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This chapter is not meant to stand alone. Please begin at the first chapter to appreciate this tale.

Saturday, November 10th

As we backed out of the Davenport’s driveway I said, “I have a proposition.” Before I could finish, Ashley chimed in, “Can I go first?”

“You’re always first Ashley,” I smiled. “Now listen. Rather than be uncomfortable in this limo, let’s go home to a houseful of comfortable couches and beds and continue our fun there.”

“Excellent idea,” grinned Veronica putting her arm around my neck, nestling her head on my shoulder and caressing my erection with her fingernails through my pants and the pantyhose.

Picking up the car phone Carol told Rose to take us home. Mary Claire declared gleefully, “Let’s share these two magnificent cocks when we get home. Remember when we played the guessing game? Let’s all line up side by side and Dad and Max can fuck us all.”

“Ground rules?” asked Cheryl. “I’m still having my period so I’m out. I’m assuming that Katrina and Ashley are out as well.”

“Lauren, Carol, Veronica, Beth, and I, and Cindy too if she’s home get to enjoy ten strokes each before the fucker moves onto the next fuckee. When a woman comes, she stays in the rotation which doesn’t end until Dad and Max come. The first woman who comes gets to choose her bed partner for the night, and she has an option for a second or third if she so wishes after each subsequent woman similarly chooses,” grinned Mary Claire

“Wait, there’s only two men and seven of us,” chimed in Katrina after Mary Claire finished. “Eight if Cindy’s home.”

“I didn’t say your bed partner had to be of the opposite sex did I?” Mary Claire smirked with a wink.

“Okay sounds like a plan, only one additional comment. Scott and I will sleep in Bryce field and if we have different bed partners they’ll sleep with us,” smiled Veronica exercising her prerogative as the dominant woman in the home and the queen of our bed. “That leaves room for Carol and whomever she chooses. Any disagreements?”

Lauren took a moment to tip Rose after we’d all disembarked. I noticed a short conversation between them before Lauren said good night and Rose turned the limo around and left. When Lauren and I finally entered the house Mary Claire and Carol were returning from the kitchen with a tray of glasses and two bottles of wine. After adjourning to the couches in the den/office I poured wine for everyone, including Max.

Beth was the first one to speak up, asking, “How do we begin the ‘festivities’?”

Without a word Mary Claire simply stood, unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. As she bent to pick it up she wiggled her gorgeous ass at me, put her dress on the desk and stood with her hands on her hips in her half bra, g-string, stockings, garter belt and heels. “How about like this?” she smiled at Beth.

“Fair enough,” answered Max who’d already left his jacket in the dining room and eagerly unbuckled his pants, stepped out of his shoes and then his pants. He hadn’t done a good job of getting his cock back in his boxers so it was flaccidly hanging out of his fly. As he began to unbutton his shirt, Katrina rose and knelt in front of him, took his cock in her mouth and bobbed on him several times. When she released it from her mouth less than ten seconds later it was fully erect and shiny with her saliva. “God Beth tastes good on you,” smiled Katrina. The she turned to Beth and said, “Choose me. I want some more of that from the source.”

“Come on handsome, show us what yah got,” grinned Veronica.

“No. I thought I’d save it for a surprise on our wedding night,” I smiled. “Let’s all go up, bring your glasses, and let the games begin. Max looks primed, I know I am.”

As we climbed the stairs, with already shed clothing over our arms we picked up and skirts and dresses as they were being unzipped and dropped. When we reached our bedroom, Ashley untied my tie, unbuttoned my shirt, unbuckled my trousers and pushed them down my legs. I stepped out of my shoes and was left standing there in the black pantyhose. Max asked me as Lauren was getting him undressed, “Why are you wearing those?”

“My ladies asked me to and I’m happy to oblige them. They’re not uncomfortable and kinda keep me from tenting my pants. They also have a nice feel against my dick. Try ’em sometime,” I said as Lauren was pushing his boxers down his legs. “Please everyone leave on your hose and heels.”

The slender and usually lively Cindy wandered in rubbing her eyes having just awakened. She was wearing sleep shorts and a tee and was bare foot. “I’m glad I woke up, looks like some kind of sexy fun is about to begin, or did I miss it?” she asked yawning.

“No Cindy, we just got started. Undress, put on heels, Cheryl will tell you what we’re up to. Any particular order?” asked Carol

Max and I responded simultaneously, “No.”

