The Cure

The Cure

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It was after midnight and I was sprawled on the couch watching TV. The lights were off and I had the sound down so I wouldn’t disturb my younger sister or my mom. I was half asleep myself and idly scratching my nuts through the baggy gym shorts I was wearing when I heard my sister Carol’s voice from the darkness.

“Robbie,” she whispered.

I grunted in response, not even bothering to look up.

“Something’s wrong,” she answered.

I thought she must be sick or something. “What’s the matter?”

That’s when she stepped into the light of the TV. I was stunned to see that she was stark naked. Carol’s 18 and in excellent shape. She’s tall, 5’10”, and athletic; curvaceous in a fit way. She’s sleek and strong, with an animal-like sexuality. Her legs look like they go on forever and have more definition than most girls’. Her stomach is flat with just a hint of a six-pack; sexy but not freakish. Her firm tits stand straight out from her lean body. I’ve checked her bra in the hamper so I know she’s a 36C. Her figure is a perfect hourglass. She’s got the personality to go with it. She’s confident without being cocky. She’s popular in school but doesn’t strut around like she owns the place. Even the other girls like her, something that doesn’t always happen to pretty girls.

“I feel like I’m on fire,” she groaned.

I bolted upright as she stepped toward me and put one knee on the couch. “I need you to fuck me,” she whispered as she reached for my cock. I’d never heard my little sister say, ‘fuck.’ She wasn’t trying to entice or seduce me. There wasn’t anything subtle about this. “I’ve been fucking myself with my vibrator for hours and it’s not helping.” She grabbed my stiffening cock through my shorts and squeezed it.

“I’ll jerk you off or give you a blowjob or whatever you want later, but right now I just need you to fuck me.” She had a crazed look in her eyes. My reaction was a cross between astonishment and lust with just a little bit of fear thrown in as she straddled me and pressed her tits against my chest. I’d caught glimpses of her bolting from the bathroom to her bedroom wrapped in a too-short towel. An occasional peak of cleavage or flash of thigh was all I ever saw but it was enough to fuel my masturbatory fantasies. I’d certainly never seen her like this; naked and asking to be fucked.

“Please,” she begged, breathlessly. “You have to fuck me right now. I feel like I’m going to die.” She pushed herself off the couch and grabbed my shorts with both hands, almost ripping them off me. She grunted as she pushed them down my legs and climbed on top of me, again stroking my cock, this time rubbing it against her wet slit. “I promise I’ll make it good for you,” she breathed, humping against me. “I’ll fuck you good, baby.” Even with her unexpected attack, the sight and feel of my naked sister was enough to make Mr. Eveready spring to life. She pressed the head of my cock into her cunt and drove herself against it. I thought she was going to hurt at least one if not both of us as she pounded herself down on my rock-hard dick.

I had gone from bored disinterest to fucking my sexy sister in less than a minute. The whole scene was surreal. There hadn’t been any foreplay, or even any necking. One minute I was watching reruns and the next my sister had her tongue down my throat and was fucking my brains out. Her pussy was oozing before I ever got close to it. I don’t know what had her so worked up but she was on the verge of orgasm before I ever touched her.

“Yeah,” she grunted. “That’s it, baby. Give it to me. Give Carol all that hard cock.” She rocked against me, pushing me back on the couch as she drove her tongue into my mouth. “Fuck me good, baby,” she said in a louder voice as her passion climbed. “Yeah,” she almost shouted. “Fuck me, Robbie. Fuck me.” She threw her head back and screamed as her orgasm bolted through her.

“Quiet,” I hissed. I took advantage of the moment and grabbed her hips, pulling her juicy crotch back and forth on my cock. “You’ll wake Mom.”

She bounced wildly, pulling herself almost completely off my cock before slamming down on it again. I was lost in the sensations my frenzied sister was giving me. Her wild fuck had her blonde hair flying and her tits bouncing in my face. I was struggling to keep up with her. I knew I wouldn’t last long at this rate. I felt my own orgasm building and groaned. “Carol, I’m gonna cum.”

“Yeah, baby. Give it to me. Shoot that hot cum in my pussy, Robbie. Fuck your sister and cum in her cunt,” Carol answered in a loud voice.

Just as the first rope of semen shot deep in my sister’s belly, the overhead light snapped on.

Carol’s orgasm erupted and she collapsed on top of me, humping wildly so I couldn’t see our mom standing there but I heard her gasp, “Oh my God.”

I expected all hell to break loose when she saw Carol impaled on my cock and bucking like a madwoman. There was no stopping my orgasm at that point. I tried to push Carol off but she wrapped illegal bahis her arms around me as she shuddered on top of me. I sprayed two or three more shots into her before she went limp. My moment of ecstasy was tinged with blind panic in anticipation of my mother’s complete freak out.

Instead of screaming, Mom rushed to Carol’s side and knelt behind her. “That’s it, baby,” she whispered, stroking her hair. “Ride it out. Don’t fight it. Just let it happen.”

Carol rolled off of me and fell backwards against Mom, her legs splayed. Mom wrapped her arms around her and cooed, “That’s it, baby. You’ll be all right.” I lay there with my cock still throbbing between my legs as my mother tried to comfort my sobbing sister. Only then did I realize that Mom was also naked.

Carol took only a few seconds to catch her breath before she stabbed one hand between her legs and started stroking her bald pussy furiously.

“Mom,” she wailed. “It won’t stop.” She plunged two fingers into her gaping hole. “What’s wrong with me?”

Mom pushed Carol off of her and laid her gently back against the arm rest. “Robbie, get up,” she ordered. I pushed myself off the couch as mom positioned herself between Carol’s legs. She put her hand on her daughter’s pussy and began stroking it lightly. “You’ll be okay, baby,” she whispered as she dragged her fingers back and forth across Carol’s bald snatch.

Mom looked quickly up at me. “Robbie, stick your cock in her mouth,” she said with a nod. She lowered her lips to Carol’s pussy and began licking it. Carol groaned and clawed at her tits.

“Oh, God, Mom,” she gasped. “Lick it, Mommy. Lick my pussy for me.”

I stood there stunned as my mom went down on my sister. Mom noticed and snapped at me. “Robbie. Do as I told you. Stick your cock in her mouth.”

“Mom,” I gasped.

“Do you love your sister” she asked urgently as she tickled Carol’s clit.

“Yes,” I answered, completely lost in the situation.

“Then stick your dick in her mouth.”

I stepped toward Carol who was making gurgling sounds. She grabbed my cock and sucked it into her mouth like a kitten at its mother’s nipple. She acted like it was an oxygen tube and she had to suck it to stay alive. She moaned and slobbered as she gulped it down her throat.

Mom went back to licking her cunt while playing with her clit. “Play with her tits,” she ordered between laps. “We have to keep her up.”

I love my sister and obey my mom so I took one of Carol’s stiff nipples between my fingers and twisted it. Carol squealed and sucked even harder at my stiffening cock.

“She’s overloaded,” Mom panted. “We have to keep her going until we break the circuit and she crashes.” She again stuck her tongue in her daughter’s pussy. “Talk dirty to her. Tell her what you want to do to her and cum in her mouth if you can.”

Mom went back to focusing on Carol’s gaping pussy while I stood there stupidly. I didn’t know how to respond.

“For God’s sake,” Mom snapped. “Tell her you want to fuck her.” She looked up at Carol. “Do you want Robbie to fuck you, honey?” Carol grunted around my cock. “Do you want Mommy to lick your pussy?” Carol groaned.

“Are you going to cum for me?” Mom asked gently as she stuck two fingers in Carol’s pussy. She nodded as she began pistoning my cock in and out of her mouth.

“Fuck my mouth, Robbie,” Carol gasped. “Fuck my mouth and cum for me, baby. I want you to cum in my mouth.” She stroked her fist up and down my dripping cock.

“Don’t you want to cum in my mouth?” she asked. “Please, Robbie. I need you to shoot off for me. Do you want to cum on my face?” She stroked faster. “Cum on my face Robbie. Shoot your hot cum all over your slutty little sister.”

Mom’s mouth was locked on Carol’s cunt. Her tongue was lashing from side to side and Carol’s shaved snatch was shiny with her juices and mom’s saliva. “That’s it, baby,” she cooed. “Cum for me. Cum in Mommy’s mouth,” she gurgled.

Carol felt me stiffen. “That’s it, Robbie. Cum for me. Cum all over me, baby. Cum for your hot little sister.” My cock jumped as the first rope of cum shot out and landed on Carol’s cheek. She screamed as her orgasm exploded. She stopped stroking me but I didn’t stop cumming. I shot two more strands across her tits as she fell back in a dead faint.

I saw Mom relax as Carol passed out. She laid her head on Carol’s stomach and took a moment to catch her breath before she sat up. She had the same wild look Carol had had earlier. “That should do it,” she breathed. “She should be okay now.” She sat back and sighed, ignoring the fact that all three of us were nude. After a few seconds she looked up at me and smiled in a tired way. “Quite a night, huh?”

I could only nod. Mom chuckled and pushed herself to her feet. “Help me get her to my bed and then you better get some sleep. Tomorrow’s going to be a big day.”

I couldn’t help ogling my mom as we carried Carol up the stairs. Her tits were bigger than my sister’s illegal bahis siteleri and not as firm. They were still shapely and beautiful but didn’t stick straight out the way Carol’s did. Mom didn’t do anything to try to conceal them from me. I noticed her pussy was neatly trimmed; not bald like Carol’s but definitely sculpted. There weren’t any dimples in her ass and I was willing to bet she and Carol wore the same size jeans. Mom isn’t as tall as my sister but just as striking. Carol got her blonde hair from Mom although Mom wears hers shorter, in a more mature style.

If I hadn’t just cum twice in the last 15 minutes I’d have gotten a raging hard on at the sight of her. I couldn’t prove it but I think she might have been checking out my cock as we carried Carol upstairs.

We got Carol into Mom’s bed and Mom climbed in with her without bothering to put on a nightgown. “We’ll talk in the morning,” she said as she reached for the light. “Try to get some sleep. Everything’s going to be all right.”

I couldn’t imagine how everything was going to be all right after I had just fucked my sister and seen my mother licking her pussy. I went to bed but I can’t say I slept. I spent most of the night reliving the scene from the living room and jerking off three times. It occurred to me sometime during the night that Mom might have been tasting my cum while she was licking Carol’s pussy. I was exhausted by morning when Mom knocked on my door.

“Get up, Lazybones,” she laughed. “Breakfast is ready.” At least she sounded like the same old Mom.

I didn’t know what to expect as I staggered into the kitchen in shorts and a tee shirt. Mom and Carol were both there dressed in bathrobes. Carol avoided my glance but Mom greeted me with a smile. “Morning,” she chirped. I took my usual seat at the breakfast table opposite my sister.

Mom put a cup of coffee in front of me and took her seat. “OK,” she said simply. “Here’s what we’re not going to do.” She took a sip of her coffee and smiled at both of us. “We’re not going to freak out. We’re not going to tiptoe around the house avoiding each other. We’re not going to pretend nothing happened. And we’re not going spend the rest of our lives being embarrassed. All right?”

She looked pointedly at me and then Carol until we both nodded our agreement.

“OK.” She took a deep breath and another sip of coffee. “All right. First of all, what happened last night was my fault. Neither one of you needs to feel like you did anything wrong. I’m the adult here. I should have handled the situation. I had all the warning signs but I didn’t do anything about it.” She shrugged resignedly. “I guess I was in denial. I didn’t want to believe what my eyes were telling me.”

“What happened to me,” Carol muttered. “It was like I couldn’t control myself.” She glanced at me and then looked quickly down again.

“It wasn’t your fault, honey,” Mom answered. “It was mine. I should have seen it coming and helped you prepare for it.”

I took a sip of my coffee more to moisten my dry throat than anything else.

“Have either one of you ever heard of nymphomania?”

Carol gave her a blank look and I nodded that I had. “What do you know about it,” Mom asked me.

I was embarrassed that I knew anything about the topic. I wasn’t even sure if what I “knew” was really fact or just urban legend. “It’s when a woman can’t be sexually satisfied,” I mumbled.

“That’s close,” Mom answered. “It’s not that a woman with nymphomania can’t be sexually satisfied. They can have a wonderful sex life. It’s just that they have a hyperactive sex drive. A nymphomaniac needs much more sex than other women.” She sat her coffee down. “That’s an important point. It’s not just that women with nymphomania want more sex. They need it. It’s more than just being horny. It’s a physical compulsion. They can’t just decide not to have sex. It’s like you just deciding not to breathe.”

I glanced from Mom to Carol. Locker room talk was that all nymphomaniacs are sluts. I wasn’t ready to lump my mother and sister into that category.

“When I was young people didn’t talk about that sort of thing,” Mom sighed. “So, when I started developing and feeling that compulsion, nobody told me how to deal with it. They just said I was boy crazy. The next thing anyone knew, I had two kids.” She smiled and patted both of us on the hand. “Two wonderful kids,” she added.

“Your grandparents didn’t know how to deal with me. My mother took me to the doctor and his only advice was to have my tubes tied. No one knew how to deal with my sex drive but at least they could keep me from having babies. So that’s what they did. I was 16.

“Since then, there’s a lot more known about nymphomania and how to deal with it.” She looked sympathetically at Carol and held her hand. “I’m sorry, honey. I shouldn’t have let you get in the state you were in last night. I’m afraid you’ve inherited my affliction and you’re going to have to learn how to handle it.” canlı bahis siteleri Carol looked up at her and finally smiled, happy to know that she wasn’t going insane. Then she looked at me.

“Are you okay?” she asked.

“Sure,” I answered, with typical big brother bravado. I was glad to hear everything was going to be okay but disappointed to realize Carol’s sexual frenzy was only a one-time thing. I could easily get used to having a hot-blooded hard body in the house.

“Good,” Mom added. “Because this involves you too.”

“Me?” I thought my role was going to be to keep my mouth shut and let the women of the family deal with the situation.

“Yes, you,” Mom answered. “This isn’t going to go away. It’s something I’ve learned to control and something Carol’s going to have to learn how to control. I’m counting on you to help her.”

“What can I do?”

“I want you to keep having sex with her,” Mom answered.

Both Carol and I just stared at her. It took us a few seconds to recover before we both exploded. “What?” we both almost yelled.

“It’s the simplest way,” she answered with a shrug. She turned to Carol. “This isn’t going to go away. You still feel it now, don’t you?”

Carol lowered her eyes and nodded. “The urge isn’t as strong as it was last night but it’s still there,” Mom explained. “And it’s going to always be there. You just need to learn how to handle it. The best way to keep it under control is to not let it build up like it did last night. That was my fault. Now I’m going to help you learn how to control it.”

She turned back to me. “The only way Carol’s going to be able to keep her urges under control is with a steady diet of sex. She’s going to need it everyday, usually more than once a day. I’m willing to bet the reason she went over the edge last night was because she hasn’t had any sex lately.” She turned to my sister. “Is that right?”

Carol nodded sheepishly. “Dave and I broke up about a week ago.”

Turning back to me, Mom made her point. “So last night’s overload was after only a week. The longer she goes without sex, the harder it’s going to be for her to control herself and the harder she’s going to be to satisfy. If she doesn’t keep a lid on things she’s not going to be able to control herself. She’ll look for sex anywhere she can find it, with anyone.”

She looked down at her coffee. “Trust me. I know.”

I couldn’t respond. What was I supposed to say? My mom was basically ordering me to fuck my hot sister as often as I could. Life is good. For her part, I wasn’t hearing Carol saying no. I looked at her. She had her eyes lowered. “Carol?” I asked.

“I don’t think I can,” she muttered. “I’m so embarrassed.” She turned to Mom. “You can’t really be serious, can you? You really want me to have sex with my brother?”

“There are a lot of diseases out there and a lot of people I don’t trust. I’d rather you were having sex with Robbie than some stranger. This doesn’t have to be some sort of tragedy,” Mom answered. “Sex should be enjoyable. There’s no use being embarrassed or coy or sneaking around and trying to hide what’s going on. I think it would be a whole lot healthier to have it out in the open where no one has to feel guilty or left out.”

I wasn’t sure I understood what Mom meant by anyone feeling left out but didn’t think it was the time to ask a lot of questions.

She pushed herself to her feet. “We’re not going to settle this this morning. It’s going to take some time. Let’s just go about our usual routine and we’ll see how things go. Okay?”

Carol and I both nodded. My sister still wouldn’t look at me. Mom smiled at me as Carol left the kitchen. I heard the door to her room close a few seconds later. Mom ran her hand through my hair. “Give her a little time,” she said with a smile. “She doesn’t believe me yet.”

I only had one class that day so I was already home by the time Carol got back from school. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting but that didn’t keep me from having a raging hard on anticipating her arrival. A quick “hi” was all I got as she almost ran upstairs to her room and closed the door.

Mom got home from work a couple of hours later. Neither one of us mentioned what had happened the night before. Carol didn’t come down for dinner and we ate in near silence. Casual conversation was difficult knowing that my sister was in her room battling her demons.

We tried to keep things normal by watching TV but neither one of us was really into it and kept glancing toward the stairs, hoping Carol would come down. She never did. Finally, we went to bed, still concerned over my sister.

My first surprise came about an hour later when there was a tap at my door. The second was when my mom opened it and came into my room. I was in bed, trying to read when she came in. I was wearing the same shorts I’d worn the night before. I have to admit, I wore them because they reminded me of what happened. The third surprise was what Mom was wearing.

She’s never worn anything even slightly sexy around the house. She always sleeps in a nightgown but never anything revealing; usually something long and flannel. I didn’t even think she owned anything like what she was now wearing.

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Married to Work

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I sighed dejectedly, having spent yet another long day in the office – and at 11:21PM, the long day still was not finished. Yes, I made a lot of money, especially for someone with my background who had never been in any way involved with professional sports, but over the past few months of eighteen-hour days on top of a fifty-minute commute, I was really struggling with whether the money was worth the massive workload and heavy travel, especially since it meant that I had very little time with the family or with friends, even on weekends. As I stared with bleary eyes at the screen, I tried to remember when I was last able to take a full day off with no work-related activities whatsoever… and realized that Christmas Day 2007 was the last true day off I had enjoyed.

