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The next morning we woke up next to each other in my parents’ king size bed. Neither of us had an, “Oh shit, what have I done,” feeling when we looked over and found we were lying in bed next to our aunt/nephew. In fact I was glad to see it wasn’t just a hot dream I had in the night. I had actually jacked off on, and later fucked, my aunt. Oddly enough, it felt completely natural waking up beside her. We gave each other a good morning kiss and both commented on how much we had enjoyed the night before.

I told Aunt Kim about the videotape I had found in my parents’ TV cabinet while she was gone the day before and she said, “Really? How kinky. I didn’t know your mom had it in her, so to speak.”

“I must say it was kind of weird watching the video. Previously, the thought of my parents screwing was not one I really liked to consider. But after seeing them going at it in their homemade porn, I was majorly turned on by it. I was actually watching the tape when mom called yesterday. There I was talking with her on the phone while I watched her and my dad going at it on the TV. I was about to cum when I heard you come home.”

“Sorry,” she responded.

“It’s okay, you didn’t know. But I’ll tell you, after getting so worked up watching that, and then later with the DVD we watched, I was about to cum without even TOUCHING myself.”

“I’ll bet,” she added.

I told Aunt Kim about the role playing aspect of the scene I saw, and what was in the porn that was on the tape before the homemade stuff. She came to the same conclusion I did as to what turned them on.

“You know I’ve GOT to see it now. I’m sure you’re dying to watch the rest, too.”

“You have no idea…” I replied, and went to retrieve the tape from my bedroom. When I returned I put the tape in the VCR and turned the TV on. I then grabbed the remote and got back in bed with Aunt Kim. We sat up against the headboard and when the picture came onto the TV screen my dad was fucking my mom, right where I had left off when Aunt Kim came home. As we watched the scene my erection grew and made a tent out of the bed sheet I had pulled up to my waist.

“This is hot, Tony, I see your dad passed at least one of his gifts on to you,” she joked as she watched him he shove his big cock into her older sister’s pussy.

Aunt Kim noticed my hard-on and moved her hand under the sheet. She reached over and wrapped her fingers around my erection as we watched and I reciprocated by moving my hand to her pussy. We masturbated each other as that scene finished and the next one came on. In this one it appeared my parents had been at some kind of family get-together before they filmed it. Mom was talking about my cousin Julie, saying how skimpy her outfit was as she stroked his dick, and dad was saying how much her outfit had turned him on. Julie is his sister Amy’s daughter and she’s the spitting image of her mom.

Mom said, “I swear her butt was practically hanging out the bottom of those short shorts she was wearing. They were WAY too small for her. I saw you staring at her, I bet your cock was as hard then as it is now.”

“Oh, yeah,” he responded, “her boyfriend must have fun with that tight little body. She looks just like Amy did at that age. Sometimes she would walk around the house naked, or wearing only a bra and panties.”

“I bet you fantasized about your sister when you stroked your hard cock, just like I am,” goaded mom.

“I’ve wanted to fuck my sister for as long as I can remember,” he replied.

“What about MY sister? Would you like to stick your big cock in my sister Kim?”

My dad moaned, “You KNOW I’ve always had a hard-on for Kim.”

“Holy shit,” blurted out Aunt Kim, “they’re talking about ME in this one.”

As my mom asked what he would do to her sister if she was right there he said, “I would shove my hard cock in her mouth and have her suck it.” With that my mom slid down and took his dick in her mouth. “That’s it Kim, suck my dick.”

Aunt Kim was obviously turned on by the scene that was playing out in front of our eyes because her eyes were glued to the screen and her grip on my pole tightened.

“Just like that, oooh yeah. Suck my cock, Kim, I won’t tell Lisa.” he added as mom took all of him inside her mouth.

Mom gave dad’s cock a good sucking and he then had her get on all fours on the bed. He moved behind her and entered her from behind. I began rubbing Aunt Kim’s clit faster as we watched my dad fuck “Kim” doggie-style. Her grip got even tighter on my cock and I knew she was close to cumming.

I furiously worked her clit and she cried out, “Oh…oh…,” as she had reached her peak. As her orgasm subsided Aunt Kim jerked the sheet off of her and said, “I want you to fuck me like your dad’s fucking me on the TV.”

Aunt Kim got on all fours facing the television and I got on my knees behind her. I eased the swollen head of my engorged dick into her wet pussy and pushed all the way in. I watched my dad fuck my mom on the TV as I fucked her sister casino siteleri on their bed. Before long I was slamming into her pussy just like dad was doing in the video.

