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Aunt Betty: 10/31/06

Edited: 2/19/02


Her husbands “little white lie along with no dick.”

Everybody has an Aunt Betty some where in their family. She is not glamorous, nor does she possess a great body. Just a frumpy little person who has a pleasant personality, with a warm heart.

This is a story about my Aunt Betty, and the asshole she was married to. Well not so very much about Uncle Harry. This man was a real winner believe me. Thank goodness she had just gotten rid of the son of a bitch. He would have sucked her dry, of her dad’s money from the will.

I had gone into my grand parents house, to help remove some of the old box’s that were left in the basement, after they both had passed away very suddenly.

My name is Mike, I am home from school to help out with the funeral. Plus I am very much my Aunt Betty’s favorite nephew. Several times I have been able to rub her back, and her breasts from the side, when no one else is looking, she slaps my hands. Then gives me a sweet kiss, tells me I’ve been a naughty boy. She always is asking me for a back rub when I’m home from school. My Aunt Betty is such a sweet woman, I think Harry has to be a real asshole.

When my grand parents died the whole family seemed in some kind of turmoil. The family was in shock, nobody had the answer for any of this. The Family Doctor said that it is not that unusual when one dies, the other grieves so much that they follow very quickly. This is what appears to have happened when my Grandmother Passed on. I knew grand dad loved her very much. “He just did not want to live with out her.”

I can remember catching them several times fucking out at the lake, I said to grand dad I hope I still can get it up at his age. Mike he tells me don’t worry, by the time you’re my age you’ll probably won’t even have to worry about it.

Don’t say nothing to your grand mom, she is a little shy about any body seeing her. It took me fifteen years to get her to let me fuck her up here at the lake, I don’t want to spoil it.

Grand dad your secret is safe with me. I just walked back to the house with a big smile on my face. Mom asked me if I had seen either one of my grand parents, I said that last time I saw them they were at the other end of the Lake. I knew that would give him enough time to finish.

Well Aunt Betty and myself are the ones who have been stuck with cleaning out all of this stuff they have been saving for over fifty years. We have been going through box after box, found old photographs in black and white and quite a few in color.

Then I hear Aunt Betty gasp, I walked over to where she was looking into a small plastic box, which had some video tapes plus more photos of naked men and women. I said Aunt Betty don’t tell me you have never seen photo’s of naked people before.

She looked at me and said yes, “but not of my mother and father.” I looked at the photos, sure enough it was my grandparents, god I started laughing and said, “Aunt Betty this is really hot.”

Are you crazy she says to me, this is my parents. I said so don’t you think they ever fucked, she said “No.” Aunt Betty if they didn’t fuck, how did they get you, the stork I said to her, and she looked at me.

God woman I caught them fucking at the lake several times, grand dad bribed me to stay quiet. Mike she says to me, I just can not believe it. Finally I said to her Betty, look at the photographs, don’t they look like they are enjoying themselves.

Betty keep peering at the photos, it slowly seem to sink into her that they were having a good time. Come on Betty, haven’t you and Harry ever taken a hot bath together, or a long shower where you could play with each others bodies.

I can not believe mom and dad are with another couple, let alone naked with each other.

Mike I never saw another cock until I saw those pictures. Harry always said he had a big cock, but dad and that other guy put him to shame.

Betty, Dad doesn’t even have a big cock, Harry’s isn’t that big, what a loser. Talking about all this sex is making me hungry. Why don’t we have some lunch, we can get back to cleaning up this mess afterwards.

Aunt Betty seemed OK with that, it gave me a chance to let her settle down. I didn’t want her to scared before I put on the video tapes, I’m hoping Granddad Ankara escort did a good job on them.

I went in and made some sandwiches, I decided to open a bottle of Rose. Aunt Betty sat there chewing on her sandwich and potato chips with her wine as we talk about the family.

The good times, some of the bad as well. She still could not get over the photos in that plastic box. All I did was smile and say to her that is part of living Aunt Betty.

We venture back to the basement to continue going through the boxes of material, to see what should be kept, or needs to be discarded.

There was an old TV and VCR so I turned them on to see if they worked. Since they did, I put one of grand dads tapes into the VCR to see what was on it, was I surprised at the action that came up on the screen.

Aunt Betty asked how could her mom and dad do such a thing?

I looked at her, said Aunt Betty it feels good, just do it. Haven’t you ever done anything like that with Harry?

No, he only had me lay on my back with my legs up in the air. His cock wasn’t as big as dads, and you said dad wasn’t big.

Aunt Betty grand dad was only a bout 6 & ½ inches. That’s just a little bigger than normal. It is a good size to do everything with though.

Harry never put his face in between my legs or let me suck on his dick. It was only twice a month, that may be the reason we never had any children.

Who is the other couple with them, I can’t believe mom is sucking on his cock, while dad is fucking her. Mom was always so prim and proper.