Standing behind me Katrina pulled my hose down and after I stepped out of them she ground her pelvis into my butt, smashed Ankara escort her wonderful breasts against my back, and kissed my ear, “I love you Dad,” she said.

Cheryl sat Indian style against the headboard in the middle of the bed. Katrina and Ashley laid on the bed about three feet apart with their feet towards us. “Okay, two of you are going to eat us while you get fucked,” smiled Ashley spreading her legs a bit.

Lauren, Beth and Cindy were on one side of the bed Veronica, Mary Claire and Carol were on the other. Carol wound up between Ashley’s legs and Veronica between Katrina’s. As Veronica lowered her head she reached forward with her right hand to grasp Katrina’s left.

“Ten strokes then move on,” reminded Cheryl.

“Can we lay on our backs instead of doggy?” asked Beth. “I want my tits played with.”

“Hell of an idea” laughed Lauren. Lauren, Beth, and Cindy turned on their backs on their side of the bed, laid back and raised their legs holding them behind their knees and waited.

“Small change, each of you do your side of the bed twice before changing sides,” smiled Cheryl. “Okay fuck away.”

I was on Veronica’s side and slowly pushed into her sopping wet pussy as Max did the same to Lauren across from me. “God, you’re wet!” I exclaimed as I buried my cock completely in my wife.

“Why’d you think I’d be otherwise?” asked Veronica in between licks of Katrina’s pussy. “I’m eating our daughter and thinking of you fucking me at the same time.”

I kept my hands on her ass globes and slowly pulled back and then entered her nine more times somewhat slowly as she moaned in response. As I pulled out completely after the last one, she moaned “Nooo,” and tried to scoot back to me.

Meanwhile Lauren was on her back enjoying Max as he played with her nipples with her ankles on his shoulders as he slowly fucked her at the same pace I’d done to Veronica. She would gasp as his long youthful shaft went fully inside her. We both moved almost simultaneously to the next woman, me to Mary Claire and Max to his sister.

Cheryl watched the activity as she rubbed her clit and pinched her nipples. Katrina looked over at Cheryl, reached her hand to her crotch and pulled Cheryl’s panties aside. She then tugged on the string of Cheryl’s tampon and slowly pulled it out. Cheryl leaned to her side, pulled a few tissues from the box and wrapped up the tampon in them. Katrina then fully inserted her two fingers deeply in Cheryl’s pussy.

“Come on Dad, fuck me good,” smiled Mary Claire as she dropped her shoulders and raised her ass and spread her legs to give me full access. I firmly massaged her wonderful breasts as I entered her. “Wet enough?’ she asked. “Melissa kinda got me worked up.”

“Yes, I don’t think you’ve ever been wetter than you feel right now,” as I slid my cock into her pussy. Mary Claire lightly moaned as I bottomed out on each stroke. She turned her face to look into mine. Her eyes were filled with a warmth and desire that proclaimed how she felt about our family and lifestyle. The shy sexually reluctant teen of just a short month and half ago was anything but now.

I moved to Carol and as I entered her I wrapped my hands around her chest and gently pinched the nipples of my soon to be other wife. Carol was grunting into Ashley’s pussy as I stroked in and out of her. A moment later she lifted her head, her red hair fell to the left as she turned her face to look at me. As our eyes met I mouthed, “I love you.”

Carol grinned and as I thrust for a fourth time she groaned and mouthed, “I love you too.”

Across from me Max had moved on to Cindy leaving his sister sighing for more. “OOh, crap I’ve missed you. A lot,” exclaimed Cindy. “I’ve got to stop working those shifts so I can have more fuck time with you and Scott.” I made a quick mental note to talk to her about that. My adopted daughter really didn’t need to work that much.

Max and I completed the second round, and none of the women acted anywhere near an orgasm. After we switched sides as I was slowly stroking in and out of Lauren, I saw Max crouching and laving Veronica’s slit and asshole. She stopped eating Katrina and mumbled, “God, you’ve a nice tongue.”

“Don’t forget, Veronica, you taught me,” he said while standing and beginning to push his rod into her pussy. After three slower strokes he progressively increased his speed until he concluded and pulled out leaving Veronica just short of having an orgasm.

Beth spread her legs widely and pulled me down to her chest and kissed me as she crushed me against her marvelously full tits. Beth reached over and began to lightly stroke Lauren’s inner thigh as well as my cock as I moved slowly in and out.

As I moved into Beth, her mother began to groan and sigh as Katrina’s fingers worked her g-spot. Just as I pulled out of Beth Cheryl explosively came crying aloud, “oohhh yes…gawd damn you’re good.”

