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I hope you guys like this. My last few posts haven’t been doing that well.

By. L.A.Wicker.

Go read the first parts before you read this!!!! You’ll be lost as hell if you don’t.


The next morning John woke up, turned and looked at Jenny. ‘You’re so pretty,’ he whispered with a smile as he gently caressed her firm, little ass. ‘I hope you enjoyed it as much as me,’ he said easing from the bed and went to shower.

Cindy heard water running, jumped from her bed and rushed downstairs to make coffee. She knew John was an early riser and savored a quiet morning, with a hot cup of coffee.

A few minutes later, she turned to see him standing in the doorway with a smile. ‘Hey there!’ she said returning his smile. ‘How was last night?’ Cindy asked with a wink, knowing he had to have enjoyed Jenny, because he never made it back to her.

He just continued smiling as he walked to the table and flopped into a chair. ‘Between her, Patti and you,’ he said with a laugh. ‘I’m sure you’re going to kill me!’ John laugh more as he lit a cigarette, noticing Cindy was wearing a very small shirt and a lovely pair of blue panties. ‘Damn! You trying to get me hard already?’ he asked, admiring the tight panties on her great looking ass.

She just smiled, wishing that he’d came back to her last night, but now he knew how she felt about him, so it was just a matter of getting some time alone with him. ‘I’m still a little heated from last night, so I thought I’d let you know what you missed out on,’ she smiled and reached up into one of the highest cupboards, knowing that John would get a great view of her. She wanted him so badly and couldn’t wait to be in his strong arms as he pounded her with his massive cock. If any man could ease the burning in her, Cindy knew it was John.

‘I’m really sorry. I’ve been so busy with Claire, the mill and a few other things, I don’t ever get to sleep,’ he said, watching Cindy’s tiny ass wiggling as she walked around the kitchen getting things ready for breakfast.

‘It’s fine John. I’ve been doing without so long, I can wait a day or two longer.’ Cindy said with a smile, hoping she’d get him very soon. She’d loved him from the first time she set eyes on him and now Cindy couldn’t wait to have him in her body, giving her the love she’d been without so long.

‘We’ll figure something out,’ he replied wondering how they’d ever get to make love with five kids in the house and one of them wanting to hump him day and night. Jenny was a great girl, but John needed a woman. He needed Cindy and her hot, little ass.

‘I need it hard and rough,’ she moaned thinking of John holding her down with his massive arms, doing anything he wanted to her. Cindy and her father made it a game of him pretending to rape her and after awhile, that’s the only way she could cum.

John looked at Cindy with wide eyes, never thinking that this shy and timid lady would ever like sex that way, but it did stir his interest. ‘I’ll be sure and remember that,’ he replied, looking over her tiny ass, thinking of spanking it while he held her down, forcing himself on her.

‘I hope you do,’ she said, turning to see his handsome, dark eyes staring at her, sending a rush of excitement between her legs and deep into her aching pussy, bringing visions of the past into her mind. ‘I’d love to experience what Claire and Jenny did,’ she added with a soft smile, thinking of John over her, forcing his large cock in her now swollen and very excited pussy, fucking her as if she was just a whore there to use any way he desired.

He watched Cindy twirling a strand of her sweet-smelling hair, knowing his beautiful sister-in-law must be going crazy with need. She made it very clear last night that she wanted him, but John fell asleep in the arms of his lovely, young daughter, leaving Cindy in worse condition than ever.

‘You’ve already made me hard again. You best stop before I’m forced to drag you to the basement and wear you out,’ he said in cool voice, wondering how long the kids would stay asleep. He needed to use a woman hard and Cindy made it clear that’s how she liked it.

Claire liked it after a long, romantic evening, with him in her for hours, but never anything rough. Jenny was too young to let John do such things with her and Patti, liked it slow, with long deep strokes.

Cindy slid her right hand down slowly the front of her lean body, to her burning pussy and she began to rub it in slow circles, while her pretty eyes stared at John. ‘Really?’ she whispered. ‘Do you think you could?’ she teased, giving him a playful smile, hoping she could tempt him to the basement. ‘I have some stockings drying. You could use them to tie me up,’ she whispered as her skilled fingers continued to tease her wet pussy. ‘You could bend me over that old, black chair and tie me down or maybe, you could tie me to the rafters and do me standing up,’ she whispered as John squirmed in his chair and Cindy knew Ankara bayan escort he was now just as excited as she was.

