill of the tease and the excitement of that first time. That first kiss, light and tentative. The first time they touched, then kneaded her full breasts. That moment when their hand slid down under her waistband. The sensation of roving fingers tickling through her pubic hair and finding her wet slit. That glorious feeling when his finger found the opening and as she moaned her approval, sliding in to caress her insides.

Jennifer’s hands moved down her body and began to mimic these sensations as her mind turned them over and over in an endless loop of sensual memories. As her body began to respond, her mind continued to drift.

YES… first times. The feel of his rigid flesh throbbing under her hand as she rubbed him through his clothes. That breathtaking anticipation of undoing a boy’s belt, knowing that she was going to see his cock. Wondering… Thick or thin? Long or short? Cut or uncut? That first glimpse of his hard-on poking straight up from his flat firm abdomen. Hard and throbbing and wanting her. And then, the mind blowing intensity of guiding a new cock to her entrance and having it slowly work it’s way deep into her core.

As that final thought wandered sensuously through her mind, Jennifer felt herself stiffen up and then…release as the warmth of her orgasm washed over her entire body. After her spasms passed, she lay there holding her breath, listening to Bill’s steady breathing, making sure he hadn’t been disturbed. What would she have told him? How could she have explained? Thank God she didn’t have to.

Jeremy too lay in his bed reliving his experience in the shop. His hand still burned with the heat of her naked thigh. The feel of her thong panties under his hand as he wiggled it around on her bare flesh. Yes. It must have been a thong. The string had been so small that it couldn’t have been regular panties. A thong. The ends of his fingers had barely brushed the fabric that covered her pubes. Barely brushed the edge of the material covering her pubes. Yes, but wait. Yes. His finger had actually felt that edge and the skin beside it had been as smooth and soft as the rest of her thigh. He should have been able to feel some stubble, some evidence of the nearness of her bush, but nothing. She was shaved!

As his cock went fully hard. Jeremy scanned through mental images of pictures from men’s magazines, wondering if it was just a trim, a landing strip or a full Brazilian. A woman like that. One who flirted around and teased, must have gone for the Brazilian. Yes. Her naked hairless cunt only inches from his hand. Unable to resist any longer, he palmed his cock and began a slow steady stroking motion.

She definitely had taken her dress off and had been in her undies inside her coveralls. Yes a thong. Her naked ass jiggling under the blue fabric. Her large soft breasts barely encased in her bra just inside the front zipper. It had been a thong. It must have been. So in her dress, her bare ass had been right there all day! His cock was leaking pre-cum now. His excitement building. Her bare ass wiggling and swaying under the light fabric. Yes he needed to pay more attention to that in future. See if he couldn’t get a peek of those luscious cheeks.

As he continued to pleasure himself Jeremy’s mind took him on a continuation of his adventure. Instead of retreating and apologizing, he pressed onward. His hand slid further into the pocket. His fingers lifting the elastic and sliding underneath. He could almost hear Jennifer’s soft gasp as his fingers caressed the smooth-shaved flesh on their way to her clit. Oh God. His mind was racing now. His fingers sliding down to rub and tease her hairless clit. Her breathy moans as she became increasingly excited. Then as his fantasy progressed, the soft wetness of her pussy lips the slippery feeling as his fingers stroked her, preparing her for entry. For his entry. Pushing his hand in just a little further to allow him to ……

It was too much. His entire body went as rigid as his cock at the thought of actually fingering her pussy. His breath caught in his throat and he was hit by an immense orgasm. He had been intensely horny all day and with the long build-up came large volume. Wave after wave of cum poured from his cock as spasm after spasm wracked his athletic frame. When he was finally done, a huge pool of cum covered his hand, groin and lower abdomen. He couldn’t remember ever having cum so much and he felt empty and satisfied. A quick clean-up and he was fast asleep.

Calvin’s brain was swirling with thoughts of what Jeremy had told him that afternoon. He really thought it was probably all bullshit. There’s no way she had been naked under her coveralls. Well, not naked, he actually hadn’t said naked. He said she had been wearing nothing but a thong when he had shoved his hand in her open pocket and gotten a handful of her bare thigh. Calvin had never had a woman. He had never laid his hands on a girl’s bare skin, and certainly not on her bare thigh so close to her… The thought made him get even stiffer than he already was.

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