“Do you like that, Kim?” asked, playing along with the chatter on the tape.

“Oh yeah, Kevin,” she replied, calling me by my dad’s name. “I won’t tell my sister that you fucked me on your bed.”

I grabbed onto her hips and rammed deep inside Aunt Kim’s pussy as I could feel my passion rise. I pulled out and shot my wad onto Aunt Kim’s back as my dad filled “her” pussy with his load on TV. As I milked my dick the scene ended and switched to another one. Aunt Kim and I fell down onto the bed next to each other and watched the remaining scenes lying on our stomachs facing the TV.

Aunt Kim said, “That was hot,” as the tape ended and I hit the rewind button.

“What, the tape or what we did?”

“Both,” she replied.

We talked about the tape and Aunt Kim came up with an idea for an anniversary gift we could give my parents. They had given the “second honeymoon trip to each other as their anniversary gift but since they were gone we really hadn’t gotten them anything for the occasion.

“What if we were to give them the gift of fulfilling their fantasies,” she asked.

“I get the part about you with my dad, but who would we set my mom up with?”

“You,” answered Aunt Kim.

Prior to my finding the videotape, I don’t believe that I ever fantasized about having sex with my mom. I certainly never would have even considered it before seeing the video she had dad made, but now that I had seen it, the idea seemed quite appealing. In my mind it wasn’t a completely selfish desire because I saw how much she got off on it when dad played the part of younger guys on the video. Within seconds of Aunt Kim bringing up the anniversary present proposal, I began getting excited about the idea of fucking my mom.

“The only question now is, how to set it up,” she said.

“Well, we both enjoyed it when I put oil on your back by the pool. Maybe that can be the icebreaker,” I suggested, “and my mom’s a lightweight when it comes to drinking so maybe you can loosen her up a bit with some alcohol.”

“Perfect! That’s a start,” she said and we began to formulate a plan to make my mom’s fantasy come true without her knowing what we were doing. We were both really excited about it and couldn’t wait for my folks to get home and set the plan in motion.

Even though they thoroughly enjoyed their trip, when mom and dad arrived they were happy to finally be home. The drive left them achy and they couldn’t wait to unwind in the hot tub. Over the next few hours they told us all about their trip, we had a nice dinner, and relaxed in the pool and Jacuzzi out back.

As we sat in the bubbling water, Aunt Kim commented on their nice tans and they said they spent quite a bit of time by the pool on the ship, and mom added that they even went to a nude beach when they went ashore.

“T.M.I., mom, T.M.I.,” I falsely protested as I covered my ears. I may have been SAYING that when she mentioned her and dad going to the nude beach, but in my mind I pictured my mom lying naked on the beach, exposing herself to all those people, and an erection began to rise in my trunks. Aunt Kim and I couldn’t begin our plan too soon for my liking. I couldn’t wait to get my hands, and mouth, on my mom’s nude body.

My dad’s birthday fell shortly after my parents got back from their trip and his business partners surprised him with a golfing trip to Las Vegas the following weekend. He had just returned from a trip and had to once again pack and leave town in a couple days. His partners were supposed to pick him up early Saturday morning and Aunt Kim and I figured that would be the day to set our plan in motion.

I told my mom I had plans to go to the lake for the day with some friends and left in the morning after dad went on his trip. Aunt Kim’s role was to make mom feel like she was still on her tropical vacation and she whipped up some frozen rum drinks in the blender for the two of them before noon. They ate a light brunch of fruit and washed it down with the drinks Aunt Kim had made. She would then suggest that they lay by the pool and work on their tans.

As my mom headed out to the pool, Aunt Kim called me on my cell phone and advised it was time for me to come back(I hadn’t gone too far and was awaiting my cue to return). She added that the plan seemed to be going well so far. Mom had downed a couple drinks and already seemed a little buzzed. When I got home I quietly entered the house and went to my room to peek through the blinds into the back yard and see how the plan was developing. The two of them were just laying out their towels and getting ready to settle down on their lounge chairs.

This was the part where Aunt Kim was supposed to suggest they sunbathe in the nude, just like mom had done on her trip. I saw her talking to mom as she pushed her bikini bottoms down and then canlı casino untied her top. She tossed them beside the chair and laid down on her stomach on the lounge chair. I could see my mom was hesitant, but after Aunt Kim reminded her that no one was around, as was the plan, I saw my mom peel her suit off too. That was my cue. I got on my trunks, grabbed a towel, and headed for the back door.