His mind raced thinking of all the ways he could tie up Cindy, but if the kids woke, it would just be too hard to explain. ‘You need to stop,’ he said watching Cindy rubbing herself faster, slipping a finger under her delicate, wet panties and into her needful hole. Her soft moan is what sent him over the edge. He stood, grabbed her arm and was ready to drag her downstairs when Becky walked into the kitchen. ‘Oh shit!’ he thought letting Cindy go and turned to his young daughter. ‘Hi baby. Did you sleep good?’ John asked reaching down to pick her up in his arms, giving Cindy a painful smile. ‘Maybe later,’ he said with a frown, hoping that they could pick this up later.

‘It’s ok,’ she smiled. ‘I’m off to shower. I’ll be back in a few.’ Cindy said as she left the kitchen and ran up to her room, locked the door and collapsed on her bed. ‘I’m on fire!’ she moaned grabbing her drenched pussy, thinking of the one man that always pleased her needs, her loving Daddy.


Cindy crawled from her bed, rubbing her eyes and that awful burn between her legs was worse than ever. ‘Damn it!’ she mumbled, hoping that today would be the day she’d been wanting for so long. She’d been teasing her Dad into a world of living hell with her constant teasing and tormenting over the summer and it was starting to bother her just as badly. ‘I hope he gives in today and fucks my brains out,’ she moaned slipping off her wet undies and found her smallest pair, knowing that Dad was going to love them.

She’d made a bet with a girl at school that she would fuck him by the end of summer or Cindy would tell everyone in school they were lovers. Cindy always wanted to be lovers with her friend Blythe, but if anyone found out, it could be hell on her life. Cindy was a very popular girl in school and was a sue in for prom queen and if it was found out that she’d slept with Blythe, her life was sure to be ruined.

‘I’ve got to fuck him soon!’ she said looking at the calendar on the wall, seeing that this was the last week. ‘And besides, I’m so fucking horny!’ Cindy moaned, wishing that she had time to fuck herself, but Claire’s new guy was coming over for lunch and there were so many things to do before he arrived.

‘Cindy!’ she heard her Dad bellow from downstairs. ‘You need to get up! We have tons of things to do!’ he yelled out.

‘Christ! Give me a fuckin’ chance!’ she said, wishing there was time, time to sink her slender fingers deep into her burning pussy and cum until it was drained of its juices. ‘I’m coming!’ she screamed back towards the door, wishing she’d laid in bed a few minutes more and relieved this burning that had hunted her since she started this game with Dad. She made sure the tiny panties were straight, knowing that Dad loved seeing her in them, because his eyes were always on her tight, little ass and all but drooled on her.

She walked into the kitchen, flopped into a chair and took one of his cigarettes. ‘The one day I wanted to sleep in,’ she snapped in a hateful voice, thinking of being snuggled in her bed with her fingers up her wet pussy, fucking it until she exploded.

‘Stop your bitching; you know how much Claire is looking forward to us meeting her new boyfriend.’ Dad replied watching her smoking one of his cigarettes, trying to figure why in the heck she’d been acting this way. Since school let out, Cindy had been rubbing, caressing and trying everything she possibly could to turn him on and he was getting fed up with it. Her mother hadn’t fucked him in years and with Cindy driving him crazy, he was at his wits end and was considering teaching her a lesson, but she was his daughter.

‘He’s probably going to be some jerk that’s just out to get your money.’ Cindy said looking into his deep, blue eyes, wondering why Mom stopped fucking him. Hell, he was a great looking man with a nice big cock that had to feel real good up a women’s pussy, but Mom didn’t put out and Cindy wanted to see how good it felt in her.

‘You’re just in a sour fuckin’ mood today and I should put you over my knee and spank your cute, little ass,’ he said handing her a cup of coffee, wondering if all the teasing was also getting to her. She was on him day and night, driving his poor, lonely cock crazy and it had to be getting to her.

‘Really?’ she smiled thinking of his big hand on her ass and how great it would feel, even if he was spanking her. ‘I might like it!’ Cindy smiled, showing him all her pretty white teeth as a rush of excitement poured over her eighteen year old body.

He looked at her smile and enjoyed the warm glow on her pretty face and wondered about her. ‘What’s come over you? You’re acting like some crazed bitch in heat since school let out,’ he smiled and walked to her, wrapping his arms around her back, trying to think if he had the nerve to make a pass at his own daughter.

Cindy couldn’t Escort bayan Ankara help but giggle as she relaxed in his arms, wishing that he’d stand her up, push her over the table and fuck her to death. ‘I am a bitch in heat!’ she laughed and felt something on her arm, it was his big cock and it was hard as hell. ‘Damn Dad, you need to get this fixed.’ Cindy whispered running one of her long fingernails over the tip of it and loved it when it jumped.

