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The Sultana entered the harem flanked by her hand maidens, making her way to the royal chamber. The harem was a relic from before the time of her husband’s grandfather, when the Sultan did not take wives. Instead the blood line was continued by any number of mates in the harem producing heirs. Since the Sultan’s grandfather had stated the tradition of marrying, albeit taking several wives, the harem existed mainly for entertaining guests and corrupting foreign diplomats. At times like this with the Sultan away fighting his enemies, the Harem served another purpose, to satisfy the Sultana.

Her hand maidens stayed outside as the Sultana entered the royal chamber. Inside an antechamber the Sultana was greeted by two naked European women. One a brunette from eastern Europe and the other an olive skinned Mediterranean. As believers could not be kept in the harem, the court had populated the harem with the most attractive foreign women from the empire and beyond. The thin brunette who seemed barely out of her teens with firm small breasts stepped over and helped the Sultana take her robe off.

With her green eyes piercing from her dark skinned face the Sultana was a unique beauty. In her early thirties she was in the full bloom of womanhood. Tall, with rich dark hair, her body was shapely and had been made full by childbirth. Her ample cleavage cast shadows onto her torso in the torchlight. Her tall elegant legs were capped by a tuft of black hair. The Mediterranean who seemed of both the same age and stature as the Sultana with an equally large pair of breasts , leaned over and raised the Sultana’s arms above her head.

The two women having poured warm water over the Sultana’s body, then soaped her body using their hands. Although their soft hands worked quickly to build up a lather, their movements were sensuous. To the Sultana it felt as if they were caressing every area of her body. The older one took care to slowly rub the Sultana’s breasts, starting to make her nipples firmer. The younger was using her tiny hands to clean the ass, stroking through the crack and working round to the pussy at front, gently massaging the right places. The Sultana was starting to feel that special tingle down their as her blood and mind flowed to those spots.

After she was fully lathered, the two women washed the soap away and then dried her with towels. The older women then led the Sultana into the next chamber where she asked her to lay down on a large bed in the middle of the room. The sultana stared at her shapely behind as she left the room. She wondered what else the Sultan’s mother had organised for her that night. The washing session had left feeling aroused and she started to very gently stroke her pussy to keep the sensation. After she had started to do this, two young naked oriental women from the empire’s eastern edge entered the room.

The short orientals both looked young, maybe in their teens. Their jet black hair was tied up in pony tails and they both wore generous smiles. They had small perfectly formed firm breasts and to the Sultana’s surprise no visible hair near their small brown pussies. ‘Mistress, canlı bahis şirketleri please wait for that’ said the slightly taller one on the right as she took her the Sultana’s hand away from where she had been stroking her mould and put it to her side. The asian women then took jars of fragrant oil from the side of the room and poured the oil over themselves. The room filled with the lovely scent of jasmine as the two women worked the oil over their little bodies. To the Sultana, it seemed that had made a point to this as tantalising close her to her as possible. Both standing head on with their legs slightly apart to make sure their tight little pussies were always visible. The sultana felt the ache grow increasingly in her crotch as she watched the two little bodies. Especially with the slow studied way they oiled their breasts, rubbing their nipples and greasing their pussies.

After they covered themselves in a thick layer of oil, the two women walked over to the Sultana and laid beside one on either side. The one in front of the Sultana smiled caressed her face and then put her arms around her neck. As she did this, she moved her body right up to the Sultana’s. At the same time the other one had put her arms over the Sultana and around her colleague whilst wedging her body onto the back of the Sultana’s. The two orientals pressed in even closer and the Sultana’s felt that every area of her flesh was being touched by one or other of them. The three women seemed to submerge into one mass. The two little women started to rub their bodies up and down against the Sultana smothering her with their body oil and taking every opportunity to rub their tits or pussies against her.

The Sultana was getting worked up and had started to moan softly as she felt one pair of tits rub her own breasts, nipple onto nipple while another pair were stroking her back. She felt one little moist pussy rub her own, applying special pressure on her clit, while another one was rubbing her ass. She could feel the heat of her clit as it got excited and the wetness that was flowing inside her pussy. The delicate soft kisses and nibbles which her body was receiving all over added to this. Her moaning grew louder and the rubbing got harder and faster. Her clit was on fire and she could feel an increasing cavernous ache inside her now dripping pussy. The rubbing was getting more intense and the two orientals were moaning too and she could feel their wetness smear over her.

Suddenly they both suddenly jumped off her and stood beside the bed. She was on fire, her pussy was fire, so much so, that she carried on moaning and squirming in the same motion they had created. Her pussy was screaming to get something inside of it. Instinctively she put hands down there and started to finger herself. Before she could do anything, a pair of hands had grabbed each hand and the asian girls held onto these at her side. ‘No mistress, please wait’ said the same one as before again. The Sultana moaned in frustration and her face begged at the girl. ‘Please mistress’ she said applying more pressure to keep her hand down.

