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Big Tits

Angie Mueller stared in the mirror as she drew a shuddering nervous breath. She was due in court in about two minutes and she wasn’t really sure she could do it. She’d only been with the firm a week when Mr Doppler had started forcing her to give him blow jobs, and she hadn’t imagined that telling the HR Manager what was going on would end with her giving evidence against a senior partner in court. By the end of the day either she or Mr Doppler were walking out jobless, him with a criminal record perhaps.

The only saving grace in the whole mess was the prosecutor. Just the thought of Jenny Cutler made Angie lick her lips. The woman looked incredible in a suit, all curves and professionalism, with killer legs and an amazing ass. She was of average height in those heels so she must be fairly short out of them, Angie imagined. Jenny had a long thick wavy mane of dark brown hair with that auburn sheen Angie loved, and wore it differently every day, sometimes up in a French twist, sometimes in a simple ponytail, or sometimes loose over her shoulders like today. Angie guessed she must be in her early thirties, a little older than she.

Angie was totally smitten with Jenny’s eyes. They were big, with gorgeous dark grey irises and luscious long dark lashes, and the whitest whites. Every time Jenny looked into her eyes, Angie melted. Her breath caught in her throat and she felt her pussy burn and start to salivate like a hungry puppy. Angie could just get lost in those eyes, and she was forced to let her gaze drop every time, down Jenny’s chest, over her suit-clad breasts and belly, to the floor.

“Angie? You ready, honey?” Angie jumped as the door cracked open and Jenny’s beautiful head slid through the gap. Angie’s eyes met hers in the mirror and a beat passes as they simply look at one another, while Angie’s cunt stirs.

Jenny is always amazed by how Angie makes her feel. Just being in her presence makes Jenny’s heart beat out of control. Angie was stunning, slim in that fit way runners look, with an angel’s face, big green eyes, a full pouting mouth and the smoothest honey-coloured skin. That long long dark red hair falling in cascading ringlets down her back, smelling like fresh flowers always made Jenny breathe deeply as Angie walked past. Jenny could see how Angie had been a professional model for a few years.

“Um, I guess so,” Angie murmurs nervously, smoothing her tailored steel grey skirt suit. The deep rich blue shirt set off her hair, her eyes, her skin. She looks at Jenny in the mirror for another long pause, feeling her tight cunt flooding her blue satin g string and inwardly groaning hoping it wouldn’t seep through onto her skirt when she sat in the witness box!

“Let’s get it over with,” Angie sighs to herself, eyes locking with Jenny’s briefly as she slips past her into the corridor, each woman clenching her fists as the scent of the other’s body and perfume fills her nostrils. Jenny takes a deep, steadying breath as she follows Angie up the corridor, eyes on Angie’s swinging ass and shapely calves.

“Angie, just take a seat here outside court and when we’re ready for you the court officer will come and get you, OK?” Angie slides onto the hard bench, crossing her long legs and leaning back against the wooden wall, nodding slightly. Her lips form an exquisite ‘O’ as she blows out, trying to get rid of her nerves, and Jenny squeezes her shoulder, trying to reassure her, but only sending a thrill of electricity through both their bodies.

Jenny disappears into the courtroom, and Angie waits anxiously for what seems like ages. The quiet of the corridor is broken when the court door pushes open and the funny little court officer comes out, saying in a heavy Russian accent, “Angelica Mueller?” Angie jumps up, smoothing her tight skirt down over her thighs, and follows him in.

Angie feels all eyes on her as she moves up the middle of the court, her model’s body easily slipping into catwalk mode, sashaying with her head up and shoulders back. She knows everyone is looking, and she doesn’t want to give that bastard any idea how nervous she is. She swears her oath quietly and confidently, amazed her voice doesn’t sound as she feels.

After Angie sits down, Jenny remains speechless a long while, prompting the judge to say, “Ms Cutler? Would you like to begin?” Jenny visibly breaks eye contact with Angie and says, “Ah, yes Your Honour. My apologies. Ms Mueller would you state your kocaeli escort full name and address for the court please.”

