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Andrew”s Misplaced Trust Chapter 31 – Poor Timmy

There may be some real events that inspired parts of this, but I have to tell you this is fantasy fiction.

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The website for Grizzly Valley covers the town, the people and places. Bruce”s Dojo, Tech Tribe, Liams Automotive, Grizzly Baptist Church, Laundromat, Mac”s Diner and more. You”ll see Mark, Jamie, Bruce, Liam, Taylor, Sebastian, Andrew, Ethan and the rest of the town.
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I”m trying to get back on weekly posts. Sexy time in this chapter, but I promise there will be hot sex in the next chapter.

Oh, and before I forget, please read my friend Tux”s story, “Counting” in the Young Friends section. You can find it here: Counting I”m honored to be helping him edit the story and share it with you. Tell us what you think.

Chapter 31 – Lifeflight and Naked Boys

Ethan walked out to the waiting room. Andrew ran to him to ask how Timmy was. Ethan wasn”t talking, he was pacing. Andrew was really worried. What did he know?

Andrew has never seen Ethan like this. Something was really bothering him. “Ethan, what”s going on?” Andrew grabbed Ethan and hugged him tight.

“Have you seen Sarah?” Ethan asked, ignoring Andrew”s question.

Andrew”s insecurities started to worry him that Ethan was going to lose interest in him because he is so focused on Timmy. Ethan was acting like he did with Andrew after he rescued him. Andrew started to say something, then he stopped. `No, Andrew, Ethan isn”t like those other men. Ethan is the most caring person, and that”s why he”s so good at what he does. He still loves me.” Andrew told himself. `Even if he loves Timmy, he still loves me” he told himself.

“She hasn”t arrived yet. Please, Ethan, is Timmy going to be OK?”

“He”s in bad shape.” Ethan turned and hugged Andrew back. “Thanks to you, he”ll probably survive this. You may have saved his life, kid.”

“I was just being nice to him and trying to help him.”

“But he slipped past all of the CPS workers and even the foster parents. I wonder if they knew their son, Norman, was beating him.”

“He really sounded like a dick. Sorry for the language, Ethan, and sorry for saying the F word at the shelter. I was just scared.”

“It”s all OK, Andrew. It”s all OK.”

“Sarah!” Andrew shouted as he saw her enter the hospital waiting room.

Ethan turned around. “Oh, Sarah, I”m so glad to see you.” Ethan said as he hugged her. The two sat and discussed Timmy”s situation. Sarah got on the phone with her supervisor, and soon the supervisor and the CPS worker in charge of Timmy were at the hospital. Mr. Thomas had arrived too Timmy had the entire cavalry there looking out for him.

The poor case worker was being chastised in front of everyone for not noticing the signs. Unfortunately, they are all so overworked, even the best of them miss things.

Sarah spoke up, “Where is Timmy”s CASA?”

“We don”t have enough volunteers, so we didn”t have anyone to assign to him.”

“What”s a CASA?” Andrew asked.

Sarah explained, “A Court Appointed Special Advocate, or CASA, is a volunteer that is trained to work with foster kids. They are dedicated, ordinary citizens with extraordinary hearts. As child advocates, they develop a consistent one-to-one relationship with their child. CASA volunteers go on outings, spend quality time with the child, get to know them personally, and listen to what the child has to say. They interact with all professionals involved in the child”s case and make recommendations directly to the court, ensuring the child”s best interests are heard. Unlike social workers, therapists, and attorneys who juggle large caseloads, CASA volunteers work with one child at a time ankara escort and often become the most important person in the child”s life. They often discover things that others miss. If you were a bit older, Andrew, I”d ask you to volunteer.”

“When I”m old enough, you know I will volunteer. So what about Timmy?”

“Sarah is now his case worker. Obviously, Mason here failed at his job. Sorry, Mason, I know you are overworked, but you can”t be this careless. Sarah, please, I need your expertise here, and since you know everyone involved, this one is yours. I”ll see what I can take off of your caseload.” The supervisor said.

Just then, the doctor came out. “We need authorization for a life flight to Childrens. The boy”s kidneys are failing and we don”t have a pediatric dialysis machine.”

He handed a clipboard to the supervisor who signed it, and the doctor was getting ready to rush off. Ethan grabbed his shoulder.

“You need a medic to accompany him, right? Is there anything special he needs?”

“No, he”s stable, but we don”t have time to waste. Are you volunteering to accompany him?” The doctor asked, recognizing him as a firefighter-medic.

Ethan looked at Andrew and got a nod from his lover. “Timmy needs us right now. I”ll go make sure he”s taken care of.” Ethan ran with the doctor. You could hear the helicopter arriving in anticipation of having a passenger. After about 10 minutes, the chopper took off with Ethan, Timmy, and the pilot. Mr. Thomas went over and hugged Andrew. Andrew was feeling abandoned. Let”s get you home. Where would you like to go?

“Can you take me to my friend Zach”s house? I need to be with someone who understands me. I can”t be alone. No offense, Mr. Thomas.”

