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“You, know, I’ve always wanted to do this. I just never had the nerve to actually go through with it,” Ann said excitedly.

“How does if feel?” I asked.

“Liberating. But I think it helps that you just fucked my brains out, or I’d probably have fallen off by now. God, this is such a turn on.”

“Trust me, babe…it is for me too,” I said as I watched Ann as I rode along side her.


I’d helped Ann to her feet, and she waited patiently, leaning sexily against her ‘romance’ tree, waiting for me to tell her what I wanted her to do for me. I took the horse blanket off the ground and shook it out, before putting it up onto Charcoal’s back. I’d watched Marty saddle the big stud earlier, and I picked up the huge hunk of leather and flung it up on top the horse over the blanket.

“Wow, you are a quick learner,” Ann said as she watched me finish securing it to her horse.

“I told you before…I’m the kind of guy that can see somebody do something, and then I can kind of mimic it. And really, that wasn’t that hard,” I said, shrugging my shoulders.

I walked over to Ann, and took her hand. “Where are we going?” she asked, as I pulled her away from the tree.

“Riding, Lady Godiva,” I said with a smile.

Ann became flushed, and she gripped my hand tighter as I led her over to Charcoal. I held Ann’s ass as she placed her foot in the stirrup and slowly lifted her leg over, giving me a long, lingering look at her pussy. It was reddened, a little puffy, and it was still slightly open from being stretched by my cock, showing me a wonderful view of pink. I couldn’t stop grinning.

“See something you like?” Ann said with a giggle as she nestled in against the leather of the saddle.

I didn’t answer her. Instead, I went back to the pile of clothes we’d left on the ground and quickly started getting dressed.

“You’re not joining me?” she asked, her lips pouting.

I picked up her clothes and threw them up on Roxy, before untying both of the horses. Handing Ann the reigns to Charcoal, I said, “There wasn’t a ‘Lord Godiva’ that I’m aware of. Well, there probably was, be I’m sure he was watching her with his erection safely hidden in whatever he was wearing that was in style at the time.” I climbed up onto my saddle and backed Roxy up. “Let’s go, babe.”


“How do my tits look?” Ann asked in a rare moment of vanity.

“They’re magnificent,” I said watching them bounced up and down as we rode along the dirt path back towards her Aunt and Uncle’s house. Ann gave me a look, and I chastised her. “NO…I’m NOT just saying that. Ann, I love your tits. They’re perfect…and I’ll never let you change them.”

“You’re sure?” she asked, teasing me. I knew her question this time was in jest. She’d admitted earlier at the house that she finally believed me when it came to my love of her tits. And that she didn’t see it as an issue any more. Still, she couldn’t help but play with me about it.

I laughed and said, “Yes…and you know why?”

“I’m afraid to ask,” she said with a sly smile.

“Stop it…or I’m going to have to spank you,” I said with a grin of my own.

“Ooh…that sounds interesting. I’m not sure I’m into that…but I’d do it, if make me.”

“What do you mean, if I make you?”

“I told you…months ago. I want to be made to do things. Like this!”

“I MADE you do this?” I said, the question mark appearing on my face. “I don’t remember twisting your arm.”

“No. You might have twisted my nipple though.”

“You did that to yourself!” I laughed.

“Oh. Yeah, you’re right. But you didn’t ask me either. You just led me naked over to the horse. I’d say that’s closer to making me do it than not. And that’s what makes it so hot to me. Seriously…I’m so turned on right now I can’t stand it. I’ve got all kinds of nasty thoughts going on in my head.”

“Really? Care to share?”

“Not until you tell me why you’ll never let me get a boob job,” she said, reminding me I’d never told her my reasoning.

I let out a little laugh and said, “Sorry…I got a little sidetracked thinking about paddling you’re hot little ass. Anyway, the reason I’ll never let you is because 25 years from now…hell, probably 50 years from now, they’re going to look just as perfect as they do today. And that thought really turns ME on.”

Ann could hear in my voice, and see in my face that I was serious. And her self-assured smile told me that she believed me. But I knew I’d still get questions from her every now and then, asking me about my love of her breasts, and whether it was true. I knew she was self conscious about them…at least she had been. But my undying adoration, and frankly, infatuation with them was pretty evident, and it was making an impact.

It was to the point that I thought Ann was asking those kinds of leading questions just so she could hear me tell her again how much I loved them. And if that made her feel good, I was more than happy to indulge her requests…because I knew I’d reap the benefits.