That shows you what goes on behind closed doors. That is why we do not judge a book by it’s cover. All those old sayings have a purpose.

The tape goes from the family, to a porn tape of two men and a woman. Aunt Betty is sitting there looking at the screen, as I walk up behind her wrap my arms around her. Grabbing her breasts and squeezing her nipples.

She starts breathing heavy, her nipples now have become hard. Michael we can’t do this it’s wrong. We are family for Christ sake, besides I’m an old lady.

Aunt Betty you are a lovely person and were always treated like shit by Harry. He screwed you every way but the right way, tried to take your home and money, “Fuck Him.”

Betty the house is empty, there is nobody but us here, I think we should take a shower. We have been down here all day, we need to get clean, what do you say.

Mike I don’t know, I’m not sure, I’ve never been with another man other than Harry. Plus you are so young and my nephew, what would people say.

I’m not going to tell anybody are you. No she says, I grab her arm, we head upstairs toward the master bathroom.

It had a shower built for two, it was something grand dad just had installed several months before he passed away.

Aunt betty took her clothes off, then I took off my own, she looks at me and says my god Michael.

Betty never calls me Michael, as she looks at my manhood, says Harry you motherfucker you don’t know what a big dick is. I just said Betty I’m only 7 inches there are guys out there a hell of a lot bigger than I am.

Betty says damn I hope I get to see a couple of them if you are not big. Into the shower we went and I was really surprised when I saw Aunt Betty’s wild ass bush. I swear that you would need a lawn mower to cut the hair on that cunt.

We washed each others bodies, Betty had her first chance to explore a mans cock other than Harry’s. I had my hand in the crack of her pussy, she was starting to get very wet. I rubbed her back with my dick and got my hard on in the crack of her ass.

Oh Mike she said that is really turning me on, like those tapes of mom sucking those cocks.

Would you teach me how to suck a cock, how to fuck like mom did.

I told her that not only would I teach her how. I would suck her pussy for her, also fuck her nice fat ass as well.

We played around for a few minutes more than we decided to leave the shower, towel off and go into the master bedroom. Once on the bed I had Aunt Betty lay back, I started to kiss her on her ears, and worked around her neck.

Then I kissed her lips, she almost had her first orgasm when she swallowed my tongue as I French kissed her. This was her first such kiss. I then went down to her tits, they were sagging and Ankara escort bayan had nipples like the end of my fingers. “Those nipples got hard, they became very sensitive to the touch.”

I sucked on each nipple then ran my tongue down to her belly button. Down toward her pussy, through her lips and over her large clitoris. “My tongue moved across her pussy lips I could feel her body shake, she moaned, cried out Oh my god, for this was the first orgasm of hers with a tongue.”

Betty started to moan and her body jerked up and down again, I pushed one finger into her pussy, as it was getting wetter I then pushed a second. Starting a sawing motion that soon found Betty’s G-spot, “Betty started to Cumm and her pussy was letting her juice’s flow.”

This was Betty’s first full Orgasmic action. “She was crying, Oh Mike, Oh Mike, Oh Mike, I can’t cumm any more.” “Mike you are driving me crazy, please stop, Oh Mike please.”

Betty fell off the bed and was breathing heavily she grabbed me and kissed me and said, I have never experienced anything like this in my life before.

Well now you know what Harry was not giving you. Now I’m going to teach you what he never let you do. I had her sit back up on the bed.

I put her hand around my cock and had her slowly stroke it. I let her feel the smoothness of the head, the slipperiness of the pre cum.

Betty ran her tongue over the head, she tasted the pre cum. She said it had a salty and musky taste but was not that bad. Betty move her mouth over the head, then moved her head up and down on the shaft of my cock. Betty sucked on my cock with passion. She seemed to really enjoy sucking on it.

I had to remind her not to use her teeth as she sucked on my cock. I was squeezing her nipples and fingering her pussy while she sucked on it. I told Betty I was going to Cumm and before she could react, my cock exploded and caught her by surprise. As she pulled it from her mouth I came over her face and neck, tits, and down the middle of her chest.

Betty said she did swallow some of my Cumm and it does feel a little sticky also. She is now playing with the Cumm on her tits and giggling like a school girl. Betty turns around and notices that my cock is still hard, she asks is that for me.

I said Aunt Betty get over here and get on your knees. I told her we are going to fuck doggy style and she asks what is that. I said Betty you will find out shortly.

She was on all fours and I rubbed my cock up and down her slit, to make sure it was well lubricated. I then pushed into her pussy and she was as tight as any cunt I have ever been in.

I hear Aunt betty say, “Oh my God Mike, you are going to split me in two” I stop pushing and believe it or not I only was 2/3ds of the way in. Betty is saying

I have never been this full before. Harry could of used his three times and not done this. “God what a wonderful feeling this is.”

Now I slowly started to pump my cock into her. I let her pussy get use to the fullness of me. Betty was slowly beginning to move her hips with mine as we started to pick up a rhythm together. She was moaning and saying something I could not make out.

