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Reading a learned magazine article about ‘the bizarre manner in which young males are initiated into sex by more knowledgeable and proactive females, many of them even younger contemporaries,’ Alex Armstrong waited for his wife to return from visiting their new grandchild. He sipped his whisky after tossing down the magazine and allowed his mind to drift, going back many years…


In the beginning Sheryl Thom took one up the chute and the baby she called Alex was born two months before she turned nineteen. A year later Sam, the 32-year-old father childless in his own marriage, had divorced his older wife at her request when she’d found out about the baby. The junior school science teacher, moved to another city with Sheryl and their son where the couple married.

Despite Sam’s naughty past, or perhaps because of it, he became a very successful school principal and was widely respected for the high moral tone and excellent discipline record of his school.

Alex remembered growing up and regularly seeing his mom in her bedroom nude from the waist up and occasionally evenly completely nude and he remained only vaguely aware that in later years before he reached eighteen she’d lost all her hair from around what she’d taught him to call her pussy. He knew a little about sex because after he turned eighteen she’d educated him in that direction and if he wandered into his parents’ bedroom when they were engaged in sex his dad would pull the bed covers over them and they would resume their writhing and grunting and his mom would smile at Alex before closing her eyes and her face would radiate happiness.

It could have been expected that Sheryl Armstrong would have introduced her son to sexual intercourse as many even less sexually open mothers do, but no. The closest they came to that was the last time Sheryl had invited Alex to join her when he wandered into the bathroom and she was in the bath. They sat facing each other and smiling.

Sheryl had a completely bald pussy by then and saw Alex focused on it. She opened her legs wide and said to touch it.

Unafraid Alex stroked the fat lips. His mom, biting her lower lip and breathing heavily, invited him to insert a finger. Alex of course had expected to feel more of the same inside but instead his finger sloshed around in warm fluid and the lining of his mom’s pussy were soft and uneven and very inviting.

Sheryl, head leaning right back, her breasts appearing to become larger and the nipples were up like sentries outside their guard boxes, had blurted, “More fingers.”

Alex happily obliged and nursed his swollen penis in his hand. His mom had educated him about masturbation and he was to do it in private whenever he felt the urge and was never to think adversely about such a natural action and to ignore people who proclaimed it as ‘dirty’ or ‘shameful’.

They’d heard Sam’s car arrive alongside the house and Sheryl had reluctantly said to Alex to return to his room.

In the bedroom Alex stood in front of the mirror and jerked. His cock seemed thicker and hotter than ever before and he had the towel ready to catch the discharge. He blinked amazed when the first two thick semen missiles went all the way to splat on the mirror.

Bewildered he looked to where he was positioned and concluded that was where he usually stood when not jerking in bed. He reasoned having three fingers up his mom’s pussy had overly-excited his dick.

Later that evening when Sam was on the phone he told his mom about his extraordinary discharge and she blinked and said how far and he repeated the mirror was at least four feet away. She told him not to worry, that was ‘normally abnormal’ and then she said something odd, that she if he’d blown in the bath she could have swallowed without having to move. That didn’t make sense at the time, but would do so in later years when he recalled that conversation. Meanwhile Alex was in awe to discover that apparently innocuous conversation had made his mom’s nipples extend and show although covered by a bra and a dress. He concluded, more wisely than he would have realized, he had very much more to learn about sex.

Alex’s mom had told him after high school graduation that males in their late youth experienced sexual connection through the administrations of a thoughtful mother or eager sisters to build their experience before they hit college. Or she claimed the horny teenage boys without sisters or unaccommodating mothers gained that connection in the school’s boiler-house or in the woods near their home with horny fellow students, or perhaps even through an over-sexed aunty. In additional even female or male cousins were notorious for taking virgin males.

This was rather a lot of information for young guy a little over-awed about the thought of sex to take in. Alex had graduated from high school a virgin but wasn’t worried. His sexy 36-year-old mother told him to be patient, that it would happen, but if he was concerned he was to come to her.

Come to her for what? Alex walked away a little confused but with a growing suspicion. ankara üniversiteli escort He hurried away to jerk off.

A horse-riding school was located on the perimeter of the city near where the Armstrong’s lived. Sheryl was a keen rider and in the months before graduation had enrolled Alex to provide him with an activity and could help fill the long days through summer before he went off to college. Once Alex became proficient he was free to hire a horse to ride recreationally across country, a huge expanse of wasteland of swamps, small stands of woods and infertile ridges.