Ann sat up straighter, escort ankara and said, “You really think they’re never going to sag?”

“Not enough that anyone would notice. And I hope you’re proud enough to want people to notice them. Besides, if you had ones the size of your Aunt or Val., you really would have fallen off that horse by now.”

“What makes you say that?”

“The way Charcoal is making them bounce now, bigger ones would be flying up and hitting you in the face. I think they’d knock you out.”

Ann started giggling as she thought of the imagery. “Maybe you’re right…they would be a lot to lug around, wouldn’t they?’

“Absolutely. Now it’s your turn. Tell me one of the nasty thoughts you’ve been having while riding naked.”

“Well, the last one was…I was just wondering if there was a way to attach my dildo to the saddle in some way. God it would be amazing to have that thing stuffed inside me while I rode Charcoal.”

“Wow. That’s a lot kinkier than I expected,” I said with a little chuckle.

“Sorry. My mind just goes in that direction sometimes.”

“No need to apologize. If we were going to live around her, I’d see what I could come up with.”

“It’s still hard for me to believe I’m moving away,” Ann said, her voice a little somber.

“Are you sure you’re okay with leaving California?”

“I’m okay, because I’m leaving with you, Neil. You’re…MAKING me go!” she said, snapping out of her little momentary funk.

I shook my head; the inventiveness in her statement causing me to smile.


We stopped about a half-mile from the barn. We were still out of view of the house, the barn itself blocking the line of sight from where we were on the path. Ann looked over at me and smiled. “Am I going back all the way to the barn like this, or am I getting dressed?”

As much as I loved the thought of Ann riding naked all the way back to her Aunt and Uncle’s place, I knew that would create a stir we didn’t really need. “You can get dressed now if you like,” I said as I got off my house and grabbed the reigns of hers.

“Are you sure?” Ann asked sexily. I wondered if she really wanted to be pushed to stay as she was. The look in her eyes was wild, almost crazed. She was telling me that she’d do it if I told her to.

“Yes, baby. As much as I’d love to take that chance, I don’t really think that’s the impression I want to leave with your family,” I said, holding out my hand to help her down.

Ann swung her leg over the saddle, bringing her feet together, putting the toes of her right foot into the stirrup with her left. Holding onto the horn of the saddle, Ann held herself there, her magnificent ass wiggling in front of me.

“So, are you still thinking about spanking me?” Ann asked, practically begging me to do it with the way she said it, and the way she was biting her lower lip afterwards. Her dark brown eyes were twinkling from the low sun on the horizon, and the naughty thoughts that filled her head.

I playfully spanked her left ass cheek, giving it a light slap. Ann looked over her shoulder and gave me a ‘you can do better than that’ look. She was in a mood, my innocent…or not so innocent comment from earlier lighting a fire inside her. Now, she wasn’t going to accept a simple pat on her rump. If I was going to say something like I had, she was telling me with her body language that she expected me to follow it up.

I spanked her harder a second time, and she let out a growl; her eyes bugging out as she felt the sting. “Is that more like it?” I asked with an evil little grin.

“Yes!” she said through her clenched teeth.

“And?” I asked, wondering where we were going from there.

Ann nodded, and softly said, “Again, please.”

I smacked her left cheek again, several times. It was slow and deliberate, and Ann’s reaction stunned me. She was not only okay with it, she seemed to be getting off on it. When I moved to her right cheek after a dozen or so spanks, she squealed, and leaned forward, her face planted against the saddle like she was trying to eat it. Her response, and whatever she was doing to the leather, had me puzzled.

I stopped to look at the ‘damage’. Ann’s ass was pinkish; the outline of my handprint marking her backside, leaving a distinctive, and frankly…a very erotic image behind. Ann was moaning, and she was still shaking her ass like she wanted more, but I stopped. I reached my hand up and felt her skin. It was hot to the touch, and it seemed to flush to a deeper pink by the second, until it was almost red. Ann slipped her right foot out of the stirrup to spread her legs, telling me what she wanted next.

Cupping her mound, I felt Ann’s pussy, which was sopping wet. I ran my middle finger through the folds of her labia, from near her clit towards her rosy bottom, and Ann groaned loudly. Lifting her head up from whatever she was doing to the saddle, she begged. “God, Neil…please. Please make me cum again!”

