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My dad and I had been fucking for a few months before the scene this episode will describe took place. I was settling into the routine of it, even. He took me about twice a week — his restraint I found a little touching. When we got together, after all, he became increasingly frantic and wild in his horniness, in his reaction to the things he made me do with my body.

I became good at obeying the rules he’d set down for me:

1. Whenever he grunted that he was about to cum, I was to scramble out of whatever position we were in and clamp my mouth around the tip of his cock.

2. After his cum entered my mouth, I was to hold it there for a moment before slowly dripping it onto my tits.

3. Whenever he tapped me on my shoulder, I was to meet him in the laundry room in two minutes, no questions or objections.

4. Whenever he came up behind me and massaged my shoulders, no matter what I was doing or what plans I had, I was to follow him to the car and go wherever he wanted to take me.

5. He wanted to know about my state of arousal. I was to tell him whenever my pussy started to get wet — and if I failed, I would be punished. If he said the words “Wet now?” I was to immediately part my legs and pull my panties to the side, whereupon he would touch my lips. If they were wet, and I hadn’t told him I was getting wet, I would be getting five hard slaps to the face, followed by a gagging and rough blowjob, at our next meeting.

Only once had I failed the wetness test, and the rough blowjob I was forced to endure later that night convinced me never to do it again. Yet it was also humiliating walking up to him out of the blue and telling him I was wet, before he’d even asked.

Once, I did this during an evening party my parents were hosting, attended mainly by coworkers of my mother. The funny thing was, it hadn’t been anything about my dad that made me wet. One of the younger men of the group had flirted with me, in a devastatingly charming way. He was gorgeous, even if he was twice my age, and I felt my panties just about melt. I had to find my dad, who was actually by himself in the kitchen loading up another tray of hors d’oerves. I walked up next to him and leaned in his ear and whispered, “I’m wet.”

He smiled. Stroked my cheek tenderly. “Good girl,” he said. “I have to mingle with a couple of people — but after that….” His eyes wandered down my body and back up again. “Meet me in the laundry room, 15 minutes.”

That amount of time later, my dress was hiked up, my panties pulled aside, and thick hard cock was sliding in and out of my pussy. When he came in my mouth, this time, he told me to swallow it, as we both were going to be missed — and looked for — if we didn’t return to the veranda in a reasonable time.

Back outside and mingling again as though my dad and I had just excused ourselves to wash dishes, I couldn’t get sex out of my mind. I didn’t tell Daddy that I came about a minute after his cock slid into me — which, for me, was unheard of before this. Nor did I tell him that I couldn’t stop fantasizing about Daddy sharing me with the charming husband of my wife’s peer.

I found myself becoming transformed into a crazed sexaholic. My identity was wrapping itself more and more tightly around a self-image as Daddy’s slave. Knowing that Mom was going to be off for the next two weeks — and therefore at home all the time — I even found myself wondering, with disappointment, about when my next tryst with Daddy would be.

* * *

I didn’t have to wait long, it turned out. And the next episode proved to be a doozy.

It began with me sitting on the sofa, dozing off to some movie, on a boring Tuesday afternoon, around 2:30. I was done with classes for the day, I had worked out really hard at the gym at noon, and the afternoon drowsiness had settled in.

I had just been dreaming about being a contestant on a game show when I felt two strong hands gently massage my shoulders. A yawn opened my face, my legs stretched, and I looked up Daddy, who simply nodded.

I was to follow him to the car, and go wherever he wanted to take me. We passed Mom on the way out, as we walked through the kitchen to the garage. On the phone with some friend of hers, she placed a palm over the speaker as if to ask us where we were going and when we’d back.

“We’re going to look for presents for the twins’ birthdays,” my father said cheerfully. Then, in the first sign of what he had in store for me, he added, “and we won’t be home for dinner. We’re going to just eat at the mall.”

My throat went dry until a few minutes into the drive; casino siteleri I realized I was in some shock of excitement. There was fear mixed in horniness and awe at my father’s command and daring. This was simply a man who took what he wanted in life.