After the novelty of no more high school had worn off, Alex mowed lawns for neighbors for easy dollars. That had been arranged by his father to ensure Alex wasn’t tempted to ‘hang out with gangs’ and waste away their youth by over-indulging in smoking, sex and laxness. That mention of sex almost tempted Alex to hang out but as it happened cross-country horse riding occupied his mind.


Often when he was riding approaching a ridge, Alex would see one of his former schoolteachers, Iona Campbell, a Scottish immigrant, ride along the skyline displaying a magnificently straight back and with fluidity he would but marvel at. His mom alleged Alex slouched in the saddle and he’d been unbothered about that until the awesome sight of Mrs Campbell cantering along a ridge turned her into a role model for Alex.

One day he came across Mrs Campbell on the edge of woods, spelling her horse as the day was hot. She’d moved her helmet and jacket and had unbuttoned her white shirt obviously to allow cooler air to circulate.

Greeting him with an easy smile she said, “Hi Alex. I often see you watching me.”

“Yeah. You ride with a magnificently straight back. Real professional like.”

“Really?” Iona said, appearing really pleased. “My husband takes no interest in my riding.”

“What about when you’re in bed?”

God why had he said that? Alex thought alarmed. She was a teacher, not one of his giggly female fellow students. Er ex students.

To Alex’s surprise Mrs Campbell laughed and said she must place a mirror in position so she could check that out. “Call me Iona dear. You are a young man now.”

She patted the ground beside her.

Alex dismounted and tied the reins to a tree.

“The girth strap,” she said.

He turned back and loosened by two notches the strap holding the saddle around the belly of the horse.

Sitting alongside her he said, “Wow it’s hot today.”

“Yes I’m sweating. Feel.”


Iona was holding up the bottom of her shirt, exposing her belly.

Some sort of madness, an obvious recipe for rejection, gripped Alex. He said not the belly; he’d rather test for sweat between her breasts.

She didn’t hit him or splutter. She didn’t speak. Iona simply undid the three lower buttons and opened her shirt widely. The tits were small but cute.

Alex the frontier explorer reached out a hand tentatively and felt the overly warm skin between her breasts and she said softly, “You have soft hands Alex.”

Well he hadn’t known that.

He started pulling his hand away but Iona grabbed it and placed his mitt over a little puppy.

“Jesus,” he said in awe. “Your nipple is rising.”

Now normally a guy would expect his ex-teacher to berate him for using the word ‘Jesus’ that way but Iona offered no reaction. Instead she asked, “Have you not had sex with a woman yet?”

“No simply because no likely babe has come on to me like that.”

“Would you like to seduce me?”

Eh? Gee it was becoming very hot. He wiped his brow.

“Answer me Alex.”

“You mean push it right up you?”

“Yes Alex. Contact with the saddle and the motion of riding always makes me feel sexy. I will be sopping. All you have to do is to push it in. I’ll take care of you after that.”

Huh? She would take care of him. What with a bullet through the head?

Iona saw his confusion. “I will lead. You won’t know what to do will you?”

“Oh yeah. The guys reckon you just pump up and down.”

“They would cut it back to barest mechanical detail, wouldn’t they?”

Alex had no idea what she was on about.

Iona exposed a very hairy pussy, further confusing the youngster. His mom’s was bald. He’d though all pussies would be the same.

“Let me see what you’ve got darling.”

Alex fumbled.

“Omigod,” Iona almost whimpered. “Just take it very slowly dear, very slowly.”

Alex felt the head of his cock go through the tight opening and then appeared to go into free-fall, being coated with something that obviously wasn’t bathwater. He then remembered a biology class with the red-faced teacher talking about natural lubrication while someone amid the disruptive group of guys at the back of the class called for her to give a live demonstration.

“Right Alex I’m squeezing against your cock now to provide the friction we need to really sensitize our organs. Start pumping as you call it but suck and yenimahalle escort nibble my nipples and when I heat up and begin writhing you are to start kissing me and don’t be afraid when I start emitting what might appear to be death rattles. I’ll be darting my tongue in and out of your mouth, like simulating sex, and you’ll feel me desperately trying to ram a finger up your butt but don’t worry, you’ll not be harmed.

