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Lisa could not believe it! Here it was the anniversary of the day when she and Jen had started dating and, so far, Jennifer had not even acknowledged it! Lisa knew that it was a stressful time for Jennifer at work, but had certainly thought that she would at least get a good-bye kiss in the morning before Jen headed to work!

Instead, Lisa woke up in the queen-sized bed at 9:00 and (after ignoring the alarm for a while), got up and into the shower. Lisa’s whole body was
one big goose bump as she slid into the cold morning air – her nipples involuntarily stiffening up as she took off her nightshirt and exposed them to the chilly atmosphere. It had gotten below freezing that night and she had been too lazy to get up and turn the heating on. Oh, well! Nothing a warm shower couldn’t fix!

Lisa relaxed as the heat from the shower hit her body. Mmm….she remembered all the good times she had had with Jen in this very shower…..lazy baths together in the tub, showering together and giggling as soapy hands caressed and tickled, modeling after coming out of a shower – hair in a towel as water droplets dripped down wet, clean bodies. Finally, setting herself to the task at hand, Lisa showered, hoping that her lover would appreciate a clean body to work with much later.

After her classes, Lisa stopped off at the mall to get Jen’s present (a gift bag from Bath and Body Works) and then set off back home. Jen should be home by now! Lisa could hardly keep herself from leaping in the air at the prospect of an evening with escort bayan her sweetheart.

Upon reaching home, however, Lisa found a mysterious envelope on the door. Gift in hand, Lisa opened the envelope which contained a note and a blindfold. “Put this on” the note said simply. Lisa, knowing Jen’s handwriting, put on the blindfold and said out loud, “Okay, I have the
blindfold on!” Lisa then heard someone come up behind her from out of the bushes. “Follow my lead, lover,” whispered Jen hoarsely in Lisa’s ear as she led Lisa to her car. Jen helped Lisa into the car as Lisa asked excitedly, “Where are we going?!!??”

Jen didn’t reply but instead made her way out of the parking lot and onto the road. Lisa pictured in her mind the various locations in town that
they could be going, and was delighted that Jen had remembered their anniversary as well! They drove for awhile, Lisa becoming more and more
anxious as the miles wore on. Finally, Jen stopped the car and got out to help Lisa out of the passenger side. Jen led Lisa a little way out from the car and then took off her blindfold.

Lisa’s eyes almost teared up as she saw what Jen had done – taken her out to a park for a moonlit picnic. It was evening now and the moon had just risen over the field, shining down on the candle-lit blanket, basket, bottle of wine, and wine glasses. Lisa hugged Jen tight and they stayed
that way for awhile – each one enjoying the closeness, the love between them making the moment last forever.

After their embrace ended, izmit eve gelen escort they walked hand in hand to the blanket, each one dropping down to sit in the chilly outdoors. Lisa warmed her hands as Jen prepared two glasses of wine. They then entwined arms and sipped at their wine. Immediately, Lisa felt the first warming (and slightly dizzying) effects of the alcohol as she put down her wine glass and looked over at Jen. Jen was bringing out the sandwiches she had made, but Lisa put her hands on Jen’s and stopped her.

“Let’s save this food for later,” Lisa said, with a glint in her eye. “I’m hungry for something else right now.” Smiling back at her, Jen replied, “Ha ha ha – well, lover, your feast awaits!” With that, Lisa moved closer to her and they kissed – a long, slow kiss – lips parted at first, then opening slightly. Lisa licked along Jen’s lower lip as they each helped each other off with their sweaters, unbuttoning each other at an unbelievable pace as the heat rose between them.

Jen stood up and got out of her jeans as Lisa wiggled out of hers while lying down. Reaching into the basket, Jen pulled out a blanket and then
laid back down, covering them both up as they began again to kiss. Lisa gave a slight moan as Jen’s hands began to roam over her body, her fingers lightly caressing her breasts and nipples. Jen sighed with pleasure as Lisa moved her hand down Jen’s stomach and into the hem of her panties. Lisa gently caressed her lover’s trimmed pussy and could feel izmit otele gelen escort the wetness as her finger slowly parted Jen’s lips.

Jen moved herself closer to Lisa and returned the favor, her hand finding Lisa’s trimmed bush as well. Together, they kissed and caressed, snuggling under the blanket and making their own heat to combat the cold evening air. Lisa gave a small gasp in Jen’s ear as Jen’s finger moved against her rapidly swelling clitoris in small, light circles. Her passion rising, Lisa began to slide her finger in and out of Jen’s wet puss, making sure her finger found Jen’s clitoris with each stroke.

So wet for each other now, the lovers kissed open-mouthed, tongues probing, lips pressed hard against each other, moans and groans elicited
with each touch, each stroke of a finger. Lisa felt so close now…..close to Jen, close to orgasm, close to life itself as she and Jen fingered each other faster…..and faster……until…..


In unison, for one of the few times in the year they had been together, both women came at the same time. Their bodies rocked against each other
as with one hand they held tight and with the other one they continued to stroke and caress. Their cries filled the air as the lovers reached their orgasm, slowly coming back down from their pleasure.

Lisa opened her eyes and smiled at Jen, both of them sweating under the blanket and holding tight to one another. Jen smiled back and whispered in her ears, “Happy Anniversary by the way”. Lisa giggled and gave Jen a peck on the cheek, “What an anniversary present! NOW I’m hungry for real! And maybe I’ll get to eat something special for dessert…..”

Hi, again all! Happy Labor Day and keep those comments and e-mails coming 🙂 LizBeth

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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