As Jenny leads Angie through her evidence, she inwardly battles her deep attraction for the woman sitting in the witness box. Stay focused, she keeps repeating silently.

“So, Ms Mueller, would you describe the first time the accused, Mr Doppler, behaved inappropriately towards you?”

“Yes,” Angie says, her voice faltering for the first time. “I’d been working at the firm for one week, and I was walking down the corridor to the photocopy room, when I saw Mr Doppler walking towards me. I knew who he was, I mean, he was one of the partners so everyone knew who he was. As I walked past him he grabbed my arm and said, “Mmmmmm, you’re new, aren’t you? I definitely haven’t seen you here before. Are you Tim’s new para-legal?”

“I said, “Yes, sir, I’ve only been here a week.” Then I tried to keep walking, but he just held onto my arm. He was looking my body over, then he put his hand on my back and slid it down til he cupped my buttocks. He just held his hand there for a while. I was frozen to the spot with shock. Then he let me go and said, “We’ll have to get to know each other much better later,” winked at me and left.”

Jenny licks her dry lips, trying to banish the image of anyone cupping Angie’s firm round ass. “And the next occasion?”

“Um, that would have been two or three days later. Mr Doppler called me into his office, saying he had to welcome me officially. I was nervous going in but didn’t think I had much of a choice since he could fire me if he wanted. When I went in, he stood up and told me to come in. I sat down in a chair opposite his desk and he stood right next to me. My face was level with his crotch, and I could see he had an, um….” Angie looks to Jenny helplessly, not wanting to continue.

“Go on, Ms Mueller,” Jenny says as gently as possible.

“Well, he had an erection.” A hot blush immediately creeps into Angie’s cheeks and Jenny can’t help but sigh at the sight. “Mr Doppler said he has always had a special relationship with the para-legals in his firm and that I should be no different. Then he unzipped his pants and pulled his, um, his penis out. It was hard and he rubbed it on my face.”

Jenny could see that Angie was uncomfortable but knew she had to push her. “Please go on Ms Mueller. I know this is difficult for you.” Jenny’s eyes are heavy with a lust she can barely contain, feeling her cunt swollen and hot in her panties, hearing Angie describing Doppler’s assault, knowing it is terrible, but unable to stop herself getting turned on by it.

“Well he put his hands on either side of my head, grabbing my hair, and he pushed his penis into my mouth. I tried to pull back and get up but he just laughed and held me down harder. I tried to cry out but his penis was in my mouth and I started to choke.” Angie feels a tear slide down her face as the shame washes over her. She can’t believe she has to tell the whole world what he did to her.

Jenny just waits, knowing these emotional pauses are gold to the jury, who all sit with mouths slightly open and thighs firmly crossed. Angie takes a big shuddering breath. “He held my head still and just thrust his penis in and out of my mouth for what seemed like ages. I was choking the whole time and struggling to breathe but he didn’t stop. After a while I felt him ejaculate in my mouth. I gagged harder and he pulled his penis out and semen went all over my face and the front of my shirt. I was sobbing and he just laughed and got a tissue. He wiped his penis clean and zipped his pants up. Then he took a picture of me with a digital camera, saying he would add me to his collection. I just wiped my face and ran out of there.”

Jenny can only nod. The powers of speech have all but left her as the picture of Angie’s beautiful mouth bruised from Doppler’s cock blazes in her mind. Somehow, she gets through the next two hours of questioning and evidence-tendering, though she feels beads of sweat roll down her back and cunt juice pooling in her soaked white cotton g-string.

By the end of the afternoon, Angie is exhausted. The defence barrister, a little ferret of a man, humiliated her over and over again in front of the jury, but she felt that she had held her own. Jenny ushers her out of the courtroom at the rising of the court and they both walk in silence back to Jenny’s office. Just as they step into kocaeli escort bayan her building, Jenny turns to Angie and says, “Um, I know you probably just want to get home, but I was wondering if you wanted to have a drink with me tonight? Sort of a thank you and unwind?”

Angie could see something in Jenny’s gaze, something she couldn’t identify. To be honest, the last thing she felt like doing was going home to her empty apartment and sitting there reliving the events of the day. And she just loved being around Jenny so much, any excuse could not be turned down.