I smiled as I took first two, and then three fingers, and rammed them up into her soft, warm sincan escort hole. I fucked her with them, fast and hard. The sloppy gushing sounds filled the air, along with the sweet aroma coming from her cunt, which was at a perfect height for me to eat her. I resisted that temptation, knowing if I went that far, I’d want more. And we weren’t really in a place to accommodate that.

So, I concentrated on getting Ann off as quickly as I could. And that didn’t take long at all. She was cumming in just over a minute. It was like a quick summer thunderstorm sweeping across the plains. There was thunder and lightning…and then a torrential downpour, all of it over in a matter of minutes. The only reminders being the dampness it left behind, and that sweet smell of freshness hanging in the air. In this case, the scent of the aroused goddess who’d just soaked my hand and wrist.


I was licking my fingers as Ann pulled her little white shirt over her chest, tucking it into her jeans before she zipped them shut. I winked at her as she stood there in a sexy pose, her hands on her hips as she waited for me to help her up onto Charcoal. She could have done it herself, but I think she liked me giving her a leg up.

She remained silent while I finished. Actually, neither of us talked until we were back at the barn. Ann had a contented look on her face, and I was content to look at it in all its angelic glory. She looked just as sexy riding with her clothes on as she did without them.

When we got back to the house, I got off Roxy to open the gate, and Ann rode through, going into the barn to take Charcoal in for the night. I walked Roxy in and tied her up, and the two of us started taking the saddle off of Charcoal.

Ann finally broke the silence, asking, “Did you have a good time?”

I let out a little laugh and said, “You know I did. But it was your romance tree. Did it live up to what you imagined?”

“It was better. It was so much better.”

“Really? Why?”

“Because in my dreams, it was always some generic man that made love to me…he was rugged and handsome, but he was nobody in particular. And that was it. He just took me and made me his under the tree. I never thought about the ‘ever after’ part. But today, it was a handsome, rugged man that I’m already in love with, and he not only took me, but we rode off into the sunset together. That’s a much better ending than I could have imagined,” she said with a smile.

“Wow…that’s…romantic, actually. I guess it really is a romance tree. Of course, you know the sun sets in the other direction, right?”

“Maybe that’s why this is so much better…I was always riding off in the other direction,” she giggled. “Okay…we were riding during the sunset. And you’re right…it is a romance tree now that we officially christened it.”

I took the saddle off of the big horse she’d been riding, and carried over where they stored them. Looking at it, I turned back to Ann. “What were you doing to this, anyway?”

“What do you mean?” she asked as she put away the blanket and walked Charcoal into his stall.

“When I was…”

“Spanking your dirty little fiancée,” she said more bluntly than I expected.


“I was cleaning it.”

“Cleaning it?”

“Yeah. There was a ton of thick, tasty white cum all over it. I’m not sure where it might have come from, though,” she said, acting surprised and trying to sound innocent.

“So, you were…”

“I guess riding Charcoal kind of jarred it all out of me. I don’t mind it when it oozes out on the inside of my jeans. As messy as that can be, that actually kind of turns me on a little. But smearing it on the outside of my jeans? Besides, that would have been a waste of good sperm. You worked hard to make it for me…and it was delicious.”

“So were you,” I said with a laugh as I took the saddle off of the mare I’d been riding.

“You know, I thought you might…”

“Eat you?” I said, finishing her sentence.

“Yeah…I was really thinking…hoping…you would.”

“I thought about it. But I was holding on to the horses, and the whole thing seemed a little dangerous.”

“I know…that’s why I thought you’d do it,” she said, punching my arm.

I took that blanket and put it with the other one while Ann took Roxy to her stall and removed her bridal.

“So, did you enjoy the spanking?” I asked, thinking I knew the answer.

“Uh…it was okay. Actually, at the time, it was fucking hot! But there were all the right circumstances that made it hot. Being naked…at your bidding I might add,” she laughed. “Riding a powerful horse after getting fucked and being full of your cum. God, I could feel it squishing on the saddle while I rode Charcoal.”

“But it’s not your thing, is it?” I said with a smile.

“You’re my…thing, Neil. You kind of mentioned it playfully. And my mind raced…the smell of the horses; and of the outdoors, and the leather of the saddle. And then seeing your cum all over the saddle, just waiting for me to demetevler escort lick up. All of that seemed so, I don’t know…nasty and dirty. Spanking me just seemed to fit in at the time. Hell, it didn’t ‘seem’ to…it DID fit in. And it made me so wet.”

