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Close Up

Part 4: Autumn in the Morning and Afternoon

Autumn had just pulled in the driveway to her one-bedroom apartment, there was a whole morning routine to be done and the sooner she could finish it the sooner she’d be wrapped in the comfortable sheets of her bed. She felt the need to have her asshole filled with a huge ass wrecking buttplug, perhaps the veiny one in the shape of a cock. She was absentmindedly considering her options as she scanned her hand print unlocking the front door to her humble abode, she used the fob to lock the patrol car she had just gotten out of and was ready to begin her down time. She would have to rush this morning to get everything done on time, she had to stay an hour later than normal at work to finish up some unexpected paperwork that sprung up last minute.

The bad thing about being a cop in today’s day and age was the necessity to go plug-less while on duty. Most women tried it until they were forced to chase down some shoplifter and realized it wasn’t going to happen with a deeply seated plug pressing against their lungs. Autumn was a veteran of the force, approaching 18 years on the job, she knew better and like all of the other women she worked with had settled on the “European-style” of anal retention. That is to say, going without a plug during the day and wearing a maximum capacity rectum-stretcher while asleep. To save time when she got home she gave herself a thorough enema at the Sheriff Department’s locker room.

She stripped down naked once inside and tossed her uniform in the laundry after removing her badge and name tag, as the department’s only night shift sergeant she was for all intents and purposes the boss of her shift, a promotion she received when Sheriff Kelly won the election a decade ago. Autumn headed to the bathroom, brushed her teeth, examined the puffiness around her eyes in the medicine cabinet mirror, the result of working nights, and then grabbed the bottle of rejuvenating lotion on the counter. Every morning she rubbed herself down with the stuff, it kept her skin soft, pliable and young-looking. As a result the 41 year old looked 15 years younger then she actually was, easily able to pass as a 25 year old. As she rubbed the cream onto her face the puffiness around her eyes instantly vanished.

“Like magic.” she thought every time she used it. It was time to finish the second stage of her daily routine, getting her 18 year old son up and out the door in time for school. She strolled over to the lone bedroom they both shared. Her son, Ethan was still asleep on his back snoring, she saw the unmistakable sign of “morning wood” poking up from under the sheet covering his lower half.

Autumn climbed onto the Queen sized bed and peeled the sheet off her son allowing his fully erect cock to come into view. Just like every morning, without hesitation she brought her head down to the boy’s member and swallowed it, allowing the head to slide into her throat. She started rotating her tongue around the engorged penis and before long her son began to stir.

Ethan grabbed the back of his mother’s head entangling her auburn hair into his fingers and pushed her head down. Satisfied he let loose his first piss of the day, he’d always had to pee the first thing in the morning, just like most men, and his beautiful mother was always willing to swallow what he had to offer. Like the properly trained slut she was she didn’t allow even a single drop to escape her lips. Autumn let his cock fall from her mouth and looked up at her son’s now wide awake face.

“Does my little boy want mommy to suck him off this morning?” She asked but already knew the answer. Ethan merely nodded and just like that, Autumn engulfed his length with her greedy mouth for the second time this morning. She wasted no time driving the full length of it down her throat and started bobbing her head up and down while lightly squeezing the boy’s testicles.

After several minutes she felt like he had usually cum by now and wanted to make sure he wasn’t going to be late for school. “What’s wrong? Don’t you like mommy’s mouth this morning?”

“Maybe I need mommy’s pussy instead.” Came Ethan’s reply.

“Now, now…you know mommy’s pussy isn’t to be touched in the morning.” She was still slowly jacking his cock and rubbing his balls with her other hand. “If you do well on your quiz today mommy will let you do whatever you want to mommy’s pussy when you get home from school. She briefly sucked his cock back into her mouth to get it wet again and then removed it.

“You know what mommy does when her baby boy can’t cum in the mornings.” She stated, Ethan did know, it was an all to common occurrence as far as he was concerned still, having a good morning orgasm allowed hm to think clearly throughout the day letting him focus on schoolwork instead of the bevy of teenage beauties that was his high school. Without his morning cum sessions he’d probably go mad like Jeff, the poor guy keeps getting caught jerking off during istanbul escort city council meetings. No, he resolved he wouldn’t end up like Jeff, with that he pulled his legs back as far as they would go.