I needed at least one more coffee to be able to finish what I needed to do for the massive contract which was almost within our grasp, then I could send the final proposal to the CEO for her final review when she arrived in the morning, and once she approved, it could be sent to the prospective client. The commission on this deal alone would pay for my entire staff for three months, so I just had to dig down deep inside myself and find that final surge of effort.

…but first I needed the coffee.

Standing, my knees protested – as did my spine and my arms. I had definitely been sitting for far too long. Stretching out the pains, I yawned loudly, unable to help myself but infinitely thankful that none of my colleagues were able to hear such a sound. Kiri had mentioned earlier that day that I had seemed quite exhausted and that I should take some time off, so she would not have been surprised to hear my yawn.

Time off was coming, in the form of Thanksgiving. I had already announced to the executives that for those four days, the Blackberry would be off, and that I was leaving the laptop in the office so that for once I could truly spend time with the family.

Before Thanksgiving, “time off” would be in the form of sleeping on airplanes en route to and from three trade shows in Europe and two others in Asia.

Turning to look out the window, my eyes drank in the view of the city at night, the foreground and midground filled with homes. That was exactly where I should have been: home. The twin girls had been without their father for too long – I was essentially nonexistent to them during the week, and really just a mysterious presence behind a closed door on the weekend. At that time of night, they should be asleep, but I did not have the luxury of even cracking their bedroom doors open to peek in on them and assure myself that all was indeed well with them.

With a sigh, I trudged to the break room, thankful that the Keurig could make a single cup of much-needed coffee in roughly twenty seconds. canlı bahis The choice of coffee was a no-brainer given my immediate need: Dark Magic.

As I slowly made my way back to my office while sipping the hot brew, I heard the chime of the elevator in the corridor. That was not unusual, as Security would typically do a sweep about this time each night. When I heard the door to the suite open, I glanced in that direction, and was surprised to see someone other than a member of the Security team entering the suite.

“Angel!” I exclaimed wearily. My wife was absolutely the last person I had expected to see here so late at night.

“That coffee looks and smells good,” she noted. She seemed a little tired herself, which was not surprising since the girls could easily wear out anyone above the age of thirty. “Mind if I get one?”

“Sure.” She approached and reached for my hand, giving my cheek a quick kiss before I guided her to the break room. She had been in the office a few times before, so she knew where to find the break room, but she still seemed more like a visitor here than a wife.

We were silent as she set down her purse and selected her coffee: Hazelnut, her favorite for many years. The silence lingered as she waited for the coffee to be ready. The quiet continued as she drank nearly half of the brew at once. Throughout, I had a sense that there was a reason for her presence – after all, she had never come to the office so late at night of her own volition.

Slowly, very slowly, Angel set her half-empty Styrofoam cup on the counter. As if in slow motion, her eyes raked up my body with hunger, and when her eyes finally met mine, I could see a ravenous tigress within, just waiting to pounce, waiting for the right moment.

How long had it been since we had last been intimate beyond just a hug or a cuddle in bed? Having two young girls certainly got in the way of intimacy, but that was typical of any family. What was atypical was the insane amount of time I spent away from home, either in the office or traveling heavily for conferences or trade shows or to visit current or prospective clients – that time away from home absolutely prevented intimacy.

…and apparently had caused my Angel to take matters into her own hands.

That was when I realized that she was showing quite a bit of cleavage – something she had not done in a long time so that she could set a good example for the girls since they would soon start developing breasts of their own. The sweater’s plunging v-neck exposed a lot of flesh, flesh highlighted by the sparkling diamond chain with the ivory crescent moon pendant which seemed to want to burrow between her breasts.

To my amazement, I suddenly found myself being jealous of the pendant. When was the last time she had held bahis siteleri my head to her chest? Sadly, I could not remember…

Her long hair had been tied into a ponytail. When was the last time I had pulled her ponytail while making love to her from behind? Sadly, I could not remember…

Angel’s pleated skirt reminded me of the Japanese sailor-style schoolgirl uniform she wore when I had first met her at an anime convention near where I was attending college. That day had ended with us returning to campus and my hand sliding up underneath her skirt and masturbating her through her panty she was still dressed as Sailor Moon and I was still dressed as Tuxedo Kamen. When was the last time I had slipped a hand up underneath my wife’s skirt or dress? Sadly, I could not remember…

Her lips were painted red – and the lipstick was definitely fresh, not muted from having been worn all day. When was the last time those painted lips had left a noticeable ring on me? Sadly, I could not remember…

And suddenly, I could not remember why I was in the office so late at night, for the woman standing before me was definitely quite appealing. For just an instant, I saw the college student in a sailor fuku, but in a flash that vision was gone, replaced with the sight of a woman about to kiss the person who had essentially neglected her and their children for far too long…

Her hand on my shoulder, her breasts pressed against my chest, she kissed me. There was no romance in the kiss – there was only a primal need. The tigress within her was beginning to emerge after having entrapped her willing prey. I knew how my wife could be when the tigress emerged – Angel would definitely not live up to her name.

Her presence and her changing persona enticed me. There was a definite stirring in my loins, a lengthening in my slacks, and a quickening within my chest.

Thoughts of the Security personnel and the proposal on my laptop faded as the kiss deepened. For the first time in what seemed like generations, I lost myself in my own wife as my coffee fell to the tile floor.

And then the tigress leapt from the cage.

Seemingly in seconds, my zipper was lowered and a hand was diving inside while my mouth was viciously attacked. This was the Angel I had not seen in a long, long time, the Angel I had practically forgotten, and seeing this Angel once again solidified my growing lust as it pulsed in her small hand.

I was not just the prey. One hand on the back of her head and one hand seizing a breast, I fondled my wife as I eagerly counterattacked her mouth. But she definitely asserted herself as the tigress, turning me and backing me against the counter before pulling my erection through the opening in my slacks, stroking me quickly as I lubricated her palm.

Angel bahis şirketleri was no angel. Angel was definitely in her tigress persona, which was exemplified by how quickly she dropped to her knees before me and took as much of my length as she could handle into her small mouth, gagging briefly as my tip hit the top of her throat but then finding the perfect depth and rapidly establishing a perfect rhythm.

My hands cradled my wife’s head, but I allowed her to set the rapid pace. When she needed to breathe again, her hands took over as she gulped air, then she resumed the oral worship, alternating between hand and mouth, continually kneading my testicles, not stopping until I was breathing fast and hard and was nearly ready to explode…

Suddenly sliding aside, Angel pumped me with both tiny hands, making me shoot my lust across the narrow break room. It had been so long since my last release that I apparently had a lot of semen stored within me. I groaned continually, fiercely biting my lower lip in an attempt to remain as quiet as possible so I would not alert Security that activities utterly inappropriate for a business environment were taking place in our suite. Yet it seemed that my orgasm lasted forever, my heart pounding in my ears and my breathing labored as the pleasure radiated through my loins, my seed anointing the floor and the table and one of the chairs.

As I recovered, my manhood still quite exposed, my wife stood and smiled, the tigress still quite visible in her eyes. I closed my eyes, listening as she opened her purse and rummaged inside. I wondered if she had brought a vibrator or a dildo, or if perhaps she had a pair of shiny metal handcuffs she wanted me to use on her as we would occasionally do before the expansion of the family.


I opened my eyes slowly, finding a standard business-size security-lined envelope, being held in front of my face. Perplexed and still breathing a bit quickly, still reveling in the first orgasm in a long, long time, I reached for the envelope, and as soon as I had it in my hand, Angel closed her purse and picked up what remained of her Hazelnut coffee. With that, she turned to leave. “I’ll see myself out,” she called over her shoulder.

It was not until long after I had heard the door to the suite close that I finally realized what a mess we had made – specifically, a mess I had made. I set the envelope down on the counter and reached for a paper towel to clean up the spilled fluids, but then something nagged at my mind, that this was all too strange, all too bizarre.

I opened the envelope and nearly collapsed to the floor.

You seem to enjoy a life alone either in the office or in the den, so now you have a life alone.

I did not need to rush home to discover the true meaning of that note. Surrounded by my coffee and my own lust, I knelt on the floor and cried, and I have cried every day and night since then, for I have yet to see my precious little girls again and possibly never will.

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Marla’s Old Honda

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It was a late Sunday night, that warm July sort of Sunday. There was a light mist spraying from the neighbors sprinklers – made the air a little more humid, a little more comfortable. A beautiful night. I remember it all to well, for that was the night I meet Marla.

I was sitting on my porch, watching the deserted street, listening to the sounds of the neighborhood – quiet suburban, you would think, but if you really listen, there is so much to hear. Dogs barking being most common, but little things. The child across the street cooing in pleasure, or the teenager down the way in a fight with his parents. So many little things that ‘quiet’ suburbia isn’t all that quiet. My porch was a good place for such listening.

I do that a lot, listening. There is so much one can learn by observance. I smoothed back by black hair, shorter now that I had finally gotten it cut. It used to be down to my shoulders, but the pressures of my job – sometimes I missed it, but on nights like tonight, were it was just a little too humid, it was nice to have less weight and pressure on my head. Somewhere down the street I saw the headlights of a car. Not to unusual a sight, to be honest, but always something enjoyable to think about on a summer night.

“Mmm… Blue… Jeep.” I said, playing my favorite game with myself for these summer nights. Guess the next car. Not that I had ever seen many blue Jeeps but, hey, it was a wild guess. Could I ever be more wrong. The car that pulled up slowly down the street was a white Honda – ah well. Honda’s were nice cars – my first car had been a Honda. Worked wonders till it was 11 years old, where it fell apart – literally – on the side of I 70, Ah well. I still remembered it with fondness.

This one didn’t look much better than that one did, and I could hear it clunking along. And, with one final sigh, I heard the engine die right in front of my house. For a moment the car sat there – it was too dark to see in the windows – then I heard the engine try and turn over. No luck, though who ever was inside tried two more times. No such luck.

Pulling myself out of my chair I strode slowly down my finely cut lawn to the dead Honda, which now wouldn’t even turn over, though I could vaguely see inside someone trying to get it to start. After a moment a fist hit the steering wheel quite hard, and the horn blurted briefly, breaking the ‘silence’ of suburbia. Well at least something worked, I thought as a chuckle escaped my lips. Rapping the passenger side window I peered inside to see someone with a baseball cap and a long ponytail inside. Whomever it was waved slightly and got out of the door. It was a woman, long brown hair, blue eyes, just a little shorter than my height, smiling “Hello there. Seems I’ve broken down on your front lawn. Do you mind if I use your phone?”

I smiled, shaking my head, “Not at all. Names Tony, yours?” I said, reaching across the top of the car to offer my hand

“Marla,” she said, taking my hand and shaking it firmly, “Sorry about bothering you so late at night.”

“Ah its no trouble,” I said back, smiling as she walked around the car, “I’m usually on my porch at this time relaxing. My first car was a Honda – when they go, they really go,” I said, as I lead her back towards my house, “It sounds like yours has finally had its last gasp.

She smiled a brilliant, bright tooth smile, “Yeah it seems so. Ive been waiting for it to die for the last few weeks. Had kinda hoped it would take me home…” she trailed off and shrugged as I held the door open for her. My house was pretty tidy, though most of the lights were off at this hour of night. The phone in my foyer had a little desk lamp next to it, and she stepped forward to use it.

“Where’s home?” I asked, as she picked up the receiver and flipped open the phone book from the shelf below – you’d be surprised at the number of people I get asking to use my phone. Must be the late nights on the porch.

“Chillicothe,” she said, as her fingers scanned through the phone book to find a number. That was the next town over, about a forty-five minute drive from here. I nodded as her slender fingers dialed on my old style rotary phone – I had felt it fit the picture of a phone in the foyer sort of deal.

She spoke for a few minutes then sighed, placing the phone down, “They cant send anyone out till tomorrow morning,” looking a little glum she gave a half hearted smile. “Mind if I call my parents real quick?”

“Not at all,” I said, and she spoke for a little bit on the phone with I assumed her mother.

“They’ll be here to pick me up tomorrow morning,” She said, and then gave another half hearted smile. “Well it was nice meeting you Tony…”

“Hold on a sec there Marla. Where are you planning to go? I’ve got an extra bed here, why don’t you spend the night? I can put some quick food on, we can eat and then you can sleep and be here when they arrive in the morning.” Her face lit up a little bit

“Really? You don’t mind? I didn’t want to ask since I only meet you a few minutes canlı bahis ago…”

“Ahh its no trouble, not at all. Sides, Im always on the look out for some femine company,” I said, winking with a mischevious grin. Marla laughed slightly and I led her to the kitchen. “I hope simple fare is allright.” I said, diving into the cupboards. “It is a little late.” She smiled and nodded.

“More than adequate. Thank you so much again”

“Again, no problem,” I said, as I started to pull down ingredients. Of course, simple fare for me was by no means simple. Twenty minutes later I had started the rice cooking and the vegetables and meats were cooking away – I cook for a living you see, and so simple fare to me is anything that takes less than forty five minutes to prepare. Marla and I talked as I worked, chatting away, getting to know each other. She was quite the woman, just about my age (26) and seemed to have a lot of the same interests as me.

It was about that time that my dog, Max, bounded into the kitchen – a Black lab, he was incredibly friendly with people, and he nuzzled right up to Marla. She gave a small exclamation of pleasure, and reached down to pet the poor boy. Introducing the two, I started the rice frying with the meat and veggies.

Marla was on her knees talking to Max, and I smiled. “Labs are great, aren’t they?” I asked, and she agreed, still paying attention to max. After a moment he bounded off to go do something – whatever it is he does at night – and I served up the fried rice. She smiled and dug right in as I sat down at the small, two person table across from her, digging into mine. For a moment we ate in silence.

“This is really good Tony.” She said her mouth full. I laughed good naturedly and agreed – this was better fried rice than I had cooked in a long while. We finished up quickly and I put the plates in the sink with the rest of the dishes.

“Well it’s your choice. You can head to bed if you’d like, or you can join my on the porch for some more relaxation.” I said, smiling charmingly at her. She laughed softly and gave a warm smile back.

“The Porch sounds really nice,” she said, and followed me out to the comfortable hanging chairs I had on my porch. Settling back in my favorite one, I reached over to the cunningly disguised fridge on my porch and pulled out a Pepsi, offering one to her. She took it with another smile and poped it open, settling back in the other chair, “Its such a beautiful night,” she said.

I nodded in agreement and we sat in silence for a while. She broke it a bit later, asking me a few questions – it wasn’t long until we were talking thoroughly, discussing everything from our pasts to our plans for the future. It was amazing – I am a friendly sort of guy, but usually someone you just meet you don’t open this much too. She must have thought the same for she fell silent after a moment.

“Tony?” She asked, tentively, “Do you believe in love at first sight?” She looked down at her almost empty pepsi, hands folded around it protectively. I swallowed unsure of what to say. Definatly I was attracted to this woman, but love? I wasn’t quite sure… Then I threw caution to the wind – after all, I had already told her things I hadn’t told anyone else.

“I don’t know,” and could almost see her face falling, and quickly hurried on, “But I defiantly believe in chemistry. And Marla… There is some incredible chemistry between us.” She smiled and raised her head to look at me, her blue eyes sparkling in the dim porch-light. She rose from her chair and offered a hand to me. I took it, feeling a sharp tingle across the touch. Surprised, I let my mouth hang open softly and she smiled even broader

“I don’t know about that guest room,” she said softly, and for a moment I felt my stomach drop out of me – this was it, I had scared her off. But one look on her face said she meant something completely different and my eyes widended in shock. “Im not usually this forward,” she continued, and pulled me close to her, her head tilting upward, her other hand pulling my head down for a long, deep kiss. Her tongue forced its way into my mouth, not a hard task, and played around mine. For a moment we stood lost in each others lips until we broke to breath. Gasping she smiled at me.

“But I had to be sure of something,” She winked and pulled on my hand to the door. I was speechless, and followed softly behind. That had been one of the more amazing kisses I had ever experienced, and, swallowing hard, I turned the porch light off and shut the door as we entered.

It seemed she didn’t want to wait any more, for she turned and I gathered her into my arms without a protest, leaning down to kiss her again, long and passionately. Our tongues played across each other, and she pushed her body up against mine, her breasts firm against my chest. I could feel my erection budging against my pants, and I knew she could as well, especially after her hand reached down to caress it softly.

I broke our kiss, breathing heavly “Marla… do you think this is too fast?” She bahis siteleri shook her head and stopped her gentle caress

“No Tony, I don’t. I don’t know why, but there is just something about you… something I don’t want to miss if I disappear tomorrow never to find you again. Something I want to experience. And besides,” she said, an impish grin forming across her face, “I haven’t been laid in months.” I couldn’t help myself, grinning as well, reaching down to pick her up in my arms and kiss her again as I walked through my house. Max raised his head from the couch and seemed to give one of those, “Bout damn time,” looks and sighs, and went back to sleep. I couldn’t help but chuckle lightly, and Marla, seeing the same look, laughed softly

“Guess he knows what is good,” she said as we entered my bedroom. I laid her gently down on the bed, my hands drifting down her sides, fingers tingling lightly across her bare skin where her pale blue shirt had been bunched up lightly. Pushing the hem upwards, I kissed her now bare stomach, as she leaned back and moaned lightly, hand entangling in my hair. It didn’t take long for her shirt to be above my head, and soon above hers.

My hands drifted up to her breasts, covered by a plain white bra. I squeezed them gently, and tapped my fingers down her sides around her back. She arched slightly and I slid under to deftly unclip the annoying piece of fabric and wires, letting her breasts free. Sliding that off her shoulders, I leaned forward, kissing the nipples softly, sucking gently on each, continuing to soft moans escaping her lips. Her hands drifted down my back and pulled my shirt upwards, until I paused to let her take it from my head. I slid in between her legs to reach her chest better, and, as she her knees were on the edge of the bed, looked down at her bare chest for a moment. Her full breasts were just a little bit bigger than my hands, which massaged them gently for a moment, to more light moans. Her hands drifted up my chest, running up and over my pecks and shoulders.