He wanted to jump from his shorts when Cindy touched him. ‘If some pretty, young girl would leave me the fuck alone,’ he paused, feeling her breath blowing against his stomach, wondering what it would be like to have Cindy’s hot little mouth around his cock. ‘I wouldn’t be like this,’ he said hugging Cindy tighter as she continued touching him with her long fingernails.

‘Is my Daddy all horny?’ she asked in a soft, tempting voice as her hand slowly found her way in his shorts. ‘Let me fix it for you.’ Cindy whispered looking to him, hoping this was it. It started out as a game to see if she could seduce him and it turned out to be a burning need.

‘Oh girl,’ he moaned enjoying Cindy’s tiny hand. ‘You do need your little ass spanked for thinking such things,’ he said moving his hips with her gentle strokes, wondering what she’d think if he came all over her. ‘If you don’t stop soon, I’m going to make a big mess on you,’ he groaned, hoping to hold back, but it felt so good having Cindy touching him.

Cindy smiled; she knew he was all hers now and she couldn’t wait to get his big fat cock up her pussy. ‘Let me help Daddy, please,’ she begged in a soft voice as she stroked him with love and tenderness, wanting to please him for all the teasing she’d put him through and it would be nice to have him rammed deep in her body too.

He was in shock, but it did sound good. A young girl like Cindy would be any man’s dream come true, her tiny breasts, her tight little ass, but she was his daughter. ‘You need your ass spanked for thinking such shit,’ he laughed, thinking of her bent over the table with his stiff cock rammed so deep in her that she wouldn’t be able to walk right for a week.

‘I’m a big girl and I’d never ever tell anyone,’ she said in the soft voice, while making sure that her lower lip was out as far as it would possibly go. ‘Come on, Daddy. Let’s do it! You can fuck me anyway you want,’ she purred, hoping he’d give in to his needs and give her the fuck she wanted so badly and he could relieve himself in her. ‘You can shove me over the table,’ she moaned standing up, making sure that his raging cock was resting on her drenched panties and rubbing on her swollen clit. ‘Rip off my panties…and fuck me while you slap my little ass,’ she moaned, rubbing his big cock head over her excited pussy, praying he’d give up fighting her.

He just stood there, watching Cindy and he still could not believe what she was saying. Yes, he wanted to fuck her more than any other woman in his life, but she was his daughter. Her wet, excited pussy felt so wonderful as she gently rubbed his cock over her moist and tender folds of sex and he knew she’d be the best piece of ass he’d ever have.

‘Come on! Stop acting like you don’t want this,’ she said with a cool voice, rubbing him deeper into her willing pussy. ‘You want it as bad as I want your beautiful cock. So, let’s stop this and get to some serious fucking,’ she moaned, turned and laid over the kitchen table, making sure that she spread her legs enough for him to see how excited she was.

He stood watching her leaning over the table and couldn’t believe how hard Cindy made him. He leaned over her, rubbing his stiff cock into her ass, kissing her back and shoulders, wondering if this was a dream. ‘If anyone finds out, I’ll get in so much trouble,’ he whispered, grinding his hard cock into her deep ass crack, enjoying her wetness and soft moans of need. He knew it was wrong, but she looked so good laying there and he hadn’t been inside a women’s body in so long.

‘Please Daddy! Fuck me!’ she whimpered as his long cock teased her body. It slid over her wet, excited pussy, giving her feelings that were out of this world and she needed him inside. ‘Come on, put it in me. Let me give you the love you need from a woman.’ Cindy whispered reaching under her body, between her legs, rubbing him over her excited pussy. ‘Oh Daddy! I need you to fix me. I’m so horny!’ she moaned, hoping his swollen head would finds its way under her panties and give her the love she needed so badly. ‘Nobody will know,’ she whispered, pulling her panties to the side and gently pushed her hips back. ‘Oh Daddy!’ Cindy moaned, feeling his big head at her opening, hoping he’d give in and take her.

He heard Cindy’s words and he fought to hold back. She was his baby, his little girl and now, she wanted him to make love to her. He felt her tiny hand grab his cock and he was helpless. She rubbed him over her wet panties and her excited pussy under them and he Bayan escort Ankara knew that was all he could take. He watched as Cindy pulled her panties over and when his cock head touched the bare flesh of her pussy, the fight was over. He couldn’t stop her. ‘Oh little girl!’ he moaned as her intense heat and wetness quickly covered his cock, making him harder than ever. ‘You can not tell anyone!’ he said in a hard voice as he tugged down her undies and took a deep breath. ‘I love you baby!’ he moaned, laid over her small body, sucking the tender flesh between her neck and shoulder and he took her.

