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Chapter 81: Undersight

A cloudy, wondrous lion trots about the wide-open spaces of the wavering green. His huge, fluffy mane billows about the winds as he sniffs about the air, detecting a delightful aroma that draws his tongue out, and across his chops.

The lion looks, and sees a bright wisp of a blue and white butterfly wafting up and down in the abstract breeze. He growls as he crouches down, his eyes locked onto the beautiful wings, his hips wiggling back and forth, before he leaps for the butterfly!

The insect jumps up, in time to jet from his mighty paws, pressing on the mid-air. The lion checks under his paw, before looking up to see the butterfly flying up away from him. He meowed thickly before he trots on the air after it, pouncing upon it once more, only to have it slip from his golden, furry clutches.

The lion steps down onto the windy green, and makes another jump for the fairy-like target, until it rests ontop of a rock in the middle of a body of water. The lion grins as he crouches down again, his throat rumbling lowly as creeps slowly, closer and closer to the beautiful pair of wings, slowly moving back and forth as it rests. His haunches rise up again, priming his hind legs as he prepares to attack.

The large feline roars as his body fully jumps in a sloppy launch of his force, going for a wild jump, until his big paws aim for the rock, just as the butterfly shimmers away!

His paws land onto the small boulder, growling with fret as he tries to maintain his balance, seeing small ripples on the water surface. The lion moaned with defeat as he looks up at the fleeting butterfly, no longer able to get to it as it disappears into the vast space above.

His back paw slips for a moment before he got his grip back. The lion murrs with fear, looking at the water around him, stranded on his tiny island, probably looking rather silly, as if standing on a basketball. He paws at the water below, meowing with remorse at his situation, suddenly at least a mile away from the shore.

The lion grumbles sadly, until his eyes spot a keen shine from within the water. He mewls with interest as the blue light shines brighter until another feline feature peeks from the surface. A white panther-like creature with big, dazzling sapphire scale armor along its forehead, neck, legs, back, and along an elongated fish tail.

The aquatic animal beams to the lion, purring a strange riveretting sound as it seems to float from out of the water. They look into each other as they came to muzzle-to-muzzle. The fish panther playfully licks the lion’s nose, prompting a light sneeze from the golden one. The lion snips back at him, purring and swatting his paw at it, losing balance for a second before retaining again.

The flying blue and white sea panther looms around the lion. In a different point of view, humanoid hands reach out, and feel into the lion’s large, fluffy mane. The lion’s eyes cross as he purrs madly, his tongue lolling out as those hands scratch and ruffle into his field of thick fur.

The panther purrs as his furred and armored arms reach deeper and scratch into the lion, more and more firmly and rolling him onto his back. The lion drools in a drunken stupor as his broad belly is roamed, rubbed and toyed with. His legs hang up as his upper paws hang limb while the panther’s frilly fish tail waves in the air, making the lion squirm and purr loudly.

The lion groans as it rolls over lazily, finding out that the mystical panther fish is suddenly underneath him. The lion smiles as he opens his maw, and bite down onto the armored neck. The panther meows weakly as it feels the gentle gnaw of the furry king on top of him. The lion’s tail flops about as he playfully chews and licks the panther’s soft, furry neck, his teeth clanking with the thick blue scale, while his white, glowing body pushes up below the lion’s underbelly.

The lion’s ears quirk as he licks lovingly along the white panther’s cheek, before the magical fish licks the lion’s nose again, putting his paws around and into the lion’s flowing bush.

Suddenly, the lion is yanked backward! He yowls in pain as his whole body is pulled backward. The panther gasps as he jerks upward, seeing smoking black anchors and chains gripping twisting around lion’s torso, dragging him backward. The lion roars and cries out as his claws rip and tear into solid rock as the hooks stab into him.

The panther swims quickly, and hold the lion tightly, flapping his tail as hard as he can up and down to pull the lion backward, only making him shriek in agony. The lion cries and howl in pain, unable to get away, as the panther roars in sadness and frustration.

Then, several claws start grabb1ing and pulling the lion’s mane. The lion’s eyes widen as his maw gaps as handfuls of rich, golden shine is removed from him. The panther growls as he swerves round him, and claws at the tangling darkness. He lashes his fish tail violently and roars vigorously at it all.

Alas, with every move adiosbet yeni giriş the panther made, nothing is changed. His arms and claws go right through the ethereal forces as they continue to drag and injure the lion, streams of golden mists floating away as well.

