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The sound of the school bell jerked me from my trance. It was 3:00 pm and the school halls were soon flooded with students rushing to their buses. I was in no hurry to get home that day. My mother was taking me to the Health Department for my first pap test and birth control pills. I turned 18 just two-months ago and had sex for the first time last month. Although it was a bit painful, my boyfriend was very gentle and made it an experience to remember. Since that night my boyfriend comes over every time we have an opportunity to be alone. We always practice safe sex but my mom wants me to take every precaution possible.

I walked out of the health clinic with my little brown bag. We piled into my mom’s SUV and headed home. She had a book club meeting that night with her girlfriends and dad would be working late as usual. As we pulled into the driveway I was excited to call my boyfriend and invite him over for some fun. Unfortunately he had a soccer game that night so I would have to take care of my own needs.

I was just getting settled down when the phone rang. It was my father. His receptionist went home early that day with the flu and was unable to finish some of the paperwork for his big case on Monday. He asked me to come down and help him get caught up. I worked at my father’s office in the summer but I hadn’t been there recently. I told him I would be there in a half and hour.

I hurried to the bathroom to get ready. I never wore a lot of makeup. I have a clear, fair complexion that does not require much maintenance. I put on some mascara and lip gloss and tied my dark brown hair up into a perky pony tail. I put on my favorite pair of low rider jeans and a white polo shirt. As I was leaving my room, I glanced at myself in my full length mirror. I was satisfied with my slender build. I was one of those lucky girls that could eat what I wanted and still keep my hour glass figure.

I locked my bike at the front of the building and rushed inside. My father greeted me and gave me my assignment. I settled into the office and prepared myself for a long weekend of work. I would not have a lot of extra time to spend with my boyfriend this weekend, but at least I would make some extra money.

Before I left for the evening I stopped at my father’s office to say good-bye. As I opened the door I heard an unfamiliar voice arguing with someone on the telephone. I was planning to leave when the voice called me in. I explained that I was looking for my father and he apologized and introduced himself. His name was John. He had just moved to the area with his wife and kids and has been working at the firm for about 3 months. He was using the computer in my dad’s office that night because his had crashed. He had dark hair, bright blue eyes, & a tall semi-athletic kaçak iddaa build. This was the youngest and hottest guy I had ever seen pass through my dad’s office. I think he noticed my attraction to him which made me blush. I quickly said my good-byes and left him to his work.

I found my father in the conference room he was finishing up for the evening as well. He asked me if I met John. He explained that John & his wife were looking for a babysitter. His wife was a nurse and worked nightshift. Dad thought it might be a good experience. I told him I would think about it.

I lay in bed that night thinking of the gorgeous guy at the office. The idea of submitting to someone else’s wife made me so wet. And this guy—oh my god—he was definitely someone I would enjoy seducing. Since I had such little experience the idea of seducing this guy was somewhat intimidating, but it was just a playful fantasy. It was about midnight when my phone rang. My boyfriend wanted to come over. I figured it would be okay since my parents were asleep I could sneak him up to my bedroom and they would never know.

He arrived 10 minutes later. I was so wet thinking about John. I pulled my boyfriend into my bedroom and pushed him on to the floor. I needed to taste his cock. I tickled the tip of his penis with my tongue until I couldn’t stand it any longer. I pulled his 7 inch cock into my mouth. I sucked and slobbered until I got what I wanted. I swallowed his entire load. He positioned himself to return the favor. His soft tongue flicked and sucked my clit. I imagined John’s face sucking my clit. I thought about his wife and kids in the next room while he pleasured his mistress. I couldn’t stand it any longer I pulled myself on top of my boyfriend and rode him like a true slut. I was about to climax when I called his name in a fit of ecstasy—JOHN!! As I peaked my boyfriend threw me off of him. He told me I was a slut and he didn’t want to see me anymore. I tried to explain that it was just a fantasy, but he refused to believe me.

The next day I showered and got ready to go to my dad’s office. There were still a few more things I had to finish up down there. Dad was already at work when I arrived. He explained that his receptionist was back and they had everything under control.

As I was mounting my bike to go home I noticed John stepping out of a car. He introduced the women driving the car as his wife Katie. She seemed friendly enough. Their children were in the back seat. They had a ~ 3-year old boy and an infant. His wife asked about my credentials as a babysitter and asked if I would be interested in working for a few hours in the evenings. Since I didn’t have a boyfriend taking up my time anymore I figured I might as well try a part-time job. She asked if tonight would illegal bahis be too soon. She explained that she was a night-shift nurse and John was usually not home before she went in for her shift. I told her I would be happy to start tonight.