So distracted that I almost forgot. “I’m wet, Daddy,” I said, softly, my voice almost cracking.

“I’m glad that tight, sexy pussy’s wet, my little slut. It’s going to get even wetter – ’cause get a load of this: we’re meeting up with a guy who plays with a daughter your age. And her mom is in on it, too.”

I gulped. My pulse quickened. “And from what he tells about it, those two eat pussy so well that you’ll be begging for relief in minutes.”

I gulped. “You’re going to have me be — be with girls?”

“Hell yes,” he said, as we sped down the Interstate, my dad’s favorite country channel streaming through the speakers.

“You think I don’t want to see that adorable face of yours glazed with pussy juice?”

Unconsciously, I rubbed my thighs together as a shiver ran through my body. Part of it was the cold of the car — I was in little gray sweatshorts and a t-shirt, with flip flops, my hair in a baseball cap. Dad was in jeans and a flannel long sleeve shirt.

“Ever kiss or touch a girl, April?” We had just gotten onto an exit ramp.

“No daddy,” I said. “I don’t know if it’s something I can get into, honestly.”

My dad thought a few moments and said, “Well, you’re going to learn to love it. And until you do, you’ll enjoy how hard it makes cock and how it’ll make me even hotter for you.”

I thought about this. Then he added, “And, of course, today you’ll have two different cocks working your tight little body.”

My mind had focused so much on how I was going to be able to make myself lick a girl … down there (I couldn’t even think of the words or visualize it)…that I’d forgotten that my dad was taking me where (among other things) another man was going to violate me sexually.


We rang the bell, with my dad holding me close, one arm around my shoulder, the hand clearly caressing my breast.

The door opened, and we were greeted by a woman in her early forties, with a short and curvy, but very fit, body, and long thick light brown hair.

“Hi David,” she said. “And this must be April. Oh, my. You weren’t kidding — she is super adorable.”

Once inside, and offered drinks, the woman gently stroked my cheek and said, “My my, I am going to molest that hot little body all day.” My dad grinned. She told me that I was to call her Mrs. Dean.

She had a broad, welcoming face, with big brown friendly eyes and high big cheekbones. Her skin was radiant and soft. Her skin was soft and smooth and tan, inviting you to touch. Her outfit revealed large breasts, which stretched the tight fabric of her olive-colored chemis, and they rode high on her chest suggesting that she was gifted there too in the way her body defied her age. The only thing else she wore were a matching pair of thong panties.

“I think I hear that Phil is out of the shower – so why don’t we head upstairs and start the fun,” Mrs. Dean said.

A gentle arm curled around my waist, leading us upstairs. As we walked, her other hand fondled my breasts over my shirt.

“We are going to make you squeal, my sexy little cat,” she said.


When we walked into the room, Mr. Dean was already naked, his cock rock hard. He sat in a love seat, sipping from a glass of brandy. Joy was on her knees at his feet.

She was busty, like her mother, but taller and a bit more lean. She had a stylish short haircut, featuring dark brown waves with light brown highlights, which made her cool blue eyes pop. Also like her mother, she was blessed with perfect cheekbones.

In short, she had a face you wanted to hold in your hands, stare at lovingly, and kiss passionately. Even though she was 25 and so older than I was, her face hadn’t lost a bit of her teenage sparkle.

She wore a robe of dark red silk. “Hi, April,” she said. “Come sit with me.” I paused before stepping forward, leaving the embrace of Mrs. Dean and the side of my father. I knelt next to Joy on the warm soft carpet between the love seat and the bed. Wearing, basically, my workout gear, I felt undredressed compared to the sexy looks Joy and her mother were sporting.

Soon enough, of course, I knew we’d all be wearing the same thing.

“You really are so cute,” Joy said. “Even cuter than the pictures your dad sent us suggested. I mean, wow. Your face is sexy and innocent-looking at the same time — canlı casino isn’t it, Mom?”

Mrs. Dean nodded. I blushed and stuttered something nervously, I don’t remember what exactly. Goosebumps spread all over my skin.

“And i hear you’ve never kissed a girl before,” Joy said. “It’s wonderful, though. You’ll see. The first girl I ever kissed was actually…my mom.”

