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An Irresistible Temptation Ch. 02

This story is a continuation of ‘An Irresistible Temptation Ch. 01’ located in Erotic Coupling. Owen and Nicole are in hiding while criminal investigations are completed.

* * * * *

Life had certainly been moving at a very fast tempo. The FBI had proven to be quite efficient at getting us away. Nicole Slater and I had only known each other for five days. We now had new identities. My real name is Owen Chandler. As we were now in hiding, we were now to be known as Mrs. Camille Bellamy, and as her fake husband, I was Mr. Errol Bellamy.

We had just collected our bags after landing in San Francisco. At short notice, the Bureau had also organized our flights, a small rental car and some accommodation in Camel by the Sea. It wasn’t at the place Nicole had hoped for, however we were happy just to get away. We had been instructed to keep a low profile for at least a week, although we had been warned it could be extended.

We were witnesses in a case relating to fraud committed by Congressman Walt Affleck from Florida and of course our own attempted murder. This fraud also implicated a group including: his brother the local Sherriff; his cousin Hank, who runs a scuba diving business; plus some of Hank’s associates. Hank and his associates had tried to drown us.

Nicole who is a journalist, found some evidence proving that Federal funds had been misappropriated for a future tourist complex. In order to stop her investigation, Hank had tried to drown us. First Connie, an associate of Hank’s, turned off Nicole’s air while scuba diving. Secondly, while I was assisting Nicole underwater, Hank and his crew abandoned us five miles from shore.

In spite of our marriage being a fabrication to support our new identities, I had fallen head over heels in love with Nicole. Amazingly she felt the same way about me. While the marriage was fake, we had been consummating it for the last three nights with some very steamy sex.

It was late afternoon before we arrived at Fern Park Resort. It was several hundred yards back from the beach in a very quiet area. The resort was surrounded by a high wall for privacy; however the pines, cypress, and oaks gave an additional feeling of seclusion while they also attracted plenty of bird life.

Nicole had been driving, so she gave our names at the intercom. The gates to the Resort were soon opened. After parking we took a couple of minutes just to look at our surroundings.

The Resort was a series of cottages that were strategically placed to create garden alcoves or courtyard areas. A covered walkway meandered through the site connecting them to the front office. The lawns had been manicured and the plants were abundant.

I unloaded our two suitcases and Nicole held the door open so we could enter the reception area. Inside was like being in a greenhouse, but with the plants on the outside.

We were greeted by a smiling middle aged women with: “May I help you?”

“Yes thank you. We are Camille and Errol Bellamy.” I wouldn’t normally give first names, but I thought a little practice was warranted. “We should have a reservation.”

“Yes, of course. We have you in one of the cottages we reserve for honeymooners.” Nicole snuggled up to me and placed her hands about my arm. I hadn’t expected the FBI to have a sense of humor.

“Now it is Cottage 15. We have three cottages away from the rest that have their own garden court. They are normally fully booked, but for the moment the other two are unoccupied. You should have all the privacy you would like in the garden,” the receptionist said with a knowing smile. “By the way, we only accept booking for over 21 year olds, unless they are honeymooners.”

I wondered what her implications really meant. I hoped Nicole understood the subtleties.

“Now Mr. and Mrs. Bellamy; here are two sets of keys. The large key is for the room and the smaller key operates the pedestrian gates and the driveway gates after 10pm. We do not have a restaurant at this Resort, but opposite is the Four Winds licensed restaurant. It has a pleasant bar and our guests receive a 10% discount on meals if you show your key. They do breakfast, lunch and dinner. Alternatively there are kitchen facilities in your cottage.”

Continuing the receptionist pointed out the facilities, including pools, tennis courts. Racquets and bikes were available for a small fee.

As the receptionist seemed to have finished, Nicole asked: “How far is it to the best beach and shops? I need some clothes.”

“The beach is a further 400 yards down the avenue you came in on. The road stops short of the beach, but there is a laneway. If you take this adjacent road north, the shopping center is about 500 yards.”

“Thank you.”

“If you have any other questions, just dial zero on your phone. The office is staffed until 10pm.”