A few seconds later, “Period or not, I need a cock when we finish this,” she panted between breaths.

We switched sides Ankara escort bayan again and I immediately went to Veronica who came on my third stroke. She was still on the edge thanks to Mary Claire rubbing her clit with two fingers. Five or six seconds later with Max driving hard into her Lauren’s orgasm was almost simultaneous.

Mary Claire was on the edge but didn’t quite make it. As I entered Carol she tightly grasped me with her vaginal walls and I felt the tingle in my lower back as I began to fill her I groaned, “Ohhh fuck yeahhh.”

Max had already moved onto Beth. His hips were driving forward fast and furious. Not long after I finished he came in Beth for the second time tonight.

“Veronica, you have first choice, then Lauren, then Beth,” said Cheryl, who had been keeping track.

Veronica said, “I want handsome.”

“Mary Claire will you sleep with me?” asked Lauren.

Stroking Lauren’s face Mary Claire nodded, “It will be my pleasure.”

Carol and Katrina paired off, Beth with Ashley, Max with Cindy.

“Cheryl, will you stay in our bed? Max and Cindy please join us if you wish,” smiled Veronica. The rest of the ‘crowd’ drifted off to Ashley and Katrina’s bedroom and Mary Claire’s bedroom.

After using the bathroom Veronica and I were snuggling when she whispered, “Can I fuck Max and will you fuck Cheryl while I watch?”

“It would be my pleasure,” I replied looking at Cheryl who was grinning as she laid back, raised her legs and invitingly spread them wide.

Later as we all drifted off to sleep I heard Cindy say to Max, “Think you can stay in me for a few more minutes.” Ahh, youth. Seeing no camera light blinking in the darkness I realized someone had thoughtfully turned it off as they’d left our room.


Veronica and I were the first up and into the shower, followed quickly by Max and his mother. Cindy went to the shower in the spare bedroom and was joined by Carol.

Katrina and Ashley walked into our bedroom carrying a box. Save for a fully transparent black robes I had never seen before, both were nude. Ashley said, “Dad, Katrina, Mary Claire and I got you something. I think it came yesterday but I just saw the package in our bedroom. These are for your and our pleasure, please wear them.”

I took the offered package and opened it to find a bunch of tissue wrapped packages. All felt soft in my hand, so I unwrapped one and held up a very brief pair of red bikini underwear. “These are men’s? Will they fit?” I asked.

Katrina giggled and replied, “They’re for men and they should just barely fit. Lauren says her dad wears them all the time. While you may want to keep a few pairs for various general wear, throw away your boxers and briefs and wear these for us. … Please. There are several different styles among the three dozen in the box, some are the male equivalent of a g-string, and some will just be a pouch for your magnificent cock. Some are satin, some silk, some lace and some are cotton.”

I dropped my boxers and slipped on the pair in my hand. They were comfortable and watching both girls lick their lips, they must look sexy. I turned around and felt hands caressing my almost bare ass cheeks. I immediately became erect. Katrina put her hand into my new briefs and pulled my cock up. About three inches stood above the waistband. “Now that’s delectable,” sighed Ashley.

Veronica watched the whole proceeding with amusement said, “You look so fuckable in those.” She walked around me then added, “They look even better than they did online. I hope you don’t mind that we’re asking you to wear these.”

“Mind? When have I ever minded anything any of you’ve asked me to wear or do. I even wear pantyhose. What’s next? Thigh highs, stockings, lingerie, high heels? Anything you ask for I’ll do. Gladly,” I broadly smiled.

“We know handsome. We all love you as much as you love us. Thigh highs? Want to try some on this afternoon?” asked Veronica giving me a wicked grin.

I finished dressing as Cheryl stripped the sheets off our bed. Then she and Veronica put on a clean set before coming downstairs.

Mary Claire and Lauren both dressed in just g-strings and three inch high heeled slides were fixing an egg casserole and were putting it in the oven as Veronica entered with Cindy a few steps behind. Looking at Cindy I asked, “Can Veronica, Carol and I talk to you for a few minutes in the den?” As we exited Lauren and Mary Claire were drinking coffee, looking at each other smiling and leaning provocatively with their backs arched against the counter.

As I sat on the large sofa between Carol and Veronica, I motioned for Cindy to sit on my lap. After she settled with her legs across Veronica’s I asked, “Do you feel that you’re part of this family?”