I went home that afternoon very nervous & excited. I spent the afternoon reading a book. I took a shower and put on my vanilla scented lotion. I dried my hair and decided to wear it down. I put on my white cotton panties & bra. I picked out a casual skirt and tank top for the evening. I arrived about 7PM and met his wife on her way out the door. She left emergency numbers and a schedule for the kids.

The toddler’s name was David & Samuel was their baby. Samuel was already asleep when I arrived. David & I watched a quick video and then it was time for his bath. He put on his favorite pajamas and picked out a bedtime book. I read him the story & tucked him in.

I got a glass of water and wandered around the house. Katie would be gone until 5AM. I was waiting on John to get home. My father had worked at the firm for several years and I was used to his unreliable schedule. Katie mentioned that I could use their guest room if John was not able to make it home at a reasonable hour.

John was home at 9:30. He had been at a dinner meeting with a new client. He greeted me and asked me to stay for a little while. He asked me several questions about myself. Where I planned to go to college? What I thought of the local schools? He studied my face as I responded to his questions. His eyes were so thoughtful and caring. He poured a glass of red wine and offered me some. We sat in his den and talked for a while longer. He was so handsome. I could feel my cheeks were rosy—partially due to the wine but mostly because I couldn’t stop thinking about the burning between my legs.

I was about to leave when John’s cell phone rang. He excused himself and walked into the kitchen to take the call. I heard Samuel crying from upstairs and rushed up to check on him. I picked him up and we settled into the rocker in his nursery. As he drifted back to sleep John came in to check on us. We put Samuel back into his bed and headed downstairs. John walked me to the door and told me he was lucky to have someone like me to take care of his children. I told him Kate was lucky to have a husband like him. There was an uncomfortable silence and he asked if I was attracted to him. I don’t know if it was the wine talking or my unexplainable need to have this handsome married man, but I admitted that I couldn’t stop thinking about him. I told him what happened with my boyfriend. He didn’t say anything he just pulled me close to him and passionately kissed me. He reached his hand under my skirt and fingered my swollen clit through my cotton panties. I felt bahis siteleri like I was going to explode if I didn’t give in to my temptations soon. I knelt in front of the opened doorway and unzipped John’s trousers. I pulled out his huge cock and gasped. This was at least three inches larger than my ex-boyfriends and much thicker. I licked his balls and traced my tongue out to the tip of his penis. I slobbered and sucked on his penis until he moaned with pleasure. I thought he was about to cum when he pulled away from my mouth. He reached under my skirt and pulled off my white panties. He lifted me up to his waist; his eyes filled with passion, he planted his thick cock deep inside of me. He was a lot bigger than my ex-boyfriend and it took a moment to adjust. He rested my back on the door facing and fucked me hard. I felt like such a dirty slut with his wife at work, his children upstairs & there I was putting on a show for anybody that happened to drive by. Right as the phone rang we both climaxed.

We ignored the phone and raced up the stairs, careful not to wake the kids. We were in John & Katie’s bedroom. I couldn’t believe I was in this gorgeous man’s room. His wife was so lucky it was too bad she had to work an opposite shift or she could be the one enjoying this bliss. John positioned me on top of him and pulled my tank top off. He admired my 36C perky breasts. He pinched & licked my nipples. I could feel his cock growing. I slowly pushed his cock into me. It felt so good to be on top and controlling this grown mans emotions. I pulled off for a moment to taste his cock but my pussy needed him inside of me. I climbed back on top and arched my back and rode him hard while grinding my clit against him. I looked into his eyes while my breasts bounced with our lovemaking. I reached around and caressed his balls while I pleasured my own needs. As I was reaching my peak I heard the bedroom door open behind me and a shocked gasp. I turned around and realized Katie was home. I continued to buck & grind on my man. John had no idea his wife was watching her husband getting the fuck of his life from their young babysitter. I felt a tingle in John’s balls as he began to plant his seed deep inside of me. When I climbed off I noticed that Katie was gone.

Apparently, Katie & John were not that happy with each other. They were together because of the kids only. Kate did not want to confront my parents about the incident because she was afraid John would lose his job with my father’s firm. My babysitting services were no longer requested, but John continued to meet me most days after school at a local hotel. My mother waited a little bit too long to get me on birth control. We will always remember our first night together as something special especially because we conceived a child. John & I will be leaving in a couple of weeks (before I start showing). We bought a home and will be disappearing with our kids into our own paradise soon. But don’t tell anyone it is our dirty little secret!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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