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Background Info

Hello my name in Michael. I am 6’2 and have an athletic built and sex isn’t that easy for me, you see I have a rather unusually large penis that my ex-girlfriend was brave enough to try everything thing she could with it. I moved down to Florida from New York my senior year of high school. I lost everything during my move down here, my girlfriend and my friends, but the move down here made me realize that many of them were assholes. I had one girlfriend (a girl who is a friend) that always kept in contact with me since junior and has continued to since I had moved down here. Kelly was a stunning girl. She had all the curves in all the right places; of course being of Columbian descendant didn’t do her any wrong. We were always good friends and never looked past that plus me being 6’2 and her being 5’3 didn’t help either; her mother was also rather strict.

The Story

During Christmas vacation my parents decided to go back up to New York during and I decided to stay down in Florida. It was another day just like another, sunny, warm, and humid while I was sitting on the couch when the doorbell rang. I figured that it was probably UPS or FedEx. When I opened the door Kelly was standing there, in blue jeans and a body hugging red t-shirt. I stood there in amazement trying to figure out how she got down here or what she was doing here. And then she broke the silence asking if she could come in.

I asked her, ” what are you doing here, how did you get down here?

She responded, “well I saw your parents in New York and was asking them about you and why you weren’t up here for the holidays and they explained that you were alone down here. They decided to fly me down here for the rest of the month.”

I was in amazement that my parents would do something like this. After she said all this I realized that we were still standing in the hallway of the house.

I said to her, “let me show your room then.”

I grabbed two of her four bags and walked across the house to the guest bedroom, which was on the same side of the house that my bedroom was on. I walked to the door and let Kelly enter first. She bent down to put down here bags and I saw that she was wearing a thong (Kelly never wore thongs when I was in junior high and high school with her and trust me I got many glimpses of her underwear).

I asked her after I put down the rest of her bags, “Since when do you wear thongs?”

She was first aggravated that I was looking at her ass but then told me that during her senior year of high school she tried one on and liked the way it made her ass look and feel.

From there we started to talk about each others sex life, she started by asking me, “when was the last time you had sex?”

I responded truthfully, “probably about 5 or 6 months ago, and how escort ankara bout yourself?”

She was astonished that I would turn the question back to her. She answered, “Probably 7 or 8 months, but I masturbate frequently.”

I then asked her how many partners she had; she said that she had only fucked three of her boyfriends. She then turned around the question to me and I said that I have only fucked three people ever but they were people that I fucked often. Kelly then asked me why I had only fucked three people, I tried to answer but I was to embarrassed to tell her about my problem.

Then all of a sudden she came up with the most intriguing question, “have you ever had a friend with benefits?”

I responded, “No why, have you?

And or course she said, “no, but I was always thinking about having one now that I have been single for eight months; but I could never find anyone to trust and figuring that you and me have always been good friends and we trust each other so much I was going to ask you.”

I got scared and didn’t know what to say nor did I think she knew what I had under my shorts. I tried to change the subject but she insisted on getting an answer, so I finally said, “If this is what you wanna try and your comfortable with it then ok.” I knew we probably would never fuck when she would see my monster but it was worth a try.

She then asked me, “What turns you on in bed?”

I asked her, “How flexible are you?” She toke her legs while still wearing blue jeans and did a split and then the ultimate turn on, put her feet behind her head, she then asked, “anything else?”

I said, ” yea, do you have a garter belt and a pair of white stockings?”

She went through her luggage and found a pair of stocking and then awhile later a garter built, I was turned on but I wasn’t erect yet (another problem is getting all the blood to my penis to get erect).

She then pulls a robe and a bra out of her bag and asks, ” Would you like me to go get changed?” All I could manage was a nod yes.

While she was in the bathroom, I ran to my room to put on looser fitting sweatpants and tie my cock to leg so that she could not see it until my pants were fully off. I also picked up a condom, which I had specially made for my cock because no other condom would fit without breaking or hurting me. I ran back to the guest bedroom and got on bed, waiting for Kelly to come out.

Finally she came through the door wearing her robe and the white stockings. My cock finally started to grow, but she couldn’t tell because it was tied to my leg. Kelly then let go of the robe, god was she beautiful, she decided to where a half bra which perked up her tits but aloud me to see her nipples and then as I followed her curves down I saw the garter belt followed by a beautiful hairless pussy mamak escort and then her white stocking. She the asked, “do you like?” Again all I could to was nod and she giggled. My cock was continuing to grow.