I leaned down again, to take her right nipple within my mouth, sucking gently before kissing in a light circle down and around her breast, and back up the other to suck on its nipple. More light moans escaped her lips, as one hand drifted downward to unclip the button on her jeans.

“Please Tony,” she moaned lightly, hands following mine.

I slid my fingers in slightly, to push around her waist, as her legs came up to wrap around mine, pulling me a little closer. I kissed up above her breasts, to her neck, sucking gently as she turned her head to the side, breathing more heavily now. My lips kissed up along the nape of her neck until I reached her earlobe, sucking gently.

I pulled back for a moment to unzip her jeans, hands pulling them down beyond her hips slowly, before guiding them off her legs, smiling up at her as she lay down at the edge of the bed.

I drew a hand up her inner thigh, eliciting a light gasp from her, and slid my fingers under her plain white underwear, sliding my fingers along her pussy lightly. Her breathing increased as I kissed my way up the other tight, my lips reaching to her crotch. Pulling her panties down slowly, I kissed just above their hem, being rewareded with even heavier and faster breathing.

“Oh Tony…” she moaned lightly, as I tossed her underwear to the side. My tongue flicked out to slip across her clit, still hidden under the folds of flesh. My right hand slipped two fingers inside her, moving back and forth within her, fingering her gently. She moaned lightly again, a little louder this time, as my other hand pulled the flesh away from her clit, so my tongue could play across it. For a few moments my tongue played gently with it, before I slipped it back down to reach inside her pussy, along with my two fingers moving inside her.

As her moans increased, so did the speed of my fingers, moving steadily faster, my tongue darting across her clit, varying its direction and speed. She began to thrash along the edge of the bed as I slid to my knees, my face buried within her legs, her hands upon my head. “Oh god Tony!” she called out, moaning loader, “God oh god oh god oh god!” my fingers continued to move within her, my tongue darting over and about, around and across her clit, “God I’m going to cum, oh god oh god I’m cuming!” she screamed as I could feel her contract around my fingers. I continued my movements, pushing her into further ecstasy.

After a time I slowed, and her hands pulled my head forward for a deep, long kiss, before drifting down to unbutton my khaki’s, her legs deftly pushing them down along with my boxers. My cock sprang forward, just slightly above average in its length and size, and she grasped it firmly in her hands, quickly rolling us over to place me on my back

She was now above me, smiling mischeviously. Kicking her socks off and pulled mine off as well, before leaning forward, bare breasts against my skin, as she grasped my hard member within her hands, stroking gently. One of my hands reached bahis şirketleri forward to caress her hair lightly, as she gently kissed her way down my chest. Her hands continued to stroke my dick, gently as her lips reached it, taking its head in her mouth and sucking gently.

I moaned lightly, eyes rolling into the back of my head. My hands dropped to her head, tangling themselves in her hair but letting her do what she wanted, “oh Marla…” I said lightly, holding her head between my hands, “Suck it Marla… oh please suck it”

Her head began to bob in time with her hand, taking more of my cock into her mouth as she sucked along its length, every couple of bobs taking her hand away and taking my full length within her mouth, as I felt my head bump against the back of her throat. It was almost to much, as her tongue began to slip along my head, her hands moving rapidly along my length. The swirling tongue and her moving hands was too much, and I could feel a climax rising within me

“I’m going to cum” I warned, breathing heavily, moaning and thrashing as she speed up, sucking on my dick as if she was trying to draw out my cum. And soon she did, as I climaxed spurting my load into her waiting lips, as she sucked on my head drawing more out of me.

My arched back fell backwards in exhaustion as I lay there and she smiled, crawling up my length to straddle my chest. Her hands played with my shoulders and she stay like that for a little while, just watching me softly as I watched back, breathing heavily. With a smile she reached back and touched my cock, massaging it gently. Surprisingly I responded, growing larger within her hands. Her smile widened, and I grinned, maneuvering her around to lay her on the bed, pulling her legs up and placing a pillow beneath her ass.

My cock was now hard and I could see her breathing heavy as I checked her pussy with my fingers – nice and wet. I slid my waiting cock in slowly, watching her eyes. They rolled back into her head as she moaned lightly, and I placed my hands on either side of her shoulders.

Leaning down to kiss her as I slowly pumped my length in and out of her. Her breathing quickened and so did mine, as I thrust against her, soft grunts escaping my mouth.

“Fuck me Tony,” She began to moan load and long, thrashing lightly as I pumped against her raised hips, kissing her hard and grunting beside her head. I could feel another climax rising within me as I did, and her moaning grew more intense, loader. “Oh god, you feel so good!”

I began to feel her clenching along the length of my dick, and that was more than enough to put me over the edge, as I cummed for a second time that night, filling her with my juice. A few last pumps pushed me into her and finished me off as she breathed heavily, her hands wrapping around my back as I lay against her chest. My breath came in ragged spurts as we lay there together. She kissed the side of my head softly and her legs unwrapped from around me.

I breathed heavily as we lay there, then, with a little smile, flexed my semi hard cock within her. “oh!” she said, giggling lightly. “Oh that felt nice.” And I did it again, feeling my cock hardening for a third time, much to my surprise, and to hers.

She laughed lightly and smiled, turning us over, straddling my waiting cock. “Wow, you sure are active tonight,” She said, with a little grin

“Its been three years for me,” I said softly, with a smile, reaching up to caress her breasts. She gasped and then smiled, lowering herself onto me, “Well than we should take advantage of that, yes?” And she began to move herself above me, one hand on my chest, one hand behind her rubbing my aching balls.

She set her own tempo, moving to please herself, and I merely along for the ride. I played gently with her breasts and for a time even sucked upon them until she pushed me back down, her tempo moving faster and faster, her back arching. She began to moan loudly, and call out my name, as she moved faster and faster above me.

Suddenly I felt the violently strong contractions within her, and she began to shudder as her hand reached down to move across her clit faster and faster. “oooh god yes, yes yes!” She yelled into the night.

The contractions were enough to bring me up for a third climax of the night, gasping and sputtering I squeezed out another load, smaller and harder to come this time, as she continued to let her rippling climax poor through her. She cried out loudly then collapsed on top of me, breathing heavly.

We lay there like that for some time, until I rolled us over for a more comfortable position, my cock still buried with her sweet pussy. She smiled softly, sleepily, as we both drifted off.

We awoke the next morning, having switched sometime in the night to a more comfortable spooning postion. She smiled at me and kissed me lightly, getting out of bed to head to the shower. I stood and threw on some pants to head to the kitchen to start some breakfast. By the time she returned from the shower I had eggs and bacon cooking, and some good toast just about ready. She smiled and caressed my chest light, standing on her tip toes to kiss me. I returned the kiss, one hand reaching down to cup her now clothed ass, squeezing. She giggled.

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The Club

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Big Dicks

Meet Amber: a 28 year old vet. Amber is the ideal woman; brown hair, walnut eyes, perfect teeth, well fit body and amazing in bed. After a brake up with a boyfriend Amber would find herself in a bit of trouble with 4 men. Her brother 27 year old Jake, her ex 28 year old Dylan. A handsome man with brown hair fan skin and striking green eyes, the man she fancied Zack a young blonde 28 year old. Plus the man that forced Dylan to leave her; 28 year old Sam. The most handsome of the 4 with blonde hair deep brown eyes and an extremely fit body. All 4 have reason to get at Amber: Jake and Zack were raped by a few of Amber’s friends Dylan and Sam were both deceived by her. Now she must face all 4 and get what she wants. Amber stood naked in a stone room her arms were crossed over her breasts and she was trying to cover her pussy.

“Look at this slut!”

2 men she recognized walked over to her one was an ex and one was her own brother!

“Jake, Dylan please don’t hurt me!”

Jake felt her soft breast and Dylan ran his hand over her warm cunt,

“Please don’t!”

Another man the friend of both walked in and put a hand on her mouth pulling her arms back and her legs up and out so they could see her dripping wet cunt,

“Look at how wet she is, Slut!”

Amber fought against Zack who held her firm and let her speak,

“Please don’t I’m sorry! Let me go! Zack please!”

Dylan crouched in front of her and licked her cunt tasting all her juices, Jake slapped her and whispered in her ear,

“We own you now whore you’re not getting out of here without our permission!”

Amber screamed pulling as Zack drug her over to a long pole hanging over a table of some sort,

“Now you get to take all 3 of us in your dirty slut holes!”

Jake got under Amber as Dylan and Zack chained her arms over her head,

“Let go of me please Jake I’m your sister!””

Jake took no notice of Amber’s screams and shoved his 8 inch cock deep into her cunt! She moaned and screamed as Zack shoved his cock deep in her ass. Then Dylan put his legs on either side of Jake and shoved his cock deep into her throat face fucking her. As she screamed Dylan shoved his cock to the back of her throat gagging her, she choked and he pulled out of her mouth letting her breathe,

“Please don’t keep going it hurts so bad!”

She moaned and quivered as Jake and Zack continued to mercilessly slam her rapidly! Dylan put his mouth next to her ear and whispered,

“Jake told you we own you if you try to leave!”

Amber shook her head and was about to protest when Dylan shoved his cock back in her mouth,

“Oh yeah her ass is so tight!”

Zack rammed her ass faster as he reached his climax. Amber screamed as Zack shot his hot sticky cum deep in her ass.

“O god it feels so good!”

Jake continued canlı bahis to ram her pussy as Zack took a brake. Then Dylan winced and started to fuck her mouth harder. He abruptly shot his cum in her mouth and said take his dick out of her mouth,

“Bend over and let him taste it”

Amber was forced down were Jake took some of Dylan’s cum in his mouth making mmmh sounds as he swallowed his friends cum,

“Let Zack lick your mouth clean”

Amber twisted her head around to kiss Zack. His tongue went into her mouth and licked her tongue and the insides of her cheek taking all the cum out.

“Your cum is so sweet!”

Dylan laughed and pulled Amber’s head back on his shaft. Eventually the 3 pulled pulled out of her and Jake kissed her licking the rest of the cum out,

“We were thinking who is someone you fucked while dating me?”

Dylan taunted her as he slowly slid 2 fingers in and out of her wet pussy. She moaned and shuddered then Jake continued,

“You got him in trouble with all sorts of people!”

Dylan finished sneering as he rubbed her clit with his thumb this time she soaked his hand,

“He has a real nice 10 inch cock with a huge girth…blonde maybe?”

Amber moaned as she thought of the man her lips parted slightly to say,

“Don’t ask him to come here it’s too embarrassing!”

Dylan chuckled his hand becoming soaked as she fought the urge to cum,

“I think you want to fuck Zack, Jake me AND Sam!”

Jake slapped Amber’s ass licking her nipple. Amber shook her head and screamed,

“No please! Please I’m sorry what did I do please!?”

Jake whispered in her ear. Nibbling her neck lightly forcing another sigh of pleasure out of her,

“Me and Zack were raped because of you little sister!”

He sneered. Dylan whispered and bit the other side of her neck,

“You cheated on me and I think this is how we can all get you back! Sam was beat by your father because he fucked you he needs his pleasure from you!”

She shook her head and Zack caressed her sweet ass smiling as they waited. The all 4 heard footsteps a zipper then a shuffle,

“Please I know what I did I won’t do anything again let me go!”

Jake slapped her ass making her moan softly,

“Shut up! If you act this way in front of the club they won’t let you go ever!”

Sam walked in the room putting his crutch against the door then walking to Amber. She watched him limp to her with an ecstasy filled gaze.

“You know Whore I broke my leg because of you! Lucky I’m walking now or I would have slammed a vibrator deep in your ass by now!”

Zack rubbed Ambers clit his thumb in her ass. He commented jokingly,

“I’m the one who fucks her ass!”

Sam bent down wincing as he bent his bad leg, with his face in her pussy he whispered,

“I’m bahis siteleri going to enjoy taking you to the club!”

Amber looked up at the 4 men bent over her now fearing what the club was,

“What club!?”

Jake ran his hand over her breast her nipple as he passed it, this made her pussy squirt juices over Sam’s tongue,

“We’re taking you where all masters take their sluts!” Amber about protested when Dylan kissed her hard making her teeth crack,

“She’s going to be a good whore!”

Sam flicked her clit lightly with his tongue,

“Lucky for you I don’t hit girls I screw with their minds with pleasure!”

Amber shook her head scared as the 4 men talked quietly until they decided what to do. Amber was tied up her arms behind her back Zack holding them as he slowly shoved his cock into her. He wasn’t as long as Sam or the others but he had a huge girth of 4 inches! She screamed in pleasure as he shoved in harder forcing 6 inches deep in her,

“Please let go of me!”

Sam lightly pinched her tit and made her squeal. Jake slapped her making her stay quiet. Dylan slid into her ass with Zack making her scream and moan! A small tear fell out of her eye as her ass was spread wide,

“Oh shit that’s a tight fit!”

Dylan started to pound her and Jake slid his cock into her pussy as she stood her feet wide,

“Oh god it hurts!”

Sam lifted her leg and slowly slid his cock in her dripping wet cunt!


She tried to get away from the men but Zack pulled her back and slammed his cock deep in her. A small tear fell out of her eye as as the 4 men fucked her as fast as they could! Suddenly Jake pulled out and squirted his warm cum all over Amber’s breasts,

“Oh shit!”

Dylan and Zack shot their cum deep in Amber’s ass as Sam shot his cum in her pussy. Amber kissed Dylan lightly then they let go of her as she panted,

“Thank you”

Zack twisted her head around again and kissed her deeply,

“You still have one more journey with us!”

Zack dressed Amber up in a short skirt, without panties, and a shirt that only covered her breasts. Dylan got the rest of her outfit together while Sam got his girlfriend, willingly, ready to go as another sex-slave. Jake and Sam teamed up to master Sam’s girlfriend and Zack’s sister Sophie: a young blonde with deep blue eyes and a happy personality. Jack and Dylan were masters to Amber. Amber and Sophie sat in the back of the car between Sam and Dylan as Jake and Zack drove to the club where girls could show off their bodies and men could fuck them silly.

Amber sat between her 2 masters looking on the stage nervously. A girl was pulled up and shook her butt to the crowd of men taught them with a flash of her pussy.

“Dylan do I have to go up there and….do THAT!?”

Zack answered bahis şirketleri since Dylan was too busy whooping and shouting comments at the couple on stage.

“Not if you really don’t want to love”

Jake and Sam got up pulling Sophie with them. Amber whispered,

“You’re okay with this!?”

Sophie nodded “Yes I trust Sam enough.”

Amber was pulled up and in stead of resisting she teased the men as she walked by.

“What are you doing?”

“Trusting you”

Dylan kissed her as soon as they got on stage. The crowd cheered,

“Come on slut show us your pussy!”

Amber turned around and rose her skirt showing her pussy!

“Look at that! You 2 banging her?”

Zack went behind her and stuck a finger in her pussy!

“Hell yah fuck the bitch!”

Zack yelled out “Let’s see some money and maybe you can see her tits!”

Amber lifted her shirt just a little and the men had money! Jake took some and Zack pulled the shirt off Amber.

“You want a feel?”

Sam taunted more men by grabbing one of Amber’s tits and asscheek. Sophie and Amber were both up for the next round. Amber in doggie on a bed. Sophie in a sling with her legs spread wide. The men in the audience were now allowed up to pay and fuck the girls. The first man up chose Sophie to fuck. She wiggled her fingers and blew a kiss to him

“Come on give it to me I want it rough! Choke me if you dare!”

Sam rolled his eyes but got the information about the man: free of any STD all he needed to know. Sophie took the cock in her pussy moaning loudly, the man put a hand around her neck and choke her lightly.

“Yeah pound me harder choke me I need it!”

The man was sweating profusely and screaming along with Sophie. She squeezed her pussy and the man pulled out squirting his cum all over her tits.

“Who else want to fuck ’em?”

Jake then slapped Amber’s ass lightly,

“Do you like this big sis?”

Amber glared up at her brother,

“How could you screw me!? I’ll tell Mom and Dad!”

“Well what will they say if I tell them you were a slut with hundreds of men!”

Amber thought then said “Ok fine!”

Jake grabbed a condom then slid into Amber’s twat! Jake pounded Amber with all he had using his hips, chest and legs to power thrust his cock into his sister’s pussy.

“Yes fuck me harder! I love your cock little brother!”

Sophie heard a call in the crowd “Yeah man fuck your sis!”

Sophie shouted to the men “Hey fucker! Climb up here and fuck me!”

The crowd cheered as the heavy man jumped on stage and licked Sophie’s pussy. Sam was holding Sophie touching her tits rolling her nipples between fingers. Dylan and Zack were getting head from 2 sexy women who had come from back stage: regular waitresses. 3 hours and countless men later the group went off stage and into the bathrooms. Jake talked with his sister holding her tight

“I’m sorry sissy”

Amber nuzzled into Jake and said whispering,

“I loved every moment thank you!”

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Marj and Doris hits the Clubs

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“I don’t know about you Marj, but life’s boring these days. I’m bored with washing, I’m bored with my husband being away all the time, I’m bored with feeding the cat and I’m bored with the kids.”

“Well I’m not really surprised Doris. It’s all very well to have peace in our time and all that bullshit, but I agree. As the song goes, ‘Those Were the Days My Friend, We Thought they’d Never End…’ but even though the bomb and bullets were bursting around, we had fun in those days. And remember all those lovely nervous boys…?”

“You always surprised me, Marj, there was I, the infamous stripper at the Pink Pussycat Club, waiting for all those Yank officers to get past my G-String and there’s my sweet little sister screwing the arse off all the Colonels behind my back.”

“Remember, we were the ‘Devine Sisters’ you took your sequins off and I took my Uniform off! ‘Shish Boom,’ darling! Didn’t we wow them, Dot? I always wondered if the Admiralty would find out and I’d get court martialled or something.

“There must have been something in their water, they all had big cocks. Or maybe that was just the officers, Marj?”

“Well darling, I must admit I had a few. The boys all went crazy about my New Zealand Navy uniform and berserk about my officer issue knickers when I took my skirt off during the dance. God they’re strange people, men, aren’t they?”

“I dunno, we go through all that pain, getting fat and pushing the little bastards out and they grow up and spent their time trying to get back up our cunts,” she laughed. “But we were young and desirable in those days, Marjorie.”

