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Ayanda opens the front door and push the button to open the big gate. There was no mistaking the look on her face as I walked through the gate to meet her. I saw the same lust in her eyes as I was feeling at that moment.

We hug tightly and walk towards the house; talking and laughing as we make our way through the door, into the kitchen and around the corner to the bar to pour ourselves a drink before settling on the couch with some snacks.

After catching up a bit we both get up, smiling to each other and drop all our clothes right on the couch. We had the house to ourselves tonight, no men and no kids for a change and we really needed to spend some time.

I watch Ayanda the whole time; she has a very toned and fit body, small tight ass and full, firm B-cup tits with small dark nipples and areola. She moves sensually and elegantly and I could feel my own body responding to seeing her so naked for the first time.

I bite my lip watching her clean shaven pussy open up as she lifts her leg to climb into the jacuzzi and notices her looking at me the same way. I was not nearly as hot and toned as Amanda although I was quite attractive myself.

We talk and laugh like friends who have not seen nearly enough of each other. I get out fetching us another drink while Ayanda changes the CD. Before getting in the jacuzzi again, I hold out her drink; there was tangible electricity in the air as our fingers brush, we both stand still and look deeply into each other’s eyes while locking our fingers just a second longer.

“You have beautiful eyes, I only see now that you have brown specs Bostancı Escort in them.”

“Yeah, I got those from my grandfather, he had brown eyes.” I shiver a bit, a cool breeze was blowing in from the open window and both our nipples become hard instantly.

We both burst out laughing and hurriedly make our way back to the warm Jacuzzi. This time we both sit down right on top of a water jet and maneuvered ourselves over it for maximum effect.

“Your nipples are still very hard, are you still cold?”

Ayanda laughs at me; “No silly, I’m horny; talk about hard, look at your nipples. We’re both fucking with the water jets let’s get out of here; I got some extra toys in the room. We can get back to the Jacuzzi later.”

I smile at her shyly and notice that she is also blushing. This is going to be good, clean, all girl fun. We have been hinting in that direction from time to time, but we never really discussed it since we’re both supposed to be straight.

I follow her slender form to the room and enjoy the sway of her hips. I wonder if she is wet already. I could feel my own wetness spreading and I know I am very wet. I slip a finger down to my pussy, over my clit and into the wet folds before sucking my juice off, at which point Ayanda turned around and looked right at me. “Were you looking at my ass? You are such a horny bitch you know that!”

I blush some more and laugh at her; “I was just wondering if you were as wet as I was. I just had to taste myself.”

Ayanda takes the toys out of the drawer next to the bed and puts the lube on Bostancı Escort Bayan the bed. “I don’t think we’re gonna need this … let’s just keep it for incase okay?”

Amanda lay down first, making herself comfortable on the pillows. I take some pillows to the other end of the bed so I can watch what she was doing and see the effects thereof on her face.

She turns the vibrator on and lightly touches it to her neck trailing it between her tits, circling them. Her nipples become even more erect and she slowly moves the vibrator over her tummy, stimulating her mound and the insides of her thighs. I can see her wet folds as she opens her legs and I can clearly smell her arousal.

I turn on the other vibrator and gently touch it to my own lips and to the side of my neck, my shoulders and then I circle my tits one by one until I have the vibrator barely touching my nipples; the effect is electric. I can feel my pussy get wetter really fast and I repeat the same action with the other breast. I close my eyes and start pushing my hips towards the vibrator while my other hand pinches and rolls my hard nipples to the point where it hurt.

I open my eyes to see that Ayanda was looking at me with her mouth half open. I gasp lightly and notice that she was barely touching the vibrator to her clit. A moan escapes her wide mouth as she slides the vibrator down her wet slit and sighs when she slides it into her snatch.

I bite my lip, becoming even more aroused and press the vibrator hard on my clit, thrusting my hips against it. I buck and moan as I rotate Escort Bostancı the vibrator over my clit, the intensity of the vibrations are driving me so close to the edge that I could cum at any moment.

The bed moves and I open my eyes again, Ayanda gets on top of me with her ass facing towards me. I take the vibrator away from my pussy and put it on the bed while I stroke her smooth thighs and ass, making her push her hips back into my hands.

She blows on my wet pussy and I lift my hips off the bed. While she trails the vibrator over my inner thighs towards my now aching pussy I slide two fingers into her cunt, causing her to gasp and back into my hand some more.

I take the vibrator in my other hand and start to stimulate her labia and clit until I have her begging me to put it in her pussy. I tease her a bit more, remove my fingers and start to fuck her with the vibrator while sucking her juices off my hand. Never have I tasted anything sweeter, her scent is taking over all of my senses.

I start making mewing sounds as she push the slightly bigger vibrator into my snatch while flicking her nail over my pulsing clit, causing me to shake violently. When I return the favour she gasp sharply and start bucking her hips, pushing the vibrator deeper and deeper into her pussy.

Soon both of us were sweating and panting and bucking into each other. We cum; hard, we’re shaking and moaning until she collapses on top of me and roll to lie down next to me.

We just lay next to each other like that for quite a while; stroking each other and savoring the intensity and sensuality of the moment until we get up and to go back to the Jacuzzi with weak, shaky legs and down the remainder of our drinks.

In the next few weeks it became clear that we could please each other more than what the men in our lives could. Neither of us would ever become lesbian, but we’ll never be straight again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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