Kelly climbed onto the bed and crawled towards me. I already had my shirt off so there wasn’t the much more to go. She got up to my waist and undid her half bra letting her C cups free. She then started to tug on the waistband of my sweatpants. I tell you she looked beautiful, I never thought I would see one of my best friends naked. She took her time getting my pants down, she finally got to my pubic hair and I was almost fully erect!

Now the faithful moment she went for the final tug that exposed my thick shaft and my monster grapefruit balls. She jumped back and astonishment and had a look of regret in her eyes, but I have known Kelly for a long time and she has not back down from a lot of challenges. She undid the wrap that was holding my enormous organ and then got down to the head of my cock, which was the size of a Coke bottle and attempted to put in her mouth, it took a while but she finally worked it in. She was a pro she was taking me further down her throat then anyone had ever done. While I was fondling her breast she was rubbing balls.

Now my penis is huge but my balls are nowhere in proportion to them, they each are the size of grapefruits and when I masturbate I fill a gallon water jug to the top. She finally took my penis out of her mouth and asked me for a ruler, I knew my penis was large but I never measured it. She took the ruler in hand and measured the length, which turned out to be 14 and 1/2 inches and the circumference of 5 and ¾ inches. Then she measured where her saliva had gone up, she 9 inches of cock in her mouth and throat. We then went into the sixty-nine position and I started eating her out like a mad-man, she orgasm after orgasm she was so tight I never thought I would be able to get my tongue out yet alone get my penis in her.

I was finally on the edge and I told her, and then warned that she was about to see something that she had probably never seen before. Then I blew my load, she was so surprised and off guard that her eyes almost popped out of her head. When her stomach and throat were filled with cum I pulled out of mouth and gave her a shower. Three minutes later I finally stopped she looked at me and smiled and told me to wait, she scooped up all the cum that soaked head in layers and swallowed it. Kelly was a cum junky! I have never seen someone take so much joy in eating that much cum.

I was still erect and at this point looked like goofy from the lack of blood to everything else.

She then said, ” are you ready to see if we can get that thing in here?” Pointing to her hairless pussy.

Again I just nodded. yenimahalle escort I was still lying on the bed, I reached over to the nightstand where I had put my custom condom and started to take it out of the package.

Kelly grabbed the package from my hand and said, “what do you need that for, I’m on the pill, whats the worst that could happen plus I want to feel you cum inside me.”

I had no argument there as long as she didn’t come back to me with a child. She then went back to her luggage and pulled out a tube of lube and put it all over my cock and in her pussy.

She looked back at me and said, “I’m going all the way down on that no matter what.”

She stands up my cock and then stands over it. My cock head just started to touch her lips; she started to apply more weight but still could not get the head in. I was starting to get impatient so decided to help and give a thrust upward and finally my head was in! Kelly’s face turned bright red and tears started to drip from her eyes, but I knew that she would not quit.

I let her take over from there. She was starting to rest more and more weight on my cock as I started to inch my way into her insanely tight pussy I only had about a quarter of my cock in. She looked down at me and told me to take over I turned around missionary style I told her to put her legs behind her head, she was able to do it but screamed in pained as her pussy tightened and I stretched it further. You could hear her stocking rip from the garter belt as she did this.

I then started my pounding, getting further and further to her goal of taking it all, until I met resistance. I had bottomed out and had hit her cervix. I looked at her and she looked at me and shook her head yes. One of my best friend just gave my approval to wreck her insides. So I went further pushing as hard as I could, finally after 6 minutes of excruciating pain I got through cervix and she yelled in pleasure and pain as she went through her 8th orgasm of the day. Then I had finally gotten all of myself in her.

I then started to fuck her brains out almost pulling all the way out slamming all way back in. By the time I was ready to blow my load she had finished her 10th orgasm and I finally blew my load and by that time, I didn’t know whether it was going into her pussy or floating around her insides, but I didn’t care. She took most of my load but the rest gushed out between the sides of her pussy and my cock. Kelly passed out and I cleaned her and myself up and went to bed. I knew that this would be a fun Christmas.

I woke up the next morning and didn’t bother to wake her. I went to the gym and when I got back Kelly was waddling out of her room naked with cum still dripping down her leg. I asked her if she was alright, she nodded and waddled up to me and gave me a hug and asked if me if was ready for tonight I said, “as long as you are.” I turned my best friend in nymphomaniac who loves large cocks.

If you guys like this story vote on it or make any comments to me in order to improve it. Seqeul in progress

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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