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That day Anna was turning 25. She was becoming a woman. A grown up. She sat eating breakfast and sipping at her tea as she opened her cards. The usual collection from family and friends – greetings, some cash, some funny comments. But then there was a strange one. A black envelope with a white label. Anna had deliberately left this one to last as she knew who this came from. She tore nervously at the seal and slipped out a plain card. It contained no greeting. Nothing birthday related in the slightest. It was a plain white card, with a time and place printed on it. It was signed by Sir. This was no invitation, it was a demand for her presence. She had already made plans with friends for that night, cocktails at a local bar. But she could not disobey a command from Sir.

Anna had been a little thoughtful most of the day, wondering what Sir had planned. Maybe he just wanted to give her a present and she could get away to meet her friends afterwards? On the chance that was the case, she dressed for a night out. A little black dress, way shorter than regulation, stockings, heels and more makeup than was normal for her. It was a warm evening so Anna decided to walk the short distance to the meeting point. A few minutes later she found herself outside the Church of the Virgin Mary. There was no sign of Sir. She stood waiting a few minutes, feeling very conspicuous to passers-by. Anxiously she looked around and noticed the main door to the church was open. Perhaps it would be better to wait güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri inside. Anna skilfully ascended the steps in her heels and slipped inside. The church was well lit with candles but apparently empty. Standing just inside the door, she could see easily in all directions and would spot Sir as he approached. It was eery being in a church all on her own. She felt a tingle run down her spine as though she was being watched. It had been a while since Anna had practised religion but she sure felt a presence today.

After barely a minute, a voice startled her. “You’re the young lady here for confession?” She turned to see an elderly priest. She was perplexed. She fumbled for words, shaking her head.

“Oh, but he’s been expecting you.” The old priest gestured towards to confession box. Her heart started beating a mile a minute. He was waiting for her? As quickly as he appeared, the priest was gone. She was alone again. This was creepy, even by Sir’s standards. But she felt drawn to the confessional. As she approached, she saw the door to the left compartment was open, almost as an invitation. She took it as such and entered. There was a kneeler on the floor and she instinctively feel to her knees. She could barely see through the grille and could not make out if anyone was the other side. She knelt in silence for a while. Maybe nothing more than a few seconds but it felt like an eternity. Until she heard a familiar voice.

“How can I help güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri you my child?” Normally Sir’s deep voice would have been comforting in such a situation. But it was not. Hearing him say those words almost caused her heart to jump from her chest.

Anna was now working on instinct. All rational thought had disappeared.

“Bless me father for I have sinned. It has been…quite a while since my last confession”. Another short silence ensued. “I have given way to sins of the flesh. I have touched myself. I have had impure thoughts. For this I ask for forgiveness.” Wondering all the while whether she was saying the right things.

“Are you touching yourself now my child?” He inquired. She thought. What should she say? She heard a sigh of impatience. She lifted up her dress, reached into her panties and pushed her hand down into her shaven area. “Yes father, I’m afraid I am.”

“Good girl.” Came the familiar reply. Anna felt her juices run down her leg at these words. Her legs went weak and her head lurched forward to rest against the grille. “I understand today is your birthday?”

Anna grunted a ‘yes’ in reply, her fingers working furiously. She was unsure if she had ever been this turned on before.

No words were spoken for a while. Anna continued working herself into a frenzy. She wished he would say something. Anything.. Her fingers were dripping wet now but she wanted to encouragement. Wanted to know if she could güvenilir bahis şirketleri finish. Finally Sir’s voice broke the silence.

“Are you going to come Anna? Are you going to come in the house of the Lord? For Sir? For your master?”

Anna could barely answer coherently. She managed a large moan and then, something that could be approximated to a scream. She collapsed to the floor. A quivering mess. Her thighs soaked, her legs like jelly. She heard Sir leave his compartment. She tried to recover and pulled herself back up to her knees, composing herself a little. Just in time, as the door beside her was slowly opened. She looked up. She thought maybe she was a little delirious. There was Sir, dressed in a priests vestments. A white chasuble and green stole.

He looked down at her, a little dishevelled but still up on her knees, the position Sir had taught her.

“Happy birthday my child. Would you like your present now?”

“Oh,” she murmured. “I thought that was my present.”

“No Anna, this is.” He lifted his robe and presented her with his erection. Her eyes lit up in sweet surprise. She moved her mouth towards it but was pushed back. “This is your present and penance.” Sir held his erection in his hand. Clearly he had been working on it at the same time Anna was coming as it was ready to burst. He looked down on his Anna, kneeling before him, smiling. A few strokes of his cock, he pushed it against Anna’s lips and it burst forth, dripping come down her face and chin. She grinned. What a birthday surprise this was. Some of the come dripped from her chin and onto her dress. “That will be a reminder of me. Now go have fun with your friends.” She looked down at the stain on the dress and smiled to herself.

“Yes Sir. Thank you Sir. Best present ever Sir.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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