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At last the big day arrived and Julie was on her way to the writers workshop. She had looked forward to this workshop as it was geared toward marketing books. So with a great deal of joy, she hopped in the car and headed out on the daylong drive to the workshop.

Once she checked in at the hotel, she hurried downstairs to the first lecture, grabbed a chair right in the front row, and waited for the lecture to begin.

It would have been nice to freshen up and get changed out of her driving clothes, but she simply had no time. She had a whole two minutes to spare, she saw by her watch and chuckled.

She checked the manual. The first lecture was by a woman named Sherrie Foxx, who was an expert on publishing books in the sewing category. Julie didn’t know of her, but eagerly waited what she might learn.

After a couple of minutes, the most gorgeous blonde woman Julie had ever seen stepped out from behind the curtain and began talking to the audience. This must be Sherrie. She wore a knee-high green skirt and white blouse. The top button was open, and the material stretched over a pair of firm, generous breasts. Her long hair fell in waves about her shoulders. Her face was exquisitely sculpted.

Julie realized her mouth had fallen open and she hastily closed it, turning a shade of crimson to match her name. She tried hard to pay attention to what Sherrie said about the details of publishing, but her eyes roamed up and down the woman’s body as she moved in liquid grace back and forth across the stage. It didn’t help Julie’s libido that her boyfriend had been out of town on business for the past several days and poor Julie had been left home alone. She of course, planned on being faithful to him. She had no thoughts of finding some young stud for an affair while at this conference.

“Still…” her mind wandered, “…having another woman wouldn’t be cheating. This might be the perfect opportunity to engage in my fantasy,” she thought. Then she caught herself. Sherrie was most likely married and even if she wasn’t, she probably didn’t swing the way Julie’s mind was leaning at the moment.

It seemed like hours, but in reality only one hour passed and Julie knew she hadn’t heard a word Sherrie had said until now.

“Any questions?” Sherrie asked as she wrapped up the talk.

Julie knew that this vision of loveliness, this fantasy beauty, this dream in a tight blouse, was about to leave. She might never see her again. She had to hang onto this moment. “Yes, I have a question. I… I… have a book… I thought maybe you could… could give me some pointers,” Julie blurted out.

She was very surprised when Sherrie smiled at her and spoke, “Well, I’ll have to know more details. Why don’t you stay for a few minutes and I’ll take a look at your book?”

Julie was stunned. “Of course.” Her mouth was suddenly dry, her heart raced and her breath came in ragged gasps.

There were a few other questions, but the room emptied quickly and now there remained only the two of them. Julie had no idea of how to pursue this, or what to say. She felt worse than on her first school date. Much worse. She knew what to expect from boys and just how to handle them. Get them hard and give them a show and the boys were ready to do anything she wanted. Boys were simple. But Sherrie was no boy. “Definitely not a boy,” Julie thought as she gazed at the blonde. Sherrie bent forward and tidied up the desk, the smooth curve of her breasts easily seen. It was almost as if Sherrie had forgotten Julie.

Julie cleared her throat. Sherrie looked up at her, but in no way moved to hide the tops of her breasts from Julie’s eyes.

“Oh yes, you’re the one who wanted pointers?” Sherrie smiled and walked over to Julie’s chair. “Let’s see your book?”

Julie burned crimson again as she realized that in the haste of getting to the lecture, she had left her book upstairs in her room. She fumbled around in her large purse, hoping to buy a minute to think. “I… I think… I left it….”

“…Upstairs? In your room?” Sherrie finished for her. “I think I know what is going on here. How about if we get a drink in the bar? Get to know each other a bit. How does that sound?” she asked, while reaching out to cover Julie’s hand, which was still on top of the purse.

Julie looked down at Sherrie’s hand, smooth skin, pink nail polish, and oh so very warm against her own flesh. No wedding band. “Yes. Sorry. I do have my book…. It’s upstairs, truly.”

“Let’s go have that drink.” Sherrie’s smile melted into Julie’s eyes and set her blood pounding. She followed the blonde as if in a trance to the bar.

They sat and ordered two rum and cokes. Julie was pleased that Sherrie liked the same drink she did. They drank in silence, the alcohol calming Julie’s racing heart. “What now?” she whispered and then realized that Sherrie heard her.

Sherrie gave a little canlı bahis laugh. “I know what’s going on here. I know what you want and I’m flattered. Let’s cut to the chase. Shall we go to your room… to find your book?” Sherrie’s luscious lips curved up at the corner and she licked the tip of her tongue across her lower lip.