“But I thought we were only going to fuck?”

“This is fucking Alex but don’t worry about thinking overly much. Some of these things are preprogrammed into you. Have you fucked your mom?”

“No,” Alex puffed, beginning to pick up the pace.

“You should. She’s one of the cutest moms around and is a little younger than me.”

“How old are you Iona?”


“Christ you must be on your last legs for fucking at that age?”

“Oh darling,” Iona said, squeezing tighter and making Alex yell to ease back. “You have so much to learn. Tomorrow we must meet here again. I would like to introduce you to anal.”

“What’s that?”

“Oh darling,” cooed Mrs Campbell.


Alex was in the supermarket buying replacement light bulbs when someone called, “Oh hi Alex.”

“Oh hi Mrs Wright.”

She held out a cheek and said, “Kiss me darling.”

Alex sucked and kissed her cheek and grabbed the nearest tit.

“Oh god not here Alex.”

“Then where?”

“Home. Come to my home in half an hour,” said one of his mother’s best friends.

Alex went to the Wright home thirty minutes later thinking this was what a mother’s friends were for. The door opened. Mrs Wright yanked him inside. The door was slammed shut. She appeared to be wearing nothing under her dressing gown and they stood facing each other, breathing heavily.

Looking very serious she said, “Promise to tell no one.”

“I promise.”

“Call me Helen,” she said, slamming against him and sucking his tongue into her mouth.

Gee was she hot and red-faced. He undid the dressing gown and she was jerking her pussy at him, like simulating sex. Her pubic hair was a forest, reaching halfway up to her navel.


“Go down on me.”


She pushed him down by his shoulders and Alex bent over.

“Stop fooling around. On to your knees.”

Alex obliged and Helen took him in to her forest by smoothing his face with her hair.

Where the hell was it? Something wet touched his tongue and Alex found a gully in the forest. He licked up above it but Helen pushed his head down a bit and yelled, “That’s my clit. I’ll attend to that later.”

Tonguing deeply between the hairy lips Alex began lapping her juices. Not too bad. He was put off a bit by the odor of urine in her hair though and thought all women would be fucked more if they were hairless.

He found plenty of room for a finger.

“More fingers,” she shouted, twisting her fingers into his hair.

After she’d finished grunting into her release Helen laid beside him and pulled him on to her. She was big and fat and very strong. It would be dangerous fooling around with her so he did as she commanded.

Walking home afterwards Alex though despite his thickness he could recalling touching the sides of Helen’s cunt but of course had felt the opening circle. He made a mental note to stay away from big women although if cornered there was always the butt to consider. He thought he wouldn’t have managed to blast into Helen’s depths if she hadn’t tried to jam two fingers up his butt and had been chewing his ear.


In this his inaugural year into fucking, Alex had already had sex with three of the wives on his lawn-mowing round. All had been disappointing in comparison with his first fuck, Iona Campbell. These other women seemed to lack focus and energy although they were willing participants. He was still fucking Iona once a fortnight and asked her about this.

“I’d think their approach to sex is mechanical, peppered with guilt because they are having it off with a much younger guy and are aware they are committing adultery. The other thing is no one has ever coached them to lift their game.”

Very interesting.

Mrs Charles was the youngest woman on his lawn round, being in her mid-twenties. She’d married her professor and didn’t have a job.

Whenever he mowed her patch shed be stretched out on the sun-loafer, head up, eyes behind her dark shades watching the lawnmower dude. The bitch never tipped him and never said anything but thanks when paying him. That made Alex dislike her.

One particularly hot day she was in a bikini with her tits almost bursting out of the top.

He said conversationally, “Would you like to fuck?”

“How dare you,” she yelled and threw the ten bucks at him. It fluttered on to one of her feet and Alex noted one of his breasts had popped out.

She thrust the wayward tit back under cover and yelled, “Don’t you ever come back here again you swine.”

He grinned and said, ankara zenci escort “Does that mean I’m fired? You’ll have to give a reason to your husband. It obviously can be due to unsatisfactory performance because the cut looks near perfect to me.”

“Fuck off,” she shouted.

Alex was out on the sidewalk mounting his dad’s mower on to the hand trailer when Mrs Charles came out.

“Alex I apologize. Please continue mowing our lawn and let’s forget you made that evil comment.”

“Okay. Give me a call if you change your mind.”

