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“Can you take off your top? :)”

My heart was pounding. He definitely could not have seen my face, but even with anonymity – on my part – this was mind-blowingly kinky.

Another line of deep red text popped up in the window: “Pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaase??? x”

All I could see in his webcam window was the tip of a cock peeping over the edge of the desk and that familiar six-pack stomach tensing now and then as his left hand moved out of sight, massaging himself as he chatted with me. I slowly unbuttoned my shirt, leaving it on but allowing it to fall open enough to show both my breasts, clad in white lace. Where on earth was I going to go with this? Judging by how wet I was getting, I kind of knew…

Two weeks earlier, on a flying visit home from college, I had been using the PC in my father’s study and stumbled across a swingers’ website in the internet history. Not only that, but a swingers’ website chatroom. After an initial shock I decided that wasn’t so bad – over the four years since my mum died, dad’s loneliness had grown to the point where it was desperately painful. I, my brother and my sister all wanted him to meet someone new. This was unconventional but, hey, it was the 21st century.

Curiosity had got the better of me and I soon realised, to my horror, that my 18-year-old brother was the one talking dirty in this chatroom, not my father. The username Ben18uk leapt out at me and I immediately clicked on his profile page to be confronted by pictures of my little brother naked, erect, wanting to meet single females or straight couples, “cannot accomodate but will travel”. My God! Ben had turned into a bit of a hunk over the past year that I’d been away, so much so that it was something of a surprise that he would need to venture down this path to get laid. Or maybe he just shared my kinky gene…?

In his mailbox on the site, there were several old messages, the first of which thanked him for putting on such a horny show on his webcam the previous night. Webcam? Sure enough, next to the monitor was a small webcam. “The dirty little monkey,” I thought, and struggled to make eye contact with him for the rest of the weekend before I eagerly packed up and headed back to college.

But could I get it out of my head? Could I hell. I wanted to see what he got up to. From the darkness of my room, hundreds of miles away, I sat at my PC and joined the website as a single female looking to meet single men. I had plenty of semi-naughty photos from which to choose to illustrate my ad courtesy of my regular boyfriend’s digital camera. I carefully blurred my face and doube-checked in the background of the pictures for any subtle clues as to my identity. I posted the ad and was then allowed to log into the chatroom. Withtin 30 minutes my mailbox was bursting, but I didn’t bother reading any of the messages – I was there purely for one thing. It took me a week but eventually our visits to the site coincided, in a room charmingly named “Single girls 4 cock”. A fortnight after my shocking discovery I was being “whispered” by Ben18uk. “Nice pics,” he said. “How are you?”

I clicked on his name and he appeared in the webcam window. His top was off, his hand was working below the level of the desk. I recognised the bookshelf in the grainy half-light around him that formed the background. I was aghast. I made small talk, we established I was too far away for him to come round right now, he claimed to have met two casino oyna couples already through the site, he kept telling me how gorgeous my photos were. One had me in a bikini, the other was taken on a fancy dress night at college when I was dressed as a schoolgirl. What was I wearing now, he wanted to know.

“White button-up shirt, blue denim skirt, nothing special.” I replied.

“Bet it looks special though? Do you have a cam?”

I did. It had come free with the PC. I had never envisaged using it but had opened it and read the manual as soon as I joined the swingers’ site. I had painstakingly set it up on a pile of books, at just the right level so that no one would see above my neck. I switched it on.

“Wow. You have a great body.”


“Can you take off your top? :)”

He wasn’t hanging about, was he? I supposed I could. I was getting ever so wet with the thought of Ben jacking off, looking right at me without even knowing it. He had a body every girl would fawn over. I had a body most guys ought to drool over. Why not? No one would know…

“Pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaase??? x”

Once my shirt was unbuttoned he commented on my bra. “Nice lace number. Nice rack :)”

I replied: “Nice abs!”

“I’ve never seen you here before – you a newby?”

“Ish. Looking for fun is all.”

“Well you know where I am… lol”

“I know where you are!”

“As we’re total strangers tho we could have some more fun now?”

“Like what?”

“I’m sure if you showed me more it would get me visibly aroused :)”

“lol is that a good thing?”

“Depends what you want to see on my cam!”

I paused. I still wasn’t sure what I wanted to see. Ben had a body to die for – my girl friends thought he was a fox – and if I was honest I would definitely ogle a man with his body if he weren’t my brother. Or maybe if he was.

I typed. “Well let’s see you. What’s under the desk? :)”

“You want me to stand?”

“Sure. Are you naked?”

He stood and I was suddenly sat staring at my brother’s stiff cock. He did a twirl so that I could take in his toned butt as well as see his decent-sized cock from side-on, his stuttering movement suggesting to me that his trousers were still round his ankles.

“Mmmmm very nice” I typed as he returned to his chair.

“What about you?”

“No I’m not naked, lol”

“…yet? :)”

What to do next. I wanted to find out about his meetings with swinging couples. As I was trying to find a subtle way of guiding him down that route another message came my way.

“Go on then – do me a fully clothed twirl? pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?”

I pushed my chair back and slowly stood, watching my camera window carefully to make sure my face got nowhere near the shot, and did him a slow rotation in my short denim skirt.

“Very nice. you’ve got a great ass and legs :)”

“Thank you, so have you!”

“Chatting to such a pretty girl is getting me really hard.”

“So I see :)”

“It might even make me cum”

“Goodness :)” I didn’t know what else to say. Was he going to suddenly shoot over my dad’s desk while looking at me in my bra? Horniness was definitely getting the better of me. I took off my shirt.

“Wow thank you. I know I keep saying it but you look great.”

“I know I keep saying it but thank you. :)”

“Do I have permission to cum while looking at you?”