Autumn positioned herself in between her son’s wide open legs, She knew she’d have to work quickly if they were going to avoid being late. She dug her mouth into her son’s netherhole being sure to give his anal ring a few good plunges with her tongue before bathing his ass in her saliva. Ethan had fetched the bottle of lube from the nightstand and passed it to his busy mother. He enjoyed the feeling of her expert tongue rimming his colon. Autumn took the lube sat up and covered her right hand and let some drip onto his asshole.

“We don’t have time today for mommy to warm you up properly this morning, so mommy’s boy may feel a little pain at first.” Giving Ethan the necessary warning she lined her lubed hand up with the asshole she had just been tongue fucking and shoved the whole thing inside. She noticed her son flinch when the widest part of her hand passed his anal ring but he settled down once her wrist met his sphincter. She made a ball with her hand and started jamming her fist into her son’s sensitive prostate. “Do you want mommy to suck your cock?”

Ethan enthusiastically shook his head yes “Hurry!” he pleaded as he started grunting each time her knuckles tapped and ground into his prostate. Autumn needed no more invitation than this and slid his fuck-stick all the way down her throat. She started violently slamming his asshole with her fist and after a final guttural groan he unloaded into his mother’s eager mouth. As his orgasm started to wane Autumn yanked her clenched fist free of his ass which caused another couple squirts to shoot into her throat.

“Ok,” Autumn stated after sitting up. “go take a quick shower and get dressed, there’s money on the counter for lunch.”

“Jeesh mom, I know I’m not a little kid.” He said as he hopped off the bed. “Don’t forget I have a date with Jasmine tonight.”

Actually, she had forgotten she knew there was no way he was going to do any good on the quiz today so she was expecting maybe some light play and a quiet evening. Now that looked to be ruined. Autumn really liked Jasmine though, the youngest daughter of Sheriff Kelly she favored her mother in many ways. This would be only their second date so making a good impression was still important.

“I haven’t forgotten!” She lied calling after her son, but he was already in the shower so if he heard her she wouldn’t know.

“Now, to take care of my needs” she mused to herself. She had pulled out her suitcase full of wicked looking capacity plugs and settled on a 25″ long 6 3/4″ wide specimen she had been eyeing all week. “No time like the present.” she said to herself as she finished coating the obscenely large slab of latex. She carried it over to the wall where she latched into place on the retaining plate installed there.

Not wanting to tear anything unnecessarily she clenched her right fist and shoved it through the useless ring of muscle the had once been her sphincter. She started punch fisting herself as best she could making sure to work her hand in every which direction to get that extra bit of stretching done. Satisfied that this was going to be as good as it gets going solo, she backed up reached between her legs lined up the head of the wicked black dong attached to her wall and impaled herself backwards.

Autumn let out a big grunt as she forced her ass outwards like she was straining to take a shit. The head had forced itself into her battered netherhole but but she still had about 20″ of length to go. She grunted and strained again and was rewarded with several more inches disappearing into her backdoor. She did it again, again a few more inches disappeared. She adjusted herself slightly as the dildo was now coming upon a turn in her intestines, satisfied with her new position she grunted and strained again.

“Bye mom! Love you!” Ethan was heading out the door.

“Love you too!” she yelled back, then started the straining process over again. She glanced over at the mirror, the plug was about 3/4 of a way up her greedy ass. She had worked up a sweat and a drop had fallen from the tip of her nose as she remained standing, bent at the waist. Another long grunt and trying to expel the dildo causing it to slide in deeper. She was still watching her self in the mirror. With every strain her asshole blossomed red around the girth of the fake cock. The crack of her ass had disappeared, her asshole was actually poking out past her toned ass cheeks, the skin around the dildo had taken on a purpulish-red hue as it was being stretched to her maximum capacity. One more grunt, one more strain and the rest of the fake fuck-stick slide home.

Autumn’s asshole sealed up around the massive intruder and she released the toy from the retaining plate. She wiped the sweat from her face and body with a towel, bahçeşehir escort slipped into the tightly fitting underwear used to keep the huge dildo from coming out while she slept and collapsed on the bed. After the exertion she just put herself through sleep came quickly.

