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(The story is real. Daddy is old enough to be my real father. This is part two, daddy’s’ reply to my email)

Daddy sat looking at his computer wondering what he would put in his email to Baby-girl. Her last email made him so hot; his fingers were so shaky he could hardly type.

He could envision meeting her for real. Placing his arms around her waist and pulling her close and kissing her passionately. Her lips parting as his tongue danced with hers. Oh God every part of him wanted to fuck Baby-girl. He felt his pupils widen and his cock stir in his pants.

Daddy typed that he would be driving through her small town on the way to a convention in October. He said, “Baby-girl, I would love to stop by for a cup of coffee and say hello. Then added and maybe if you’re alone–we can go someplace discreet and make love. If you send me your phone number I can call you before I leave honey, so you‘ll know when to expect me.”

He then asked, “Is your mother-in-law still there? If she is we’ll have to be content talking over a cup of coffee and remember to watch what we say, OK!” Then added, “If she is darling, I hope she is not drunk and passed out on your couch again.”

Daddy laughed out loud and typed, “Now if she is drunk–hehe–this is what I would do–with your help of course. This might be a naughty way of getting even with her for being stuck up, grumpy bitch and visiting without calling first.”

It might go this way he uttered, “Now don’t fall off that chair with laughter–you might bruise that pretty ass of yours.”

Baby-girl heard someone knock at the front door. When she opened it she saw daddy standing there, put her finger to her lips and whispered, “Hello there, come in, but please be quiet, his mom is here.” She took him by the hand and quickly led him into the kitchen. Showed him where to sit and poured them each a cup of coffee, then looked around to make sure no one was looking and kissed daddy hard on his lips.

Daddy returned the kiss then pointed for her to sit down and whispered, “Be careful will you baby. We would not want dear ole momma to catch us.” Then looked around making sure she was not peeking around the corner.

Daddy took her hand and said softly, “Are you okay honey? I remember you telling me how rude she is.” He placed his fingers to casino siteleri his lips and blew her a kiss.

With an angry look on her face Baby-girl said,

“Yes, but fuck, I wish she’d learn to be polite enough to call before she visits. I hate it when she just drops in, like this. You’d think this was the only hotel in town, with a vacancy sign in the front yard and a dam revolving door.” “I told hubby that I’d help her pack and personally place her on a bus to Ten-buck-two,” she giggled.

Daddy chuckled and said, “Now, you’re not that mean, are you! If you are remind me never to make you mad at me.”

Baby-girl smirked and said, “I wish I had a way of making her wish she never came for a visit this time. With the way my luck has been lately they’d both have me hanging by my toes by sunrise. ”

Daddy winked at her, then grasps Baby-girl by the hand and said, “We can, I have a way if you can help me.”

Baby-girl grinned and uttered, “I’m game if you are, but I do not want to hurt her, just embarrass the hell out of her. Then the bitch will think twice about visiting–with telling us she’s coming. “

Daddy stood up and motioned for her to join him as he enters the living room. They both glanced at her mother-in-law passed out drunk on the sofa; he poked her in the ribs and winked.

He walked over and pointed to her dress, Baby-girl stifled a laugh with her hands over her mouth. There lay mom in all her splendor, with her dress covering her face, and a bit of hair sticking out the sides of her panties.

Daddy licked his lips and says, “Oh yeah, I like it she reminds me of my own grandma. Oh baby-girl let‘s have some naughty fun with her. You go over and hold the dress so she can’t see me slide her panty’s down over her big ass.”

Baby-girl did as instructed and jumped when she saw daddy pulling off her underwear. She hoped the old biddy did not wake up and smack the tar out of both of them.

Daddy gasped and said, “Damn, I love fat droopy pussies and asses. Baby, I hope this doesn’t offend you, but I want to fuck your mother-in-law.” Then he slowly lifted her tits from her bra without taking it off. And stood his eyes mirrored his desire for this older woman.

He handed baby-girl his belt and uttered, “Baby-girl put this around her hands canlı casino so she can’t get loose. I don’t want the crap beat out of me if she wakes up.” When she attempted to cover moms face the dress slips down and showed her open mouth and toothless grin.