“Of course. I really do want to show you my book and get some pointers.”

“I’m sure you do.” Sherrie paid for the drinks and they left for the elevators. The trip to the tenth floor was quiet, until Sherrie whispered, “It’s okay. I know what you want and I want to make your fantasy come true. You need not be afraid.”

Julie’s eyes grew large when she digested the meaning of Sherrie’s words. She fumbled for her key and Sherrie steadied her hand so she could get it into the lock. Once they were inside the room, the door closed, Julie breathed a long sigh of relief. She had not dared to hope that Sherrie would be interested in a lesbian affair with her, but here she was right in her room.

“Sorry, I didn’t even get to unpack. It’s such a long drive… the place is a…” Julie started to say.

Sherrie grabbed her, pulled her close and kissed her hard and passionately on the mouth. Sherrie’s tongue seemed as if it would slide down her throat and she crushed Julie so tightly that her breasts were mashed against the blonde’s. Sherrie slipped a hand around to Julie’s butt and pulled her even closer to her. Julie felt the other woman’s thighs against her own. They seemed to be on fire.

Almost in desperation, Julie curled her own tongue around Sherrie’s and sought to explore the recesses of Sherrie’s mouth. Meanwhile, her body moved and slid against Sherrie as she sought to get more comfortable in the tight embrace. Sherrie’s hand roamed over her asscheek and fondled her crack. Julie felt Sherrie’s pounding heart against her own breasts.

Finally, Sherrie broke for air, but only moved her lips an inch from Julie’s mouth. “I told you I know what’s going on here. I’m going to give you the fantasy of your life,” Sherrie whispered as she started unbuttoning Julie’s blouse.

“I need a minute. This is so fast. I… I… haven’t even showered off the dust of the drive. I must smell like a farmer or something. Let me take a shower… Let me think about all this.” Julie stammered, suddenly getting cold feet.

“This is not the time to think. But I agree; we both could use a shower. I’ll scrub your back if you do mine.” Sherrie stepped back and within a couple of seconds had completely stripped naked.

Julie stared at the naked blonde, natural blonde, she noticed as she looked at Sherrie’s mound. Sherrie did a pirouette in front of Julie and held out her hands. “Like what you see?” she asked.

“Oh yea. Definitely. You’re positively gorgeous. I…”

Sherrie stepped forward. “Let me help you with all those clothes,” she whispered. Sherrie was an expert at undressing, it seemed. Julie found herself completely nude in a matter of seconds.

“I don’t believe in wasting time. Let’s make that shower fast and get unto more interesting things,” Sherrie said as she took Julie’s hand and led her into the shower.

They took turns soaping each other all over. Sherrie paid special attention to Julie’s sweet parts, soaping her breasts, rubbing her soapy hands all over her ass and of course, sliding her hands between Julie’s legs.

Julie moaned with pleasure as Sherrie tickled her love button and rubbed the flaming red hair above her snatch. She was not about to let Sherrie have all the feelys, however. She grabbed the soap and soon had Sherrie all lathered up. Again and again she soaped Sherrie’s tits and watched as the water rinsed the suds from them. Sherrie’s nipples grew taut and perky as Julie massaged them with her hands. Delicately, she put her mouth to one and sucked in, caressing the hard nipple with her tongue.

Sherrie did the same to her and at the same time, let her hand roam down over her mound and into her aching pussy. Julie moaned and groaned as pleasure raced through her.

“I think we’re clean enough, don’t you, honey?” Sherrie whispered as she turned off the water. She toweled Julie dry and allowed Julie to rub her down with the towel. Julie slid the towel between Sherrie’s legs and pulled it back and forth.

“Oh my. You do know a trick or two. Oooooohhhh, that feels heavenly,” Sherrie cooed and then pulled Julie to her in another long passionate tongue swallowing kiss. Both women stumbled to the bed, still locked in that kiss, and fell onto the sheets.

While Sherrie continued kissing Julie, her hands moved all over Julie’s tits, massaging and hardening the nipples. Then her mouth continued the breastwork, while Sherrie’s hands moved farther down across Julie’s flat smooth belly. Her fingers curled in the hair of her love mound and slipped down into her folds. She stroked bahis siteleri up and down on Julie’s love slit, teasing her. Julie moaned and spread her legs inviting more penetration from Sherrie’s fingers.