Autumn was jarred awake by her alarm, dazedly she looked at the time, 3:00PM read the display. “Autumn needs five more minutes.” she thought to herself, but started getting up anyway. She reached over and switched off the alarm and then stretched, she let out a little groan as she got off the bed, a product of the retaining plug she had forced herself onto before she passed out. She headed to the bathroom in need of a good long piss, a bladder constantly being compressed by the monster inside of her caused her need to urinate to be both frequent and strong.

After cleaning herself, Autumn unhooked the straps keeping her plug in place. Her son would be home around four and she wanted to be ready for him. She squatted down and pushed the huge invader from her intestines. With one final push it fell to the tiled floor at her feet. Autumn took the monster and placed it in the automate plug cleaning station, standard in all bathrooms. She then stepped into the enema chamber and began the cleaning process.

Taking a seat on one of the two installed plugs sticking up from the bench she readied the controls, she rocked back and forth on the plug a bit to make sure it properly seated itself. Then with a tap of her finger on the control panel she felt the plug expand sealing off her insides as warm water started gushing into her intestines. She set the timer for 30 minutes, and started lightly playing with her pussy. It was always easier for her to endure a deep internal cleaning if she was getting played with at the same time.

30 minutes passed and the cramping Autumn had experienced in her now massively swollen guts had passed long ago. She looked 7 months pregnant, looking down at the display she saw the water had stopped at 1.4 gallons. Now the flow had reversed however and the only water being expelled through the tube coming out of the enema plug was from her ass, none was being sent in to replaced it.

Her stomach quickly deflated back to it’s normal dimensions as the water drained out of her colon. With a “ding” she machine announced its completion, As Autumn stood up the enema plug popped free of her now squeaky clean asshole. She headed over to the shower head, set the temperature she wanted and gave herself a quick wash, next she grabbed her “Lazer Razer” and ran it over her legs, pussy and under her arms. Unlike the razors of old, there was no scraping involved, the laser seared the hair clean off leaving the skin beneath as smooth as if had been waxed.

Autumn made it to the bedroom in time to her the front door open and shut. “Mom! I’m home.” Ethan made his appearance known.

“I’m in the bedroom!” Autumn shouted back. Autumn went about picking out a plug for her son to work into her anus. Around the time she found the perfect one, she could hear his footsteps trudging through the apartment.

Ethan appeared in the doorway already having stripped naked once inside the front door. Autumn was sitting on the edge of the bed, the massive plug she’d picked out laying beside her. “Guess what?” Asked Ethan to his mother.

A smile spread across her face, “You got a job and your moving out!” she said jokingly.

“Ye…What! no. I got an “A” on my quiz.” He held up the sheet of paper he had been holding hidden behind his back. “Ha! Time for you to pay up!”

“Promises, are promises. First you have to help mommy with her retainer plug though.” Autumn rolled over onto her stomach and then tucked her knees under herself exposing her gaping asshole to her son.

Ethan tossed the paper aside and strolled over to his mother grabbing the bottle of lube on his way. He coated his hand and a good portion of his forearm with the slick liquid before tossing it aside. He reached out and plunged two of his fingers in her little pussy. “I can’t wait for this.” He said as he sawed his fingers in and out of the tight crevice.

“Well you’re going to have to, remember mommy’s needs come first.” With that he withdrew his fingers and forming his hand into a “V” shape drove his hand into her ass. “Now you remember what the nurse at the clinic told you right? Once you feel resistance move your arm like she showed you.”

“Got it mom.” Ethan started driving his forearm into her hole getting deeper and deeper, soon Autumn’s intestines started tightening up. Just like the nurse showed him, he twisted his arm and another few inches slid into her backside. Autumn bared down on her son’s arm driving yet another inch or two onto it until nearly his entire forearm was encased in his beautiful mother.

“Ok, fuck mommy with your arm! That’s it! Oh FUCK! So good!” Ethan was sawing his forearm in and out of his mother’s anus, bakırköy escort soon he was plunging from wrist to a couple inches short of his elbow. “Oh, God! Push it all the way in baby! That’s it hold it there, just like that!” Autumn’s pussy started spasming, clear liquid shot out her pussy with each spasm hitting the side of the bed and the floor below. “Oh Fuck! Yank it out like the nurse showed you!” Ethan jerked his arm out of her ass like he was pulling the cord on a chainsaw, his clenched fist ripping free of her anal ring, one last giant gush of fluid came sailing out of her pussy.