“Well I don’t know about you, Doris, but I reckon I could still pull a bloke or two with the rest of the girls. But I know what you mean, having our own men to fuck makes it easy. Trouble is we’re related to them. We need strangers with twelve inch cocks, eighteen years old and able to go all night. I wonder if they still exist?”

“Well Andrew can keep going all night and is eighteen years old Marjorie, but with the best will in the world, his cock is eight inches long, not twelve. There’s quite a difference as you know. Remember Ivan? What am I saying, ‘you know.’ Of course you do! One look at your blue knickers and the boys were trying to crawl up your pussy,” she laughed.

“Same with you Doris, as soon as you dropped the G-String, you had an audience.”

“You know what, Doris, I wonder if we can still compete and beat the bimbos? Let’s face it darling, look in the mirror and with our figures, we could still blow the lot away.”

“The boys or the girls, Marj?” she giggled. “Or both?”

“Tell you what, I’ll call Desmond and see what he thinks, he ‘knows’ us pretty well these days. If he thinks we can do it, let’s have a go! Even for our own esteem.

I got my phone out of my bag and dialled, “Hello Des, its Marjorie. Where are you Des? We’re in the cafe… yes … we need to ask you some questions….. OK… see you in a few minutes.” And disconnected.

“I wonder if they’re licenced, Dot. I feel more like a glass of red than another coffee.”

Doris asked the waitress and she said we could have a glass of wine if they bought a sandwich.

“Sounds OK, we’ll have a bottle of the Merlot and three BLT’s.”

We were getting a bit carried away when Des arrived and grinned when I gave him a glass and a sandwich. But he was obviously wondering what this was all about. We’d both fucked him before, but he thought that unless the girls were particularly horny, very horny, he was surely quite safe in the cafe? Wasn’t he?

I said, “Des, you know us well and we’re getting a bit pissed off with getting old. You’re a young bloke. If you saw us in a club, would you ask me or Doris to dance.”

He said, “Only if I thought I had a chance of getting into your pants, ladies,” he smiled.

We looked at each other. We were obviously both on the same page of the hymn book.

“Des, when you go out raving at night, where do you go and next time, could we go with you?”

“What’s this all about ladies, you don’t have to seduce me, I’ll be right into both of you at a twitch of your little fingers, as you know.”

“Tell him what we’re looking for Marj. You’re better at words than I am.”

I thought for a second and said, “Des, us old ladies are looking for a couple or even a few bad boys around eighteen years old, with cocks like yours and with the stamina to bang us all night. Do you know anyone like that?”

Desmond laughed and nearly choked on his wine. “Dozens, girls! Get on the dance floor, wiggle those incredible assesof yours and they’ll crawl across barbed wire to get into you. You might even need to take on a few at the same time!”

Doris said, “Now that’s something we hadn’t thought about, a gangbang. Right Des?”

He smiled and nodded.

“Can we get into your club one night while you’re there? If you make sure we’re safe, we’ll reward you in the usual way.”

Desmond laughed, “You want me to be your pimp?” We nodded. He went on, “I can see I’m in a win-win canlı bahis situation here. I agree. Are we supposed to slap hands and say ‘Yo, Desmond?”

“Don’t be silly Desmond, we know you’re a computer programmer at your company. I didn’t know people did that outside the films and who certainly don’t wear pin striped suits?”

“Tell you what,” he said, “you tell me when you’re ready, I’ll escort you and wear a baseball cap backwards to show the boys we’re serious.” He finished this wine, kissed us both on the cheek and left.

“Well that seemed to go well, Dot. A gang bang. Have you ever had one?”

“Marj, I’m a professional stripper and tart. What do you think? You spent the war in the navy. Mind you, that was a few years ago. Maybe we should go shopping and tart up? This might be fun. After all if it comes to the worst, we’ve still got Desmond”

We rashly ordered another bottle of wine and more sandwiches. It was that sort of day. “We must have coffee more often Dot,” I said, “Do you think I should get some weight off my arse?”

Doris said, “If anything Marj, put on some more. It’s your fault that most of the lamp posts in Lewisham are bent with guys looking at your ass and walking into them. You and I are a good team. And we’re still lookers too,”

The next day, we went shopping. Doris took us to a shop where she normally bought her lingerie. It went under the odd name of “Hyacinth’s Bower.” My God, if any male saw us in some of Hyacinth’s gear they would gabble in lust. Hyacinth herself was very amused when I told her why we were in her shop and fitted Doris and I in the most provocative lingerie we had ever seen. “From the top shelf, darlings.” Some of the stuff was even more provocative than my navy blue New Zealand knickers of the wartime years! Hyacinth herself photographed us and said she would use the shots for advertising. I believe she actually did.

Now Doris and I are well served with curvaceous bodies and tits that haven’t yet fallen around our navels. So we equipped ourselves with tight dresses which showed everything and cleavages that admitted more draughts to our bodies than we’d ever experienced before.

As Doris said, looking in the couturier’s mirror,

“Christ Marjorie, I’d fuck myself if I could!” She had, of course.

So we took all our shopping home and planned our next move. We tried the gear out on Andrew, George and Uncle Ron and encountered almost 100% instant erections. So far, so good. The future was beckoning. We shopped for strong, heady perfume, black stockings with seams, camel eyelashes and thick black eye makeup and generally Doris and I transmuted into the fabulous Devene Sister of fifteen years ago. I always love the carmine red lipstick and Doris’ choice of Baby pink suited her. With any luck we would mark those boy’s hard cocks with our colours very soon!

We threw a couple of packets of condoms in our evening bags as you can never be too careful. This was fascinating shopping in itself. Who knew there was such a variety around in the local chemist shops these days? In our time, the boys used to buy plain old Durex in the barbers but now there were shelves of variety. Personally I bought too many packets which I’d never need anyway. Just for the nostalgia, you understand.

In the Pink Pussycat Club days, when all the boys wanted to get into the pants of whichever Devine Sister was available, every guy had pockets full of “skins.” These days, the girls need to get them too, as the Irish would say, “to be sure, to be sure.” We told the guys what we were up to and the three of them said that they’d be at the disco with us to keep an eye on things. Dad used to be a paratrooper in Europe in the war and had taught Andrew to kill when he was being bullied at school. It was never an issue after that, even when he went to the toughest school in England. Ron it seems, and I hadn’t know this, was a combat teacher in India for the duration. He was a Captain too.

To our amazement, they fell right in with what we were doing and went off together “to do their own shopping” they said. Doris and I looked at each other and had a little giggle. It was exciting wasn’t it and kept us all young. With the three guys plus Desmond, I reckoned that any danger that existed was on our side as I reckoned were had even more firepower now.

Well, we had to do the club (and us) in a Saturday night didn’t we, and I phoned Desmond and asked him whether that was a good time. He said it was perfect and he’d come round to our house and escort us there personally. Wasn’t that sweet? The guys were cracking their necks to join in and during Saturday afternoon, we all got a glass of wine and split up to dress for the evening. The boys their way, we went ours and arranged to meet in Doris’s sitting room at 5.00pm. Desmond had told us that these things didn’t start till midnight at the earliest and he’d pick up us at 11.00pm.

So at the appointed time, we all gathered to compare notes and Doris and I fell apart at what the guys had bought for the evening. Andrew was bahis siteleri the most contemporary and had had his hair buzzcut and looked a total thug. George was dressed up as a fifties teddy boy and gloriously Ron, in a striped suit, greased hair and black sunglasses, looked like something out of the Godfather.

It was too irresistible and Andrew phoned Susan and Cherry and asked them to meet us at the club as we were going to have an interesting evening.

Susan said, “at midnight Andrew and at what club…” but agreed to meet us there. I explained what this was all about and she said that Cherry and her had just the gear for the evening.

So we were ready. We lounged around in our finery and I couldn’t believe how fucking evil our life partners looked and we all kept collapsing in laughter and Doris took selfies of all of us. Individuals and as a group. We were “going viral” tonight. We were ready when the bell rang and Doris admitted Desmond, who looked at us in astonishment and collapsed in laughter.

In front of him were two absolute hookers dressed to kill, (Doris and Me), a skinhead, (Andrew), a teddy boy combing his “ducks arse” hairdo (George) and Ron, cleaning his fingernail with a flick knife he’d apparently borrowed from George. Mind you, you never know do you? George also had one of his German officer’s Luger’s in his jacket pocket. Doris must have had the same thought as she had a tiny Derringer in her evening bag and I had a sharp nail file. Us old chicks can never be too careful could we?

Desmond, as promised was dressed as a West Indian Rap singer and you could almost visualise the boom box on his shoulder. Naturally he had his cap on backwards. In later life, when Andrew had a couple of boys he told them that wearing their caps backwards made them look like mental retardants! So it was time to go and I hoped the police didn’t stop us for any reason as we’d either get arrested or laughed at.

When we got to the Club, there were all sorts of people there who we’d never met or even wanted to. A couple of them were hassling a pair of bimbos and George and Ron went over to help them. They were Susan and Cherry in flared dresses with bouffant hair styles and eye liner about three inches thick! They collapsed in mirth too when they saw us too and any thought of danger disappeared when they saw our four “bodyguards.”

The doors opened at twelve and we filed in and each received an entry stamp on our wrists. We had a few odd looks from the bouncers and they obviously weren’t used to seeing so many people like us in their rocking joint. But they gave us no trouble, though the Mafia Godfather in Ron obviously worried them and looked like trouble. To be honest I think we ALL worried them but were too chicken to refuse us entry!

So we spread ourselves around the club, Doris and I with Desmond and Ron, and George and Andrew with Susan and Cherry. I realised at this time that what was good for the goose was also goose for the gander and the boys intended to follow the same line as us girls! Shit this was going to be a wild night. If the eight of survived this, we were going to be lucky!

So there we were, at our tables, sipping at our glasses; two Molls, two bimbos, one rap musician and the three wide boys as the music started. We were away! The first cabs off the rank were a couple of guys who asked the bimbos to dance and Susan and Cherry, fluttering their eyelashes hit the dance floor and were soon in the groove. I knew from experience how these girls moved, dressed or undressed and their partners liked what they saw and wondered what they would be like under the flared dresses. I expect they’d find out before the night was out!

Andrew and Desmond asked a couple of girls to hit the dance floor and these sweet things were a lot safer than they had imagined. I looked at Doris and narrowed my eyes and raised my eyebrows. She just shrugged and mouthed “Que Sera Sera”

I leaned over to Doris and said, “I wonder if they were virgins when they got here darling?” and she laughed and nodded. Suddenly it was our turn. To very young guys, obviously obsessed with their Mothers asked us to dance and we joined them in the floor. Doris whispered in the ear of her partner and looked astonished. Doris looked over at me and held her hands twelve inches apart! The ideal dates.

Well the old girls knew how to move better than just about any of the girls dancing and we were beginning to get admiring glances as we sashayed across the floor in our tight dresses and jiggling tits. Well, it was only right, we’d had attention like this for years and we were determined to keep up the action.

George and Ron had been picked up by a couple of Aunties who obviously had the worst of intentions towards our men. The Club was full of dancing, drinking, aggro and loud voices and the eight of us, like the rest seemed to be having a ball. But how many dances would it take before the hard word started? Susan and Cherry were very popular and going through partners like water and I couldn’t help noticing there bahis şirketleri were quite a few hard on’s around on the floor and at the tables. The men liked these pretty sexy older women with enticing hips and we were getting a cross section of the old and the young and our feet were starting to ache.

I’m not regarded at the thinker of the group without reason. It was obvious that if we sat with our original partners, the punters would think we were wives or girlfriends with our partners or something, so as we moved around, I dropped the word to Cherry and Susan that we should share a table when the interval came on. I dropped the same to the guys.

When the music stopped, Susan and Cherry were sitting with their well meaning but naive Aunties and the Mafia and the Rap singer were glowering at the girls from their own table! What amazed me is that the men still passed notes to us girls and doubtless the men were getting their own too! I hadn’t seen this since Doris and I were crumpet at the Pink Pussycat Club.

So we chatted with the girls who were having a ball and said that their various partners were worried that their Auntie’s might prevent them from getting laid! They were! We were more concerned with us getting laid! Soon after a couple of scotches, the music started again and we were away. Things were starting to sort themselves out. The boys who were dancing with Doris and I seemed to be getting younger, the girls were now getting older men (and obviously preferring them by the look at it). To my surprise, the old chicks seemed to have had an early night and the four guys were attracting the young bimbos now (“age is just a number, they say).

By my estimate, Doris and I were going to be screwed by well endowed boys, Susan and Cherry were about to be fucked by handsome adult men, (with or without large cocks?) and our four men looked like they were going to spend the night with their daughters? Be careful here guys. I danced near George and slipped a couple of packets of condoms into his pocket and he looked at me with surprise when he say his new presents. He raised his eyebrows at his hip wiggling wife and I nodded at him. It was going to be on for one and all. The rave up was running out of steam. Cherry and Susan were being extensively being felt up by their soon to be lovers, so I can cross them off my list. They’re both old enough to look after themselves, preferably as a foursome.

Doris and I had scored two delicious young men and they were about to find out why older women are so fucking spectacular in bed. We’ll do a foursome as well, probably at our house as we don’t want to creep around secretively at their houses in case Mummy was awake. We wanted to make our own noise without interruption. I think the guys will each go their own way, but I can see Andrew and Desmond (boy is he going to impress them. I wish I was a fly on the wall). George and Ron seemed to be pretty well settled on a couple of teenagers who’s ambition seemed to be to screw their fathers. But no gangbangs. So far.

Daryl was my own young chicken and Nigel (Nigel? For goodness sake). Well Daryl came over to me and said that he and Nige would like to have both Doris and I and “hoped I didn’t consider him rude if it wasn’t something out of the ordinary for us.” Is the Pope fucking Catholic? Our “daughters”, about to be extremely fucked by their young men, were climbing into a BMW four wheel drive and I didn’t even spare a thought about whether they had condoms. They probably had dozens between them. And knowing our girls, would need all of them.

Andrew and Desmond had taken their partners off somewhere and George and Ron, it seemed, were eager to commit adultery with these two young things who would either make them of break them while clutching their teddies and dollies. Whichever way. Right now, it was just Doris and I with our ardent, large cocked studs to think about. Daryl, who seemed, not to my surprise, the leader of the pack asked us “our place or theirs.” Doris and I had been through that and Nigel, retrieved his Merc and Doris climbed into the passenger seat with Daryl and I in the back. I feel sorry for Nige, he only had one hand for Doris (otherwise we’d crash) by Daryl has using both of his on me. He seems pretty keen my ass (as most of the world does) and I’m looking forward to getting home with these two delicious men. I hope they’re into oral too?) They were.

I don’t know what these delicious boys had been up to all their short lives but they haven’t yet enjoyed the Moll Brigade and it’ll be an experience they’ll write about for the rest of their lives. So we’re home and there time is coming and so are ours. Cumming I mean.

Daryl says, “So whose house is this then?

Doris says, “This is our house Daryl, and Marjorie has another flat upstairs.”

He is immediately interested, “And do you have husbands, girls?”

I’ll leave this to Doris. I’ve done enough work for the evening.

“Yes guys, we both have husbands but they’re away at the moment and we needed some young cock to ease our frustrations. I hope you’re up to looking after these two old ladies for a while. You look like strong young men, Marjorie and I are looking to be occupied by two eager young cocks in all our orifices, all night.

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Mean Girls Need Love, Too

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Six months ago, I started working for a large upscale cruise agency in Portland. I joined the marketing team. Seven gorgeous women and three regular guys, including me. Beautiful women, great pay, and to top it off, they gave me a window office that overlooks the Willamette River. What luck, I thought. Then Nel moved in. Right out of grad school and into my life. Over a weekend, she brought in her lamps and curtains. She even rearranged our desks. She sits behind me, now, and I sit by the door.

Last Wednesday.

“Uh, dude, these numbers don’t make sense,” she blurted out. My headphones were on, but it was no use. You can’t tune-out a voice like that. Pitchy, grating.

I spun my chair to face her. Nel’s chubby face leaned forward on her desk. She sneered. The two diamond studs by her eye-tooth glittered.

“What do you mean? I just did what you asked for,” I said.

“I need totals by day and by week. I can’t use dailies to get nets for the week. Come on.” She threw herself back on her chair, flipped her short permed hair, and jabbed a finger at her monitor.

“Fine. How about you send me a request by email and I’ll work on it.”

“Why do I have to do that?” She let out a derisive laugh. “We’re talking about it right now.”

“OK, fine. I’ll work on it,” I said, and turned back to my computer.

“I can’t do my analysis without those numbers,” she kept on.

“OK, got it.” I turned up the volume and drowned her out with my headphones.

Moments later she was on the phone. She’d been going on for almost half an hour. It sounded interesting, so I lowered the volume.

“But, mom, I don’t know what I should do. He’s leaving in a few weeks.” She sounded hurt.

“Yeah. I know I shouldn’t feel this way, but I do. Yeah, yeah. No, he doesn’t work. His visa’s expired. He can’t get a job. I’m paying his rent. And his food. No. No. He’s going back to the Czech Republic. I wish. We used to be boyfriend, girlfriend, but we’re just friends, now. Yeah, I still love him. I couldn’t kick him out.”

Sounded tragic. I did my best to pretend I wasn’t overhearing. But if she wanted privacy, it was not in our little fishbowl of an office.

I kept listening. Maybe I should’ve taken a break.

She hung up the phone, grabbed her jacket and left the office. She didn’t say a word. She came back hours later.


It was the end of the day on a Friday, and our whole group was meeting for drinks at the Basement. When the time came, I volunteered my driving services. Two women came with me, Karen and Jennifer, two of the younger ones. All ten of us were waiting by the elevators, when Nel came into the lobby.

She zipped up her blue rain coat over her lime colored blouse. Her tits bunched together over the top. The coat was too small.

“You coming, Nel?” Cheryl, the director, asked.

“I don’t have a ride.” Said Nel, a little dejected, it seemed.

Cheryl said, “That’s too bad. I’m all full, otherwise you could come with me.”

“You can come with me, Nel,” I said. She agreed and went down the elevator with the rest of us.