At this, Mrs. Dean came near, leaned in, and kissed her daughter. A soft puckered kiss first, then each opened their mouths and let their tongues slip against one another. I took a deep breath, watching them, transfixed. What was this world my father had brought me into?

Mrs. Dean broke the kiss. “And it wasn’t too long after that first kiss that you were kissing my pussy, making Mommy cum.”

She crouched next us, one hand in her panties, rubbing herself, her eyes looking deeply into her daughter’s. Suddenly I felt overwhelmed. My father had moved to sit on the edge of the bed, facing us. Apparently, the men were going to watch us play on the floor for the first act of this depraved and exciting play.

The room seemed to tilt slightly and spin softly in a kind of delirium I found myself in; the whole scene I was at the center of seemed that surreal. I felt this even after having been my own father’s slave for a few months now.

The spell was broken when I felt Joy’s hands on my thighs, softly caressing them. “We’re going to make your pussy so wet, April,” Joy said. “It’s time to get naked and get fucking dirty.”

Her mother leaned forward and helped me lift off my top. As she did so, Joy’s warm hands were caressing my firm tummy and then unsnapped my bra. She ran her hands along my legs before pulling my shorts, panties and all, down my thighs and then offer my feet.

In moments I had become naked. “Oh god,” I heard Joy grunt as she threw off her robe, revealing her full feminine and yet firm physique. I stared her body as she crawled over mine — her mother had tipped me back and cradled my head in her lap.

Joy crawled over me, her nipples gently dragging across my smooth soft skin, until her face came near mine and she leaned in and kissed me.

It was the gentlest and softest and sexiest kiss I’d ever experienced. My body was on fire, and I kissed her back, with a hunger I didn’t know I had in me. He mother stroked my hair. I could hear her say something to her husband about how hard his cock was, but otherwise I was in a fog as I was lost in this amazing, wet kiss.

I saw a camera flash go off as well, but I was so into kissing this hot sexy girl that I didnt’ even react to it.Before I wanted it to end, Joy pulled her mouth off of me, and let it drift down my body. Her mother’s lips took her place, and soon I was kissing Mrs. Dean. She kissed me with more fire, really working her tongue into my mouth with passion.

While I was adjusting to her mouth, I felt Joy’s hands slip under my ass, and lift it. Next I felt one of the most intense sensations I’d ever felt in my life — her lips and tongue on my pussy.

It didn’t take long for me to fulfill Mrs. Dean’s promise that I’d squeal — within minutes my hips were grinding, my hand was on the back of Joy’s head, and i was moaning incoherently.

Mrs. Dean was on her hands and knees sucking and biting my nipples, before she, too, put her mouth near my pussy. A pillow had been slipped under my ass, and Joy’s tongue drifted lower to make room for Mrs. Dean’s. The mom of this sexy pair was flicking my clit with her wet warm tongue while the daughter tunneled hers into my hole.

I was digging my nails into the carpet and arching my back, as I felt rhythyms of sensation I’d never felt before shake and shiver my body. “God, look at her cum,” I heard Mr. Dean say. “Your sluts are incredible,” my father replied.

I opened my eyes to see the two women holding each and smiling, each one with her face glazed from her nose to her chin.

“I think she liked it, Mom.”

“She had no choice, hon. We were amazing.”

“Well,” Mr. Dean said, “My dick is about to fly off into orbit.”

“You first,” I heard my dad say. “I’d like to see the daughters double up on your cock while I finger your wife and watch.” Joy kissed me deeply on the mouth, my pussy juices slipping over my tongue. She then took my hand and guided me to her father on the love seat and I followed her lead. She moved kisses along a trail up his thigh, and I moved the same way up the opposite one.

Soon enough I found myself flicking my tongue up one side of the shaft of his very hard, and very throbbing, erection, as Joy kaçak casino did the same from the opposite side of this quivering, warm, piece of firm flesh.

He moaned and stared in wonderment. Our tongues met at the tip, flicking all over the glazed, bobbing helmet, and, at times, touching each other, sometimes even breaking into a hot french kiss before returning our attention to this aching cock.