With no further questions, we said thank you and made what turned out to be a lengthy trek to the cottage.

The cottage was escort izmir built in a Spanish style with orange clay tiles on the roof that contrasted with the abundant green foliage. We were a little overwhelmed by the size. There was a large living room with a kitchen attached.

Standing in the living room we could look through a large window with sliding doors onto our own private garden. There was a hedge on the far side concealing the main courtyard formed with the two cottages. We could just make out the spreading branches of a jacaranda tree placed centrally in the lawn.

The living room had two areas. There were two large sofas and wing back arm chairs facing a large TV screen and a separate area with a dining table and work desk. The décor consisted of plenty of light colored timber, bright soft furnishings and decorations. The effect was more like a home than any hotel I had stayed in.

Nicole led the way to the bedroom which had a king size bed and plenty of space even with a table and comfortable chairs in a bay window. The adjacent bathroom was large with a huge shower alcove with double shower heads. I had the feeling that if we were staying inside for the next week, we wouldn’t feel claustrophobic.

The kitchen was fully equipped and even had lots of basic supplies. I opened another door and found there was even a small laundry room attached. I decided to make us both a cup of coffee while Nicole unpacked the cases.

She soon joined me sitting at the dining table. Nicole seemed satisfied and confirmed it by saying: “I’m not disappointed the Monterey place was unavailable. This cottage is very nice. I could probably get use to this level of comfort.”

“We have everything here. This would be a nice home. It will certainly be a great base for us for a week or two,” I confirmed.

With a serious look Nicole asked: “So what will be our priorities?”

“Rest, fun and then getting to know each other. I know you have been given some work, so we should set aside some time for that after some rest, but it has to be a lower priority.”

“I like the fun and getting to know you bit. When does the fun start?”

“How about after dinner. The airline food was barely adequate and we did wake earlier than everyone in California. They should be serving now across the road.”

The Four Winds restaurant had plenty of atmosphere. It was quite up market but it already had a reasonable number of clientele all dressed down in their holiday attire. We ordered a bottle of white wine as we both selected fish from the menu.

The wine seemed to relax Nicole as she showed a new enthusiasm to chat. “I am glad you said we should get to know each other better. Do you mind if I probe your thoughts?”

“No… go ahead. I would like to share my secrets and be completely open with you. I think it is important for us to know each other’s thoughts.” While saying that, I was amaze that with Nicole I had completely overcome my normal reticence and shyness with beautiful women.

“What is the worst thing you have ever done?”

“Give me a moment.” I couldn’t think of anything which of course made me worry that Nicole would think me less than open if I didn’t tell her something. “There is nothing that really stands out. I guess I did all those naughty things that children always do, but I don’t have anything significant. I don’t even cheat on my taxes. I like the idea of undisturbed sleep by having a clear conscience. I guess the worst things are really acts of omission. Forgetting to call my parents; failing to complement a fellow employee for good work. That sort of thing.”

“Well that’s not too bad.”

Continuing I elaborated: “Is it the Hippocratic Oath that says you should do no harm. I guess that principle is a good guide for life.”

“I have the same philosophy.” Then Nicole elaborated: “Though now it is more complex, as it is not just people we shouldn’t harm. It is wildlife and the planet we need to consider.”

“I you really want to know a person’s character, a good time is when they are placed in a conflict of interest situation. Too often people do as they are directed by their boss when they know the consequences are wrong. I am proud that we haven’t questioned the requirement to be witnesses to ensure justice is achieved.”

“I try to do the right thing. I know sometimes I have acted in a way I later regret. Mostly it’s because some guys can be pigs. I have often been propositioned by loud mouth guys that have tickets on themselves. Often like Calvin in the dive shop. In order to protect myself I have learnt how to belittle guys and be quite rude.”

I understood immediately what Nicole was talking about, but I couldn’t quite think of something appropriate to say.

Maybe Nicole misconstrued my silence as she said: Don’t worry. I can’t see myself being rude to you.”

“No… I wasn’t worried about that. I sometimes can’t think of an appropriate comment. I am shy and careful particularly about personal things. It is so easy to say something izmir escort bayan unintended.”