We went down to my car. Karen and Jennifer sat in the back and Nel in the front. I got out of the parking garage and sped down the hill to 12th Street.

We got to the bar early, grabbed three tables together, and ordered our drinks. When Cheryl and the rest of the crew got there, we were working on our second round. We were experts. The waitress brought out the food, and we all had a great time, moving in and out of conversations, just yakking and eating good bar food.

Nel leaned in and talked business with Cheryl, and Cheryl did her best to answer her questions and act like she actually cared what Nel had to say. Nel just didn’t get it.

The drinks kept coming, beers, martinis, fru-fru drinks of all varieties. Several hours later, when Cheryl was wrapping it up, making last calls, and arranging for everyone to have a ride, we were all a little drunk. She called for the bill, and slapped down the company plastic. We stayed a while longer. I was leaning in close and talking to Courtney, a cute blond with small tits. Nel was chowing down on the remains of a Nacho plate, and sipping the last of her Long Island. No one was talking to her.

“Karen, I’m going to be driving you home. Where do you live?” I asked across two tables.

“Nel, you need a ride?” I asked next.

“Yeah, dude. OK, tell me when you’re ready.”

“You better not puke in my car, Nel.” I said jokingly.

She made crazy eyes at me and wobbled her head.

The three of us we got up, and walked to my car. I drove Karen home a few blocks away, and then it was Nel’s turn.

“Where do you live?” I asked.

It was a farther than I’d hoped.

“Why don’t you move up front?” I asked.

“I’m good,” she said, and crumpled up in my back seat.

She gave me directions.

“Doing anything tonight, Nel?”

“No. göztepe escort Maybe watch a movie on TV. What about you? Got any plans?”

“No. I think I’m going to go home, drink a beer and maybe read a book.”

“We’re an exciting bunch. Shit, I should’ve stayed in the bar. I could’ve hooked up with some hot guy.”

“Not too late. I can drive you back.” I said.

She laughed. “I was kidding. Don’t you know when I’m kidding?”


I drove into a development and and parked by her town house.

She got her stuff together. “You want to come in?” she asked.

I was surprised at the offer. I thought for a split second and said, “Sure, why not.”

I followed her up a wet grassy hill. The lawn was unlit, but I could still see Nel’s wide hips sway in front of me. I couldn’t help it. I watched her from behind. Red rubber boots. Drenched rain coat. Black jeans that didn’t stretch, stretching in painful torture. We walked up some steps to her place. She unlocked the door and flipped on the lights.

Her place was a disaster. Clothing everywhere, bowls, food wrappers, garbage. Who’d invite anyone to this dump? Where’s the self-respect?

There was no sign of her boyfriend.

“I thought you lived with some guy.”

She paused. “He’s in Seattle visiting some of our friends.”

She turned her head around the place. “Here we go. You like tequila? I have that or Sapphire gin.” The two bottles were resting sideways next to a beat up brown couch. She got me a red plastic cup and poured me the tequila. She went into the refrigerator and poured herself the gin. She walked back to me. The ice cracked in her cup.

“Ah,” she said. “I hate drinking in crowds.” She tossed back half the cup, maybe more. Her face contorted in a freaky way, buggy eyed, with more of that nasty grin I dreaded so much.

“I like drinking in private,” she said. “Hold on. I’ll be right back.”

I sat down on a dining chair and she went to bathroom. I could hear the strong jet piss strike the toilet. It went on forever, and then a flush. She came out, stuffing her blue blouse into her tight jeans.

“You don’t mind, do you? I drink, I piss.” She grabbed her cup.

“I don’t mind.”

She exhaled. “You think they like me? Our coworkers?” she asked.

“Of course, why wouldn’t they?”

“I get that impression. That they don’t like me. The girls don’t hang out or talk to me as much as they talk to one another.” She took a sip of her drink. “You like me right? I’m not a total bitch?”

“No,” I answered without hesitation, probably too quickly.

“Thanks, I like you, too, Craig. I probably treat you the worst.”

I smiled and nodded in mock agreement. “It’s not so bad.”

“Listen, it’s only because we work so well together. I think I can trust you. Not like those other assholes. You see where I’m coming from? You can’t trust anyone.”

She came to the table, pulled a chair and sat down with a thud.

“Is it just me, or is it hard to make friends in this town?”

“You’ve only been here a while. Give it time.”

“I had lots of friends in college. I could talk to them about interesting subjects, about philosophy, books, music.” She looked away, probably recalling these conversations that mattered.

She took a sip from her glass, casually put her hand on my knee and said, “I really like you.”

I nodded. “And I like you. Nel.”

I met her eyes.

“Hey, you know what? Don’t take this the wrong way.” She slapped her forehead. “What am I thinking?”

“What?” I asked.

She said, “I really want to suck your cock.” She whinced.


I took the bottle of gin and poured some into my cup. I couldn’t resist a laugh.

“Ah, I don’t know if that’s such a good idea.”

“No?” she asked puzzled.

I looked at her with an are you kidding me look. I took a drink and flinched at the burn. It was short relief. And then it started again, the voice.

“Here I am, a woman. Look at me. I have these.” She grabbed her tits. “I may not be the most attractive woman, but I’m still a woman, damn you.”

I nodded in urgent agreement.

“A woman’s telling you she wants to suck your dick, you say, yes.” She looked at me with a look of disgust. “Fuck.”

“Who said I didn’t want you to suck my dick?” I put my hand on her shoulder. I stood up.

“I want you to suck my dick.”

I took off my black t-shirt, to show her I was serious. She put a hand to her face and laughed out loud. I squeezed her fleshy arms. I propped her up with some effort and got us on our feet. She was a little shakier than me.

“You’re not going to regret this the next day, are you?” I asked.

She put a hand on my shoulder. “Come here. Give me that.” She pointed at my crotch with her finger.

“You want the cock, huh?” I teased her.

“I need your cock, Craig. Give it to me.” She flopped at me with kartal escort her arms. She grabbed my pants with a firm grip and pulled me to her. She unbuttoned my pants with a few clumsy jerks, and fell to her knees. She shoved my pants right below my ass. Then she thrust her two cold hand into my boxers. She fussed around, made a frowny face like she was mildly frustrated and fumbled in my underwear. She smiled a toothy smile to my face.

Finally, she cupped my balls and gave them a gentle squeeze.

‘Here we go,” she said. “Got it.” She pulled of my boxers. My pants and underwear hung by my feet. With an open hand, she scooped my penis into her mouth. She sucked, tongued and tugged on my still limp dick. She stuck her tongue out and with one long swoop of the tongue, stood up, and brushed her tongue through my pubes, stomach and chest. I held her when she started tilting over.

She steadied herself and nestled her face in my neck.

“What about when we come back in to work on Monday?” I asked, a little late in the game. The alcohol was clouding it up for me. I confused what came first, second, and third. Maybe flowers, a dinner, making out, a little missionary sex?

“I think I can handle the morning after,” she said into my face.

I smiled and held her arms. I pressed my mouth to hers, and we both opened wide. We went right at each other like high school kids.

She put her index finger in front of my face. “Wait, you’re distracting me.”

She let go of me, pushed me off gently, and dropped back to her knees. She pulled off my dangling pants, and methodically took off my shoes, even my socks. When she finished, she took my cock into her mouth and quickly brought me into a full erection.

She was pretty good at giving blowjobs. She had it all down. She made eye contact, used her fingers, tongue, and even a little throat, a very advanced technique. My cock slipped in and out of her pink mouth. I looked down. How do I get myself into these situations?

She sensed it before I did. When she did, her lips locked tightly on the knob of my cock. She made several quick sucking sounds. I held her head and stroked her sticky hair. She pulled my ass closer to her face and held me there. Her nose nuzzled in my pubes. She was deep throating herself.

“Hey, you’re not going to make yourself puke?” I said.

She raised her eyes and stopped sucking my dick.

“What?” I asked.

I was still inside her mouth. It was just a warning.

“Sorry,” I said.

She pressed her tongue against the bottom of my cock.

“Hey, I think I’m going to cum,” I told her.

“I know,” she mumbled.

She opened her mouth, so I could watch. I shot my cum into it. I saw stream after stream, and then smaller globs settle on her teeth and tongue. I was a little embarrassed at how quick I came, and that it was Nel. Holy fuck.

Instead of spitting or holding it in her mouth, she swallowed the whole load, and stuck her tongue down to her chin to show it was all gone. She gave my cock a big final turn in her mouth and walked behind me. I turned around. She had her back to me and she was unbuttoning her blouse. I was thinking she was a little ashamed of her body, perhaps.

“Hey, come over here, let me see you,” I said.

She hesitated, dropped her hands to her sides, and turned around. I walked over and took off the last buttons on her blouse. Her tummy hung out over the top of her jeans. It was white and smooth. I looked at her tits. She rotated her bra around and unclasped it by herself. I watched. Large beautifully rounded globes of flesh fell down. I had no idea.

“Wow,” I said.

She put a hand to her face and laughed. “Craig.”

I worked with her for months and had no idea she had such nice tits.

“They’re beautiful.”

She put her hand to her hips, tilted here and there. She smiled calmly at me. She let me look at her. She was maybe 30 pounds overweight. She carried it well, on her tits, her thighs, down her thick legs. Even the roundness of her stomach turned me on.

“What do you think?” she asked.

“I like.” I couldn’t take my eyes off her huge tits.

She took off her pants, and then she slipped her fingers thru her black cotton panties and slowly moved them down the curve of her ass in a slow strip-tease. She held her back straight and stuck her ass out. She rolled the pants down and off. She was entirely naked, bushy cunt, large breasts, and wide thighs. I stroked the hairs on my lower stomach and licked my lips.

I had learned to hate Nel during the months we worked together. Now, here she was. Naked, with loads of my cum in her stomach. I think my dislike for her actually made me want her more. I never knew it worked that way.

I moved my hand behind her back and down to the bottom of her spine. I shaped her ass, and squeezed her ample mass of flesh. Her head fell forward onto my chest, her hair got maltepe escort in my mouth. She let out a sigh. Her hands clutched my ass. I smelled her, her sweat, the booze drying on her skin. She lifted her head. I took a step back and kissed the insides of her tits and put each hard nipple, one after the other, into my mouth. She groaned. She placed a leg around me.

That’s when I lost my balance and fell over. I honestly thought she would lose it first.

We both laughed.

She came down and sat next to me on the dirty carpeted floor. I ran my hands over her knee, which was smooth and soft, like so much of the rest of her. She put her fingers into her cunt and started gently playing with herself. That did it. I had to fuck her there and then.

“Get on all fours,” I commanded her.

She got on her knees. I got up and around her. I looked down. Her huge ass hung in the air. I rubbed her butt cheeks. I slapped her bottom hard. She winced.

“Oh,” she said. “You’re not going to fuck me in the ass, are you?” She grinned. She wiggled her behind and flexed her back.

“Not on a first date.”

With so much hair getting in the way, I though it best to only bring my cock up to her hole. I poked her. She took it from there. She reached back and put the tip into her cunt. I slid the rest of it in. I straightened my back and gazed down at her backside. She clutched my cock with her cunt, and squeezed it a few times.

“Nice trick,” I said.

I spanked her ass.

“Hey, that hurts!”

I started moving in and out. I slapped my hips against her ass and smacked her lightly with my open palm. She eagerly moved back and forth. I held her soft waist and massaged her fat thighs. I could learn to love this. I did love this. I pushed with the tip of my feet and went in deep. Then, I withdrew my cock almost all the way.

She shook her ass.

“What are you doing? Don’t take it out.”

I knew I was coming soon.

“OK,” I said.

I increased my speed and slammed into her even harder. She responded by thrusting her ass toward me. She didn’t give any ground.

“Fuck me, Craig. Ah, shit,” she said. “Ah, shit.”

She came and uttered a low, quaking “Ohhh”. I stayed inside her. Eventually, my penis softened and fell out. She moaned, disappointed it was over. My cock was covered in a thick white cream, which I quickly wiped with a shirt lying on the floor. I think it was hers.

She got up, smacked the light switch, and came back next to me.

We stretched out and called it a night. Motionless, near senseless, I tickled her foot with mine. She laughed. I was surprising myself. I was beginning to like Nel.

Still dark, but hours later, I got dressed.

“Hey, Nel. I have to go back to my place.”

She mumbled something I didn’t understand. I grabbed my keys and drove back. The streets were almost empty, everyone gone home, a stray bum here and there. What a night.


She didn’t come into work on Monday. I quietly asked around. Cheryl had given Nel the day off, but no one knew what she was doing. I closed my office door and gave her a call.

The phone rang.

“Nel, what’s going on?”

“Oh, it’s you. What do you want?”

“You coming in? No one’s heard from you since Friday.”

“I just didn’t feel like coming in.”

“Mind if I come over.”

There was a pause

“Sure.” And then she hung up.

I drove to her town house, and made my way to her door. Outside by her stairs were five neatly stacked boxes with a yellow folded over note. I knocked on the door, heard her moving inside and walked in.

“Hey, Nel.”

“What you looking for another booty call?” she said. She turned her back to me.


This was not my happy, horny as fuck Nel. This was the other one. She didn’t look at me. She was cleaning up her mess. Most of the clothing was picked up, new storage containers were stacked everywhere. The vacuum was plugged in.

“If you want, Friday never happened. You never came here,” she rambled.

I didn’t say anything. I came over to her. She didn’t move.

“So, why didn’t you call?” she asked.

I didn’t have a reason. I took her two arms into my hands.

“I should have called.” I said. “I’m sorry. I figured I’d see you at work, we’d go out, have lunch.”

I went in for a kiss. She struggled a little, but relaxed. I kissed her lips. She breathed out.

“Hey,” she whispered. She looked at her feet.

“Hey, you.”

“I kicked out Richard.” That was her boyfriend.

“I can see. Boxes out the door. Nice touch.”

“You don’t think he’ll try to break in?”

I held her closer. “I don’t know. I’m sure you can handle some fancy European.”

I squeezed her body tight. She smelled nice, a bath, perfume. I kissed her lips. I put my fingers through her hair. She was steady on her feet.

“So, how about that mid-day booty call?”

She growled. I held her hands and we wrestled to the ground.

She laughed. “You better not think I’m easy.”

“Nothing easy about you,” I said. I let go of her hands.

And then we ran into the bedroom. She was even better sober.

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The Eight Nights of Hanukkah

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Note: I would like to dedicate this story to the magnificent Colleen Thomas. Her writing is timeless and everyone can learn from it!

Simon Jacobsen reluctantly got out of bed and slowly walked toward his older brother’s bedroom. There was only a year separating him from Caleb, and like most younger brothers, he put the older man on a pedestal. As they were growing up, the siblings were more like best friends. They had nearly the same interests and their personalities were very well matched. Simon was a little more private than the outgoing Caleb. By the same token, Caleb needed Simon’s level-headedness to bring his exotic schemes back down to earth.

The house was deathly quiet as Simon entered Caleb’s room. His parents were away for two weeks visiting relatives, and would miss Hanukkah entirely. Caleb had gone off to the nearby junior college he had just enrolled in this year. Simon would have normally been in school with the senior class of Bordertown High, but this particular Tuesday was a conference day and so he was free…for the moment!

Simon was very concerned because his diary was missing. In it, he confided his deepest thoughts, and lately they had been more and more sexual. Since turning eighteen last July, Simon had become much more aware of his older brother, in every way. The two boys looked alike, but Caleb had two inches on Simon’s six foot two inch frame. He also sported a thin moustache whereas Simon was clean shaven. But it was in the penis department that Caleb was blessed. Simon’s mouth watered as he tried to catch his older sibling coming out of the bathroom every morning. One time Caleb had a morning wood and the head and part of the cockshaft poked out of his patterned boxers. Simon figured that his brother’s cock had to be at least nine inches hard, and was dying to see it.

In the sad half light of the small bedroom, Simon could see the many ships in their respective bottles on top of Caleb’s dresser and desk. His brother was a skilled glass blower, and his creations were miniature works of art. Simon fingered the latest project, a gentian blue clipper which was only partially completed. No name graced the proud ship yet, but Simon could see that the small cup of black paint next to the bow was ready once his brother had decided on a title.

Simon felt a twinge of guilt going through his brother’s stuff, but he simply had to find that diary! The last three pages were detailed sex scenes, and his brother was mentioned constantly. Simon would die from embarrassment if Caleb ever read his diary, and he no idea how he would explain it.

Simon started with Caleb’s sock drawer. His brother wore short white ankle socks, and had a multitude of them. Simon looked under the socks, but found nothing. He then proceeded to the next drawer, which contained Caleb’s underwear. His brother wore white sleeveless undershirts and colorful full cut boxers. As Caleb lifted up the neatly folded underpants hoping to find his diary underneath, he felt a stirring in his loins. There was something about touching Caleb’s boxers that was so….so forbidding! He decided it was time to take a break from all this sleuthing. Simon picked up a pair of turquoise silk boxers and lay back on his brother’s unmade bed. The sheets smelled slightly sweaty, and Simon wondered if his brother had beat off that morning.

Taking his painfully hard shaft and hefty balls out of the ample fly slit of his own baby blue boxers, Simon wrapped Caleb’s silk underpants around his cock and slowly started jacking off. The sensations were so exquisite he let out a loud grunt, then uttered expletives he would never use in real life.

Simon fantasized he and Caleb were kissing. Their tongues came together in wild abandon, and the long wet liplocks seemed to go on forever….

Simon’s hand was going up and down on his cock so fast it was merely a blur. His moans became higher pitched as the silk fabric of Caleb’s boxers drove his prick wild. After a couple of minutes of extreme ecstasy, Simon let out a shrill scream that could have been heard over a city block. His cock started spurting the Load of Loads into Caleb’s thin underwear. After nine very full spurts, Simon lay back on the bed with a contented smile on his face. He fell asleep immediately, dreaming of himself and Caleb on an endless bed, having equally endless sex.

The slam of a door downstairs abruptly woke Simon up. It was Caleb, home from school! Simon hurriedly threw Caleb’s ruined silk boxers in a nearby hamper, then quickly scurried back to his own bedroom. He had barely time to jump into a pair of pants, when Caleb came into the room with a mad look on his face. Simon’s jaw dropped when he saw the little red notebook his brother was carrying….his diary!! He felt the color drain from his face and looked down at the floor, wanting to die.