“Sure. I”m sure being with someone your age will be good for you. Now don”t you worry about Ethan or Timmy. Things will be fine.”

The social workers huddled, and Sarah told them she was off to Children”s. The others left. Andrew and Mr. Thomas went out to the car. Andrew gave directions to Zach”s house. When they arrived, Mr. Thomas asked if he should go to the door, but Andrew told him he would be fine. He waited to see Andrew being greeted by an older boy. Surely it was Zach”s older brother. They spoke for a minute, then the boy hugged Andrew and ran to the car. “Hi Mr. Thomas, I”m Zach. Thanks for bringing Andrew over. He”ll be fine here until Ethan gets back. Ethan has our number, so he can just call us. We can go get whatever Andrew needs if it”s going to be overnight.”

“Great, he knows how to reach me. By the way, Zach, how do you know Andrew?”

“Oh, he”s in school with me.”

“But you”re much older than him.”

“Yeah, I know, he”s the kid genius at our school. We”re in a lot of classes together and did a science fair project together.”

Mr. Thomas felt stupid. He knew Andrew was in high school and his friends probably were too.

Back in the house, the boys went to Zach”s room.

Andrew broke down in tears and started hugging Zach.

Zach wasn”t sure what to do or say, so he just held Andrew. He had feelings for Andrew, but knew Andrew didn”t want to return them. He just held him as he cried.

Even though he knew Andrew said he had someone he was in love with, he couldn”t help but caress Andrew”s back. His hands slipped under Andrew”s shirt, and out of instinct, Andrew put his hands over his head. It may be from being undressed so many times that it was just automatic, or maybe right now he needed the contact. Zach obliged and pulled Andrew”s shirt off. He quickly pulled his off too and wrapped his arms around Andrew. Their faces were cheek to cheek and Zach rolled over so Andrew was on top of him. As Andrew adjusted to straddle Zach, his belt dug into Zach”s stomach. “Ouch.” Zach said. He didn”t say anything else, but Andrew just rolled to the side and shed his pants before rolling back on top of Zach.

“Hold me. Zach, just hold me, rub my back, please.” Andrew placed his cheek next to Zach”s.

Zach didn”t need to be asked twice. His cock was fighting against his pants, and the wet spot was growing under Andrew. Andrew didn”t have an erection though, and that surprised Zach.

“Andrew, do you mind? My cock is straining.”

Andrew just hopped off, slipped Zach”s pants off, and then resumed escort ankara his position. He held his face over Zach”s and then burst into tears. The flood of tears was landing on Zach. Zach was confused, but knew his buddy needed to be reassured. He leaned up and gave Andrew a peck.

“Whatever it is, Andrew, I”m here for you. Things are going to be OK.”

Andrew”s sobs gave way to deep breathing and a cute little snore as he fell asleep on top of Zach. Zach was loving the feeling of having this boy on top of him, but knew he needed to be careful. He rolled to his side carefully so that they were lying side by side. He put his head up on his hands and stared at the beautiful boy laying next to him. He thought to himself `I wonder who the lucky boy is that has his heart.” He was jealous but knew Andrew had a big heart and was already taken. Zach had his own news for Andrew, but it could wait.

An hour passed, and Zach had to get up to pee. The entire time he was laying there staring into his friend”s closed eyes, just watching him as he slept. He carefully unwound his legs from Andrew”s, pulled up some shorts, and ran to the bathroom. He explained to his parents that something happened and Andrew was there, but he didn”t have details. He quickly finished his restroom run and returned to the room. As he got back onto the bed, Andrew started to wake up. Those beautiful eyes were sparkling, and Zach couldn”t help but kiss his friend on the forehead. “Wanna tell me what”s going on?”

“Yeah, I think I can talk about it now.” He continued to recount the story of Timmy and what had happened. Before he finished, there was a knock at the bedroom door. “Honey, Ethan is on the phone for Andrew.” Zach”s mom said. Zach picked up the phone and handed it to Andrew.

“Ethan, I”m so glad to hear from you. How”s Timmy?”

“Timmy is on the dialysis machine. He”s going to be kept here for a while. He”s asked for you a couple of times. The doctors think he will recover and that his kidney function will return.”

“That”s great news, so when are you coming home?”

“I”m going to stay overnight with Timmy. Can you stay with Zach tonight?”

“Sure, you know, I can”t sleep alone. I”m sure I can stay.”

Zach heard what Andrew said and started to let it register. Andrew can”t sleep alone. Was Ethan the mysterious lover?”

“I”ll call you in the morning. I love you Andrew.”

“Love you too.” Andrew hung up the phone.

“Of course, you can stay the night.” Zach said. “Tell me more about Timmy.”

“I discovered he had been beaten and needed medical help.”

“Dude, that”s terrible.”

“You know I ran away, the reason was that I was beat unconscious by my daddy. He pissed and shit on me and tore my room up. I didn”t know what else to do. At least I didn”t have any internal bleeding like Timmy, but I was banged up pretty badly.”

