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I awoke on the couch; still naked. Anya and her sister; Jenny had gone. I looked around the house, but they were nowhere to be found. I finally went to the fridge to get some food, when I saw the note:

“Gone shopping with Jenny. Jenny back at 15:00, I’m back at 18:00. Help her pack – She’s leaving tomorrow.”

Jenny is leaving tomorrow?!? Oh shit! I was getting used to fucking both the sisters. And after fucking a blonde so many times; having sex with her little brunette sister was great! I’m gonna fuck her silly when she comes back. I had three hours with just me and Jenny before Anya came back; not that I was complaining that Anya would come back! I love threesomes as much as the next guy. But I would like some one on one with the new ex-lesbian before she went away.

It was nearing three o’clock, and I was getting restless. I got one of Anya’s pornos out (It was about a female prison that was run by a very horny male warden), and started to lightly stroke my crotch through my robe (I was naked underneath). I was really getting in to the porno when I heard Jenny’s voice.

“I bought this for Anya. Its one of my favourites,”

I looked round to see Jenny admiring not the video, but my stroking; still through my robe.

“And how long have you been bi exactly?” I asked with a grin.

“The lesbian scenes are pretty hot; but now I have more to look forward to,” She smiled back.

Jenny sat on the floor in front of me facing Cebeci Escort my crotch.

“A lot more to look forward to,” She repeated.

Jenny opened my robe to reveal my rigid cock in all its naked glory. Just the sight of my bare cock seemed to send a shiver down her spine; she closed her eyes and shivered. Jenny wrapped both her petite hands round my cock and softly stroked it. I let out moan. On the porno the prison warden was getting blown off by one of the prisoners under his desk, whilst spanking one who was draped over his desk.

“I can see why it’s your ahhhhhh favourite,” I managed to say. Jenny was stroking my cock so softly, and lightly it was like torture.

I started to buck my hips trying to make Jenny speed up her ministrations, but to no avail; she only slowed even more.

“Ugnh! Please! I’ve been waiting for you all day!” I begged her.

“And we want it to last! But as you’ve asked so nicely…”

Jenny lowered her mouth on to my cock, but instead of taking it in her mouth she only licked the head slightly; teasing me even more. With her spare hand Jenny started to unbutton her blouse revealing a saucy purple bra hat had clips at the front. I reached out and tried to unclip her bra; but at that precise moment she lowered her head and took me all the way in to her throat. I let out a mighty moan. And forgot completely about her bra; I instead used my hands to grab Kolej Escort a hold of her head. In unison to her neck muscles; my arms guided her head all the way down; engulfing my cock in the inner regions of her throat. Jenny was on all fours on the moment; making her throat completely straight so my cock easily slid in to her oesophagus: needless to say her throat trying to swallow my member was a fantastic feeling.

In her current position Jenny was on all fours; and her butt was high in the air. I let her head go, and reached down to grope her ass. The shorts that she was wearing slid down her ass with ease; I was glad to see she didn’t feel the need to wear panties anymore. I slid my hand down her pussy and wasn’t surprised to find her snatch dripping with juice; man did a hard cock turn these sisters on! I played with her clit, coaxing more juices out of her. I was met by one of Jenny’s hands gathering up her juices; she quickly used the hot lubricant to massage my balls with one of her hands. I slouched down on the couch and let Jenny do her stuff. But with my toe I was still teasing her pussy in a very disorderly manor. But Jenny seemed to like this disorder; and I soon felt my foot being covered in juices. As soon as Jenny had stopped coming she quickly withdrew me from her mouth, and started to lick my pussy juice covered foot.

Jenny was now on all fours over my leg. Her wonderfully tight behind Rus Escort was invitingly pointing my way and my cock was still dripping with Jenny’s saliva. I quickly withdrew my partially pussy juice covered foot from Jenny’s mouth; and was rewarded with the cutest sight ever. Jenny’s eyebrows were frowning at me, and she looked very confused. I was again rewarded with the most erotic sight ever; just as Jenny turned back to me with her questioning expression; I plunged my cock deep in her ass hole. Her face changed from a questioning frown to a sight of pure pleasure; her eyes rolled back as she shut her eyes and her mouth was just hanging open. I slammed my cock with all my might in to her ass; causing her face to fall flat on the floor. We were lucky there had been a pillow there from when Jenny had been deep throating me. I continued to thrust deep in to her ass; spreading her ass cheeks with my hands so I could admire the view of Jenny’s tight hole being ripped apart by my cock.

I had a sudden urge to spank her cute her little ass; and followed my urges. Jenny’s yelped first of all, but that was followed by giggling. I smiled, and spanked her again. A red hand print was left the second time. By the 14th I lost count. But I was very close to coming; so I put my arms in to slamming harder in to the nether regions of my girl friends little sister. I felt the come rising to my cock. I slammed all the way in to Jenny’s ass up to the hilt. Jenny started to scream, and moan at the same time when my come burst out of my cock in to her ass. I could feel my come start to seep back out of her ass, and down to her pussy. I kept pumping and coming, pumping and coming. I felt the last of my seed get pumped in to Jenny’s ass; I was done. For now.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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