Something changed in Mrs Charles’ mind that week because the next week when Alex went on to the porch for his money Mrs Charles wasn’t there.

“I’m in the kitchen Alex.”

Alex went into the kitchen where the lively Mrs Charles introduced him to table sex.

She was on her back on the table, nude, with her legs apart, and called, “Suck me Alex.”

She was totally bald and smelt only of cunt juice.


He licked and licked and she sighed and sighed until emitting a very long sigh and flooded against Alex’s open mouth.

He stood up, chin dripping, and pulled down his shorts.

Mrs Charles looked at it and gurgled. Her legs opened wide and Alex went in and plowed her fearlessly and she held on to the sides of the table as she was taken into a screaming crescendo.

At the door she kissed him and said, “Thank you Alex” and handed him the ten bucks and a tip of $50.

“I haven’t had anal since college Alex. Frank can’t stomach the thought of it. Do me anally next week and you’ll get a hundred bucks tip.”

She had a cute ass and Alex would have gladly serviced it for no payment but $100 bucks to an upcoming freshman was icing on the cake.


Alex was out running one morning before breakfast and caught up to a female and recognized it as his mom’s most athletic friend, Lena Garibaldi.


“Good morning,” she said, eyeing him fleetingly and then looking back and say, “Oh it’s you Alex.”

“Yeah. Give me a kiss.”

“I could be a bit clammy.”

Alex ignored that and kissed her, taking a moment to squeeze a breast.

“Feeling randy?” she laughed, as they resumed running.

“Yeah. And you?”

“I sometime look at you,” she giggled. “I’m too old for you.”

“Providing your cunt is still supple you won’t be.”

“That is disgusting,” she said but didn’t appear dismayed.

“I peel off here. Give me a call sometime when you feel randy.”

She said, “That will be very unlikely.”

“That word unlikely suggests I have a chance,” he said, smacking her firm ass and he veered off to run the park circuit.

Mrs Garibaldi wasn’t one of his mom’s best-looking friends but she was big into tennis and had the trim body of a fitness freak. Alex who was beginning to know a bit about the sexuality of women but wasn’t sure whether he’d score with Mrs Garibaldi. She seemed poised but not, he thought, quite prepared to do it with him.

He’d learned it appeared impossible to score with every woman. For instance he’d hit on five of his mom’s friends and had scored with only Mrs Wright and Mrs Garibaldi remained with a question hanging over her. One of the stupid cows, Mrs Harrison, had complained to his mom about Alex’s harassment.

Sheryl had confronted Alex about it.

“Gee mom, the stupid woman is fantasizing. I saw her in the pizza parlor and she appeared to want me to kiss her cheek. And um I must admit I was careless and my hand fell across one of her tits.”

“How can your hand fall on that part of her? You were after a cheap thrill.”

“No mom, honest. She kind of pulled me to her and there was no other place for my hand except to keep holding it in the air.”

“Well what about this young man: she told me you all but propositioned her.”

“What the hell are you talking about mom? I just apologized for touching her tit.”

“You used the word tit?”

“Yeah of course. Doesn’t everybody?”

“No they do not and you listen to me young man. Women want them called breasts and in fact most women don’t want any guy to mention anything about them. They don’t and never will want them to be called boobs and juggs and heaven forbid bazookas or milkers.”

“Whoever do you know who’d use names like that?” Alex asked, really interested.

“Well you father sometimes when he’s drunk. Now you just behave yourself around women, do you hear?”

“Yes mom,” said Alex, walking off wondering if any guy other than his dad called his mom’s tits milkers.

“Oh Alex.”

“Yes mom.”

“Please be careful around Lena Garibaldi. I’ve noticed the way she sometimes looks at you.”

“What do you mean how she looks at me?”

“Never you mind darling. Oh you are obeying my warning not to look at porn on your laptop?”

“No mom.”


“It’s everywhere you look mom. I even saw a bread ad the other day with the woman holding it had her tits almost hanging out.”

“Breasts darling. She was just immodestly exposed that’s all. That’s not porn.”

“Gee mom what’s porn?”

“Never you mind.”

“How can I not watch porn if I don’t know what it is?”

“You’ll know. When you watching something on screen and get an erection it’s a sure bet you’re watching porn.”

Alex couldn’t help himself. “I sometimes get a hard on just watching you mom.”

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