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“It is so good being in you, Mother.”

“The feeling is mutual, son of mine. I’d like to keep fucking all afternoon. And the best part is that you stay hard after you cum…”

“You have taught me so much… There’s nothing like a mother’s guiding hand.”

“And now you want a hand job, too? Oh, Bobby, we’ve got to get up. I’m supposed to call the bank director’s mother to have dinner with us. Seems as though Donnie, that’s the director, still lives at home with his folks and trusts his mother to help him make career decisions. Donnie is a bright young man, about 25 or 30, and wants to be a programmer rather than a bank director. His father is a vice president at the bank and got him his current position as director. I’m going to ask Donnie to come and work for our software company. He’s a little shy but very smart. And besides, he’s a ‘pretty boy’ just like you.”

“That would mean he’d be moving out of his folks place. He may be insecure to be out on his own. It’ll be nice to talk programming with somebody. That reminds me– I finished the first prototype of ‘Dad’s’ website with almost all of the pictures of you and Aunt Helen having sex and a whole series of John and Jenny doing what they love best. I’ve got a camera full of Catherine doing a strip but haven’t uploaded them yet. If we can seduce Connie, and from what Catherine told me it should be easy, we can add some mother/daughter and brother/sister dirty pictures to the website and that should put Dad in a very precarious position.”

“Sounds like you’ve been busy. Plus, you got engaged? Before or after you got her into bed?”

“Funny. I also Emailed the Adult Check dot com to see what they thought of the website. They replied that from the first scanning of the layout and photos that we had a winner and that they would get back to me tomorrow. I’m using a new Email address with Dad’s name… And I used the IP address from my computer at home so it’ll look like Dad did it.”

“Hand me the phone please, kind sir. And that notebook with the number on the top. Thanks.”

“Hello, Mrs. DePaul? My name is Hazel Kincaid and I work for ‘Take It To the Bank Software Company’. My son and I are having dinner with Donnie tonight and Donnie suggested that I invite you, also. We have reservations for seven thirty for the four of us at the Polynesian Room in the downtown Hilton. … Good. It will be nice to meet you, also. The reservation is in the name of ‘Tit Banks’ which is short for the company name. … They’re 36D’s but hopefully that’s not why they hired me. … Looking forward to it. Bye.”

“Why the bra size?”

“Oh, she thought that ‘Tit Banks’ meant that the company was like Hooters…”


“Hello, Donnie. This is my son, Bob Kincaid. And this is Don DePaul. Ankara escort Let’s have a Tonga Punch or two while we wait for your mother, okay?”

“Sounds good to me. She’s usually very punctual so I expect her within five minutes. Look, there she is now.”

“My, my, Donnie. I think we have a corner on beautiful mothers! Yours is a knockout!”

“Quiet, Bobby! You’ll scare her. Hello, Mrs. DePaul. I’m Hazel and this is my son, Bobby.”

“Am I late? I hope not. So glad to meet you both. It’s been a long time since I’ve been out to dinner, isn’t it Donnie?”

“It’s been a couple of months at least.”

“You don’t look old enough to be Don’s mother.”

“Well, Bobby, I am. I’m 41 and I birthed the boy twenty two years ago.”

“I guess our table is ready. So if you two gentlemen don’t mind, would you escort us to our table?”

“Bobby, would you order us four Tonga Punches? And a couple of Foo Foo trays as appetizers? To bring your mother up to date, I’ve asked Donnie to consider leaving the bank and coming to work for us. He is extremely talented and has the type of personality that would fit right in with the other programmers. And I’m sure that the salary would be twice what the bank is paying but then, of course, it would mean moving out of your house.”

“Before you start talking about company benefits, I would like to make a toast to the two prettiest mothers in Atlanta!”

“I’ll second that.”

“You’ll have to excuse a sheltered housewife for asking but, what did you call this? Tonga Punch? There isn’t any liquor in mine. Is there supposed to be?”

“It has a whole lot of rum in it but the fruit juices mask the taste of the alcohol. I limit my mother to two a night. She gets very loving with two. With three, she falls asleep.”

“What does just one cause?”

“If you drink just one, it makes you ask for one more.”

“Then I’ll end up being loving just like Mrs. Kincaid.”

“Please, call me Hazel. Mrs. Kincaid sounds like my mother-in-law and you wouldn’t like her.”

“Only if you call me Rose.”

“Let me ask you, Rose, do you get along with your mother-in-law?”

“I don’t even get along with my husband. He’s what you call a ‘HINO’ — husband in name only. I’m his cross to bear.”

“I don’t get it. He must be a stick-in-the-mud. You’re beautiful, exquisite manners, and non-confrontational– what’s his problem?”

“He felt that he HAD to marry me… I was pregnant with Donnie. We had had sex one time and that was before we got married and never again.”

“Oh, I am so sorry, Rose. How can you stand it– not being ‘loved’.”

“I’ve got Donnie! He’s my life and my love. So, if he moves out, I’ll tag along and there will be no looking back.”

“Well, Donnie, how is Ankara escort bayan that going to affect your relationship with your father?”

