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When we moved to our new home in Edinburgh 3 years ago it was really to be a bit closer to the kids. We met a few of the neighbours who were kind enough to organise a small party to welcome us. It was a mixed bunch who had almost all known each other for years, also a variety of ages, a young married couple, some middle aged, some widowed and one couple, Phil and Anne, like us, into early retirement.

I liked Phil, although he seemed a bit overcomplimentary about my listening skills. Anne was a bit of an enigma. She wore tinted glasses for an eye condition, but they made it difficult to see her expressions, although she seemed friendly and interesting.

By most people’s standards Anne and Phil made a handsome couple for their age. Phil had a rugged face with greying hair at the edges, a good tan from the golf course and no sign of ageing flab. Anne had long hair, a little grey, a nice smile, and quite a sexy body, if a little heavy around the rear.

I love my wife, but have long fantasised about sex with other women and men. Strangely, fate has always stepped in to prevent me indulging. I wondered whether it was too late, but hope springs eternal.

Although we were on friendly terms with all our neighbours, for the first few years there was nobody that we could really say was a special

friend, but gradually we seemed to be getting closer to Phil and Anne. To be honest this was probably more down to my wife, Linda,

who managed to keep a string of ‘drinks at our place’ going for long enough to put our relations into the ‘friendly’ category.

I had known Phil was a keen golfer. I had not pushed for a game, but I was pleased when he asked me, especially since Anne was looking more and more attractive to me, and life is better where you can see that opportunities may be arising. I didn’t know whether it was just wishful thinking but Anne always seemed to find my conversation amusing, and never looked away when I caught her gaze.

Not long after Phil’s suggestion we went for our first game of golf. The game was unremarkable but we had time for a quick drink afterwards. Phil was quite upbeat and talked a lot about himself and Anne. He was not the the ‘bloke’ type who would indulge in innuendo, but like all men I knew he would enjoy talking about women at one point. Sure enough, after a few more games of golf he showed me a photo of Anne when she was a bit younger. “Wow you’re a lucky man Phil” I said.

“Well she certainly was stunning”, said Phil.

Not sure that I heard right I added “Was? Dont take this the wrong way Phil but Anne is still stunning!”

“Yes I suppose you’re right” Phil replied. “I should be grateful, as you say, but it seems that we are in a bit of a limbo now”

I was a bit surprised that Phil had shared that with me but had visions of Anne’s gorgeous breasts before me. “I’m sorry to hear that Phil.” I said. “Perhaps you both need to relax a bit more, go out more. In fact how about joining us for a dinner dance next week?”

“Oh,” Phil was a bit caught on the hop, “That would be nice Mike but almanbahis I’d better check with Anne first and get back to you. I’m sure that it’ll be ok since we both really like you. We used to have a great social life but things haven’t been so great recently.”

“I’m sorry to hear that Phil – Linda and I still have a great time but I know things begin to slow a bit for many couples at our age!”

Next day Anne called Linda to tell her that they would love to join us at the dinner dance next week. I had not had time to tell Linda yet, so she was a little surprised, but also pleased and told Anne so. As she came off the phone she turned to me “That was a bit daring for you Mike – getting lonely in your old age are you?”

“I was just talking to Phil and thought it would be nice if they could join us.”

At the dance we all started with a prosecco, although Anne didn’t normally drink. After a couple of numbers I asked her to dance. She agreed with a smile. She was wearing a light black cocktail dress and it was a modern waltz so came quickly into a tight hold with me. I could feel my cock harden under my suit and she obviously could as well, as she squeezed my hand and pushed her legs into me. “Mike, Phil told me about your little chat. I’m so glad we could come out with you tonight.”

” Me too Anne, its great for us – we dont get out that often.” Anne’s perfume was musky and a real turn on. I squeezed her hand and pulled her closer. I could feel her diaphragm tighten against me and she moved her hand down my back and jerked me in towards her. I almost came into my pants.

” Anne, you’re a fantastic dancer”, I whispered with a grin.

“You must be bringing my rhythm out” she whispered back.

I looked over to Linda, who seemed to be enjoying her dance with Phil, also, it seemed to me, pretty close up. Strangely I felt no jealousy – if anything it was a bit of a turn on to see her obviously enjoying another man’s body, and since it was Phil there was no threat.

As the dance went on we had a few more drinks. I was dancing with Linda and she whispered to me “you seem to be getting on well with Anne, I saw you put your hand on her bum”. She reached down discretely and felt my cock. “and you’re hard, you dirty bugger!”

“Thats you Linda” I said.

” Yeah right, anyway Phil’s not such a quiet guy!”

After the last dance, we were all having a great time and Anne smiled “Why dont we go back to our place and carry on the party?” Linda and I agreed readily and pretty soon we were back at their place, more drinks, more music and the lights were low. Anne was pretty high on the booze by now and pulled me up for a dance. I could see Linda followed suit with Phil and we were all on the floor.

Suddenly Anne was kissing my neck and I kissed her back. Looking round I could see Linda kissing Phil – and she had her hand on his cock! I couldn’t believe it. Talk about wildest dreams. Anne pulled me away. “Come on Mike” she slurred, “let me show you the house. We went upstairs.”

“This is the bedroom Mike” she said with almanbahis giriş a laugh and pulled my hand between her legs. She was hot and wet as hell. Her panties were completely soaked and her mound was rock hard. We were both pulling our clothes off.

