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To pick up where I left off, my aunt and I saw that my cousin’s friend had seen us fuck. She wasn’t frozen in dealing with him. My aunt covered her genitalia with her hands, grabbed a towel and slapped him across the face.

“How dare you spy you peeping tom!” She snapped at him viciously, his only reply being a frozen blush of terror and embarrassment intermixed.

“You better get out of here, and if I hear you say one word of this, I will snap every bone in your body, and I’ll then tell your mother about your wandering eyes. We both know her, and I bet she won’t take kindly to your perversion! Well? Get out of here!” my aunt scowled.

The boy took off like the wind.

My aunt, still holding her towel over her torso, returned to the bathroom, where I had stood the entire time, covering my penis with my hands as though that mitigated our fuck, stood before me and told me not to worry about it. I was willing to take her word on it, and she told me to get dressed for dinner, since she had to shower. As I left, she grabbed my ass, gave it a nice squeeze, and said to me, with a smile, “Don’t forget that I’ve gotta have my fun, like you just did, this week too.”

I smiled, in just pure emptiness, still in awe over the course of events that had left me no longer a virgin, still pulsating with pleasure after my orgasm and still with Goosebumps all over from one startling occurrence after another.

Dinner was uneventful, except that, with my dessert at the restaurant (my aunt doesn’t cook), my aunt requested a taste. I offered her my plate, but I saw that that was not what she wanted. So, I took a spoonful of the chocolate, and offered it to her, at which point she took the whole spoonful in her mouth, me still holding the spoon, and slowly pulled off the spoon, licking it, and then her lips while looking at me the entire time. I smiled with mixed amazement, profound reverence for my aunt, and incredible horniness.

I jacked off that night in bed before going to sleep, reflecting upon the day’s events.

The next day was substantially MORE eventful than the last. We all went to the beach until about 2:30, and then returned to read indoors and get out of the nasty skies and humidity. Ten minutes after we returned, my aunt got a phone call.

“Speaking…” my aunt said, and only seconds later, had her jaw drop and cheeks turn pale as a sheet. “Okay, okay, now?, I can do that, hmmmm, alright, we’ll be right over.”

“Honey, we’ve gotta go over to someone’s house now- I’ll explain on the way” my aunt told me, putting a shawl over her bottoms, still wearing her two-piece U.S.A flag bikini. I was wearing a white t-shirt and my red swimming suit, what we had both worn to the beach, and we left.

On the way, my aunt explained to me the story of the phone call. “That boy, your cousin’s friend, is actually a cousin of yours. You see, on your mother and my side of the family, our Uncle married a gypsy, and was ostracized by the whole family. Well, he had a house down here just like his brother; your grandfather did in close proximity to one another, kept in the family from even further back. Well, the only daughter of my uncle, Loretta, and a childhood friend of mine when your mother and I were at this house as kids, had a child of her own, out of wedlock, and that is my son’s friend. The woman is, by relation, my cousin, and your cousin once removed. So, she wants to speak with us. Neither your mother nor I have actually seen her since we were children, because the gypsy blood, we Ankara escort assume, made her quite impetuous and inclined to indulge in certain drugs. She was, and naturally is, 5 years my younger, and to be perfectly honest with you, I sincerely doubt she knew that her son was hanging out with my own- I had no such idea myself since they had just met at the park last summer, and weren’t terribly close. Though make no mistake of it- we are not on sour terms, and have shared the occasional phone call.”

With those words, we reached a house, weather worn and unpainted, but roughly the same style and size as my aunt’s. We knocked, and found that the door was open, so she let herself in, and I followed. We found my newly discovered cousin, Loretta, sitting in a chair in the sitting room just inside the house. I was surprised to see that the room was relatively well-kept and there was nothing explicit or indigent about it- the woman may have had a wild youth but wasn’t a poor mother.

