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I’d been embarrassed by my Aunt Natalie and her daughters many times, but I began to think it was more enjoyable than I’d originally thought. I figured that if I set up a situation just right, I could get a big kick out of it…

One Saturday morning, early in spring, my female cousins were away for the weekend. Aunt Natalie was in the back yard watering the lawn. I looked out the window and watched her and decided to put my plan into action.

I leaned out of a second story window and said, “Aunt Natalie! I think I have a rash.”

She looked up and said, “Come here and let me take a look,” and went on watering the yard.

I took off all my clothes and went downstairs. I was a little nervous at first, but went ahead. I felt embarrassed and exhilarated all at the same time. When I stepped outside, it was a little chilly. The cool spring air hit me and I could feel my penis and scrotum start to draw up. Aunt Natalie had her back to me and I waited until I was just a few feet away to get her attention.

When I said “Aunt Natalie,” she turned around and her mouth fell open.

“Fred! You’re naked!”

“Well, I figured you’ve seen everything anyway, it’s too late to be shy now,” I answered.

She hesitated. She had no close neighbors to worry about back then, but it wouldn’t have mattered to me at the time. “Let me take a quick look,” she said. “Where do you think you have a rash?” She walked over and turned off the water.

“My back itches a lot and so does my groin area,” I lied.

“Turn around,” she said. She looked at my back and said, “You’ve got dry skin back there. That might be what’s causing the itching. Let me see the front.”

I turned around and she felt around in my hair and looked at my penis and scrotum. “It’s really red and irritated. Let’s go in the house. I have some ointment that’ll help.”

I thought that was amazing since I had made up all this “rash” business! It felt good to be walking around naked outside. I’d never done that before.

I Ankara escort followed her into the house and we went to her bedroom. She rummaged around in her bathroom and found a tube of ointment.

“This stuff is strong. I’ll put it on. I don’t trust you not to overuse it,” she said.

She sat on the edge of the bed and put a small amount on two fingers. Then, she started rubbing some on my scrotum. “Does your penis itch, too?”

she asked.

“Oh, yes, it’s about to make me crazy,” I lied.

Reluctantly, she grasped the head of my penis with her left hand and stretched my cold penis out and started to put some ointment on it. Immediately, I began to get hard. I had a raging hard-on in no time flat.

“Yes, well, that’s good enough for now. If you need more later, let me know,” and then she was up and gone in a big damn hurry.

That gave me an idea…

That night, with still just us in the house, Aunt Natalie retired to her room early with a book and a bottle of wine. When she was able to have some “me-time,” she liked to put on her nightgown, read a trashy romance book, and drink some wine. I waited and gave her enough time to have a glass or two. When I thought she was ready, I knocked on her door.

“Whatcha need, Fred?” she asked. She wasn’t drunk, but I could tell she was well on her way.

“Can I come in?”

“Sure,” she said with no enthusiasm.

I strolled in naked. I could feel my penis bobbing along as I walked and I made sure to make it swing back and forth when I turned the corner. She didn’t say anything, but her eyes were watching it.

“I need to know if I need some more of that stuff on my scrotum,” I said.

“Okay,” she said. Aunt Natalie was a little unsteady when she stood up. She went to her bathroom and came back with the ointment and a small towel. She handed me the towel.

“Maybe it would work better if I was lying down,” I suggested.

“Okay,” she said.

I got comfortable on her bed and she was sitting Ankara escort bayan on the edge of her bed.

I laid down on her bed and she put some ointment on her fingers just like before. When she leaned over and started rubbing my scrotum, her breasts would shake from side to side and almost fell out of the top of her gown. The gown didn’t hide much. She had thick pink nipples and I wanted really bad to get a good look at them.

With her rubbing my scrotum and me staring at her boobs, I quickly got an erection again.

She smiled a little. “Sorry about causing that,” she said.

“Aw, it’s okay,” I answered. I was wanting to get a hand job out of this, but not really sure which direction to go from here to get what I wanted.

“When I get done, you can go take care of it,” she said.

I had a quick idea. “Too bad that doesn’t work for me,” I said.

She looked startled. “What do you mean?”

“I can never get myself off. Masturbation just doesn’t work for me. Kind of like the way I can’t tickle myself, either.”

“Really! I’ve heard of that,” she said. “What do you do?”

“I just wait for it to go down on its own,” I said. “As hard as I am right now, I don’t know when that’ll be, though.”

She was quiet for a moment.

“Maybe you could help me out?” I prompted.

If she’d been sober, I’d have been thrown out of her room with a quickness.

“Sure, why not?” she said. “It’s my fault you got turned on, anyway.”

She got up and went to the bathroom. While she was gone, I refilled her wine glass.

She returned with a bottle of lotion.

“I thought I had finished my glass of wine.”

“Uh, you refilled it before you put the ointment on,” I lied.

“Oh. Okay,” she said and took a long pull off the glass. She burped and put a small amount of lotion on her hands. She grasped my penis with her soft hands and it felt even better than I thought it would.

She was smiling as she put her left hand at the base of my penis and Escort Ankara used her right hand to slowly glide up and down the shaft. She would linger on the head and pay a lot of attention to the ridge around the head. She was smiling and seemed to be enjoying herself. I wish it could have lasted forever, but I could not hold back long with the kind of attention she was giving me.

“The trick is to concentrate on the head. That’s where most of the nerves are,” she said. “I can tell by the way you’re squirming that it won’t be long now. Get the towel ready.”

I put the towel on my chest and stomach. She increased the speed and pressure of her pumping and I began to ejaculate. As I was spurting, she was continuing to pump me and when I was done, I felt like I was bone dry. She went and washed her hands and I went and took a shower.

A couple of hours later, she was passed out spread-eagle across her bed. The lamp was on and she’d left her vibrator on until the batteries had gone dead. Her gown was off and her snoring sounded like the space shuttle taking off.

I couldn’t resist taking time to get a real good close-up look. Her nipples were the pinkest pink I’d ever seen. I couldn’t resist tweaking her nipples and making them erect. The circles around them was very big. She also had big pussy lips. And, her pubic hair was thick and didn’t look like it had been trimmed any time lately.

I went and got a pair of scissors, a disposable razor, and some shaving cream. I trimmed the hair with scissors first and then I proceeded to shave all her pubic hair off. I wiped her off and cleaned up all the mess and loose hairs. Once the hairs were gone, I was able to get a good look at her clitoris. It was just a little pink nub. Then, I covered her up and put away her vibrator and turned off her lamp.

The next morning was priceless. She was hung over really bad and she kept dropping hints that she couldn’t remember what happened the night before. That, and she kept scratching her crotch when she thought I wasn’t looking.

“Why, Aunt Natalie, I don’t think anything much happened last night. You took your book and a bottle of wine to your room and that’s the last I remember.”

“No more cheap wine for me!” she said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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