Sherrie trailed her tongue down over Julie’s body, stopping a moment at her navel to lick it, then continuing into Julie’s snatch. She paused a moment and looked at Julie’s glorious womanhood.

“I love it that you shave and are so smooth,” Sherrie whispered as she moved around to get her head over Julie’s pussy. “That little snatch of red hair on your mound is so cute, but you should shape it, maybe a heart or an arrowhead. You have such a beautiful pussy. A nice arrow pointing to it would be gorgeous,” Sherrie whispered as her finger traced a heart shape on Julie’s mound. Then she drew her finger downward like and arrow through the hair. When she came to the top of Julie’s pussy, she slid her finger right over the clit and rubbed it a couple of times.

“Oooooooohhhhhh. That feels so good. Your hand is so warm and you know just the spot.” Julie paused and enjoyed the sensations rapidly building in her folds. Then she felt something else. Sherrie was licking her. “Oooooooohhhhhh. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.” Julie moaned. If Sherrie’s finger knew where to rub, her tongue was the champion of rubbing. Sherrie’s tongue darted in rapid motion against Julie’s clit, raising her to new heights of pleasure. Then she stopped, letting her tongue slide up and down her slit, punching into her love tunnel, then back to her tortured love button.

It was almost too much for Julie. She could feel her orgasm building and she would explode any second now. She grabbed Sherrie’s leg and pulled it over her face. She wanted to give her lover as good as she was getting. Sherrie obliged by stopping the tongue-lashing. This allowed Julie to position Sherrie right over her face where she wanted her.

Julie stared up at the blonde’s ass. She ran her hands over the curvy cheeks and down the inside of her thighs. She breathed in the heady musky odor of Sherrie’s pussy. Sherrie’s juice flowed out onto her folds, parted now in the heat of lovemaking. Slowly, Julie reached up with her tongue and caught her first taste of the other woman’s hot cunt. It invigorated her, drove her higher with lust. Quickly Julie started licking from Sherrie’s clit all the way down her slit. Now she drove her tongue in quick powerful strokes against Sherrie’s clit.

“Oooooooohhhhhh,” moaned Sherrie as she enjoyed her turn at a licking. One thing Sherrie loved more than giving a licking was getting a licking. Waves of pleasure built and flowed through her body. She allowed Julie to work her almost to the point of climax. She knew they both were ready to explode and she wanted them to cum together. “Oooooooohhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhh,” she moaned and then lowered her face into Julie’s pussy.

Both women started licking in earnest now. There was no turning back. Their orgasms demanded release and they worked hard to achieve it. Julie ran her hands all over Sherrie’s ass. She slid two fingers into Sherrie’s open slit and then slipped a third one inside. She fucked them in and out like a man’s cock. She licked Sherrie’s clit and sucked it into her mouth. She even squeezed it with her lips.

Sherrie gripped Julie’s legs, spreading them wide with her hands, and buried her head in Julie’s flowing pussy. Her tongue pounded against Julie’s love button. Sherrie slid one finger inside. She curled it upward and pumped it in and out against Julie’s G-spot.

All this action could not last long and shortly Julie arched up off the bed as her orgasm started to flow. It was like a box of dynamite going off; her pleasure was so incredibly intense. She threw back her head and screamed as pleasure rocked the very core of her being. She couldn’t lick Sherrie any more, but she fucked her hand in and out of her as fast as possible, wanting to get the other woman off.

This shoved Sherrie over the top and she screamed as wave after wave of feelings poured throughout her body. She squeezed her pussy tightly around Julie’s fingers and her orgasm shattered new heights.

They held onto each other, draining the last bit of pleasure from their bodies. Finally, Sherrie collapsed down upon Julie and rolled over to the side. Julie’s fingers slipped reluctantly from Sherrie’s gushing cunt. They both lay, moaning and breathing hard, on the soaked bed.

“That was so beautiful and soooooooo good,” Julie whispered several minutes later.

“I sure am glad you followed your desires. When I first saw you sitting in the front row, I wanted you,” Sherrie said.

“That makes two of us,” Julie agreed in a sleepy voice. Sherrie turned around and put her head on Julie’s shoulder. She tongued the nipple, sending shivers of lingering sensation through Julie’s body. “Oooohhhh.”

They fell asleep and didn’t awake until dawn. bahis şirketleri Julie slid out from under Sherrie who hadn’t moved all night and went to the bathroom. When she finished, she stood over the bed, looking at Sherrie’s golden hair sprawled over the sleeping woman’s face.

