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April slowly rolled off of me. I considered bolting for the door. After all, I was a straight male. I wanted nothing to do with this she-male.

“David,” she said with authority, “Stay. Need I remind you how fast you will be fired if I say anything of our encounter? I think you really need to think of how much trouble I went through to seduce you. I think I fell in love with you in class over the last few years. I knew you would never like me the way I wanted you though unless I changed a bit. I can tell you like my new body now though.”

“April, Jim,” I floundered for the right name even, “I did find you attractive at the park and later on our date, but I did not realize who you were. I did not realize you were one of my students from last year. That would have been enough for me to say no, but you still have your dick too. This is just too much for me.

April looked at me and smiled. “No it isn’t. You don’t have a choice now do you?”

“No, I guess I don’t.”

“Good, acceptance is the attitude I need in you right now. Suck me back bahis şirketleri to hardness.”

I could not refuse her. I crawled between her legs and took her dick in my mouth. I let the warmth of my mouth and the wetness do most of the work. A little tongue and she had a raging hard on.

“I want to fuck you now,” she said with a malicious grin. “Just like you wanted to do me a few minutes ago, now it is my turn.”

She made me lie on my back. “You will love this,” she said. She started by giving me head for a few minutes. In spite of myself I got hard and began to enjoy it. She then started to slip a finger in my butt. I began to moan. Her finger was coated with something and it really felt good.

She then raised both of my legs and put them on her shoulders as she moved up between my legs. She grinned as the head of her dick pressed against my butthole.

“Now,” she hissed as she slowly pushed it in me. I grimaced with pain as my cheeks were forced apart. “How does it feel Mr. Adams?” she asked knowing from my expression that it bahis firmaları hurt.

“Slower,” I just about sobbed out. It felt like my bottom was on fire.

“Enjoy it you whore.” April was in total control and obviously wanted me to know it. “I am the master of your sweet ass now David and there is nothing you can do but hope you get to like it.”

She began to thrust in and out now and the pain was slowly starting to recede. April could tell from my face that I was beginning to get used to it.

“Well punk,” she asked as she started to slam into me hard, “when are you going to start to beg me for it? Beg me now! Loud and nasty or I’m telling. Let me know how much you love me fucking you like this. Be my bitch.”

“Please fuck me in the ass.” I begged. I had no choice. “Please drill my virgin ass and cum on me.” I couldn’t believe my humiliation.

April leaned down and started kissing me. “Keep talking dirty to me,” she instructed.

“Oh yes,” I moaned, “fuck me like I am the girl. I wanted to do this to you. It feels so good.” kaçak bahis siteleri I was surprised when I said that. I realized it was starting to feel good. Damn good in fact. April’s belly was even rubbing my cock and I was getting worked up myself. “Fuck me faster, April,” I moaned to her.

April looked me in the eyes and could tell I was loving it. “You are my bitch David. You are my cock slave. I love fucking your teacher ass.”

“Don’t stop.” I pleaded. I was so close. “I need your dick in my ass. I want to cum. Here it is!” I shot between our bodies. It must have been a monster load. I was delirious.

“Now whore,” April groaned, “Here is mine!” But instead of cumming in my ass she pulled out and crawled up my body. As she straddled my head I opened my mouth eagerly for her dick. I was crazed with lust. She shoved her cock in my waiting mouth and it hit the back of my throat. She started to fuck my face and I slurped on her dick. It tasted pungent but I didn’t care. All I wanted was her cum. She started to moan and grabbed the back of my head. She thrust forward and came in my mouth. I started to swallow and got every drop.

She pulled out and looked down on me. “Last time you did not want my cum, David.”

“I forgot about that.” I said. “I was too horny.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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