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Big Dicks

I awoke and lay very still for a few moments. It came to me very slowly where I was and why I was there, on the floor, under a large blanket with my jean jacket as a pillow. Then I realized that she was lying right next to me…

The party had begun many hours ago and had ended with only the very core party hounds crashing where ever they could find a spot. After 2am is when I decided to call it a night and I had laid flat on the carpet after grabbing the big blanket and covering myself with it. The girls’ name was Annie. She was a very wise 19 years old. She and I had snuck away from the party with half a joint and four bottles of cold beer to walk around the neighborhood and talk for about an hour. She had me smitten with the way she smiled.

Her full lips widened across her face and the right corner of her mouth tipped just a bit more upward than the left. A big dimple in her right cheek… She had gorgeous, long auburn hair and dark, dark brown eyes that crinkled up so cute when she laughed. As we walked around, sharing the weed and the beer, she would hold my arm and giggle. Sometimes when I made her laugh, she would place the flat of her hand directly against my belly, which turned me on to no end.

When we returned to the party, Annie and I sat together for a long, long time, taking turns making fun of the other people at the party and giggling to each other inanely.

As the night wound down, Annie said she was going to go lie down in the room of one of our guests sisters. That had been at about 1:45. I sat gazing stonily at an old movie on the TV until my eyes started going closed. I finally had to give in to sleep.

When I realized Annie had joined me under the cover, my heart soared but I very much had to use the bathroom and upon my return, while crawling ankara escort under the blanket as silently as possible I peeked and realized that Annie had on nothing but a pair of bright red nylon or satin panties! Since I was 12 or 13, a girl’s panties had turned me on immensely. Either while still on the girl, or even if I were to just happen upon a pair lying on a bathroom or bedroom floor, panties always got my heart pounding. My breathing became difficult when Annie then snuggled close against me, after I had settled on my right side, facing Annie’s backside. Inside my boxer shorts, my cock began to grow and engorge… I wondered if Annie could feel me against her lovely round bottom.

At this point, I was so very turned on I wanted nothing more than to roll her over and begin making love to her. This made me even hotter and soon my erection was throbbing a mile a minute and pressed tightly against this beautiful girl’s butt. An idea occurred to me…

Very deftly, I moved my left hand to my boxers and began to ever so gently work my hardon out of the fly in the boxers. After a maddeningly long time, my pulsing cock of finally nestled firmly against Annie’s panties and warmly between her butt cheeks. I lay perfectly still listening to her snore very softly and trying hard to control my heavy breathing.

The feeling of those warm, smooth panties on the underside of my cock was mindbending! I very slightly moved my hips, sliding my cock perhaps a quarter of an inch along Annie’s panties. So exciting… I was dying for release. Back and forth, I very gently moved my cock for what seemed like an hour getting closer and closer to making a huge mess on Annie’s panties.

Suddenly, Annie moved her left arm and pulled her hand from beneath the blanket to her face. I could hear çukurambar escort her quickly scratch her scalp for a second then her hand plunged back beneath the cover. What she did next nearly made me faint.

Under the blanket, she reached her left hand down to the elastic waistband was her little panties. She then began to tug them down, exposing that pretty round butt! She lifted her hips to slide the panties under her, then pushed/pulled them down beyond her knees! Her hand then slid back and came to rest on the outside of my left thigh! Now my bare cock was pressed directly between her sensuous warm bare butt cheeks! My heart was pounding so fast I thought I was going into shock..!

I moved my left hand to her waist, then slid it around to hold her taut belly and gently make tiny circles with my middle finger in her navel. I could hear her breathing now quite steady and rather deeply. I lifted my head and brought my lips to the soft warm flesh just below her left ear. I kissed her there, dragging my tongue up to her earlobe and teasing her over and over. My hand slid to her warm bush and I at once began to pump my hips a bit more urgently, gliding my cock along her warm butt crack. In no time she lifted her left knee and allowed me to cup her sex and apply pressure to her clit and mound. We were both trying to be very quiet since one of the party monsters was asleep on a sofa, less than eight feet from where we were playing!

Annie knew what she wanted. Her tiny left hand went to my cock and gripped. She squeezed and stroked for a minute, during which time she turned her head toward me and began to kiss me hungrily, her tongue swirling and darting. Lifting her knee even higher, she then rolled nearly onto her back and began to guide my cock between dikmen escort her wet cunt lips. She rubbed the tip up and down along the opening, inserting an inch or so, then withdrawing me only to start all over again. She then poised me at the opening and pushed her hips down, easily sliding my hardon into her body. She began to writhe and let out a tiny moan, then withdrew me only to plunge down again taking me in fully. She stopped then and became very still. This feeling was as intense as anything I’d ever experienced before! Annie was so very tight and wet and hot gripping my cock with her cunt walls!

After thirty seconds or so, I felt her right hand, (her left was still gripping the base of my cock with thumb and one finger), begin to rhythmically stimulate her mound. There I was, impaled on this gorgeous young woman and she was working herself to orgasm with only a little help from me! I started to pump my hips and glide my hardness in and out of her wet heat. Annie laid there, aching her back and pumping right along with me while she rubbed herself and stifled moans and grunts inside her throat and chest. My left hand massaged her breasts and I sucked and kissed her nipples until she suddenly yanked her pillow from beneath her head and placed it over her mouth to barely stifle a very loud and deeply erotic scream. I felt her cunt tighten around my cock and I thrust as deep as possible and began my own orgasm. Spasm after spasm wracked through my gut as I spurted my hot seed deep up inside Annie’s hot cunt. One of the most hallucinogenic orgasms I’ve ever had! We finally calmed and lay very still, breathing heavy and kissing lightly now and then.

When I awoke again, in the morning light, we were still under the blanket and I was still inside Annie, though now somewhat flaccid. She was already awake and when I looked at her cute face, she smiled at me and I felt her cunt grip me three separate times, then she started giggling and asked me if I wanted to go get some breakfast!

I had more Annie for lunch and dinner!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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