The Sultana canlı kaçak iddaa suddenly realised that was another woman in the room, in her frustrated struggle she had missed this entrance. The new woman was unlike anyone the Sultana had seen before. She was a tall statuesque blond, possibly from the northern lands. She was muscular and looked strong but had a fine feminine from. She had amazing large breasts, which were bigger than the Sultana’s, capped by the tallest nipples she had ever seen. Like her massive pussy with its large flaps, their pinkness almost glowed.

The oriental girl on the Sultana’s left let her hand go and reached beneath the bed to get something out to take over to the blond. The Sultana saw what appeared to be a shiny large wooden phallus, fixed on a leather thong bound by leather straps. The blond put this device on with the wooden cock and its thong covering her pussy while the Asian girl helped her fasten the straps around her waist. The other girl, leaving the Sultana’s side had joined them pouring jasmine oil over the phallus until it was streaming with it.

The aching had ceased slightly in the Sultana’s pussy as she had observed this scene. It started to throb violently again as she understood what was going to happen next. As the blonde walked over to her, the vista of this captivating amazon with a shiny phallus between her legs, desire, excitement and fear shoot through the Sultana’s already raging body. She started to breathe heavier as the blonde got on top her.

The Sultana was ready to go, with her pent up desire she dragged the blonde’s lips to hers and the two kissed each other heavily as their hands grabbed each other bodies. Their tongues explored their mouths as their hands explored their writhing bodies. The Sultana had one hand going over the blonde’s back to stroke the pussy from the rear while her other hand was wrestling a weighty breast. She was using her fingers to work the nipple to be even harder and taller. The blond was using her hands to grasp the Sultana’s body and rub it against hers.

After a while the blonde raised herself above the Sultana and looked down on her. With a cheeky grin she dived onto the Sultana’s pussy and begun to work away with her tongue. She licked all round inside and then worked away with her firm tongue. With the blonde’s tongue pumping away, the Sultana could not contain herself any longer and she came hard with a loud moaning and a wrenching of her body. Her shudders pulsated through the blonde’s still busy tongue and into her body making her create a wetness behind her thong. The Sultana’s moaning was almost immediately muffled by a tight oriental twat being placed on top of her face. It’s wetness ran over face as she burrowed her tongue up into, using it like a dick to screw it. At the same time she could feel the other oriental girl’s delicate lips working away on one of her nipples while the girl guided the Sultana’s hand into her little pussy. Her senses were almost overwhelmed by what to do, so much was being done to her and by her herself, all at the same time.

Once the tremors had subsided in her canlı kaçak bahis pussy, the Sultana concentrated on the pleasure that she was receiving from the blonde’s still active tongue and the delightful orientals. Shortly the blond stopped and removed her soaking face from the Sultana’s pussy. The Sultana paused from her own pussy licking of the asian, in anticipation as the blonde parted her legs wider and moved her body up to the Sultana’s crotch. The Sultana’s tongue was at rest in the asian twat as she felt the warm oily phallus touch the top of her pussy lips. The blonde was rubbing it over them and them applying more pressure on it to rub her clit. The Sultana could feel the blood rushing again there and it getting hotter. The asian girl stepped aside to let her see this and joined her friend by sucking the Sultana’s other nipple.

The blonde used the space to move closer and over the Sultana. She looked away briefly to guide the phallus inside Sultana’s pussy and moved her face level to her partner’s. Despite it’s size, the wooden cock slide very gently into the Sultana’s pussy because of all the oil. The blonde then wriggled around a bit to make sure that it was in comfortably. She then slowly started to work it in and out of the Sultana, nibbling at the Sultana’s neck as she did this. A small asian hand had also worked itself in between these two bodies to rub and finger the Sultana’s clit.

The Sultana’s moaning grew louder and faster with the quickening movement of the blonde. The blonde had now started to thrust the wooden phallus harder and faster into the Sultana’s drenched pussy. The Sultana had never anything like this inside her before and she squeezed her pussy to make sure that it enveloped all of the slippery wooden cock. It’s thrusting ran from inside every nerve in her pussy to throughout her body. The blonde then increased the tempo. She was also heavily moaning now, her own pussy aching behind the thong. The Sultana screamed a shattering scream and dug her fingers right into the blonde as she came again, even harder than the first time. She eased into softer moaning as the tremors continued in her pussy even after the blonde withdrew the phallus. The Sultana radiated in the sheer pleasure of what she had just experienced as the blonde raised herself off and removed the phallus.

Despite her contented state the Sultana was alert enough to bring the blonde back against herself. ‘I must return the pleasure’ she said as she mounted herself on top of the blonde. She caressed the blonde’s breasts with her own, tipping the nipples against each other. Sensing that the blonde was close, the Sultana gestured at one of the girl’s to bring her the phallus. Once it was in her hand, she went to work straight away on the blonde’s pussy with it. Holding it in one hand to pump away, she used the fingers of her other hand to rapidly flick the blonde’s clit. The result was a shrill set of screams and intense writhing from the blonde as she let go the enormous orgasm that she had been building up.

The four stayed together for the rest of the night after the oriental girls had been also pleasured. They slept as one pile of bodies, all nestled with each other. The Sultana did not want to loose the feeling she had in her or to wash it smells and tastes away by going back to her quarters. In her dreams she dreamed of this night and the nights to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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