The sea panther looks back, and watches in horror as the lion struggles less and less, having lost a significant shine from his being. The white fish feline swims quickly back around to the lion, the look of shock and terror still frozen on the lion’s face. The lion claws weakly as he fails to fight any longer, his mane reduced to a barren land on his body, a grey layer of faltering embers where the cloud of gold used to be. The panther weeps as he gazes into the blank eyes of the lion, as he rolls onto his side, staring straight into the void before him, groaning feebly as the nothing fills inside him.

The panther looks down with tears at the lion, mutilated and hollowed. He too begins to lose his light as he lowers down, resting down upon the motionless lion, unable to feel his soul, his mind, his heart anymore, even as the lion’s grey stomach rises and falls still.

The panther’s scales and fins start to disintegrate and scatter into dust in the wind as he rests his chin the lion’s body weeping as the tears drip and fly from his eyes, his brilliant glow quickly dimming away as lies there, letting everything turn black…


Merrick’s eyes open casually. That was some dream… His body feels heavy again… A moment of observation tells him that it is still night out, and a quick check on his phone tells him it’s in fact 2 in the morning.

“Mnnh…” Merrick groans as he makes himself get up, before he stares at the floor. His face shows no expression as 5 straight minutes go by of just doing nothing.

“… Wha?” He looks down, feeling a drop hit his thigh. Just a regular drop of clear fluid. He reaches up, and felt his face. Both of his cheeks are soak in wet. Looking at the pillow, there’s a noticeable streak of moisture on the middle.

“Was I crying…?” He asked.



Darkness is pierced by calmly dimmed light that burns and aches, as his eyes are extremely sore. Shuffling sounds can be heard, as well as a click. His mouth moves open as his arms attempt to move, despite feeling as though iron has been transfused into his veins.

“Uhhh… Nnnhhh…”

“Hm?” Says another voice, “What?”

“Wha… Whe… Whas…”

“Adam?! Adam!” A woman’s voice asks. He squirms as his vision spreads in the gentle lighting the room, pushing through a short ringing in his ear.

“Unnhhh… My head…”

“Oh my God, Adam!!” He squints and groans, barely able to manage to focus at all. The voice is coming from a blurry image of a light-skinned woman with long, straight black hair, wearing a white coat. Her narrow eyes beams at him as he whines weakly.

“Aa… Adam…” He copies.

“Oh my God, you’re awake!” She said, “Yuh-You’re finally- Oh my gosh!” She whimpers with excitement, her hands covering her mouth.

“I… What… Happened…” He can barely speak.

“S-Sorry, you um… You, hang on.” She says as she dashes to the end of the bed, and picks up a clipboard, “It’s… It’s been about 3 weeks. Oh my God, 3 weeks, oh my God,” She puts the board down, “H-How do you feel?? Right now, physically, what are you feeling right now??”

“Unnhh… My… My chest is hurting… I think…” He winces as his hands strain, “I’m just… Pain, I don’t know… Where… Like, something is stabbing me inside…” He observes feebly, “I feel so heavy…” His fingers twitch as they manage to fold in, and back again.

“Alright, one moment,” The hasty, Asian doctor grabs what looks like a pen, and then removes the blanket from his feet. “Tell me if you can feel this…”

After a second, his mouth quirks as his foot flinches away, before he feels another tingle on the other one, “What… What’re you doing…”

“You have feeling in both your legs!” She excitedly said before pulling the blanket back over. “What about your arms??” She asked as she came to his side.

“They… I feel so heavy… Why am I hurting… I doh…”

“Can you feel this?” She asked as she traced the pen along his arm. He groans as he manages a nod. “How about your fingers? Try to move your fingers.”

“Feh… K…” His fingers twitch, before he winces and hisses, “A-Ahhh!”

“O-Ok, stop, stop stop.” The doctor instructed. He starts to whine and pant as his face distorts with pain. The machine next to him starts to become erratic with its noise.

*Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.*

“I’m hurting… What happened… NnhhhhAA-AAaahh…!”

“Alright alright, hold on!” She says as she whips around, and sorted through a couple of tiny glass bottles, as well as a sterile syringe, “I’ve got your anesthetic right here, hold on.” She hurries as he hears him squirm.

*BeepBeepBeepBeepBeepBeepBeepBeepBeepBeepBeepBeep *

“Adam adiosbet giriş you need to calm down, please!” She said, “Just stop moving for one second.”

“K-Kay…” He huffed, grunting as his internal pain crawls inside him in almost everywhere. “AwwWWHhhhlll… Please hurry, I can’t…” His head starts turning side to side. The young doctor comes to his side, turning his arm over, and wiping a chilling wet pad onto the middle of his arm. “NNNhh!” He cringes as he feels a sharp pain insert into his arm.