“Yes, it did. Look, Ann, I don’t want you to think I’m pressing you, or that that’s something I expect. But I like to know what turns you on.”

“You do, baby. Like I said, you said it, and the mood was right. You have a way of doing that to me. You mention something so innocently, and I find it incredibly erotic. I liked the unexpectedness of it. You know, that it wasn’t planned. You do that to me all the time, and I love feeling on edge like that.”

“So, you’re going to want to do that again sometime.”

“If you mean do I want spanked, yes. I’m sure I’ll want to do it again. But we both know it’s not going to be every day. In fact, it won’t be that often at all…but that’s the beauty of it. We won’t plan it, we won’t see it coming, and that will make it even hotter. I mean, seriously…how many times am I going to get spanked while standing naked on a stirrup of a saddle, while I’m leaning over a horse in the middle of a field, slurping up your cum? I’m guessing that was the one and only time, baby.”

“Well, yeah, when you put it like that,” I chuckled.

Ann laughed as she closed the door to the stall. Walking over, she leaned into my body, her sexy hands on my shoulders. Her left leg lifted up behind her at the knee in a sexy pose as she looked up into my eyes. “Did I answer all of your questions, baby?”

“Oh, I know I’ll have more questions. I just wanted a little insight…that’s all. I don’t want to assume anything and go down a wrong path. But I also don’t want to be afraid to explore a path and we miss out on something amazing.”

“Do you have an example you’d like to share,” she said, rubbing her hand up and down my chest, feeling for my nipple through my shirt.

“Well, like the spanking…and rougher than normal sex.”

“Like last night,” she said with a wink, pinching at my nipple.

“Yeah. Like last night. It was…”

“Amazing! It was exactly what I needed, Neil. I needed to feel you take me and make me yours again, and you did…every part of me. Look, I’m not into kink, per se, baby. But I do love to be kinky every now and then. I want to explore. And I think we’re good for each other. You know just what to do, and when to do it, and how to get me so worked up I can’t stand it. And I think you know by now how my mind can work, and how wonderful I can make things for you, and for us. We’re going to have a really adventurous sex life.”

Ann leaned in further, kissing me tenderly, pressing her chest into mine. Her pointed nipples crushed between us through our shirts. It was a breathless, desperate kiss; one that made me a little weak in the knees the way she poured herself into it. I hugged her, swallowing her in my arms as I lifted her up. If we hadn’t just made love, I couldn’t think of a better place to take her than right there in the barn. But it was getting late, and I knew we had to get going.

Ann let out a little pant as we broke our kiss, trying to catch her breath. I did too. Setting her back down on her bare feet, she took my hand and we walked towards the side door of the barn to walk toward the house.

“We’re you thinking about doing it the barn like I was,” she asked, looking up out of the corner of her eye to see if I was looking at her.

Of course I was looking at her. It was always hard for me not to be staring at Ann. I nodded, and said, “Yes, I was. Just another one of those age old fantasies, I suppose.”

“What fantasy is that?” Ann asked.

“You know, the traveling salesman fucking the farmer’s daughter.”

“Oh. Should I go get Val?” she said with a grin.

“What?” I said, my eyes flying open wide.

“Relax. I’m kidding. But I’m sure you could teach Dale a thing or two…hundred, about being a man in bed, just like you showed him how to be one out of it. I’m sure Val would appreciate it too.”

“Well, that’s one battle she’s going to have to win on her own. I’ve already done all I’m going to do there. And if I did it right, she should be able to get her way in bed anyway.”

“What makes you say that?” Ann asked.

“Just a hunch,” I said, not really wanting to go into it.

“Fine…keep me in suspense. Last chance. Are you sure you don’t want to do me in the barn? I can give you a quick blow job?”

“I suppose you’re trying to stay even again,” I chuckled.

“Not necessarily. But I did cum last, so it’s your turn. We can duck right back here if you want,” she said trying to pull me into an empty stall that was full of hay.

Looking past her shoulder, I saw something white up high on a big pile of hay in the back of the stall. Walking past Ann, she must have thought she was going to get to practice her deep throat technique again. But I went in out of curiosity.

I picked up a bright white T-shirt, and looked at it. Turning, I looked down at the hay surrounding us. There was an area that was pressed in, the shape distinctive. There had been a blanket thrown down, and there was the impression of a body molded into the thick hay. I smiled at Ann, who was giving me a quizzical look.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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