Physically, my cousin was a distinct creature, and very different from my mother and aunt. She was only 35, and looked no older than 25. She was tall, around 5’10, with long, thick, full, silky, and black hair, and dark inset eyes. Her complexion was perfectly clean, and she had slightly tan skin. She had sizeable breasts, not quite as large as my aunt’s, who was a tighter figure, but a very full b, which was incredible with her legs that were at least a mile long. She was wearing a white tube top, which had two nipple marks without a bra, and which was high enough to show her belly-button ring and perfectly flat stomach. She was also wearing a pair of cut-off jean shorts that made their way half-way down her thighs, and a pair of flip-flops. My eyes were in heaven.

“So glad to see you Maggie!” Loretta said enthusiastically.

“I return that sentiment but I’d like to know what brought us here after so long.” My aunt said, not with any kind of dislike, but warmth.

“You always were matter-of-fact, even if you were the liberalist one of the family,” retorted my cousin with a coy smile.

“I presume that you knew of my nephew’s presence and requested his attendance at this reunion because you heard some things from your son?” asked my aunt, “And, I will say that it is nice to see that you are well.”

My cousin smiled and responded, “Thank you, and yes, indeed that is the case. From what I hear, this boy had his virginity lost in that very bathroom. I am not mistaken, am I?” she asked me, with those black eyes that pierct my very resistance. Though, I still managed to look at my aunt, who nodded to me to imply that I should respond.

“Yes ma’am.”

“Well, I can see you’re in fit shape, and quite cute! He must’ve been incredible- so unmarred for so long?” my cousin asked my aunt.

“Indeed” my aunt said smiling, “he was very pleasing. Men are at their sexual prime by 18, and I haven’t ever before been able to say that the lack of duration was replaced in spades by the intensity of it all.”

“I thought that would be so.”

“So? What is it that you wanted to say that you didn’t want to mention over the phone?” asked my aunt after a few more minutes of small talk.

“Well, the way I see it, I am down here in Florida all alone, and I would like some company, and some pleasure.”

“Okay, so what do we have to do with that?”

“Well, I would hate to have to raise an issue over an aunt breaking her nephew in, especially to that aunt’s sister.”

“Oh how dare you! What are you Ankara escort bayan suggesting?”

“I will forget this whole incident, but only if you two give me something to remember instead. I want him, and I want you to watch.” My cousin had made her intentions known, they excited me, I confess, as she declared them with a wicked smile.

“Oh God! How dare you!” retorted my aunt indignantly.

“Maggie, it’s all right. You could get in a ton of trouble, and even lose your son if this got out. I’ll do what she wants, I don’t object, it’s what’s best for us.” I interjected in an earnest plea for reason.

“Listen to your nephew Maggie, you don’t want to ruin lives, when I’m certain this boy here will even be much happier after I have my way with him than if you prove to be your sister.”

“I am not my sister Loretta!” my aunt followed this assertion with a sigh, looked at me, where I said that I was sure, and finally agreed to this diabolical proposal.

“Good, cousin, take off your top, and boy, suck on her nipple,” my cousin directed.

My aunt took off her top, and her gorgeous breasts popped out, and I gently placed my hand on her right one, looking at her all the while. I bent down, and took the whole nipple in my mouth, circling my tongue around it.

“Now take off your shirt and trunks boy.”

I did so, and my semi-erect penis was visible to all.

“I knew you’d like being this boy.” Loretta said smiling.

My aunt the whole while, was not visibly enraged or indignant, but seemed to accept the reality as though it were not at all unusual, which enabled me to enjoy it much more, knowing that she didn’t disapprove.

“Now, Maggie, take off your bottoms and your shawl, and go and sit on that chair,” she said pointing to a large brown leather chair in the corner of the room that faced the rest of the small room.

My aunt did so, and my tall cousin got up, and pulled on my hand to go into the center of the room, standing on a black area rug. She slid off her top and took my head and forced her tongue into it. My hand was running through her thick black hair, and my other hand was placed on her breast. Her tongue forced its way into the back of my mouth, and she sucked on my tongue after pulling hers out. She looked into my eyes, as I stood frozen by her topless bust, and she licked my lips, telling me to look at my aunt. I did so and I saw her sitting on the chair, her breasts sitting there, so full and plump, casting a shadow over her flat stomach, and much to my immediate erection. Her legs were spread apart each on an end of the chair, with her fingers rubbing the fire red hair of her unshaved vagina. I saw her fingers pinch her pink nipple and slide into her mouth before they slowly touched the flaps of her pussy. I was getting close just looking into her eyes as she did this.