Daddy gave baby-girl a smirk then moved up toward mom’s mouth and slid his cock into her mouth. Mom started sucking it like a baby instinctively does when a nipple is rubbed against their lips. His face glowed with excitement and he said, “Hot-dam she’s a good cock-sucker too–I am so fucking hard right now! “

Daddy spoke quietly, “Baby-girl, go get the rubber cock you told me about. Then let me see you fuck her asshole as I ram my dick in her mouth. Daddy bellowed, “Fuck–oh–yeah. Oh-my-god you’re making me so dam hot. I love watching you slide the toy deep in her ass.”

They both jumped and froze when mom moved and moaned loudly. But she doesn’t seem to wake up, just starts humping the rubber cock. Daddy laughed and said, “Oh-my-she loves it, let’s fuck her good.”

Mom’s pussy is sopping wet and her nipples are erect and she’s still passed out. Daddy takes his cock out of her mouth and said, “Its time for me to eat her pussy. He spreads mom’s labia and inhales her aroma then flicks his tongue all over her pussy till he hears her moan again. Then without a word daddy rose up and shoved his stiff cock into her fucking her like a crazed animal.

Then whispered to me, “It’s about time someone fucked your mother-in-law roughly. She’s been asking for it with her big mouth and bitchy attitude. “

My mother-in-law began to moan and shoved her pussy hard into daddy’s cock. Soon she yelled,

“Hell–yes–oh-my–fucks me!” She begins to shake hard and was speechless and they both knew she was cuming.

Baby-girl’s eye were widen in amazement, she could not believe that her mother-in-law had not smacked daddy into the next county by now.

She chuckled and spoke softly, “That woman never smiled, hell everyone know she can’t enjoy anything without bitching. Dam I have never seen that woman smile that big.”

All the sudden, daddy stopped fucking, took out his cock and examined mom’s pussy. She pussy was pulsating hard and its lips very irritated and red. He stroked his dock and said, “She’s probably kaçak casino tender because she has not been fucked for a long time. But then again I bet a man could not get close enough to fuck her because of her mouth…unless they have duct tape.” He put his cock back in her and continued to fuck moms’ vaginal orifice.

Unexpectedly mom screams, “0oooh–no–stop–quit it dam it! Wait–oooooh–stop–oooooooh.”

Then hesitated–then let’s go yelling at the top of her voice, “Oh my yes–this feels good—keep it up! Fuck-me, do it–harder–ram your cock in my cunt! Ahhh–that‘s it–show no mercy–its been–too-dam long since I fucked! Ooooh honey–fuck my pussy! “

When mom glanced down she had this weird look on her face. They both stood in our tracks, if looks could kill–they were dead! Then after a long pause, her mother-in-law patted daddy on the ass and spoke slurring her words, “Oh my–nice fucking sonny–you knew what momma wanted didn’t you!”

Mom could barely keep her eyes open and hold her head up; because she was still drunk. She attempted to speak, but passed out on the pillow with daddy’s cock still in her pussy.

Baby-girl could not believe my eyes–mom was letting this strange man screw her.

Daddy laughed and pulled his cock out of her vagina and placed it back in her mouth. Mom clamped his cock like a vise and hungrily sucked his cock. He shouted, “Wow–momma–shit–aaaah–hold still dam it. Come over here baby-girl and hold her head, so I can ram it down her throat.”

My mother-in-law started gagging, but daddy keeps going. Baby-girl could tell by his face he was about to cum. Mom spoke in a drunken stupor,

“Yum-yum-yum, dam you have a nice peter love.” Then gurgled something unintelligibly that sounded like, “Yummy.” Daddy blew his load in her mouth and momma tried to swallow it all but some of it dripped on her chin.

Afterwards we cleaned mom up and put her clothes back on. Then stood back looking at her to make sure everything was in the right place. They glanced at each other and snickered, there was a drop cum on her lips. They looked at each other and decided to just leave it there. Then walked arm an arm toward baby-girl’s bedroom.

As they walked towards the bedroom, daddy whispered in her ear, “Are you still daddy’s Baby-girl?”

Baby-girl kissed his cheek and uttered, “You know I am–my heart belongs to daddy!”

Daddy then ended the letter by typing; “Yes–that’s exactly what I would do! Daddy loves his baby-girl.” Signed his letter; “Kisses and hugs,” Daddy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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