“I”m sorry. You know Ethan won”t let that happen to you again, right?”

“I know, but the thought of anyone having to go through that. Fuck, I”m sorry Zach.” Andrew was crying a bit. “After seeing Timmy, I”d trade places with him in a second. I”d take his pain for him. Why do people have to be so terrible? This wasn”t even a parent, it was his stupid foster brother.”

“Timmy is lucky to have you as a friend. Shit, you”ve only known him half a day and you would take his pain and injuries. We”re all so lucky to have you in our lives.”

They sat there in silence for a few minutes.

“I”m not going to press you or pry. Just know that you can trust me with everything. Remember, I love you. I won”t ever hurt you.”

“I know, I love you too, as a friend.” Andrew put up his wall. He would soon need to learn how to let his wall down. He was amongst friends now.

The boys had dinner with the family, and they even went over to Andrew”s house to get a change of clothes. When they got back to the house, they watched TV with the family and then went to bed. There was no school tomorrow, so they were able to sleep in. Of course, Zach had hoped that there would be some fun during the night, but he wasn”t going to push Andrew.

Andrew stripped naked like he normally does and slipped into bed. Zach”s bed. That surprised Zach, as he usually slept in his underwear. He slid his off too and joined his friend.

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“Will you hold me until I fall asleep? I can”t seem to sleep unless I”m held. I know that seems weird, but if I”m not held, I have nightmares. I used to wake up and find Ethan had climbed in to hold me when I was having one.”

That explains Ethan”s remark, or does it? Zach was really curious, but wasn”t going to press it.

Andrew snuggled into Zach as the little spoon. That quickly aroused Zach, and his cock pointed straight up into Andrew”s crack. Andrew let out a giggle. He turned his head to the side and wished Zach a good night, and Zack leaned in and returned the wish with a soft kiss on the lips.

Zach was in heaven, holding Andrew. His cock was throbbing, leaking more pre-cum than he had ever leaked before. Andrew was softly purring, and Zach couldn”t sleep, so he just lay there holding Andrew. About two hours into sleep, Andrew started to wiggle. Zach was worried it was a night terror, but just held on to him. “No, no, please, don”t leave me.” Andrew said in his sleep.

Zach whispered into his ear, “I”m here, don”t worry.”

Andrew stopped wiggling and calmed down.

About an hour later, Andrew started shouting, “No! No! Stop! Daddy, Stop!”

Zach held him tighter, but that was a mistake. Andrew started flailing and hitting Zach. Zach pinned Andrew down and leaned in to try to wake him up. “Andrew, it”s OK, I”m here, you”re safe!”

But Andrew kept struggling.

Zach didn”t know what to do. He finally decided to try kissing Andrew. That worked. Andrew stopped flailing and grabbed Zach around the head. “Oh, Ethan, I thought I lost you. I love you Ethan.” He said, half awake. His eyes started to open and he realized he was being held by Zach. He realized where he was.

Andrew started to panic. “What did I say?”

“Shhh, Andrew, it”s OK.”

“WHAT DID I SAY?” Andrew shouted.

“You said you loved Ethan. I know you do, Andrew. It”s OK. Its cool.”

This has to stay a secret. It”s a matter of life and death.”

“I promise, your secret is safe with me.”

“I love Ethan. I know it seems weird, but he is my soul mate. If anyone finds out, he goes to jail and I”m sent off to who knows where.”

“That”s freakin” cool, dude. He”s hot! Your secret is safe with me. Do you guys, you know, do it?”

“Remember, I don”t kiss and tell.” Andrew leaned in and kissed Zach.

The boys lay back on Zach”s bed, holding each other. Zach was content. He knew his little friend”s secrets, but still loved him and wanted him to be his friend.

“Can I share a secret with you?” Zach asked. He”s been waiting for the right time to ask Andrew for help on this.

“Sure, you know my dark secrets.”

“I think Jaxon Meyers is hot.”

“The baseball player at school? He”s like the hottest guy on the team. I think he might play on our team, if you know what I mean.” Andrew giggled.

“He is hot. I wasn”t sure, but, well, the other day, our eyes met. There was something there. I don”t know if I have gaydar or not, but, Andrew, I felt all tingly. He smiled back at me and it was not just a smile, but one of those, `I know your secret” smiles.”

“That”s cool, so what are you going to do?”

“I don”t know. This is all so new to me.”

“We need to come up with a plan. That would be so cool if you and he became a couple.”

“You think so?”

“Yeah, he”s hot. Not as hot as my man, but damn, he”s hot.”

“Isn”t he in your math class?”

“Yeah, he is. I”ve actually been helping him with some of his homework.”

“Do you think, no, that”s silly. Um, could you try to figure out if he has a girlfriend, or likes guys, or, I don”t know, I”m stupid to think I could have him.”

“Zach, you are amazing. He would be the lucky one to have you. Tell you what, I”ll figure something out.”

“Really? You”d do that?”

“Of course! I”m going to get the two of you together. Just you wait and see!”

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