Ethan picked up the retaining plug laying beside her and rammed it home, it went in with minimal effort on his part after the reaming he had just administered. Once seated he pressed the button on the bottom causing the base to expand on both sides of her anal ring locking the plug in place. He flipped his mother over and grabbing on to her ankles pulled her until her butt was hanging off the side of the bed.

Autumn was still partially recovering from the orgasms that had swept over her when she felt the head of her son’s cock push by her outer folds, as his cock sank deeper into her tight wet slit another series of orgasms hit her. She barely registered the hands mauling her tits or the even the cock pistoning in and out of her needy front fuckport.

Ethan pushed himself fully into his mother’s moist cunt and with one last hard thrust started filling it with his cum. Shot after shot unloaded into her pussy. Autumn began to stir as he was filling her up, she propped herself up on her elbows and watched her son’s cock as it slipped out of her, she could feel a gush of cum follow as he pulled out.

“That’s one.” Said Autumn “You need to unload at least four more before you get anywhere near Jasmine tonight.” She sat up on the bed grunting as the dildo rearranged her insides to make itself fit. Leaning her head forward she took her boy’s slimy cock into her mouth cleaning it of their combined juices. She cupped his balls and started working her head up and down her son’s already hardening member. Once he felt it get fully erect she leaned back on the bed propping herself up by the elbows again and spread her legs wide. “Ok, get back in there.”

Needing no further invitation Ethan sank his throbbing cock back into his mother’s pussy. It took him significantly longer to cum this time when he did, Autumn announced “That’s two.” She sat up and started sucking his cock again. This time there was a real reluctance coming from his penis to stiffen up. She had a solution to that however, she reached down to her crotch and sank three of her fingers into the slimy opening. Satisfied they were well coated, she brought them up to her son’s asshole and sank them in to the knuckles. Ethan let out a groan and as she started rubbing his prostate she could feel his cock start to get hard again. She redoubled her efforts, deep-throating his cock and pressing against his prostate. Without warning he unleashed a load into her willing mouth, she felt him go weak in the knees and his asshole pulsated around her invading digits.

Autumn took her mouth off his cock, “That’s three.” She declared. “Get on the bed, on your hand and knees.” Ethan quickly obeyed. Stepping into the strap-on harness she had handy, Autumn quickly decided upon a realistic looking fake cock and secured it to the front of the harness. Joining her son on the bed Autumn lined the strap-on up with her boy’s sphincter. She grabbed onto his hips and used them as leverage as she slid the fake dong home. Ethan let out a a series of grunts as she started slamming his ass with the invading latex member.

Autumn continued her pumping for several minutes before removing the fake cock and replacing it with her fingers. Adding digit after digit to Ethan’s ass until just her thumb remained on the outside. With her other hand she reached underneath the boy and wrapped her hand around his once-again hard cock and started pumping the shaft.

“Four” chimed Autumn as she felt Ethan tense up under her and release another load, this time on the sheets below. With the cock in her hand still spurting she tucked her thumb into her palm and pressed forward into his ass with her other. Once inside she started sawing her arm back and forth in her son’s asshole. Autumn knew getting a fifth orgasm from him would take some special effort on her part. Keeping her hand, in his ass she had him roll over onto his back. Once in position she engulfed his semi-hard member, sucking on the piece of flesh like her mother had taught her.

Ethan’s youthful sexual energy wasn’t going to be deterred for long and as his auburn haired beauty of a mother sucked he felt his cock hardening in her mouth. Autumn continued milking the boy’s prostate and sucking on the quickly stiffening penis in her mouth she redoubled her efforts building up speed from both her arm and her head. After what seemed like an eternity Autumn’s efforts paid off and she was rewarded with a single thick glob of her son’s cum. She swallowed it down and let his twitching cock die down before pulling her mouth off of it. “That’s five!” Autumn looked at her exhausted looking son as she pulled her invading hand free of his sphincter.

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