“Can I stop you? canlı casino :)”

All this time his left hand had been stroking his cock just out of sight while his right hand reached across and typed. Suddenly both hands moved to the keyboard, he pulled it towards him and also clicked the mouse a few times before reaching to something out of sight. Then he held up my picture, the one of me in my bikini, laying seductively on a bed with my blurred face. He had printed out my picture.

“Or… permission to cum *on* you? :)” With that he moved the keyboard back out of the way, laying the picture down on the desk in front of the webcam and stood, beginning to pull on his long, hard cock with his right hand. I was caught like a rabbit in headlights. I stared at the head of his cock right in front of my face, bobbing with each pull, hovering menacingly over my semi-naked photo. He switched to his left hand, obviously to type.

“U still there say something need to know you’re there x”

“Erm…. permission granted?”


And with that, 10 seconds later my brother shot his load over the picture, hot cum almost entirely covering my body, blurring me so that I no longer even looked human. First up my chest and face took two long thick streaks of it, then my hair caught a third, longer streak, then my arm, then my legs and crotch before finally my feet were treated to the final blob. When he finished he wiped the end of his cock on the one unsullied bit of my body, my other outstretched arm, and sat back down. I was dripping wet now, and I opened my legs slightly, letting my left hand drop down to give myself a bit of slow pleasure. He moved the picture out of the way and pulled the keyboard back.

“Thanks, I needed that.”

“So I see.”

“Did you like seeing me cum on you?”

“Yes it was nice.”

“Shame we can’t do it for real.”

“Indeed.” My middle and index fingers were sliding over my clit inside my panties, the image of Ben cumming over my body emblazoned in my head. I typed again: “So what did you do with these couples you met?”

“Straight sex, while the hubby watched. 1st one was mind-blowing, 2nd not so good she was a tad large :(“

“Wow where did you do it? Hotel?”

“No at their house each time. I don’t mind if you want to meet me at a hotel tho! I’ll pay :)”

“Haha v generous.” I decided to see if I could make him hard again, reaching round to unfasten my bra and shaking it to the floor.

“WOW. Thank you!”

“You’re welcome”

“You getting into this now? :)”

“I guess. Wanted to see if I could make you cum again 😉 Must be feasible with a fit 18yo? :)”

“I’m sure you could… if you took your skirt off that would help :)”

I stood again, slowly and carefully with one eye on my webcam window. My hips were exactly the same level as the webcam and I watched on the screen, mirror-like, as I unfastened my belt and pushed the skirt to the floor. I kicked it aside and saw in stark monochrome as my thumbs hooked into the elastic of my thong and pulled it down. I kicked that away too, never switching my gaze from the shot of my crotch on screen until Ben sent me a message.

“Wow you are hot as hell. Love shaved pussy 🙂 x”

I stood for a while, shifting my legs slightly apart, watching him have a good long look at me. Watching his left hand return to his dick. More lines of his horny red text came through.

“God Ii would kaçak casino love to suck and click that” – “Is it wet?” – “Imagine this cock probing your lips, trying to get inside you” – “Are you going to touch it for me?”

I had already decided I most definitely was going to touch it. My right hand traced a slow path up the front of my thigh and eventually slipped between my legs, my middle finger delving swiftly inside for lubrication before sliding back up my slit to massage my clit. He gave a few predictable “wow”s and I watched as his left hand worked up a better speed. Getting more confident, I shifted slightly sideways and lifted my left foot on to the chair, my middle finger giving exaggerated elongated strokes along my wet slit to ensure Ben could see the movement between my legs.

He stood again so that it seemed he would jack off right front of me. A message popped up: “What about if you bent over?”

I paused, worrying about him seeing my face.

“That would make me cum right now!”

I turned slowly until my knees were leaning against the front edge of the chair and then bent over, resting my elbows on the back of the chair. I pulled out my ponytail and shook my hair free to give my features a bit of protection and glanced behind to see what I was showing on cam. I shifted a little to the right to be in the centre of the shot, then opened my legs either side of the chair and sent my left hand down there for more gratuitous pussy play.

Ben had typed another message but I couldn’t make it out through the strands of hair dangling over the right side of my face as I half-turned my head to watch the screen behind me. More importantly, he had switched to that all-important right hand as he rubbed his cock. He was right in the centre of the screen, left hand holding the edge of the desk while his right thumped away between his legs, the tip of his dick already seemingly glistening. I was practically dripping on the chair beneath me – from the whole scenario’s naughtiness, not from my fingers’ work – and would definitely be needing to indulge in some sort of release tonight. No prizes for guessing what kind of images would be going through my mind later – my little brother mounting me from behind, sliding his stiff cock into me, telling me how hot I was, rutting me until he shot his juice deep inside me. The ultimate sin.

He was pumping away and I decided to see if I could send him over the edge with one small movement. I withdrew my hand from between my legs, reached round and pulled my butt cheek, showing him my asshole and probing it teasingly with my slimy finger. Sure enough – bam. Where his first two shots went I don’t know but they whizzed past the camera, the remainder dribbling out and slopping on to the desk. I watched mesmerised through my sweaty hair before slowly repositioning myself in my chair, ensuring my breasts were as high up as he could see.

He typed first: “Wow thanks”

“You’re welcome. What did you think of?”

“Fucking you from behind. Then in your ass… Maybe we could do it for real one day?”

“You never know Ben. Sweet dreams.”

I signed off in a flash, not really ready for post-coital small-talk with my brother. He had my username to leave me a message and I had his if necessary. I carried myself straight over to the bed, pulled my vibrator from my bedside drawer and slipped it inside me. Then I rolled over on to my front and began to work it in and out. I didn’t turn it on – I wanted to believe it was Ben’s cock. I fucked myself with it while my other hand rubbed my clit into a frenzy. And I came, growling into my pillow, fucked by my brother.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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