“I read your diary!” Caleb looked at Simon with daggers.

“M-M-a-a-n-n-” Simon started stuttering uncontrollably. “That was a d-d-different Caleb..a g-g-guyyy in s-s-s-c-chooll.” bostancı escort Simon was faltering, and he knew it.

“It was me…and you know what?”

“W-w-what?” Simon continued to stare at the floor, hoping he would fall into a secret chamber.

“I have a diary too!”

Simon looked up at Caleb, who was suddenly grinning like a Cheshire Cat!

“h-h-h-uhhhh?” Simon didn’t get it.

Caleb reached into his bookbag and produced a small blue notebook, about the same size as Simon’s red one.

“I’ve been writing the same kind of stuff you have..about my secret admirer.”

“You mean Mary Stein?” Simon was incredulous. Mary Stein was the heartthrob of every red blooded boy at Bordertown Junior College.

“No, silly,” Caleb smiled warmly. “YOU!”

“W-w-w-w-what!” Simon couldn’t believe this amazing aboutface.

“I want to do the same things to you that you want to do to me.”

“B-b-b-u-t-t-t-t-” Simon hands started to shake with anticipation. “We’re brothers.”

“Didn’t stop you from writing about it, did it??” Caleb let out a hearty guffaw and slapped Simon on the back.

“So n-now what do we do?” Simon still had not fully comprehended that his wildest dreams were about to come true.

“Well instead of giving each other dinky presents each night of Hanukkah like we usually do, let’s offer each other some very physical presents, if you know what I mean!”

“You mean starting tonight?” Simon’s face was a beacon of joy.

“Tonight’s the first night of Hanukkah isn’t it?” Caleb looked at his brother with pure Love.

“Yeah, guess it is.” Simon felt the beginnings of another hard on in his khaki trousers.

“I have to go to the library to study for an exam tomorrow. Make sure to be here when I get back.”

“Of course!” Simon would have agreed to having his head cut off at this point.

In a flash Caleb was gone and Simon started wondering if he had just dreamed the whole sequence. After he came back to earth, he took a cold shower and tried to calm down. Simon decided to get dressed up for his first “date” with Caleb. He put on his best dress trousers and a matching navy blue blazer. The next four hours passed agonizingly slowly as Simon half-heartedly played some computer games and listened to CDs. Finally, there was the unmistakable sound of a key scratching against a door. Simon ran to the front door, opening the heavy wooden portal before Caleb had a chance to turn the key to his heart…

“Hi man.” Simon tried to act casual.

“Hi Bro.” Caleb simply smiled.

“You ready?” Simon looked at Caleb like an eager puppy.

“Ready as I’ll ever be!” Caleb suddenly looked a little embarrassed.

“Let’s sit on the couch.” Simon gestured to the living room.

“Sure!” Caleb led the way to a large flowery sofa that could easily seat four people. The horny siblings sat right next to each other, holding hands. Caleb made the first move. He leaned over and kissed Simon on the cheek. Then he moved to his mouth. A tongue tentatively came out and manuevered its way through Simon’s lips. His brother returned the favor and their tongues dueled like two playful snakes. At the same time, Caleb rubbed Simon’s nipples through his blazer. Simon ran his fingers over his brother’s neck and upper chest. Both men felt their insistent boners pressing against their dress slacks. Suddenly Simon let out a muffled groan.

“O-h-h-h-h-h- SHIT!!”

“What happened?” Caleb had a concerned look on his face as the brothers broke their lip lock. He looked down at Simon’s crotch and started to laugh hysterically.

“You creamed your pants!” Simon turned beet red as Caleb continued to chuckle.

“I didn’t mean to…it just happened!”

Caleb took Simon’s hand and placed it on his own crotch. Sure enough, there was a large stain across the front of his white trousers. Now it was Simon’s turn to laugh.

“You creamed your pants too.”

“Yeah, we came together, man!”

The brothers felt a little awkward after their quick but intense orgasms.

“Tomorrow will be better, I promise!” Simon suddenly felt woefully inadequate.

“You were fine.” Caleb kissed his younger brother on the cheek. “I love you, man!”

“I love you too,” Simon nuzzled Caleb’s cheek as he started daydreaming about the next evening.


It was very hard for Simon to concentrate in school the next day, but somehow he managed. Caleb had late exams and wouldn’t be home until 8 o’clock. After school Simon went over Jacob Finkleberg’s house, his best friend. The two boys watched the original Star Wars, shared a pizza and a lot of sexual jokes. Then it was time for Simon to go home. He hummed merrily as he drove the short distance to his humble abode. Caleb’s sky blue Toyota Corolla was already in the driveway. Simon quickly opened the door and bolted into the kitchen. Caleb was nowhere in sight.

“Caleb, where are you?” Simon was nervous already.

“I’m ümraniye escort up here.” Simon heard a muffled reply from the bedroom.

Simon bounded up the staircase two steps at a time and raced into Caleb’s bedroom. There was his sexy brother laying lazily on the queen size bed, clad only in a white sleeveless undershirt and blue plaid boxers.

“What’s up?” Caleb smiled wickedly at Simon as he fingered the large bulge in his underwear.

“I think a lot!” Simon started throwing his clothes off until he too was in a similar wife beater and blue striped boxers. He jumped on the bed and the two men embraced in a hug that defied time. After what seemed like an eternity as the two brothers made out and french kissed into oblivion, Caleb suddenly broke their torrid embrace and reached into a small drawer by the bed.

“What are you getting?” Simon asked quizzically.

“Just some lube.” Caleb answered matter-of-factly. “I saw some cadets do this in a movie once and it looked really hot.”

Caleb generously greased his cock with the lube and did the same to Simon’s wang. Then, he got on top of his younger brother and grandually pushed his long thin shaft into the fly opening of Simon’s boxers. At the same time, Simon’s bone hard prick pressed into Caleb’s boxer slit. The two men let out loud groans as their lubed cocks pressed against each other. Then Caleb started thrusting his boner in and out of Simon’s boxers. The sensations were so incredible for both of them they both groaned and grunted like sweaty pigs.

“I’m gonna cum man…Caleb finally managed to get out…this is too intense!”

“Me, too!” Simon squeaked. “Let’s cum together!”

Caleb gave one tremendous thrust into Simon’s boxers and let forth with a hoarse wail. At the same time Simon screamed with lust as both men dumped a full eight squirts in each other’s shorts. Caleb collapsed on Simon, still breathing heavily.

“That was unbelievable!” Simon had never felt so emptied yet content at the same time.

“Definitely better than last night!” Caleb grinned at Simon and gave him a deep kiss. The two brothers quickly fell asleep in each others’ arms…..


The third night of Hanukkah progressed even more smoothly. After a sumptuous feast of macaroni and cheese, cheerios, and stale coke, the brothers quickly stripped to their underwear and climbed into Caleb’s waiting bed. For some reason, they didn’t quite feel comfortable being totally naked with each other..yet. Simon quickly reached into Caleb’s white boxers and starting jacking his massive prong off furiously. Caleb, in turn, pulled Simon’s beautiful hard-on out of his checkered shorts and masturbated him with two hands, the way he usually did it himself.

“Hold on man, I don’t want to cum that fast.” Caleb gently slowed down Simon’s vigorous pumping.

“Oh, Ok, sorry.” Simon was so excited to be actually handling his brother’s cock he had lost control of himself completely. The two brothers looked into the depths of each others’ eyes as they slowly jacked each other off contentedly. Then, Caleb leaned over and gave Simon a kiss. A kiss without end, as the two brothers turned lovers sloppily thrust their tongues in and out of each others’ mouths. For the next 15 minutes time stood still as the two brothers’ hands explored every nook and cranny of their ample endowments. Simon was the first to lose his load.

“F-f-f-f-uck!” His cock started spasming just as Caleb felt his own impending orgasm.

“Jesus!” Caleb grunted as he cock started shooting off like a cannon.

The two brothers laughed together as their cum flew everywhere, on Simon’s discarded shirt, the headboard, a model ship, and the previously pristine white rug. Then they tickled each other unmercifully until they finally fell asleep.


On the fourth day of Hannukah, Caleb had another long day of school because it was a Friday. Simon just went through the motions at school, fantasizing the whole day about sucking Caleb’s cock that evening. He couldn’t believe there were five days of pleasure left. It was truly extraordinary that the brothers had become so close in such a short space of time.

After what seemed an eternity, the bell rang and Simon drove to the library, as he hadn’t had time to study all week. The next 5 hours were pure hell as Simon tried to learn a series of boring facts about World War II. Finally, he drove home, smiling as he eyed Caleb’s Toyota in the driveway.

Simon rushed into the house, throwing clothes everywhere as he rushed up the stairs to Caleb’s room. As he bolted through the open door, there was his stud brother in his blue silk boxers and nothing else. Caleb had taken his cock and balls out of the fly slit and was stroking himself slowly.

Simon quickly stripped to his own solid blue boxers and pulled his rock hard prick and balls out of the fly. He got next to Caleb and started ümraniye escort stroking his hairy chest. Caleb in turn pinched Simon’s nipples until they were hard nubs against his fingers. The two men enjoyed their erotic titplay until Caleb abruptly stopped his gentle massage of Simon’s nipples. Bending over Simon’s crotch, he stuck his tongue out and made contact with Simon’s balls.

“Oh my God, man, that feels so good!” Simon closed his eyes contentedly.

Encouraged by Simon’s approval, Caleb stuck his broad tongue back as far as it would go. He bathed Simon’s balls with spit as his younger brother groaned into oblivion. After two exquisite minutes of ballplay, Caleb moved up to Simon’s prickstalk. He took the head and a good three inches of shaft down his throat in one gulp as Simon let out a loud groan. Then he deep throated his brother like a madman, delighting in Simon’s moans and grunts. Although Simon tried to hold back, the idea of being given his first blow job by his older brother was simply too much for him.

“This is it-t-t-t-t-!” Simon started to shoot off in Caleb’s mouth a solid six spurts of cum. Caleb swallowed it all eagerly, loving the slightly salty almond taste. At the same time, his own cock exploded all over the bedsheets. The two brothers lay silently for a good minute, each too amazed to speak.

“That was awesome!” Simon finally managed to get out.

“No, you’re awesome!” Caleb embraced his brother strongly, never wanting to let him go.


The fifth day of Hanukkah was a Saturday and as it worked out, both Caleb and Simon had made plans for the day. Caleb was going to a local amusement park with some friends while Simon was doing the local Mall circuit with Jacob Finkleberg. It was just as well, as the brothers needed a little time apart to prepare for the nights activities. Simon had a funny feeling he was going to lose his cherry butt to his brother and was excited but a little worried at the same time. He’d only seen one gay video and it looked like the guys were in pain as they were penetrated. Simon knew that Caleb would never want to him to be in any discomfort, so he wasn’t too concerned. Still, it was definitely going to be a night to remember!

Simon managed to actually enjoy himself at the mall with Jacob, who was absolutely clueless as to what he was doing with his brother. And Caleb had a reasonably good time at the amusement park, trying not to think of Simon too much, as he got an instant erection. In due course, dark followed light and the brothers arrived home at the same time, about eight o’clock.

Simon followed Caleb by about 5 minutes. When he walked into the house it was completely dark, save for a light coming from Caleb’s room. Simon set a speed record getting to his brother. To his surprise, Caleb was standing in the doorway, wearing a grin and a towel and not much else.

“What….?” Simon gave Caleb a goofy grin.

“Thought we would take a shower together, what do you say?”

“Sure!” Simon was pleasantly surprised. He practically ripped his clothes off as Caleb dropped his towel to the floor. The two brothers took in their naked bodies for the first time. Caleb had a moderately hairy chest, with a cute pleasure trail leading to his navel. Simon was a bit smoother, with sparse hair on his chest and legs.

Caleb led the way to the large shower and Simon quickly followed suit. In a manner of seconds the spray of water hit their well muscled bodies as Caleb soaped up his younger brother. Simon in turn, soaped up Caleb, eventually dropping to his knees. He looked hungrily at his brother’s magnificent prick, then took the dickhead in his moist cavern. Caleb groaned and grunted as Simon sucked him off like a pro (he has been practicing with a banana for months), trying not to cum as Simon got progressively deeper and deeper. After a few minutes of extreme bliss, Caleb reluctantly pushed Simon’s head off his pulsating cock. He gently pulled his brother up and turned him around. As if on cue, Simon offered his virgin asshole to his one and only brother. Caleb soaped Simon’s asscrack generously, then inserted the head of his cock into his brother’s waiting hole. Simon let out a mixture of a groan and a scream as Caleb penetrated him in one quick thrust. Then, the older man screwed his younger brother with infinite gentleness, taking him one easy inch at a time. Simon felt a little pain at first, but as Caleb started to massage his prostate, any aches and discomfort quickly turned into a burning pleasure.

As Caleb thrust his cock deeped and deeper into Simon’s bowels, both men swore up a storm under the rushing water. At one point, Caleb reached around and started jacking off Simon’s cock vigorously. That was enough to bring them both over the brink.

“I’m g-going t-too p-op!” Caleb screeched.

“J-j-j-j-j-esus!” Simon groaned as he felt the amazing sensation of Caleb’s cream blasting in his butt. At the same time his own cock started to spasm all over the shower walls. The next minute was mind boggling for the two brothers as they seemed to orgasm forever. Finally, Caleb pulled his cock out of Simon’s butt with a loud plopping sound. He blew into Simon’s ear and the two brother’s exchanged long sloppy kisses.

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The Eavesdropping Daughter

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Anna Kendrick

Merry Christmas to everyone at Literotica! Just finished this little tale in time for the holidays and hope it brings you some Christmas cheer!


This story is inspired by a friend who showed me her family home and who actually had her bedroom in the attic and unbeknownst to her mom and dad, spent many an hour enjoying their lovemaking via the method included in the story. Of course, the story is fictional — all characters are simply the product of my over stimulated imagination and any resemblance to anyone living or dead is a coincidence.

One further note: I diverged from my usually pattern of breaking longer stories into 2-3 parts in writing this story — it just seemed to flow better as one long story. Let me know what you think. Please offer me some feedback be it positive or negative. Enjoy!

Do you know how much it sucks to move just before your senior year? Daddy works for a big manufacturing firm and they tapped him to help absorb a new factory they had purchased clear across the country. Without even talking to me, Daddy and Mom decided to sell the house and move from Arizona to some small country town in Kentucky. Apparently, they were able to sell our nice house and buy an old country house and pocket a sizeable profit.

“We’re talking enough to pay for your college, Pam,” Mom told me matter-of-factly. “I know its hard moving and leaving your friends and old school behind, but this is what’s best for the family, us and you.”

Of course, I just rolled my eyes. It just sucked — I was losing my best friend, Vicky and my sometimes boyfriend, David who I was close to giving in on the big sex question. Dammit, I was a cheerleader on one of the best squads in the state! It just sucked.

To add insult to injury, we wound up celebrating my eighteenth birthday on the long drive across the country. No big party — just an embarrassing moment when the waitresses of a restaurant presented me with ice cream and a brownie with a candle stuck in it and sang me “Happy Birthday,” in front of a laughing crowd. Daddy promised they would make it up to me later, after we got settled in Kentucky. I doubted that. The only thing good thing I could foresee was that in another year, I could escape the hick town we were moving to for college. I already had my eye on a couple of West Coast Schools.

Most of our stuff was already in the house brought before we arrived by the movers, but we spent another two days unpacking and sorting everything. The only good thing about our new home was that it had a huge attic that had been fitted out as a bedroom — the biggest bedroom anyone could wish for. Lots of room for everything. It seems that the previous family had been quite large and had set the attic up for several kids. It even had its own bathroom.

Despite the second floor having four bedrooms, Mom and Daddy agreed to let me live up in the attic. “Nothing wrong with a little privacy, right honey?” Mom said, putting her arm around Daddy’s waist and winking up at him.

Daddy just grinned and leaned down and kissed Mom on the lips, giving her a quick pinch on her butt. I just rolled my eyes. Mom and Daddy had been real lovey-dovey all the way here. They were always touching and kissing each other. “Too much information, Mom,” I said in my best sarcastic voice and then I turned and headed up the stairs to my new room to plan how I wanted to lay everything out.

I slept downstairs on a mattress that first night, but with Mom’s help, I got my bedroom cleaned up and all three of us lugged my bedroom furniture upstairs the next day and by that evening, even though I had lots to unpack, I was able to spend my first night in my new room. I said my good nights right after dinner, pecking Daddy on the cheek and giving Mom a quick hug. I was still mad about moving and just wanted to go sulk in private.

I did some more work putting my room in order and was wondering if I could guilt my parents into letting me have a small refrigerator upstairs — then I could hide up there for days and not talk to them! It had gotten pretty late and I was getting ready to go to bed. I went to go pee and was sitting on the toilet when I realized I could hear my parents talking.

I looked around and realized there was a rectangular metal grate between the sink and the toilet. I leaned over and almost gasped. I could see downstairs — right into my parents’ bathroom. Depending on the angle, I could see who was at the sink or on the toilet. Daddy was standing at the sink, wearing boxer shorts and Mom was talking to him from nearby.

“So, honey, what did you think of what your daughter was wearing today?” I heard Mom ask Daddy.

Daddy laughed and spat out his toothpaste. “Well, I think if her shorts get any smaller, she should just run around in her panties. And that T-shirt — why don’t you wear those half –T’s?”

Mom snorted and I heard her reply, “Because I don’t have her figure anymore — I wish I had her flat stomach ataşehir escort bayan and I wish I had her sweet ass which I noticed you couldn’t keep your eyes off of all day long.”

Daddy shrugged his shoulders and after rinsing out his mouth said. “Well, can you blame me — her tight ass cheeks hanging out like they were? God, and the way her shirt hangs off those pert tits of hers — you have no idea what that does to me.”

Mom moved into my view then, wrapping her arms around Daddy and she slipped one hand into his shorts and said, “Oh, I know exactly what Pammy does to her Daddy!” Daddy turned around and kissed Mom while her hand moved up and down in his shorts while I sat there in absolute shock. My mother and father were talking about me! Talking about my body in a sexual way! A shiver went through me — from the top of my head to between my legs where it turned to intense heat that spread back through my body.