I couldn’t wait for foreplay. I rammed my cock into this beautiful woman who was screaming for me to fuck her. At that moment the bedroom door opened.

“Wait for us!” cried Linda. She was already down to her panties and Phil’s cock in her hand was about 10in long. Jesus, both Phil and Linda were wanking each other as Anne was writhing under my cock, which was by now competing to be as big as I had ever seen it. Suddenly Linda pulled Phil down beside us and we were all fucking and screaming.

As I watched Phil ramming Linda for all he was worth he suddenly reached out and grabbed my hand pulling it onto his cock. “Oh God!” I gasped “oh yeah.” He stopped fucking and gave me his hard wet cock. I grabbed it and sucked it as far as I could into my mouth.

Both Anne and Linda were shouting ” Yes fuck yes” and then as if on cue they were kissing each other with their fingers up each others pussy. Phil leaned over and took my cock in his mouth, the precum glistening around his lips. I pulled him up and, unbelievably kissed him. I mean really kissing Phil, but God my cock wanted him.

Suddenly Anne sat up kissing me gently on the lips and masturbating herself for us all to watch “I’ve a great idea” she gasped in between pushing hard down on her mountainous cunt. “why doesn’t everybody fuck everybody else! and we can score each other!”

Everbody, including Linda, seemed enthusiastic but I had to say that I had never been fucked by a man so was unsure if I could. “Dont worry said Phil, I ‘ve done it a couple of times and I can ease you through it gently.”

“OK, Phil, I’ll trust you since you ‘ve got such a lovely cock. Who’s first?” Anne grabbed me and pulled me on to her on the bed. Phil and Gil were salivating while Linda was wanking Phil in time with Anne’s glorious thrusts. Although I love sex with Linda, Anne was amazing. I had my forefinger up her anus and she responded with hers up mine. We both exploded together, with my cum dripping onto her pussy as I pulled out. Linda and Phil were applauding as we lay there. We decided that Phil would

fuck Linda next.

I had never thought that I would ever see Linda fuck another man but she went for Phil like a lioness, biting his neck and nipples and pulling his cock inside her. Phil turned on his back and Linda was riding him as if she wanted to leave him unconscious! When I saw Linda like this, submitting her body, and especially her wet cunt, to Phil, rather than feel resentful I actually wanted to help Phil fuck her harder as I could see she was in an amazing ecstasy. After a couple of minutes they both fell to the side, still with their organs and mouths locked together but totally exhausted.

Anne looked at me mischievously. “Dont worry Mike, Phil has a lovely cock and I’ll help you along.” With that she lay almanbahis yeni giriş back on the bed and pulled my head between her legs. I started to lick her hard pussy and at the same time Phil came round behind me and forced a lot of gel into my arse. I was conscious of Linda wanking me but kissing Anne deeply at the same time.

My body was no longer my own. I could feel Phil’s cock pushing into me and there was some pain but suddenly it popped into me and Phil’s length was now going in a little more, in and out and in and out. The more I licked and sucked Anne the harder he pushed.

I could hardly keep from coming and I came into Linda’s hand who fed it into Phil’s mouth. This was enough to make Phil cum deep inside me. As he withdrew I turned and he kissed me deeply. “Jesus, thanks Mike you’re wonderful. Both the girls were clapping and I knew it was me on Phil next. I needed a drink and a bit of a break first but after that I started with Phil on the bed. First he started sucking me on my back, my fingers grasping around and into his soft warm hole. I found he was opening easily for me and I soon had three fingers into him. “Fuck me Mike I love it – I want you to ram me with all your cock” I began to ease my cock into him but he had clearly had some experience and thrust his arse at me so my cock went all the way. Phil was moaning and gasping for more as I fucked as hard as I could.

Both Anne and Linda were awestruck, Linda holding my balls and yelling at me to fuck him harder. Finally I had to climax filling his now gaping hole with as much cum as I had left!

The last couple were Anne and Linda who started kissing each other and sucking nipples hard. Anne streched backwards and opened her bedside drawer as Linda went down on her sucking her pussy and fingering her at the same time. She brought her hand over with a long plastic object.

Clearly Anne and Phil had been planning this for a while! It was a dual dildo. Anne slid one end into her pussy and helped Linda do the same into her hard wet cunt. Both then began kissing and as Linda went down ontop of Anne the dildo pushed deep into their cunts.

They lay back and Phil and I offered Linda and Anne our respective cocks. They sucked a while but were now consumed with each other’s bodies, and were trying to ram their cunts red with the dildo. Finally, and I admit that I have never fully understood it, both women climaxed with a scream kissing each other in a loving embrace.

Linda and I, exhausted,went to the spare room and slept. In the morning it was a bit weird. We showered and went downstairs in borrowed shower robes. Anne and Phil met us in the kitchen. “Morning” said Phil, “Hope you’re ok,we slept like a log!”

” Yes us too.”

Phil went on “Look I hope you enjoyed the night – we had a fantastic time – we would like a repeat if you want.”

I looked at Linda, who looked a little sheepish but grinned ” I cant believe we did that but yes, its difficult to believe it can get much more fun, but we have to keep this to ourselves. We all have too much to lose if we dont!”

On the way out I kissed Anne, and Phil, and suggested next weekend would be good.

“Yes it would” said Anne, “I really can’t wait – in fact we could pop over later if you like.” I still cant believe this but we were on again for that evening!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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