Julie felt so good. She didn’t know what would happen now, but she knew that she wanted Sherrie around and in her life. The woman fulfilled a deep need in Julie’s heart. She didn’t know just what need, but she knew that last night wasn’t going to be the LAST night together.

“Good morning,” Sherrie said as she rolled over and stretched in a long sexy pose that left nothing to the imagination.

“God, she is gorgeous. So exquisite,” Julie thought, her love button throbbing again. Julie crawled into bed beside this beautiful blonde angel and kissed her.

The kiss turned into one of passion and heat to match those of the previous night. Their hearts started racing and desire rose in their bodies as if they had been apart for a year.

Julie slipped her hand over Sherrie’s breasts and quickly down to her pussy. The woman heat flowing from her folds drove Julie insane with desire. She plunged her fingers inside Sherrie’s pussy and found it gushing with love juice, open and ready for her.

“Not so fast, honey. I want to give you a special treat. Do what I say, okay?” Sherrie whispered in Julie’s ears. “Ooooooohhhh, baby. Let me get up now, okay?” She begged.

Reluctantly, Julie obeyed, not happy about withdrawing her fingers from their hot treasure and not replacing them with her tongue. “What are you going to do? I need you,” she whispered.

“I know, honey. And you’re going to have me. Scoot down the edge of the bed. I think this will work. Hurry,” she said as she grabbed a pillow. “Sit on this.”

Julie positioned herself on the pillow. Sherrie motioned her to slide down to the very edge of the bedside. “Yes, it will work.” Sherrie grabbed another pillow and put it on the floor. She knelt on this. Her face was almost at Julie’s breasts. She gave each nipple a little sucking and snuggled between her breasts.

“Now lie back and pull your legs up. Put your feet on the edge of the bed. Spread wide. Yes, that’s it, baby. You’ve got it now. If this gets too uncomfortable, put your feet on my shoulders. Here comes your surprise,” Sherrie said.

Julie was fully exposed to the other woman. Sherrie went down on her, licking her pussy from top to bottom. Julie thought this action was more comfortable with both of them in the bed, but if this is the way Sherrie wanted to get her off, then so be it. “That’s nice, honey. But this is not, ooooooohhhhh, really a surprise. Ooooohhhh,” she managed to say as sensations rose in the depths of her body. “Oooooooooooohhhhh,” she moaned.

“Oh this is just a warm-up, honey. I’m going to do something to you that only a woman can do to another woman. This is a special treat that ONLY two women can share,” Sherrie answered. “I give it to you now.”

Julie had put her head back on the bed, so she couldn’t see what was going on between her legs, but it was easier to maintain the position this way. Then she felt her clit being rubbed, but something didn’t seem quite right. It wasn’t a finger and it certainly wasn’t a tongue. It was hard and warm and felt… different… yes, something different… something very pleasant, but different.

She raised her head and gazed down between her knees. Sherrie was massaging her love button, all right, but with her tit. A blast of pleasure surged through Julie’s body as she saw Sherrie rubbing her clit with the hard nipple of her tit. She rubbed for a minute or so and then switched to the other tit. As she moved from one breast to the other, Sherrie licked her quickly several times and then pushed her tit into Julie’s snatch.

Julie fell back on the bed, because the sensations, the so nice, but different sensations, were rising rapidly in her body. She grabbed her legs behind the knees and pulled them toward her. This gave Sherrie even greater access to Julie’s hungry crazy clit.

Sherrie rubbed the perky nipple over her clit, than slid it down along the flowing slit of Julie’s pussy and then over the clit again. She moaned all the time she did this. Julie realized that Sherrie was getting incredible nipple stimulation from this action and her own feelings must be rising higher with each stroke.

“Ooooohhhhhhh, honey. Oh baby. Ooooooooohhhhhhh,” Julie moaned as her sensations built to an incredible explosion. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” she screamed out as waves of orgasm flowed through her. “Oh my God. Oh baby.”

Sherrie stopped only when Julie let her legs down. She had become too sensitive and couldn’t take anymore right now. Sherrie just sat there on the floor, moaning while Julie lay on the bed, the last trickles of pleasure fading from her body.

“That is what lesbians call a Dev Fuck. How did you like it?” Sherrie said.

“Different. Different and fantastic. My climax was so intense and it felt different. I don’t know what to call it. Dev fuck? Strange name, but I loved it.”

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