Nicole started her own character examination. “I have also been shy and consequently very conservative. This is because I have often found that my looks attract the wrong type of guy. They may propositions me, but they don’t really care for me or even pretend to treat me as an equal. Consequently I have been accused of being arrogant or stuck up as I have often found it necessary to discourage guys. Now that I have found a nice guy, I want to come out of my shell and do more exciting and challenging activities.”

“Like swimming five miles to shore when left behind on a scuba dive.”

“Owen, I like the way you can bring problems back to earth by using a little humor. I will try scuba diving again as long as you are with me. In fact I will try most anything as long as you are with me to keep me safe. You give me courage and hope for the future.”

The meal was good and I enjoyed being able to talk to Nicole with confidence. Once again I was conscious of how quick she was on the uptake. I was happy that she was genuine with all her comments. After dinner I held her hand and led her back to our cottage.

After quite a bit of wine at dinner, Nicole decided she needed a glass of water. I sat down on a sofa wondering whether I should turn on the TV when she joined me and sat on my lap. I thought this was a better idea so I hugged her tightly and rested my head against her shoulder. I snuggled in and breathed in her scent that made me feel at home.

“Owen… you know I haven’t been with many boys before. I do really like sex, but often my self-esteem suffered because the guys were not really interested in me as a person. I was just there for their sexual gratification. It has not been like that with you. My experience with you now makes me realize how much fun I have missed out on.”

“Did you ever have a steady boyfriend?”

“No… but I will tell you everything about my previous experiences. I want to tell all.”

“How did you keep the sexual urges under control then?”

“I became very good with my fingers.”

“Did you ever go with another girl?”

“When I was about 19 at College, a girl friend of mine had too many drinks and wanted to have sex with me. I said no as it was unexpected and I was nervous. I have often thought back on it and regret not at least trying it.” Nicole paused. “I want to do everything you expect, but I would prefer not having any further regrets.”

“Does that mean you would like to have sex with a woman?”

“Well, the opportunity has not arisen since… and maybe it never will again. Now that I have found you, I wouldn’t want to hurt you or do anything you wouldn’t like.”

“If the opportunity presented itself and you grabbed it, would it affect the way you felt about me?”

“No! I would continue loving you regardless.”

“Well I would have no cause for concern. I would just prefer that you were open with me about it and didn’t hide your desires or actions.”


“I want us to be open and honest which means accepting who you are… not trying to change you. Actually I haven’t found anything about you I would like to change.”

“What about you? Have you ever wanted to be with another guy?”

“Never. Actually I don’t see what women see in men. Generally we are hairy, awkward and smell bad. I like women. Besides, I am a tight ass, so it would probably be painful.”

Nicole laughed at me being a tight ass and then obviously was considering her next question. “What has been your wildest sexual experience then?”

“I can honestly say, you know all about my wildest sexual experiences.”

“That is good. I want to be able to continue being part of any future wild experiences. So what is your wildest fantasy?”

“Before meeting you, I was like most guys wanting to have sex with two women at once. Of course they would desperately want to please me. I have decided they also need to be bisexual. That would reduce some of the pressure and responsibility I would have in making them both climax multiple times.”

“You qualified your answer by saying, ‘Before meeting you’. What is your fantasy now?”

“You are going to force me to answer aren’t you?”

“Of course! You can’t squirm out of it that easily.”

“Well the fantasy has changed. I want you to be one of the women.”

“Oh!… and who is the other?”

“Well someone almost as good looking as you are… or Katherine Heigl.”

“She is getting older now. Do you like older women?”

“Well I should be able to tolerate her now, but my fantasy was based on her past movies. The other woman is Margot Robbie. Now she is younger.”

“So you like the blondes do you?”

“Don’t you worry my brunette beauty. It is important not to be prejudice, so it would only be fair if one of them was a blonde.”

“There is now something poking up against my bottom. I guess it is the result of you discussing your fantasy. I think it is time izmir escortlar we continued this in bed.”

As we took our time to clean teeth and undress, I thought our previous discussion would be forgotten once in bed. I soon realized that Nicole had other ideas.

“Lie back stud.” Nicole directed. “Katherine and Margo are going to pleasure you tonight.”