“Sure. I’d really love to.” Angie smiles and Jenny can’t help but break into a grin. She walks into her office with Angie following behind and throws her briefcase onto her big leather chair. Angie stands in the doorway, leaning on the frame, watching Jenny unbutton her suit jacket, smiling softly. She could just stare at Jenny for hours.

Jenny opens a dark wooden cabinet in the corner of her office, under the shelves of law books. She pulls out a bottle of single malt whisky and two crystal tumblers. There’s a little bar fridge in the cabinet and she pulls out a tray of ice, cracking two or three blocks in each glass as Angie watches intently. She notices the strong muscles flexing in Jenny’s forearms, the length and delicacy of her fingers, and finds herself imagining how good it would be to suck them and feel them on her skin.

Angie crosses to the chair, unbuttoning her jacket, sliding it off and letting it fall on top of Jenny’s. Her nipples are hard and pressing through her tight blue shirt lewdly. Jenny turns as Angie stops next to her, handing her the drink, and their fingers touch. Both catch the look in each other’s eyes as the touch sparks with electricity and they each unconsciously take a swallow of scotch to break the intensity of the moment.

Angie feels the scotch like rolling liquid fire all the way down her throat into her belly, then further, spreading to her clit. Her lips part in surprise at the strength of the heat between her thighs and she looks to Jenny. Seeing the lust in her eyes, Jenny steps closer, their faces only inches away. Jenny leans in, holding her mouth just at Angie’s, waiting to see if she had totally misread the signs, but Angie’s mouth suddenly covers hers with a little groan, her lips hot and so soft as she presses into Jenny.

Jenny’s hand slides up Angie’s body as she, too, moans in pleasure, cupping Angie’s face as she puts her drink down on her desk with a clunk. She can taste the scotch on Angie’s tongue and lips, and starts to kiss her more passionately, hardly able to believe her fantasy is rapidly becoming reality.

Jenny pulls back for a second, smiling knowingly at Angie as she takes Angie’s drink and places it next to hers on the desk. “Are you sure you want this, honey? I mean, you’ve had a pretty rough day. I don’t want us doing anything you’ll regret later,” she questions in a whisper, looking directly into Angie’s wide-open beautiful eyes. “Yes, god yes,” Angie whimpers, her mouth moving forward seeking Jenny’s again.

The women’s soft moans fill the room and Jenny feels Angie’s fingers undoing the buttons on her shirt, hands sliding in to caress her bare back and belly. Jenny pulls Angie’s shirt out of her skirt, slipping her hands up to cup Angie’s breasts, her fingers rubbing the hardening nipples through her satin bra, eliciting a hot groan of pleasure from Angie.

Angie steps forward, pushing Jenny back against the desk, spreading Jenny’s thighs with her own as she hikes Jenny’s skirt up and slides her hands over Jenny’s amazing ass. Their tongues fight and Jenny pulls Angie’s shirt off, unhooking her bra and stripping her topless so she can fill her mouth with Angie’s firm breasts. “Oh god,” Angie moans, her hands gripping Jenny’s luxurious hair gently, her thigh pressing against Jenny’s smoldering cunt.

As Jenny’s mouth and tongue tease Angie’s tingling hard nipples, Angie works Jenny’s shirt off her, followed by her bra. Her hands fill this time, not with Jenny’s hair, but with her breasts, bigger than Angie’s own, and the touch of them is enough to make her moan even louder as Jenny’s mouth moves up to her neck. Angie’s fingers tremble with lust as she fiddles with the zip on Jenny’s skirt, finally getting hold of it and sliding it down. She pulls Jenny towards her so she can push the skirt down past Jenny’s round ass.

“Oh izmit sınırsız escort god you’re so beautiful,” Angie mumbles into the hollow of Jenny’s neck, kissing her soft skin tenderly, as her hands slide up Jenny’s bare back, amazed at how smooth and warm her skin is, how strong her back is. Suddenly Angie becomes aware that Jenny is not moving, and she looks up to find Jenny looking down at her, the most serious expression on her face.