“Easy… Easy there…” A second or two later, the pain is gone, and something small and soft replaced the puncture, “It’ll take a few minutes to kick in, but you’ll be fine, I promise. Just don’t move, ok?”

“Please…” He struggled to talk, “Where am I right now… What… A-Ahhh,” He grimaced in pain as he clenches his eyes, “My head hurts, it’s pounding…”

“It’s ok, Adam. You’re just having a migraine, it’s still recovering. The solution I just injected should take care of that too for the time being.”

“Aa… Adam…?”

“Yes, that’s right, that’s your name, you remember, right?” She asks casually.

“Remeh…” His panting eases down as he peeks at her, “Wha…”

“… Um, what?” She gives him a hesitant look, “Ok… Just take a moment to um… Think back… What’s the first thing you remember?”

“Unnhh…” He grunts as he furrows his brow, “C… C-Can you help me? L-Like give me a hint or… Something… I… I don’t know if I can think, I…”

“U-Um, ok…” The doctor’s heart pounds as she stares at him, “Ah… What is your last name?”

“Ah… Wha… Adam?”

“No, that’s your FIRST name… Please, do me a favor and tell me your LAST name.”

“Wha… What IS a last name?”

“No…” She said, “No no no no, not this. Please not this, come on… C-Can you tell me what MY name is? I-I’ll give you a hint — i-i-it rhymes with ‘Hurry’. I-It starts with a ‘Y’.”

“Ah… I…” He closes his eyes, and whines as his forehead starts to throb, “I dunno… My head is hurting… Can we stop for now…?”

“A-Adam, please tell me, this is very important.” Her voice is getting very shaky, “Do you know where you live? I-I’ll give you another hint — you’re on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, called Haaaaa…”

“Ha… Wa…”

“Yes! You’re close, Hawa…”

“I… Hawa?”

“No… It’s ‘Hawaii’…”

“Oh… I… I’m sorry…”

“I-It’s ok…” She sounds like she’s about to cry. He opens his eyes, and sees the doctor rubbing her eyes.

“You’re… Are you crying? … Is something wrong… What did I do…”

“I-I just… I just have one more question, A-Adam, th-then you can go back to sleep.” Her voice is filling with fear.


“Please… Just please do you remember…” She picks up her phone, and taps it a few times, rubbing and tracing though it, before going back to his side, “Can you tell me the name of this man??”

He looks drearily at the image… The picture of a happy young man with short, bright blonde hair. He’s in a charming orange and brown and yellow and red sweater vest with a white shirt underneath, and complimenting trousers. In the picture, he has a big smile on his face as he holds a broad knife and a large 2-pronged fork, while standing next to a golden brown roasted bird.

“He… Looks very happy…” He said, trying to muster a shrug, hoping to provide one right answer to maybe cheer up this stranger, who seems to be growing more scared and upset by the minute.

“Yes, but I need a name. I-I-I,” She quickly makes something up, “I’m looking for him, he-um-he-I owe him a huge amount of money, and I need to know his name right away, and you’re the only one who knows him. Can you help me, please??? I just. Need. His name.”

“Uh… Agh…” None of this is making any sense, her frantic talking is rushing everything, and it’s just cluttering up his head.

“N-Not even the full name! Just the first letter, please!” The doctor pleaded, “Just the letter, just one.”

“I… I’m sorry,” Adam shakes his head, whimpering like a child about to be in trouble, “I don’t know anything… I’m so sorry…” The doctor takes her phone back, and looks upon him as he closes his eyes “Ennhhh… My head… It won’t stop hurting…”

“Oh no…” Yuri muttered.


The door opens to Nick’s apartment. He, Jamal, and a strapping young man with bright red-orange hair come right in. Nick closes and locks the door as Jamal puts his arm around the Scottish trick’s waist.

“You ready to get started?” Jamal grins.

“Ready for anythin.” William said in his charmingly curvy accent, putting his hands up on Jamal’s bulging pecs.

“Good. Cause I’m just bout ready.” Jamal crosses his arms as his hands takes the hem of his shirt, and pulls it off of himself. As soon as he does, William grins as he sees a thick, silver ring embedded on each of Jamal’s thick, juicy nipples.

“Ohhh, fock yas…” William says as his adiosbet güvenilirmi hands hold onto Jamal’s sides as he ducks his head in, and latched onto one of those pierced teats.

“FFfff, ooooh.” Jamal staggers a bit, his nipples completely healed, but still very tender.

“Hohhh…” Nick huffs before coming up next to him, and taking the other nipple into his mouth.

“Awww, shhhhiii…” Jamal huffs, his pants already pushing forward as the two men nurse and suckle on his chest.