I did as I was directed, wondering how Nicole would pull this off. Then she told me: “Close your eyes. Any peeking and you will miss out tonight.”

I wasn’t fully erect, but I felt a soft warm hand start fixing that. Then in a very proper accent, I heard: “I am Katherine. I will prepare you for your entertainment tonight.”

When it is unexpected, suddenly feeling a warm mouth swallow your penis is absolutely delightful. I was licked slowly like an ice cream. This was followed by long sucks as her tongue swilled about the head of my cock. It had been fully swollen for some time, so while the attention to my cock was pleasurable, it was also building tension.

“Katherine will now ride you. Do you like Katherine’s breasts?”

I answered “yes of course”.

“Then you must play with them as she rides you.” I actually then started imagining what it would be like to fuck Katherine.

I was meeting her thrusts until suddenly she started racing faster than I could keep up. I could feel her body perspire which made rubbing her breasts even more enticing. Nicole then exploded and groaned loudly. Having totally lost any self-control, she dropped her limp body over me. I held her panting body tightly as she recovered and just continued stiffening my cock inside her tight vagina.

After a short break, she then whispered in my ear. “My good friend Margot will now take over.” Katherine raised herself off me and immediately I could feel the imaginary Margot slip back on in the reverse cowboy position. I held her soft hips as she rose up and down in a more measured way.

As she was going slower, she was raising her body so my cock slid the whole length of her lovely warm hole. This seemed to add extra sensation to the head of my cock. I guessed she was deliberately trying to torture me so as encouragement I said: “Faster now Margot!”

My eyes had been open for some time watching her tight round bottom, but when I noticed her turn, I quickly closed them again. Maybe I could have endured this teasing longer, but suddenly I had to increase the pace. I commenced thrusting up hard and quickly pulling her body back down… getting faster and faster.

While I was lying flat, arching my body, the thrusting was like running a long race. I was puffing and hot and in need of relief. I drove harder and soon I could feel my balls and groin tingle. The inevitable outcome was that I jammed my cock in hard and didn’t let her back up. I could feel wave and wave of my seed pump into her deeply.

While my body eventually relaxed I continued holding onto her hips so my cock remained secure in its home. With some regular breathing restored I exclaimed: “Oh Margot… that was fantastic!”

Soon Nicole dismounted and as I turned on my side towards her she wiggled her bottom into my groin. With both arms wrapped about her I held her tight.

“Oh… I love you,” I whispered into her hair.

“Do you love Katherine or Margot more? She cheekily questioned.

“I had better say I love Nicole, or else you may never let me fuck Katherine and Margot ever again.”

“Oh I probably would.”

Wondering how provocative she intended to be I said: “Really! But what about in real life?”

“If you can convince either of them to join us, I would happily let you have your threesome.”

I repeated her words over in my head and tried to analyze what she really meant. Eventually this just left me feeling confused as I quickly drifted off to sleep.

In the morning, Nicole was still asleep when I woke. I quickly dressed and made some coffee for us both. By the time I brought it back to the bedroom she was just waking and stretching. “Good morning. Here is some black coffee with sugar. There is no milk.”

“Thank you. I slept straight through. I think it is being with you that does it.”

“What! Are you saying I am boring?”

“Of course not silly and you know it. It’s the feeling of security that you give me. You also keep me nice and warm.

I sat on the bed next to Nicole as we sipped our coffee. She then asked: “What is the plan for today?”

“If you want to shower first, I thought I would set up the laptops with the Wi-Fi. It was good of Frank to provide a second machine for me.” Frank Meadows was Nicole’s boss at the newspaper. “We could then go to the shops. We need to have brunch and also get some food so we don’t have to eat out all the time. I think we also deserve a visit to the beach.”

With the plan for the day settled we both leapt into action.

We were soon wandering up to the shops. I hadn’t noticed at first, but Nicole stopped outside a fine lingerie store. “We will have to come back here after eating.”

“I thought Maggie bought you some underwear?”

“Yes, but I was too embarrassed to ask her to get me anything really sexy. They have some nice sets here and I would feel better with some nicer items.”

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