When I got to the door I saw that mom was also lying on her stomach on her lounge chair. When I opened the door and walked outside my mom’s head jerked up and she exclaimed, “Tony, what are you doing home?”

“The trip to the lake fell through. What happened to your suits?”

“We’re trying to keep your mom’s vacation going, recreating her visit to the nude beach on her trip. Come join us,” said Aunt Kim.

“KIM,” my mom protested.

“Relax Lisa, we’re all family. I don’t have a problem with it if you don’t.”

“Yeah, it’s cool with me, mom. No need to get dressed on my account,” I added nonchalantly, “it’s not like I haven’t seen hot chicks naked before.”

I swear my mom blushed when I said that. Given our attitudes toward it, mom just shrugged her shoulders and said, “What the hell,” and laid her head back down.

As I walked over to their side of the pool Aunt Kim said, “Hey Tony, would you toss me my suntan oil, I need to put some on. Hey sis, you should put some on too, it’ll help that tan you started on your trip.”

I tossed the bottle to her and she moved to the other side of mom’s lounge chair. My mom turned her head to talk to Aunt Kim and said she thought it was a good idea. Aunt Kim squirted oil out onto mom’s back and she jumped. The cool oil hitting her back had startled her but it warmed up quickly as Aunt Kim spread it over her skin. As she smeared the oil around, Aunt Kim said she could still feel the knots in my mom’s back the car trip back and called out to me, “Hey Tony, why don’t you come over here and put those strong hands of yours to some good use? Your mom’s muscles need some attention.”

I went over to the opposite side of my mom’s lounge chair and, as quickly and quietly as possible, pushed my trunks off as I sat down next to her. Aunt Kim squirted oil onto my hands and I said, “Unlike your thoughtless sister, I’ll warm the oil up first,” I said I rubbed my hands together.

“My always thoughtful son,” mom said as I began running my hands over her back. I could feel the knots and worked on them while Aunt Kim squirted oil down mom’s butt and legs. As I tended to the stiff muscles, I watched Aunt Kim’s hands gliding over my mom’s naked butt and down her legs. My cock stiffened to its full length as we went.

At that point what was happening was fairly harmless, but also quite erotic. My mother was lying there naked, with her sister and her son massaging her nude body. Part of the eroticism was obviously my anticipation of what was possibly to come. I couldn’t take my eyes off Aunt Kim’s hands as they moved over my mom’s lower half. After spreading the oil out fairly quickly, she slowed down and began to massage mom’s legs. Her hand would come dangerously close to mom’s pussy as it reached her upper thighs, then glide up over mom’s butt, then back down her legs.

Mom purred, “This feels heavenly. I’m so relaxed I may doze off,” as I worked out the last knot. I then began lightly massaging all over her back. Aunt Kim’s hand kept getting teasingly close to my mom’s pussy. Each time Aunt Kim moved her hands up mom’s legs, she got more deliberate in her actions, grazing mom’s pussy with the side of her hand at first, then letting her slick fingers venture between mom’s legs, and finally letting them linger there as she rubbed her fingers up mom’s slit, then up her butt. I was getting so turned on by what I was seeing my cock was throbbing.

As Aunt Kim massaged her way back down mom’s legs she asked, “Do you like that?”

“Mmm hmmmm…” she answered, in a tone that made it sound as if she were half-asleep.

I kept slowly working my hands down, going lower with each pass, then back up to my mom’s shoulders, until I finally reached her bare butt. I slid my slick hands over her butt and lightly kneaded her cheeks. When she didn’t protest I got bolder and focused my attention solely on her butt, massaging and kneading her beautiful ass. I then slid my hand down her leg, massaging as I went, and then brought it back up between mom’s legs. There was no turning back now.

I slowly moved my hand up her thigh until it reached her pussy. I continued my upward motion, sliding my fingers up her wet slit, and up past her butt. When I got to the top of her crack I immediately slid back down. My fingers slid down between her lips, rubbing up and down her hot pussy, then again back up past her ass. She began moving her hips with my hand’s movement and moaned softly as I lingered longer with each pass. She was lost in the passion of the moment and as my eyes met Aunt Kim’s we smiled. We both knew we had her right where we wanted kaçak casino her and it was time to take the next step.

Aunt Kim said, “Roll over, Lisa,” and without hesitation, probably without even thinking, mom did. We pulled the back of the chair up a couple notches and mom’s hand came to rest on my bare leg, mere inches away from my exposed hard-on, as she settled back on the chair.