His balls were in Joy’s mouth as my mouth swallowed the tip. A trance overtook me and all I could feel was a pulsing throb in my mouth.

When I opened my eyes I could see my father fucking Mrs. Dean — her legs lasciviously pulled up with her knees next to her tits, which were pushed together by her thighs. Dad had a firm hand on her thighs beneath each knee, his glistening hips slapping the tan, smooth drum of her ass.

The sight made me so hot — seeing his body from a removed perspective — that I groaned urgently as I returned my attention to Mr. Dean’s cock.

He began to get particularly excited, too. His hips began moving gently and he moaned more insistently, with me making his cock glisten and his cute sexy daughter slathering his balls with saliva.

Mrs. Dean yelled “Fuck me, baby, fuck me, I love it!” and then I heard Mr. Dean say, “get back get back get back,” as his hands pressed my shoulders to push me back onto the carpet on my knees.

Next thing I knew, he was holding my head and fucking my mouth. “Yes, daddy, yes,” I heard Joy say. She massaged his buttocks as he continued slipping his cock in and out of my mouth, and practically gagging me.

“Keep your hands on your tits,” he grunted, fucking my mouth. He didn’t even tell me he was about to cum when I felt it — three sharp jets that pushed sticky cum into my mouth as his hands held my head in place.

“Feed it to me,” Joy said, and I let the cum drip into her open mouth.

“Spit it on her face,” Mr. Dean said. “I want to fuck her again with my cum on her face.”

Shocked at this request, I was too frozen to protest when Joy drooled the cum all over my face. Mr. Dean lifted me onto the bed next to Mrs. Dean being fucked doggystyle by my dad, and he slipped his still hard cock into my pussy.

He fucked me so hard, grunting one dirty comment after another, mainly telling me how hot I looked with his cum on my face.

My father pulled out of Mrs. Dean to slip his cock into her daughter’s mouth, and Mrs. Dean helped her husband roll me onto all fours. She scooted her pussy under my face and gave me a look like I was to dig in whether I wanted to or not.

Mr. Dean’s cock entered my pussy from behind and I was so far gone in my horniness that eating a woman’s pussy for the first time seemed no big deal. Mrs. Dean gave me encouragement and told me just what to do, and I soon found the slippery texture of her lips and the taste – she was like black licorice mixed with lemon — intoxicating.

And she was so, so wet. Bands of sunlight streaming in through the blinds hit her thighs and tummy, revealing skin glistening with juices. I was so horny, so close to cumming, that I even mashed my tongue into her pubic hair where my dad’s cum was drying. I could taste its distinctive flavor.

Soon enough, I was in a 69 position with Mrs. Dean, with me on top, and I felt Joy’s tongue on my pink asshole. This made me cum hard, my thighs quivering like I was outside naked in a snowstorm, before clamping tight around Mrs. Dean’s head.

Mr. Dean, after watching this scene with my dad, two proud fathers, approached on his knees and rubbed his shaft along the wet lips of his wife, inviting me to lick the tip. Shortly after i started doing so, his cum squirted onto my chin and bottom lip.

The whole room smelled of pussy juice, cum, and sweat. There were several other positions and partner combinations that are a blur to me even now. I remember the men taking turns fucking me and Joy doggystyle as Mrs. Dean took pictures, and me at one point holding Joy’s legs open as my dad fucked her hard and rough, a hand on her neck and occassionally slapping her cute, sexy face.


I passed out or fell asleep — I’m not sure which. I woke up and the house was quiet – only joy and I were in the bed. I went to the kitchen for a drink of water.

I could hear the grownups in the basement playing pool and laughing. I looked outside, into the back yard, through the sliding glass door that led to a little shady patio.

Outside in their yard, a dog on a leash was chewing one of those huge rawhide bones.

I could see my face faintly reflected in the glass, and I thought about what I had become, and all the changes in my life. Not only had I let this thing start — I had let it get out of control.

And I liked it. At the very least, when I set my glass down, I wanted to climb back into bed with Joy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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