Before she could reply, Veronica clarified, “That is, do you feel that you’re like a real daughter to us?” Cindy noticed Veronica nodding.

Cindy looked to me and then to each of my fiancées, “I do feel that this is my home,” she paused to respond carefully, Escort Ankara “and though I’ve heard you refer to me as ‘daughter’ when talking to others, I’ve not thought …” She started to sniffle. Carol handed her a tissue from the box on the side table.

Wiping her eyes of tears she quietly said, “I love being here and, but I’ve not thought to call myself your daughter, not that I don’t feel loved and at home here. I’ve even called you ‘dad’ a few times, but I guess I thought it’s all been more playful than anything else … It’s just, it’s just that I’ve not had much of a family until now and being a daughter is something I’ve only allowed myself to dream about. It’s been too much to even hope for.”

“Why?” I was puzzled.

Still wiping her tears, “It’s not that I wouldn’t want to have you as my parents, that was too much to hope for. I’m content to be considered a part of your extended family.”

Carol took her hand and squeezed it saying, “Cindy, if I may and correct me if I’m wrong. But what I think you’re saying is that you’d love to be our daughter but given your dysfunctional childhood home, finding a loving home, becoming a daughter even in an extended manner was too much to imagine even though it’s your heart’s desire. I think we can understand Cindy how the home where you were raised colored your thoughts and ideas about family.”

“So, you love the idea of being our daughter?” asked Veronica. Cindy nodded as she hugged me and then leaned forward to hug Veronica too. Not to leave Carol out, she leaned back and hugged her as well.

“Well this has certainly gone in an unexpected direction.” I took a deep breath before continuing, “Cindy my question was a lead in to asking why you’re working so much and why you still have an apartment. But now I understand why.” I hugged her into my chest then said, “Cindy, when we introduce you as our daughter we mean you are our daughter. It’s more than a way for people to see your relationship to us as something special.”

I turned her head, looked into her face, “Cindy, I do love you as a daughter. So do Veronica and Carol. This is your home.”

“It means more than just a place to live,” Veronica continued. “It means that you are included in our thinking about family events, discussions and financial matters.”

The light suddenly went on for me, if I truly meant that Cindy and Mary Claire were our daughters, I should include them in my will which I was in the process of revising and in financial planning too. “Cindy, four days ago I talked with my attorney about revising my will. He’s showing me a draft next week. When all is said and done, you’ll be included and provided for as one of my children. It also means that you don’t need to work so much. I’m going to tell Lauren to make sure that you’re getting a generous monthly allowance just like Ashley, Katrina and Mary Claire. I’m also asking her to transfer $50,000 immediately into your savings account.”

Cindy squealed and hugged me. “I love you guys, but I still want to work at the hospital. I like what I’m doing. Yet it’ll be nice to work only one shift five days a week. With them being short handed I’m already committed to working an extra shift three days this week, and twice next week. A new hire completing training next week will help ease things. We’ll be fully staffed in three weeks, they just hired a lady yesterday whose husband works with American and is transferring in from Dallas.”

“When Dave finishes the house, you’ll have your own room which we’ve already offered. As your mother, I’d love for you to live with us unless you really want to live elsewhere,” added Veronica.

“Elsewhere? Are you kidding. Can I change my last name too?”

“If that’s what you want. I’d love to have your last name be Appleton,” I replied with pride.

With a knock on the doorframe Katrina reminded us that breakfast was ready. With a beaming Cindy holding my hand we walked into the kitchen to eat. It was a tight squeeze around the table. Though we managed and enjoyed the closeness, we were all looking forward to the larger kitchen nook and table.

Sitting beside me Katrina whispered in my ear, “Well done Dad. She needed that assurance.”

As we began to eat I reminded all that Joy and Keith were due within the hour. With the intense construction timeline beginning on Monday, Lauren reminded us that on Monday Carol, Veronica, Katrina, Ashley and I would move into the hotel. Professional movers would be here that morning to start packing and moving furniture into number 19 across the road. She suggested that anything that we valued or important papers should not be left to the movers to pack, that we should handle them ourselves and place them in the master suite at the house across the street. Lauren and Mary Claire would be moving across the street for the duration on Monday as well.

Cheryl mentioned she would be texting and emailing everyone a copy of the timeline and various check lists. She said she’d also post a hard copy in the front hall and on the refrigerator door. I reminded her that Lauren would be working with Dave as the project progressed so that she could text or email a basic update early morning and early evening each day and send a more detailed status report at noon.

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