Moments later, Jamal is shoved forcefully onto the bed, right before William and Nick start nursing him again.

“Ahhh! Easy, watch the teeth.” He winced. He takes a few breaths, before easing down, “Awww yeah, just like dat – oooohhhhhh” He coos, “Aww man, yeaahhh.” Jamal’s legs move a little as both men slurp and lick into and onto Jamal’s sensitive nipples, tugging at the rings, and sucking gently around the nubs’ circumference.

Nick climbs down and unbuckles Jamal’s pants, pulling them down, and then pushing his nose and his mouth into Jamal’s fully loaded tighty-whities. William huffed loudly as he licks all into the crevice of Jamal’s pecs, and grabbing both of them as he digs his fingers into those thick yet soft muscles.

“Heh… You gettin nice and dirty, boy?” Jamal smirked as his own big hands cup both sides of William’s ass.

“Weh… Aye go’ a theng fo tets.” He grins, “And truth be told, you’ve go’ theh beggest ones Aye’s seen in a while.”

“Ahahahaha!” Jamal laughs, “I ain’t no bitch, bitch!” He spanks that cargo butt before he tugs those shorts off of William. He throws his tight shirt onto the floor, now clad in lime green boxer-briefs and his socks. He has a rather fine build — slim, but more muscular than Nick, with a thin layer of red gold on his chest, with beautiful treasure trail leading down to a warm and shiny patch down south.

William firmly massages Jamal’s huge pecs, his hands delving into Jamal’s underarms as William gives a hot bite down onto a broad piece of chest meat, before giving a ringed nipple a few licks, a tug of the silver metal, then a thick kiss onto the nub. Jamal bites his lip, curving his back as he immediately starts to feel wet velvet on his hung dick.

“Awwwwwwwwwwww…” Jamal moans long and low as Nick’s face starts to descend down upon his black tower, “Yeeeaah…” His large hands slither down into William’s underpants, groping his fuzz butt as William continues to lick and slurp along both of his pecs. Damn, this guy must really like breasts. William’s fingers squeeze and roll Jamal’s spit-wet nipples firmly and slowly, grazing his teeth on that hunk of dark, hot flesh.

Jamal’s penis starts to curve as it reaches its absolute limit on stimulation as Nick bobs his head up and down, somehow fitting all 10 by 3 inches in his head! It’s been so long since Jamal has busted a nut. And as it turns out, Nick is much more of a Nympho than he thought; on a previous night, Nick as walking bo-legged at King Tut’s due to Blue Balls, before Jamal had one of the bartenders give Nick a handjob since he was too stubborn to go and get a guy while Jamal deals with his problems — Nick barely lasted 5 minutes before he creamed all over the booze-skilled hand.

William goes down to Jamal’s crotch, and joins Nick in worshiping Jamal’s throbbing cock. He pulls his legs out of jeans while Nick tugs Jamal’s underpants down just enough to free his balls while they shared a sloppy meal. William felt along Nick as they mesh their mouths between the huge, fat log between them.

Jamal growls lowly as he moves his hips back and forth, sliding his dick back and forth, racing a manwich into it as both men lick and kiss all over that dark meat. “Hoh! Ohhhh”

Jamal moaned before the two of them started to make out with his hot, sweaty sac. William moans and pants as he slips one ball into his mouth, meshing forward to smush into Nick’s lips. “Hot dayum…” Jamal huffed as he starts to masturbate. He takes a deep breath as one hand holds the back of his head, while the other rubs up and down his massive monster.

“Gah fuck, mah balls…” He growled as his loose, fat balls are sucked, licked and bathed in the pair of hot mouths. His hand squelches with his oozing precum, He puckers his lips as he strokes fast and hard as his balls are savored and suckled.

“Mfff, aw yas…” William says as he sits between Jamal’s thighs, gripping his uncut dick while it presses with the thick, hard log. Jamal holds the bottle of lube over their throbbing cocks, pouring the slick all over their dongs as William rubs them together. “Fock, never done this before.”

“I have,” Jamal said as he shuddered from the delightful frotting and oiling of his massive member with the shorter one.

Nick strokes his own dick as he crawls around, and above the two laps. “Ah shet, is he really gunna,” William grips the two penises as Nick squats down.

“Aight…” Nick huffs as he feels the glands of Jamal’s black mushroom push into his taint, before sinking up into his oiled anus. “Nnnhh…” Nick steadily goes down, his manhood flopping idly as he holds onto the couch cushions, as he started to feel the second head knocking on his entrance.

“Oh, here we go…” William says as he holds the two dicks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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