“It’s pretty dismal right now and moving out won’t make it any better. So I guess I’d better pass up this opportunity. I’d hate to be on the outs with my father.”

“He isn’t.”

“Rose, what did you say?”

“Well, Hazel, my husband of over twenty years isn’t Donnie’s father. Sorry to break it to you like this, son, but I wouldn’t want you to pass up an opportunity like this because of a stupid façade.”

“It’s okay, Mom. I kind of suspected that I was adopted or something since he and I are so different. But may I ask, just who is my father?”

“Don’t cry, Rose. It will be alright.”

“Sorry… -uh- Donnie, you father is Paw Paw. My dad took me when I turned eighteen. And again and again. We had sex morning, noon, and night. There weren’t any neighbors close so he wanted me naked all the time. If he wasn’t kissing me or rubbing my breasts and pinching my nipples, he had his long skinny cock in my pussy humping away. Sex with Paw Paw was always a contest. How many times could he cum in my pussy in a night– how long could he stay hard in my pussy without moving– how many fingers could he shove into my pussy. It was a grand old time. I loved it. And then I got pregnant! As soon as I knew that I missed a period, I seduced the son of the town mayor into one fuck. That was enough for him. But, two weeks later, Paw Paw went to see the mayor and told him that we’d better get married and fast. That was all there was to it. Along came Donnie. And my ‘husband’ didn’t want anything to do with me. So, Paw Paw would sneak into town every Saturday night and we’d have a tumble out in the garden shed. Then we moved to Atlanta for a job in the bank. There. Nobody knows anything about this except you people at this table…”

“Don’t get up, boys. I’ll take Rose to our room and calm her down. You two go ahead and have dinner on the company. Take your time. I don’t expect you to come back to the room for at least two hours, okay?”

“Okay, Mom. Call down here if you need anything.”

“Well, I’ll be damned! No wonder… Someday I hope you’ll meet Paw Paw. He’s kind and fun and a real man. He must have gotten mama pregnant when she was eighteen and let DePaul believe that I was his. Ain’t that a kick in the head. I feel like celebrating. Care to join me, Bobby?”

“Sure do. Here’s to Incest!”

“You’re sure cavalier about this incest business. Are you and …?”

“Yup! Just call me an M. F. Here’s to all the MF’s and to you, a future MF!”

“Oh, no! I couldn’t… I’ve sure thought a lot about it though … Maybe… or what the heck, I’ll drink to that!”


“That was some Escort Ankara meal! Okay, Bobby, tell me again. You and your mother are having an affair. You are engaged to your first cousin and she is aware of your affair. And you and your mother had a foursome with a brother and sister who want to move in with you. And unless you can gen up a triple ‘x’ website in your father’s name as incriminating blackmail, you and your mother will be thrown out on the street. Did I leave out anything?”

“I may not have said but, I’ve been trying to get my fiancée’s mother, my aunt, pregnant and I’ve had a ménage à trois with my Aunt and Mother.”

“Bobby, you fucker!’

“And, you left out that my mother found a young man who is in love with his mother and whose real father is his grandfather.”

“Okay, I’m in love with my mother but I’m not having sex with her.”

“Not yet, you mean. The night is young. I imagine that as we speak, my mother has undressed your mother and enticed her into bed where she is telling her about how great mother-son sex is and it’s about time that she found that out.”

“Why would they get naked and crawl into bed to discuss that?”

“Oh, Donnie! Your mother is so sexy, it’s a wonder you haven’t tried to get her into bed yourself. Remember the Silver Rule: Sex is sex and don’t try to change it.”

“As opposed to the Golden Rule: Do unto others as often as you can.”

“Let me sign for dinner and we’ll go back to the room and interrupt the dallying duo.”

“Do you think they need us?”

“No, but they’ll make us feel like we’re needed. That’s the great thing about mothers: They know all there is to know about fucking but they let the sons feel like they are necessary.”

“We do have cocks and they don’t…”


“Hello… Anybody home? Can I turn on a light or would that spoil everything?”

“Bobby, just turn on the bathroom light. Rose wasn’t feeling so good so I was giving her a massage.”

“Was that a ‘One Finger Massage’ or a tippy tongue massage?”

“What ever I gave her, it made her feel better and that’s what counts! Now I need you to make me feel better. And Donnie, your mother wants you to make love to her and since it’s your first time, she wants you to do anything and everything that you have been dreaming about.”

“In my dreams, I make love to her for hours pumping her full of sperm while keeping a lip-lock with plenty of tongue.”

“Well, Donnie, it’s show time! And don’t mind me and Bobby McGee. We’ll be on our side of the bed. Be gentle with your mother– she’s already cum a half a dozen times…”

“Hold me, Donnie… I’ve waited so long for this moment. Tell me that you love me and call me mama when you cum. Hazel turned me on and now I feel insatiable! Let’s screw the night away… Tomorrow be damned!”

“But Mother. I don’t have any protection.”

“That’s what I had in mind, Donnie… living dangerously… let me feel that long skinny cock all night long, Paw Paw!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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