“What is it?” Angie asks, slightly alarmed. “Nothing, honey,” Jenny whispers. “I just can’t believe I’m here with you. I’ve thought about you non-stop since the moment I met you. And here you are…” Angie can only sigh, trying to express the huge expansion in her chest as she presses herself to Jenny, holding her tight enough to take Jenny’s breath away with a laugh.

Jenny responds by kissing Angie again, hard, pouring her feeling into Angie’s gorgeous mouth, her hand sliding down Angie’s side and up her skirt, pushing against her cunt, gasping in Angie’s mouth as she feels the amount of heat and moisture there. Angie can only cry out in pleasure as Jenny’s fingers finally touch between her legs and she leans forward, forcing Jenny to lie back on the desk.

Soon Angie is working her way down Jenny’s glorious body, tasting the sweet salty sweat from her day, knowing she was the one who made her sweat in court, and murmuring her admiration for every curve and hollow. She can smell Jenny’s hot cunt before she reaches it, and the scent is exquisite, enough to make her toes curl in pleasure.

Angie’s breasts slide down onto Jenny’s thighs, her nipples hard, making Jenny shiver as they graze her sensitive inner thighs. Angie’s fingers hook under the little elastic waist of Jenny’s g-string, sliding them down slowly, sighing with happiness as the soaked cotton peels away from Jenny’s swollen wet pussy lips. As she slips them down Jenny’s calves and lets them fall to the floor, Angie’s eager mouth covers Jenny’s cunt, groaning loudly as she tastes Jenny for the first time.

Jenny’s hands fist in Angie’s hair, delighting in the feel of Angie’s mouth on her, the hot tongue probing her folds, sucking gently on her clit. Her thighs quiver and her belly undulates as her moans fill the office. Her breath catches as Angie slides a finger into her wetness, and she feels her pussy clench on it eagerly.

Jenny has to get her hands on Angie, and has to do it now. She gently pushes Angie away, shushing Angie’s whimpers of protest. She kneels at Angie’s feet and undoes her skirt, fumbling the little buttons at the side until Angie giggles and helps her. Then Angie’s skirt is at her feet and her delicious satin-clad pussy is at Jenny’s face. She can do nothing but utter an involuntary moan and kiss the satin hungrily.

“Come join me down here,” Jenny laughs. Angie leans on Jenny’s strong shoulders as she drops to her knees and they kiss softly, tasting each other on their lips. Jenny pulls Angie down with her and gasps in Angie’s mouth as their breasts press together, Angie running her hand down to cup Jenny’s smooth ass as Jenny pushes Angie’s panties down so Angie can kick them off. Jenny can taste herself on Angie’s lips as they kiss, and her thigh presses insistently between Angie’s, their breathing becoming more and more ragged as their thighs push hard on one another’s swollen clits.

Jenny pulles Angie to her closer, kissing her mouth, their moans in unison as both feel the building climax. Angie’s thigh is soaked with Jenny’s juices and Jenny can feel the hot lips of Angie’s pussy opening against her smooth skin as they rock and thrust on each other. Their nipples hardened into points, grazing each other’s and sending thrills through their gorgeous bodies.

Angie slides her arm under Jenny’s head, cradling her as her fingers wrap around Jenny’s face, slipping into Jenny’s mouth. Jenny bites gently, her orgasm so close, her body taut as she teeters on the edge. Angie thrusts hard against Jenny’s thigh and the two cry out with delight as their bodies arch in unison. Hot juice flooding their cunts and thighs, and hot sweat coating their breasts and bellies. Jenny clings to Angie as her orgasm crunches through her, forcing guttural grunts and whimpers from her lips as Angie grinds with her.

“Oh god, oh god,” Angie moans as the powerful contractions pass, leaving her weak and giddy. She sighs and giggles as she feels Jenny relaxing in her arms, and Jenny’s teeth release her fingers. Angie nuzzles Jenny’s breasts and feels Jenny’s arms close around her. Then she hears Jenny mutter, “So much for professional distance!” and they both dissolve in a fit of giggles, cradling each other as the sweat cools on their bodies.

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