I really started to pick up the pace as my balls tighten up, I knew it would not be to much longer before I blew my load into betty’s tight pussy. Then she started screaming at me “Fuck me Michael, Fill my Cunt with your Cumm.” “Fuck Me, ride me like the Bitch that I am.”

I could not believe this was coming out of my Aunt Betty’s mouth. This just got me more excited, as I started pumping like a piston engine with a full head of steam. I was fucking that woman so hard we both almost went off the bed head first.

She started Cumming some where around forth or fifth fuck me Michael, and was still going when I blew my load. This had to be the biggest load I had ever had up to this point in my young life. Man I swear I came a real half of pint of Cumm in Aunt Betty’s pussy.

I do not know what possessed her to do this, but after I had stop Cumming Betty just turned around, started sucking my cock and balls clean. I had not said a word to her. When I asked her about this later on, she said it just seemed the natural thing to do.

Aunt Betty laid next to me on the bed, she was crying, I asked her what was wrong. She kept sobbing into the Escort Ankara pillow, I rolled her over toward me she had a lovely smile on her face. Aunt Betty said Mike, these are tears of joy, for I’ve never experienced anything this good in my life. “Mike you are fantastic.”

When I see Harry again I’m going to kill that Mother Fucker, I mean it. All these years I could have had orgasms, had my pussy sucked and had some cock to chew on, “No” little dick the bug fucker had to lie to me, fuck me over.

Well no more, thanks to you my loving nephew, I now know what a real man is like. Also how good it is to get fucked by one.

Aunt Betty would you like to sit on my lap for a while. She sees my cock has risen again to the task.

Betty got up, goes to the bathroom, then comes back with a warm damp cloth and towel.

She washes my cock and balls, then tells me to sit on the edge of the bed. I sit there waiting for Betty to crawl over onto my lap. She comes and slides down me, rubbing he tits on me, holding her nipples up as they get hard from this action.

Betty then feels the head of my cock at her pussy lips, she gives a little moan, then she looks me in the eyes and smiles and says “I love you Michael.”

I kissed her gently on the lips, held her there then let her slide down onto my rigid member. I let Betty go at her own pace as she wanted to enjoy this experience from start to finish.

I had long since learned how to hold off from Cumming too quickly, I did this for Aunt Betty so she could enjoy her ride. I grabbed one of her tits and was squeezing and sucking on it .”I kept the big nipple in my mouth and nipped it several times just to hear her squeal a little bit.”

It must have been a good half hour ride when Betty started going “Oh god, Oh god I ‘m Cumming” this went on for about 30 seconds. Then she tensed in my arms squeezed the hell out of me and screamed, “Yesssssssssssssssssssss” loud enough to wake the dead.

I then rolled her over onto the bed and laid between her legs, pumped like hell and shot my load into her cunt. I was so excited by her orgasm that I needed release. Man that was good, I hope Aunt Betty really enjoyed it. Both of us fell a sleep after that session we were tired.

I got up early the next morning, showered, then started breakfast, I had to wake Aunt Betty, she was still asleep. Betty I said there is coffee, breakfast will be ready in a ½ hour. Take your shower OK.

Betty said she would be right down. After breakfast we cleaned up and had some more coffee. Talked about grand dad and grand mom. Also what needed to be done.

Aunt Betty what would you like to do today, she responded with I’m to sore for fucking, so lets finish the basement and tomorrow well take care of the good stuff. I just laughed and said OK Betty I’ll give you a brake. Now lets get to work on that basement.

We had two more beautiful days together then I had to be on my way back to school. “Aunt betty went home with a sore throat, pussy and ass.” She sent me an E-mail at school, said “I’ m still a naughty boy.”


A year later I was back from college when my Mom told me my Aunt Betty had gotten herself locked up. I asked how did that happed, she said one word “Harry.”

I asked Mom if Aunt Betty was still in jail, Mom said no she had a woman judge. Harry never had a chance after Betty told the Judge her story, in the court room, in public.

God Mom I wish I could have been there.

The best part was when she was in the bar with Harry.

She started calling him needle dick the bug fucker, pencil dick. She told every body in the bar his dick was so small that they used it to model for Ken of the Barbie Dolls.

Man I wish I had been there. Plus by the time the police got there she had beat the hell out of him with a two by four.

He got no sympathy from the men in the bar, and his girl friend walk out on him. Then they both get locked up, had to go before this woman Judge.

Mom says Mike, Harry would have rather been run over by a cement truck than face that Judge.

When Betty was done telling the Judge her story, you could she the anger in the Judges eyes. There was nothing he could say, she was found not guilty. Harry was found guilty. Plus it cost Harry two thousand dollars for fines and costs.

And my sister said, any time you are home from school you are to give her a call, any time at all.

Mom goes Mike, what are you and Aunt Betty doing? Mom, you know I have always been Aunt Betty’s Favorite Nephew!!

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