My cousin grabbed my cock while I stood mesmerized and said into my ear, “if you dare cum before you make me see God, you will sincerely regret it,” in a way that sent a shiver down my spine, but that made me hornier than I had ever been before, because her dark eyes, and dark complexion were so pure and profound, with two dark nipples, that I was incapable of considering my own pleasure before doing her will.

I got down to my knees, and slid off her jean shorts, at which point I learned that she was wearing no underwear. I kissed her vagina, which had a full piece of hair facing me, but was without hair near the sacred parts. She got down to the ground, coming around Escort Ankara me, after turning around and making me squeeze her ass, which made me in turn tremble with excitement, so that she lay between myself and my aunt who was looking at me straight in the soul. She then placed her hand behind my head, forced her way into my mouth again with her tongue, bit on my nipple, and then forced my head onto her cumslit.

I could taste a bitter-sweet cum all over her pussy as I licked her pussy lips, and penetrated her pussy with my tongue. I replaced my tongue with two fingers, and sucked on her clit, swirling it like a tornado. She took my right hand after it had been in her pussy, sucked it dry of cum, replacing it with her saliva, and gave it back to me, moaning with pleasure.

“oh god yessssss, oh yesss, good boy good boy, I want to feel you inside me! Oh god! Swirl it! He he he he ho hohohohohohohohohohohohoh god oh god oh oh oh!!!!!!” she was panting heavily and she grabbed the back of my head, and pulled my hair violently, taking my head off her pussy.

“Damnit, God! Maggie, come here now, and you, get on the floor on your back!”

I did so, and she climbed on top of me, so that her breasts were on my chest, and she put my cock into her pussy. I saw that she took my aunt, just over my face, and kissed her long and passionately, flicking their pink tongues, and drooling warm saliva on my face as their red lips met and their hair fell to just around my head, as I humped her pussy. They were groping at each other over my face, as I fuck her harder and harder.

My aunt then got into a doggy position, when my cousin told me to eat her pussy. I began to suck on my aunt’s clit which was sitting on my face, with my cousins head resting on her ass, bobbing back and forth.


My face meanwhile was covered in cum from my aunt who’s pussy I was still fucking with my mouth as well as I could given the circumstances.

“good job honey, suck it, oh yeah, oh yeah baby, oh baby, OH EAT ME, OH YEAH, OH YEAH, YEAH YEAH YEAH YES YES” moaned my aunt.

“smackflopsquicshsquishwish flopsmakflopshwishflopsmakflishwishquish smaksmaksmakwish” went my mouth and my cock.

“OH GOD OH GOD OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH” both cousin and aunt were now yelling.

“I’M CUMMMMMING” my aunt moaned as she rub her clit on my face, and I felt a stream of cum all over the place. “YESSSSSS!”

“DAMN IT DON’T STOP FUCKING ME! YES YES YES OH OH OH OHOH OHOHOHOH GOOOOOODDDDD YESSSS!” My cousin screamed as I felt her body quake and her vagina pulsate around my cock that was still pumping hard inside of her. “GOOD BOY, YES I’M CUMMMINGGGGGG OH OH GOOOOODDDDDD! YESssss, yes, good boy. Are you close?” she asked as I smelled her perfume, her neck on my face, and her mouth whispering into my ear.

“Yes ma’am”, I said, my face still no longer covered my by aunts pussy, as she was two feet away, rubbing herself and moaning, in the face of my cousin.

She then got off of me, grabbed my aunt’s hair, and pulled her onto my penis which she took with her mouth, at which point she took the head, and sucked me dry.

“OH YEAH OH YESSSSS” I moaned as I covered my chest in cum, my aunt licking on my penis, and jacking it off.

“Now clean him off” said my cousin.

My aunt, following instructions, licked off all the cum, and swirled it around in her mouth, finally swallowing it all, and kissing me after the job was done, leaving me to feel her warm mouth on mine, her breaths slowly caressing my skin.

“Good, now we should all clean up,” suggested my cousin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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