He lay over her, sucking her neck and at last, he did it. ‘Daddy! Oh my Daddy!’ Cindy cried as he slid deep in her pussy, lifting her feet from the floor as his hard cock sank to her core. ‘I love you! Oh Daddy, I love you so much!’ she whimpered as her tiny pussy stretched to receive him and it felt like she’d been ripped in two, but there was no way she’d ever stop this now. She’d wanted him all summer, but in all truth, it was long before that. She always had strange feelings when he hugged her, gave her a slap on the butt and now he was in her. ‘My sweet Daddy,’ she purred, feeling him start to love her, the one thing any girl would want, her Daddy giving his ‘true’ love.

Her muscles grabbed him, squeezing so tight and he held back filling her with cum. It was as if there was a hand inside, squeezing and pulling on his cock. He’d been without far too long to cum this fast. He needed to enjoy her wonderful, young body a few minutes before he came. ‘Baby!’ he moaned as her body held him so tight and toyed with her young breasts. ‘You’re incredible!’ he moaned louder, rolling her tiny nipples between his fingers and didn’t see the shadow in the hall.

So many crazy and wonderful feelings were covering Cindy’s body; she thought she was going to die. ‘It feels so good in me, Daddy!’ Cindy cried out, enjoying her tiny pussy being filled with his big, hard cock shaft, wishing that he’d taken her long before this. ‘Now fuck me! Make me cum, Daddy!’ she begged in the soft voice that always got her anything she wanted and it would now. His big fingers teased and tormented her nipples as his massive cock rested so deep in her.

He slowly eased in and out of her small pussy; enjoying Cindy’s soft moans of pleasure with each deep push back in. ‘Baby!’ he panted, sucking her soft neck, savoring her warm insides wrapped so tightly around his thick shaft as he took her. ‘I love you! Oh my sweet, baby girl!’ he moaned as he moved faster, sucking her neck, not caring if he marked her or not. Their skin slapped together, her juices ran from her body and the combination made such a sound, it rivaled that of the best orchestra in the world.

His chewing on her neck, his big cock in her body was more than any girl could ever dream. ‘Daddy!’ Cindy cried, feeling she was so close, enjoying his weight on her body and his mouth sucking what was going to be a wonderful ‘love’ mark. She was so close to cuming around her Daddy’s big, hard cock. ‘Do it, Daddy! Go! Go!’ she squealed and didn’t realize that she was being watched either, her Daddy was loving her and nothing else mattered.

He moved faster, sucking her neck and rolling her nipples and it was time. ‘Oh baby! I’m ready!’ he moaned hugging Cindy, moving in and out of his baby girl. ‘I’m cuming! I’m cuming in you!’ he cried as his cock released more cum than it had in years and it was shooting in his daughter. He held her tight, thrusting his hips up, lifting her feet from the floor with each push in. ‘My little girl,’ he whispered in her ear as the last of his cum shot in Cindy.

He was cuming in her. Cindy pushed her hips back, hoping to get every inch of him and his warm cum in her. ‘Go, fuck me!’ she squealed as the first squirt of cum hit the back of her pussy, driving her wild. Her Daddy was cuming up her pussy and she wanted it all. ‘Go Daddy! Cum in me!’ Cindy cried as he filled her tiny body with the same warm seeds that made her. ‘Cum in me,’ she whimpered as a wonderful feeling swept over her. ‘Oh my God!’ she yelled without thinking. Her pussy locked on him and it was all over. ‘Daddy! Daddy!’ Cindy cried out as an orgasm like no other raced over her. ‘Daddy!’ she moaned standing up, enjoying his big cock in her, his strong arms wrapped around her and, her pussy cuming around the man she loved.

She broke from the past, feeling tears of hurt running from her eyes and loneliness in her heart, wishing that he was here and deep in her body, but he was gone. ‘I still miss you so much.’ Cindy whispered, curled into a ball and cried herself to sleep, once again drifting back to the most wonderful time in her life.


Later that afternoon, he walked into Cindy’s room and couldn’t help but smiling at the peaceful look on her pretty, young face, hoping that he hadn’t ruined the love they had. ‘Hey baby,’ he whispered, sitting next to her, caressing her left breast, hoping they’d get together again real soon. He’d been with a few women in his time, but none, not even Cindy’s mother was as good as she’d been that morning. ‘It’s time to get up. Claire’s new guy will be here in a few minutes,’ he said watching her open her eyes and smile.

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