There she was, lying naked before me, and I had to fight the urge to take my mom’s beautiful nipples in my mouth and suck them. She didn’t have the striking tan lines Aunt Kim did because she had been sunbathing nude on her trip, but being so close to her beautiful nude body made me want her more than I ever had. Her pussy had a little more hair than Aunt Kim’s too, but it was still neatly trimmed.

Mom’s eyes remained closed as Aunt Kim and I began applying oil over her breasts. They’re larger than her sister’s and my erection twitched as I massaged the wonderful mound on my side while Aunt Kim worked on the other. We smeared the oil over her upper body and began working our way down. As our hands slid down my mom’s stomach she lazily opened her eyes. It was at that she noticed that like the two of them, I was also naked.

Here eyes immediately fixed on my swollen member, and they grew wider at the sight of it standing at full attention. Kim saw mom looking at it and leaned down to sexily whisper in her ear, just like she and dad did in their homemade porn tape.

“Look at that Lisa, it’s so big and hard…don’t you want to touch it?

“Kim, he’s my son…” she said weakly as Kim moved her hand between mom’s legs. Mom closed her eyes again as Aunt Kim began to rub her pussy, paying special attention to her clit. Aunt Kim had mom’s pussy in one hand and a breast in the other, while I played with the nipple of my mom’s other tit and slid my other down her leg.

“Go on, Lisa, touch it. You know you want to,” coaxed Aunt Kim.

I added, “It’s ok, mom. I want you to.”

“You do?”

“Sure. Massaging your beautiful body made it like this.” Her gaze was fixed on my stiff rod and there was a longing look in her eyes. “Go ahead,” I added. I took her hand and moved it from my leg to my cock. Mom gently wrapped her fingers around it and slowly moved her hand up and down the shaft.

“Mmmmm….” I moaned my approval as she stroked my rock-hard dick.

“Do you like that Scott,” asked Aunt Kim.

“Oh yeah, it feels soooo good, Aunt Kim,” I replied.

As mom stroked me I moved my hand to her pussy and began running my fingers up and down her slit. Aunt Kim then began to focus on her breasts, tugging on her sister’s nipples.

“Doesn’t his young cock feel wonderful, Lisa?”

“Mm-hmm, it’s so big and hard,” answered my mom.

“If you think THAT feels good, you should see how good it feels INSIDE you.”

“Kim, you didn’t…” she gasped.

“I did. And it felt SO good when your son was shoving his hot cock inside me.”

I could tell Aunt Kim’s words were having an effect on my mom because her grip on my cock tightened.

“You want to feel that big cock inside you, don’t you Lisa…” she added as I worked mom’s clit.

Any reservations my mom may have had were now gone. She looked up at me with complete lust in her eyes and said, “I want you to fuck me, Scott. Stick your hard cock inside me.”

I couldn’t believe it was really happening. Our plan worked to perfection. I was living out the fantasy I had been having ever since I watched my dad fucking my mom on the tape. And I was fulfilling her fantasy as well.

I got up and moved onto the lounge chair between my mom’s legs as she spread them to allow entrance. I pushed her legs back towards her as I guided the swollen head of my cock up to her opening. She was so wet by that point that I slid inside her pussy with ease. I leaned down to kiss her as I thrust my dick into my mom’s pussy. Her hungry mouth opened to welcome my tongue and we kissed passionately as I slowly fucked my mom.

“How does his young cock feel going inside you” Aunt Kim inquired.

“It’s so hot…it feels so good…” mom moaned in response.

“You feel SO good,” I added.

I gazed down and watched my cock disappearing inside my mom’s pussy with each thrust. Every pass inside the heavenly warmth of the womb I had sprung from was pure ecstasy. I kept a smooth, steady rhythm going as Aunt Kim moved her hand to mom’s pussy and began stimulating her clit. Aunt Kim’s other hand went between her own legs and she did the same to herself.

It was a hot day in temperature, as well as the sexual heat we had built up. Sweat dripped down my face and fell on my mom’s body. It beaded up and rolled off her oil-slickened skin as I continued at a smooth, steady rhythm. Aunt Kim began furiously rubbing mom’s clit and I took the cue to pick up my pace. My mom reached up and put her hand on the side of my butt, pulling me to her with each thrust, as I began ramming inside her sopping wet pussy.

Before long she began moaning, “Oh yeah, oh yeah, don’t stop, ooooooooooohhhhhh….” as she was brought to orgasm. Her hot, wet pussy felt so good as it welcomed my engorged cock with each thrust that I knew I wasn’t far behind her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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