I reached down and traced a finger along the length of my wispy haired pussy and was amazed to find myself wet. I heard Mom began to speak and peered down again.

“C’mon, you dirty old man — let’s take care of your problem,” Mom said in a teasing voice and then she led Daddy out of the bathroom, holding him by his hard penis which I only got a quick glimpse of.

Their voices faded and a part of me wanted to cry out in protest and then it occurred to me that the attic had more than one of those grates…maybe, just maybe. I scurried out of the bathroom, looking anxiously about. There was on in the near corner — I hurried to it, but it was dark and quiet. Damn! I found another across the room and it was dark and quiet too.

I balled my fists in frustration and then remembered that there was another grate under my bed! I got down on my belly and wiggled my way under the bed frame. I reached the grate and peered down and almost laughed when I saw that my prayers were answered!

Omigod! I had an almost perfect view of my parents’ bed! I felt another shiver race through me to explode in white hot heat between my legs. Looking down I could see Daddy sprawled naked on the bed, Mom lying between his legs and stroking his thing — his penis — his cock and it was big! I had jacked off my old boyfriend before, but he had nothing on my daddy! Mom looked like she could barely get her hand around it.

Mom was naked too, her butt, looking like a slightly older version of my own, staring up at me. Mom scissored her shapely legs and when she moved, I would get a brief glimpse of her bare pussy. I had no idea that Mom shaved her pussy. Looking at it made me hot between my legs too. I had a momentary flash of Vicky lying naked and me fingering her on the nights I slept over at her house.

Mom giggled and said, “So tell me, John, how badly do you want to fuck our daughter? Maybe I should go up and get her and let her see this big bad cock. She leaned forward and gave it a lick. “Or maybe you would like Pammy to get on her knees and suck Daddy’s dick?”

Daddy groaned and said, “Yessssss! I would love to have her little mouth around my cock, sucking me till I cum!”

A shiver seemed to go through Mom. “Mmmm. Do you want to cum in your daughter’s mouth, baby…or maybe shoot your nasty jizz all over Pammy’s face?”

Dad just groaned and Mom continued, her voice husky and strange. “Just close your eyes, Daddy — let Pammy suck Daddy’s cock for him.”

Mom moved and all I could see was her dark hair bobbing up and down above Daddy’s crotch. Still, it was hot — looking at my Daddy squirming on his bed, his hands tangled in Mom’s short, black hair, hips moving up and down to meet her movements. It suddenly occurred to me what a hunk Daddy was. He kept in shape by running and working out at the gym and while he had a bit of a stomach, his body was mostly muscle — his chest, a mat of thick hair. Daddy’s hair was a peppery mix that Vicky and other of my girlfriends had thought as kinda sexy and I suddenly realized that they were right.

I could hear the wet, gobbling noises Mom was making with her mouth, sucking Daddy’s cock. It didn’t take Daddy long and then he was shaking and moaning, “Cathy, I’m cumming, baby — I’m gonna cum.”

Mom let him slip from his mouth and said in a voice that was a good imitation of mine, “No, it’s me, Daddy — it’s Pammy sucking your cock!” That was all it took. The head of Daddy’s cock swelled and then sprayed sperm all over Mom’s face. One spurt, then another and then Mom had her mouth on him again and was sucking hard, making Daddy claw the sheets and groan until I thought he was going to go out of his mind.

Mom seemed to suck Daddy’s cock for what seemed like forever, but she finally let him slip, still half erect from his mouth and she scurried up into his arms. “That was good, sweetie,” Daddy said, smiling at Mom lovingly.

“Not as good as your love cream, John,” Mom sighed back. I watched in awe as Daddy took his finger and began to bostancı escort wipe his sperm off Mom’s face, getting a finger loaded with his white spunk and then letting Mom suck it off his fingers.

I covered my mouth with my hand to squelch a little moan as an orgasmic tremor spread out from my pussy. In my wildest dreams, I would never have imagined my parents acting so…hot and nasty!

So tell me what you would like to do with our little girl, sweetie,” Daddy said.

Mom sucked Daddy’s finger clean of a glob of his cum and then said, “Well — I think I’d like to have you fucking me with that big cock, hubby dear while Pammy sits on my face and I eat her sweet little pussy.” As Mom spoke, her hand slipped down Daddy’s hairy chest, across his stomach and into his crotch to wrap around his still sizable penis.

While you fuck my pussy silly with this big beast, I would see how far I can get my tongue up our daughter’s cunt and see how wet she can make my face!” Mom giggled. “And then…

Daddy was grinning from ear to ear, “And then, Cathy?” Daddy’s cock was beginning to rise again. I was amazed. I would have thought guys his age were only good for one go around a night — if that!

“And then, after you put a nice hot load of jism inside my pussy, making me cum in the process — I’d see how many times Pam could make her mom orgasm while eating her daddy’s cum out of my pussy!”

“And I could be fucking her tight little cunt while she eats you out.” Daddy’s cock was again hard and stiff! He gave Mom a kiss, thrusting his tongue into her mouth. Mom kissed him back, pulling him over on top of her. I groaned again into my hand as I saw how with practiced ease, Mom spread her legs wide on the bed and Daddy lifted his hips and thrust down, making Mom moan as she jerked her head back.

Mom pulled her knees back, and wrapped her long legs around Daddy’s hips — her heels digging into Daddy’s butt while he made her toes curl. “Fuck me, lover,” Mom moaned, her lips pulled back in a sneer. Fuck me like you’d fuck our little girl!”

I felt my pussy turn absolutely molten at Mom’s words and then when Daddy gave a little growl and began to really pump his cock in and out of Mom’s pussy fast and hard, I had to clamp a hand over my mouth to muffle my own moans as I had a little orgasm — my pussy flooding my panties with my juices.

I could not tear my eyes away from the spectacle of my parents fucking like maniacs. I mean, I’ve seen porno flicks before. Vicky and I would sometimes sneak one out of her brother’s room, but this was my Mom and my Dad! And Daddy seemed to really know what he was doing judging from Mom’s cries of pleasure. Mom’s body writhed under Daddy — her plump tits bouncing in rhythm with Daddy’s thrusts while she clawed his back or the sheets. Mom seemed to try and thrust back when she could, but then Daddy would move his hips just so or pick up the pace of his fucking and Mom would be helpless beneath his body.

Finally, Daddy seemed to stiffen up and he rammed himself deep into Mom’s cunt. “I’m cumming, Cathy!” he gasped and I saw his pretty buff ass cheeks clench and then his balls began to jerk and I knew he was shooting his stuff inside Mom’s womb.

A look of pure contentment crossed Mom’s face and then quickly morphed into the contorted face of a woman experiencing an incredible orgasm and then Mom seemed to have a seizure, wrapping her arms and legs tight around my father’s body and sobbing, “YESSSSSSS!” before they both collapsed into a heaving pile of limbs. My little orgasm escalated on its own and I marveled even as I shook uncontrollably that I was having an orgasm without any physical stimulation. I bit my hand hard enough to draw a thin streamer of blood in an effort to muffle my own ecstatic cries.

Still, I couldn’t take my eyes off my parents, marveling as Daddy finally slipped off Mom and revealed her completely, her legs widespread, pussy wide open — her pink flesh bald and revealing, glistening with her juices and Daddy’s white spunk. I was completely mesmerized by the rise and fall of her tits, realizing with some satisfaction that even at forty years old, her breasts, a little fuller and heavier than mine, were still in good shape — not sagging much at all. Daddy reached over and helped her orgasm linger a little longer by pinching and teasing one nickel sized nipple, making Mom quiver with pleasure.

“Oh my god, John, that was wonderful” Mom sighed when she finally caught her breath.

“Just wonderful, Cathy?” Daddy replied. “Not perfect?”

Mom purred and turned to kiss Daddy. “Mmmmm — perfect would have to end with Pammy between my legs licking me clean and making me cum one last time.” She giggled and she and Dad kissed some more.

“Who knows, Babe, maybe wishes come true,” Daddy said in a teasing voice.

“Mmmm — what’s your wish, Daddy?” asked Mom. “Fucking our Pammy till she screams with pleasure?”

Dad sighed. “Sounds bostancı escort great, but well, I guess I’ll settle for her wearing that little, red bikini of hers some time soon.”

Mom reached over and stroked Daddy’s weary penis and laughed. “Me too! Anything that will make this hard for Momma!” They both laughed and Mom turned out the lamp next to the bed. I sat still for a few more minutes as I heard them softly whisper their “good nights” and “I love you” and quickly drift off to sleep.

Carefully, I withdrew from my spot, a little confused as I felt wetness on my stomach and then brushing against my scrunched up T-shirt. Then my own smell hit me and I realized I had literally cum in a puddle. Out from under the bed, I looked at myself in a mirror propped up against a wall. My blue cotton panties looked like I had peed myself — I was that wet. I ran a finger over my tummy, feeling my own juices slick on my skin.

I gazed at my own awe struck image in the mirror. My parents using me to spice up their fantasies — to put the sizzle back in their love lives. How the fuck long had this been going on? I took stock of myself. I knew I was kinda pretty, although I was sure I could stand to lose a few pounds. Five foot, seven inches, one hundred-thirty pounds. Long, dark brown hair that hung half way down my back. Nice, melon sized breasts with nickel size nipples that were just like Mom’s. I had good, muscular legs from being a cheerleader for the last three years.

Okay, I knew I could turn a boys head, but my Daddy? And Mom — here I had had guilt feelings over my girl games with Vicky, but now to hear my Mom talk about eating my pussy — wanting me to eat her out! And I couldn’t believe how wet it made me to know they thought and talked about me like I was some little fucking slut.

My fingers found there way inside my panties and I couldn’t help but groan as my fingers slipped inside my wet hole — my thumb brushing over my swollen clitoris. I stumbled back and fell on my bed, pushing my sodden panties off with one hand while I plunged three fingers inside my pussy with the other.

I spread my legs wide and finger fucked myself, still looking at the mirror at my shameless image, wispy dark hair surrounding my swollen pussy lips as I forced a fourth finger inside me — imagining it being Daddy’s cock buried in me rather than my hand. I felt my fingers being flooded with my juices as I began to cum and cum hard. I fell back and pressed my face into my stuffed teddy bear to muffle the sound of my cries as I hunched against my hand, bringing myself to the best self induced orgasm of my young life.

I fell asleep that way, fingers still in my throbbing cunt, imagining my parents touching and caressing me — letting me join them in their naughty games. My last thoughts before sleep claimed me was me wondering what my Mom and Daddy would say if I asked to join them and whether or not I had the nerve to even try.

The next day I woke up still feeling excited about what I had witnessed last night. I took a long shower as I considered what had happened and the thought of it had me so worked up, I had to pleasure myself again before I climbed out — again fingering myself as the warm water jet teased my clitoris and sensitive folds of cunt flesh.

For the first time in my life, I considered my outfit with the sole purpose of turning my Daddy on. I considered all my usual outfits, but even though they would show off my sexy side, I wanted to go a little further. I finally settled on a low cut T-shirt that I had truthfully outgrown. I left my bra off and giggled at myself in the mirror. The cotton material clung to me like a second skin, my nipples obvious without my bra and the upper portions of my full breasts overflowing the scoop-neck.

With it, I wore a too tight pair of shorts that barely buttoned. The shorts were made of light blue cotton and clung to my body so tightly you could just make out the shape of my pubic mound — I was definitely pushing what my old boyfriend like to call “camel-toe territory.” The outfit also exposed my bare tummy — the shorts waistband so low, it exposed skin almost to where my wispy pubic hair began.

Before I went down to breakfast, I did some rearranging of my bedroom. I scooted the bed sideways until I had uncovered my peak-a-boo grate. I then found a throw rug to cover it up when someone might be visiting my room. Now I could lie on my bed, tug the rug off and peek to my heart’s delight.

I hurried downstairs to the kitchen where Mom and Daddy were finishing breakfast, proud of my naughty flaunting of my own body — until I saw both my parents looking at me and I felt my face flushing with embarrassment.

“Good morning,” I said as I entered the room. I was suddenly very nervous and to cover up my jitters, I flitted around the room, fixing myself some cereal and toast. Even with my back turned, I could feel my parents’ eyes crawling all over my partially covered body.

Mom said, “Good morning, sweetheart. Did you sleep alright last night?”

I nodded and said, “I really like my new room.”

Daddy chuckled and said, “Well, what do you know? That’s the first positive thing I’ve heard you say since we left Arizona!”

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Mauve Panties

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“See y’all later!” My friend’s mom waved cheerfully from her station wagon. “I’m off to get groceries — need anything? Oh, and I’m going to pick up a pair of mauve underwear, so if you need …” Her voice trailed off as the heat rushed to our teenage faces. She drove off laughing into the misty afternoon.

“Hey kids, I’m back!”

We scrambled to get our clothes in order and open our books. Studying, we were supposed to be. Sophomores in the local state university, grinding our way through second year tech courses.

“Did you get everything on your list?” I asked. My friend gave me a quizzical look.

“Oh yes, everything. I checked out that nice lingerie store that just opened in town. They have very beautiful things there.”

She barely raised an eyebrow at our perspiring faces and bulging trousers as we quickly closed our laptops where we’d been watching MILF porn. “Whatcha been doin, guys?” A wink and a big guffaw came on the heels of her quip as she sashayed into her room.

When she came back she had a cigarette between her fingers and a tray with three old fashioned glasses. Her eyes were shining with mischief. She slid the patio doors open and headed outside. The garden, surrounded by a tall, dense hedge was cool, despite the early-summer heat. My friend’s neighbourhood was a ’50s suburb of one-story ranch houses.

She’d changed into a long, loose, dark maroon caftan. She was still a very good-looking woman, with long dark hair curling below her shoulders and big, soft tits. I’d imagined touching them often as I beat my meat for relief.

Stiff nipples poked at the soft fabric that draped from her shoulders to her wide hips as she handed a glass to me and her son.

The drink was deep amber, glinting red where the setting sun refracted through clear ice. In each glass a cherry peeked among the cubes along with a twist of lemon peel. The aroma was intoxicating.

She took a sip, eyeing me over the rim of her glass. “Well?”

It was strong enough that I almost sputtered, but sweet enough that the second sip was a gulp, in spite of my eyes watering.

She chuckled. “Is this your first manhattan? I daresay you’ll enjoy many more in your life — handsome guy like you. Why, the girls must be drawn to you like flies to honey.”

My friend was turning red, and not because he’d downed most of his drink in a couple of quick gulps.

His mom noticed, and came back with a pitcher of ice and three bottles: rye whisky, vermouth and a small wrapped in paper. She proceeded to mix a pitcher full of these “manhattans,” adding dashes of what she called Angostura at the end, then stirring them gently with a tall chrome spoon.

“I know you both just had 19th birthdays, and I’m sorry I couldn’t attend because kadıköy escort of work but I heard you had a super time with a pack of buddies and a posse of girls. I’m sure you didn’t miss an old broad like me.”

The heavy globes of her breasts swayed rhythmically as she stirred the drinks languidly. The nipples got harder as they rubbed against the soft maroon fabric. The image was hypnotic.

The girls we hung around with tended to be athletic — pretty, yes, but the sports bras they wore like a uniform gave them all boyish figures and, while their leggings occasionally showed a bit of camel toe, they were for the most part androgynous.

My friend’s mom, on the other hand, was all woman. And the second drink was giving me stupid courage. The filters I’d learned being brought up by a single mom in the Big Smoke were rapidly fading in the California haze. And then it happened …

“How long since you’ve been fucked with your panties on, Mrs. Stanton?” I blurted. Bold for a 19-year-old.

My friend choked loudly, and shoved an elbow hard into my ribs. “Come on, tell me you haven’t fantasized about your mom,” I whispered. “And your dad, when he was around. Everyone does.”

Mrs. Stanton took me by the hand and led me to the outdoor sofa, its cushions plump and inviting.

“Young man, you’re pretty forward, aren’t you? But that was a pretty perceptive question, though it shocked me at first.

“I have to admit it’s been more than ten years, if you really want to know.”

She sat down a bit heavily. I could smell the fresh lemon from her second drink, which had left her a trifle tiddly. She reached up and pulled me down beside her.

My jeans were already straining and I gingerly reached out toward her. She held my wrist and let my thumb graze her left nipple, which sent an electric shock through both of us.

“Mauve, yes. With lace,” she said.

I grinned at her. My friend gulped his drink and poured himself a double.

“Do you have a ladies’ hand mirror?”

“Whatever for?”

“I want you to enjoy this as much as I do, Mrs. Stanton…”

“Call me Peggy, please. And yes, in the bathroom cupboard, middle shelf.”

I practically skipped back with the mirror, laying it carefully on the end table. The sun had set but the twilight glow was extremely flattering.

I squeezed beside her, nibbling an earlobe. She shuddered slightly and sighed.

I kissed her warm lips gently and she parted them, flicking her tongue against mine. The spicy liquor tasted sweetly erotic, then she pulled back a bit and pulled my white t-shirt up and over my head, then unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my jeans.

It was all I could do to keep from spurting as her hot hand slowly measured the length pendik escort of my cock through my y-fronts. My friend covered his eyes, but I could see he was peeking through his fingers.

Regaining my courage, I pushed her shoulders back so she was lying stretched out on the sofa, smiling with half-closed lids.

I grabbed a couple of handfuls of her caftan and lifted it slowly. Solid thighs, nicely tanned. Mauve panties, silky with baby-blue lace panels in the sides and a band of the same lace around the waist.

I slipped the soft maroon jersey higher, exposing the soft bottoms of her juicy breasts and finally wide brown areolas with dark rose nipples jutting out like pencil erasers.

As I leaned in to kiss them, I could feel her sudden intake of breath. With the flat of my palm I caressed her belly and the front of her panties, feeling the springy softness of her well-developed bush underneath.

She groaned as my finger slid down between her silk-covered lips. Suddenly she reached up and roughly yanked my underwear down around my thighs. I picked up the mirror and handed it to her so one hand was on handle and the other steadied the frame. She smirked.

My rod jutted out stiffly, the head glistening and rosy purple. Spreading wide, she lay her head back and tilted the mirror to enjoy the view.

I hoisted her thighs around my hips, and pulled the crotch of her flimsy panties to one side. I was intoxicated watching the rise and fall of her belly and breasts as her breaths came faster and faster.

The head of my cock was nearly there, poised above her entrance with its stiff pink rosebud and wet, welcoming opening visible between her thigh and the moist mauve silk of her panties.

When we touched, it felt like a shock. Then I slowly pushed in — as she stared wide-eyed at the mirror.

Halfway in, there was some resistance. I pulled out slowly, stroking my rod to spread her creamy moisture down the shaft, then gripped myself tight and pushed in until my curled fingers were snug against her lips and my thumb on her rosebud.

She gasped, and I gently rubbed her rosebud while I squeezed my throbbing cock painfully to keep from blowing the load I could feel straining to splash into her hot, wet tunnel.

“Slowly, boy, slowly,” she growled, clamping my rod inside her and digging her mauve-manicured nails into the muscles of my hockey-player ass. “Pull out and slide your cock over my bush. I want to feel your loaded balls bang my clit … Ahhhh, like that.


My rod, wet with her juices, slid between the mauve panties and the soft brown hair of her bush. With every stroke my sack made a heavy slap as it banged her clit and her breath hissed between her lips.


I bostancı escort froze. “Change places. Lie on your back.” She knelt between my legs and licked my rod from balls to tip until I thought I’d burst, then straddled me and stood my dick up till its head was touching her rosebud.

She used it to rub herself until I could feel the juice running down over my balls and hear her gasping for breath. She moved slightly, and slid down and back till I was in her to the hilt as she rode me.

Grinding on me slowly, she clamped my rod with her thighs and swung her heavy breasts over my lips so I could lick them with every stroke. I was pretty well cross-eyed with lust.

Suddenly she slapped my face lightly. “Not yet!”

I exhaled as she magically massaged my rod without moving her body. My eyes almost rolled back in my head as the internal contractions continued slowly, keeping me just shy of exploding.

“Joe! Get over here…”

I’d almost forgotten my friend. I turned my head and saw his jeans down around his knees and his hand sliding back and forth along his unusually long, skinny member as he watched his mom with me deep inside her.

He lurched drunkenly toward us, his jeans around his ankles and his hand still gripping his dick. “Kneel behind me,” she ordered.

He landed heavily on the sofa, eliciting a “tsk” from his mom, who was staring into the mirror at her son. From somewhere she produced a tube of lube and passed it to him.

“Pull my panties down and quirt this in the crack of my ass, then rub a handful all over your cock.”

The obedient son did as he was told.

She spread her cheeks with her hands. “Now! Put it in!”

I felt his iron-hard rod slide into her well-lubed ass, stroking my dick as he got rhythm.

Once he got balls-deep she started to slide back and forth on my dick and his.

I reached up and grasped her nipples as her breasts swayed in front of me.

Her breath came faster and faster and she reached down to rub her rosebud in time to our rhythm. She was like an orchestra conductor, synchronizing our movements from largo to andante to presto to crescendo, all the while keeping an eye on the action in her mirror.

Suddenly all her muscles contracted, she screamed softly, and Joe and I unloaded. I could feel his dick jerking as he groaned and his hot sperm blasted into his mom’s ass, and my throbbing rod splashed its full load into her cunt.

As our breathing and heartbeats slowed in synch we softened, slid out and drenched the cushions and our thighs with sticky white jizz. Mrs. Stanton had a loopy, contented grin, and we laughed in unison.

“Goddamn!” she said tipsily after she caught her breath. “Those mauve panties were the best fucking deal I’ve ever spent money on! I wish I’d bought a dozen. I’ve got to tell my girlfriends about that store.”

There must’ve been a lineup at the shop the next week. Joe and I got invitations to drink manhattans at half a dozen houses that term.

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Margie Gilday Ch. 01

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Big Dicks

Throughout high school all I ever heard was “Stay in school. You’re not going anywhere without that high school diploma.” This was all good advice and I would recommend it to anyone today. I had no intention of dropping out of school. However, what people should have told me was to study while I was there. I graduated with a C average and no ambition to go the route of my classmates. Teaching, nursing or secretarial work was not in my future. My biggest achievement was becoming captain of the girls ski team. My father had me up on skis when I was four years old and it was about the only thing I felt I was good at.

I took the summer off after high school and come fall I couldn’t wait to hit the slopes. My mom and dad were pretty patient with me and didn’t mind me staying at home however they did get on me from time to time about getting a job. I put applications in to a few places but not much came from those. Besides, I really didn’t want a job stocking shelves or working behind a counter.

My grandmother lived in the town of Dover, Vermont. I always stayed there when I went skiing. She had a huge old farmhouse with ten acres of land which abutted the lake. Dover was a big tourist town in the summer and in the winter it was only twenty miles to the good skiing. I remember thinking, when I was little, that my grandmother’s house was haunted. I’d hear noises at night but later found out it was only my grandfather’s snoring. Since then I’m pretty much okay with the place.

It was the end of March and I was driving into Dover after a day of skiing Squaw Ridge. As I drove past the Golden Eagle Motel I noticed the sign out front. It read: See you in the spring! Help wanted. About a mile beyond that I made a u-turn and drove to the motel office. I was greeted by a guy who looked to be in his fifties.

“Hi, I’m Margie Gilday. I noticed your sign out front and thought I’d pick up an application.”

“I’m Lenny Ross,” he said shaking my hand. “How old are you?”

“Nineteen,” I answered.

“It’s a housekeeping job. Usually the people who apply are school kids or old ladies that want to get out of the house. Neither seem to work out too well.

“Well, I’m neither one of those so I’m probably just who you’re looking for.”

“You make a good point,” he chuckled.

I looked over the application. “Do you want me to fill it out here?”

“Nah, take it home and fill it out. You can drop it off anytime. I’ve lived in Dover all my life and I don’t remember ever seeing you before. Do you live in town?”

“I live in Adams.”

“Adams! That’s ninety miles south of here. That’s one hell of a commute and I’m going to need someone every day. It doesn’t pay much and it’s only about fifteen to twenty hours a week.”

“That’s okay. I don’t have any job lined up for the summer and I could probably stay with my grandmother,” I told him.

“Who’s your grandmother?” he asked.

“Mildred Gould. She lives on the other side of town.”

I thought the guy was going to fall over. “Millie Gould is your grandmother? I know her. I’ve mowed that field behind her house every year since her husband, Ralph, passed away. So your mother would be Barbara?”

“Yeah!” Geez, this guy knew my whole family.

“Your mother was a few years behind me in school, but I remember she was one hell of a tennis player. You tell her I said hi. She’ll remember me.”

Needless to say I got the job and started on May first. I have no idea why but I really enjoyed this job. It wasn’t hard and after a while I knew just what to expect when the guests left. Unmarried couples left a wastebasket full of condoms and stained sheets. Married couples left only stained sheets. Families would leave things pretty neat but everything was sticky from their kids grubby little paws. After I was finished for the day Lenny gave me full use of the pool and I got to meet lots of people from all over the country.

It was around eleven o’clock on the fourth of July when I pulled into the motel. I was expecting a pretty easy day as no one goes home on the fourth. There was a parade in town followed by a cookout / fair at the field behind the school and fireworks at night. My plan was to work on my tan out at the pool. I stopped in at the office to let Lenny know where I’d be if needed. canlı bahis I checked the register and noticed that unit eight was checked out. “Well, I guess I can handle one unit before I hit the pool,” I thought.

Lenny’s wife, Judy, came out from the back room. She didn’t have much to do with the business but sometimes she’d cover the desk when Lenny’s out.

“Oh, hi Margie. Lenny went out to get some ice. The machine broke down last night and he’s buying ten bags here, ten bags there hoping to get us through the day. I expect him back in an hour or two.”

“Well, that’s a bummer. Can you tell him I’ll be out at the pool if he needs me?”

Judy wrote a note and told me to enjoy the day as I walked out. I figured I’d clean unit eight first and headed to the laundry room. I pushed my cart down the walkway, dragging the vacuum behind me. When I got the unit I opened the door and there, on the bed, was a guy, stark naked and jerking his cock like there was no tomorrow. When he saw me he jumped up and ran for the bathroom. In my haste to close the door I hit my head on the door jam and almost knocked myself out. I put my hand to my head and and sat down on one of the benches. I wasn’t bleeding and I felt I’d be okay in a minute or so.

Just then the door opened and the surprised guest came out onto the walkway.

“Are you alright?” he asked with concern.

“Yeah. I’ll be okay. My God, I’m so sorry. The register said you were checked out. If I had known I never…”

“Don’t worry about it.” he injected. I was suppose to be out of here but my friend couldn’t get here today so I signed in for another night. The girl at the desk made a note of it.”

“Damn it!” I barked. “If she put it in the register instead of making notes, this wouldn’t have happened. I am so sorry. I always try to be careful when I…”

“Hey, it happens. Don’t worry. I’m not going to report you. Let’s just pretend it didn’t happen,” he smiled.

I thanked him for his understanding and he went inside. I was still pissed as I put my supplies away and thought I would tell Lenny to make sure Judy registers any guests that are in a room. I felt it best to skip over the part about finding our guest jerking off.

I was out at the pool enjoying a quiet day without a bunch of kids running around when a deep voice broke the silence. “Looks like we’ve got the place to ourselves.”

I peered out of one eye to see our guest from unit eight standing over me. He was around six-two with light brown hair and was in great shape.

“You mind if I sit here?” he asked, pointing the the chaise next to me.

“No. Go right ahead,” I said with a sort of embarrassed smile.

“I’m Bob Wallace. Everyone calls me Rob.”

“Margie Gilday,” I smiled, thinking that the hand I was shaking was wrapped around his cock about an hour earlier.

We talked for over an hour. Rob was a salesman for some granola bar, trail mix company that was expanding their business. He was from New York and said he enjoyed his work as he got to travel all over the country. I told him my story, that took about five minutes, before he started rolling up his towel.

“How come you’re not over at the town cookout?” he questioned.

“I’m not too big on hot dogs,” I laughed.

“Well, you have to eat at some point. How ’bout I take you dinner tonight? You know a good restaurant?”

“Hmmm. Two questions at once,” I thought. “The Elk Horn’s good but I don’t know if I should be dating the motel guests.”

“It’s not a date. I’m just making up for all the trouble I caused you this morning. Knock on my door around six thirty. And make sure you knock first.” he laughed.

I laughed along with him. “Alright, I’ll be there.”

I got back to my grandmother’s around three and told her I had a date and that I wouldn’t be home for supper. She seemed pleased that someone had their eye on me and that I’d be out having a good time. “Just let yourself in. I’m going to bed early,” she told me.

I got to Robs unit right on time and knocked as loud as I could. “Any louder and you would have knocked the door down,” Rob laughed, inviting me in.

“It occurred to me on the way over, I hope we can get a table. It’s a holiday and some places might be mobbed.”

“Not to worry. I made bahis siteleri reservations and was lucky to get a table at the Elk Horn’s back deck. And they’re having fireworks tonight on the lake at nine thirty so we should have front row seats.”

The Elk Horn was crowded but we got escorted to our table with no problem. Rob ordered drinks for the both of us and I was very surprised they didn’t ask for my I.D. The night was perfect. Great food, great conversation and the fireworks going off over a calm lake topped it all off. On the way out Rob took my hand and led me onto the dance floor for a slow waltz before we headed to the car.

“That was a nice evening. I hate to see it end,” I told him, as we pulled into the motel.

“Well, it’s only a little after eleven o’clock. I’ve got a bottle of sherry inside if you’d like to top it all off with a nightcap. Unfortunately we’d have to drink it out of a plastic cup,” he smiled.

“I don’t think plastic changes the taste any. Let’s go for it.”

We got inside and Rob went straight for the bathroom as I sat on the edge of the bed. I don’t know why but while waiting for Rob I turned on the TV thinking there might be a Fourth of July concert or some fireworks. Instead, on came a video of a well-endowed blond taking on two guys. I was staring at the screen as Rob came into the room.

“Oh geez,” he mumbled as he took the remote from my hand.

“I didn’t know we got that channel up here,” I laughed.

“Well, when you’re on the road a lot one has to bring their own entertainment with them,” he told me while holding back his laughter and turning off the tape.

“What did you turn it off for? I didn’t get to see the end,” I kidded.

Rob poured two plastic cups of sherry and handed me one. “Don’t feel bad. I didn’t get to see the end either,” he smiled.


“Well what?” he queried.

“Well, turn it on and we can both see how it ends.”

He stared at me for a second then raised his eyebrows. Picking up the remote, he aimed it at the TV and on came the video again. I stayed seated on the bed while focusing my attention on the threesome on the screen. Rob was sitting on the other bed but soon he propped up a pillow and got more comfortable.

I remember in high school my friend Paula and I got hold of her father’s adult videos while her parents were at work. For some reason I love watching people having sex. I guess it’s some little voyeur quirk I have.

I finally got up and walked around to the other side of the bed that Rob was reclined on. I propped up the other pillow and sort of half lay down next to him.

“So, is this the video you were watching when that rude cleaning lady interrupted you this morning?” I grinned.

“Yeah, it is,” he smiled back.

I glanced down at his crotch and could see he had a hard-on. “You know, there’s not much sense watching it when you could be doing it,” I whispered.

Rob turned his head and paused. I took the opportunity to lean over and gently kiss his lips. One kiss is all it took as his hand went over my shoulder and pulled me toward him. I guess he felt the same way I did because in no time we were going at it like two animals during the mating season.

My hand slid down his arm and found its way to the bulge in his pants while his fingers unzipped the back of my dress. “This fumbling around will take all night.” I thought. I stood up and dropped my dress to the floor as Rob unbuckled and got his pants off. Freeing myself from my bra, I climbed back onto the bed and let him unbutton his own shirt as I went straight for his manhood. It was average in size but had a healthy girth and my fingers explored every inch before I guided his hardness into my mouth.

Rob gave a groan of satisfaction as my lips worked their way up and down his shaft. I raised my head and applied a slight bit of pressure to the base of his cock with my thumb and forefinger. This seemed to make him even harder and added a nice purple hue to it’s head. “What a fascinating object men carry between their legs,” I thought before returning it to my mouth.

Rob’s hand was all over my ass, caressing, squeezing, and giving a light spanking before his fingers pushed the crotch of my panties aside and found their way to my now soaked hole. bahis şirketleri My head bobbed faster and faster while trying to keep time with his finger fucking. I soon rolled over and removed my panties, throwing them off to the side. Where they landed, I had no idea. My mouth went back to his glistening cock as my legs straddled his shoulders. I gently lowered myself until I could feel Rob’s greedy tongue exploring the wetness of my burning pussy.

With one eye on the video, a hard cock in my mouth, and a tongue teasing my swollen clit, I didn’t know how much more I could take. I started pinching my nipple to the point it almost hurt, then harder as I found the mix of pain and pleasure excited me more. I could feel Rob’s lust getting stronger as his hips started moving up and down beneath me. I knew he wanted more and, at this point, I was more than willing to please. I rolled off him and onto my back and stared into his eyes.

“Oh my God, FUCK ME.” I whispered.

Rob got to his knees and spread my legs apart. Bracing himself on his left hand, he took his cock into his right and parted the lips of my pussy, teasing me at first by running its head back and forth over my swollen clit. The sensation sent an intense elation through my body. My hands grabbed his shoulders and I pulled him toward me. He continued his massage on my clit until I felt his cock head slip down to the entrance of my wanting hole and, with one easy push, guided his hardness into me. His cock tunnelled its way deeper until it could go no further. Then, backing out and pushing forward, he started his fucking motion. Slowly at first then picking up speed as the lust grew within him. I closed my eyes and slightly raised my hips. His balls slapped against my ass as his greedy manhood had its way with me.

I knew he couldn’t hold out much longer and I tightened my muscles around his cock. Rob clenched his teeth, threw his head back and, with a loud moan, he released his milky white sperm. “OH FUCK,” he yelled as spurt after spurt covered my pussy lips and seeped down into my cunt hole.

I hadn’t reached my peak but I laid back with a good feeling, knowing I was able to please him. Rob braced himself on his hands with his head down, trying to gain his composure. I caressed the side of his face and smiled before getting the shock of my life. Rob fell onto his stomach and pushing my legs apart, drove his tongue deep into my cum filled hole. My eyes almost came out of their sockets as I watched this hot action going on between my legs. He gulped his own jism down and hungrily went back for more. I tried to push out what little was in me and Rob responded by licking and sucking up every available drop. Again and again his tongue probed me deeply for more cum before turning his attention to my outer lips.

Just thinking about this would be enough to get me off but seeing it happen took me to an entirely different level. I reached down and pulled my pussy lips apart. “SUCK IT. GET IT ALL,” I ordered. I frigged my clit while listening to the sound of Rob’s mouth cleaning his cum from my messy slit. It didn’t take long for me to peak. I took a deep breath, bit down on my lower lip. Then it hit me. The orgasm was so intense I couldn’t even get the words that were going through my head to come out of my mouth. I reeled and twisted but Rob stayed right with me, gathering up the cum that had now run down to the crack of my ass.

I fell back, trying to catch my breath. When I finally opened my eyes there was Rob looking down at me. A small string of cum was hanging from his chin. I reached out with my finger and took it to my mouth before we both exchanged a few passionate kisses.

Rob helped me sit up and we got dressed. I was at a loss for words but managed to blurt something out. “I guess I should get going. I’ve got a busy day here tomorrow.”

Rob just smiled and nodded.

“Thank you, I had a wonderful evening,” I told him.

“No thanks necessary,” he said kissing my cheek. “I enjoyed our time together.”

I walked to my car and started backing out. I waved to Rob as he stood in the doorway and he waved back. I made the trip through town to my grandmothers and because of the late hour I tried to stay as quiet as I could before climbing into bed.

I went to work early the next day but as I entered the motel I noticed that Rob’s car was already gone. I checked the motel register then got my cart and, dragging the vacuum behind me, headed for unit eight before the other cleaning girls got in.

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