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Big Tits

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I was walking from my office to the classroom building as the warm rain started falling. It was a soft rain that was the perfect type of rain for a slow stroll. I flipped open my pager and keyed in this quick message: “It’s raining, but the rain is warm and wet, meet me if you can.”

I wasn’t sure if she could get free but I was hoping she might, she was in another building on campus so it was possible. I got to the classroom and quickly fixed the problem in about a minute or so. Just as I finished my pager went off.

“Where? You shouldn’t tempt me! :-)” She replied.

“Meet me in the library, 4th floor.” I keyed in.

She would have to walk a little in the rain, so she would see if it was warm enough for her to get really wet. The library had a outdoor patio on the top floor that was open to elements but also somewhat secluded. I was on the 4th floor in less than five minutes, my hair dripping wet and my shirt wet and sticking to my skin. I stood under the eve of the roof just out of the rain and waited for her…

I didn’t have to wait too long, about five minutes later she open the door to the patio. She looked a little damp but very sexy with her hair pulled up into a pony tail, her tight white shirt and green capri’s. She smiled as she saw me in my loose jeans and black t-shirt, my hair was damp as well, and it had a slick look to it.

“Hello sexy.” I said as I pulled her into my arms.

“Hey babe – you’re all wet!” She said as she looked up and slipped into my arms easily.

“Yes I am – and I want to get a little wetter.” I said in reply. I pulled my shirt off and moved out into the rain. The rain felt good on my skin. The rain was soft and so warm it almost seemed like I was in a shower. I held my hands out to her, inviting her to join me in a natural shower.

“Are you crazy…” she whispered as she stood with me in the rain.

“Yes”, I said, “for you.”

I leaned down and kissed her – licking the rain from her bare neck and then moving back to kiss her softly and slowly on the lips. Our lips parted and I slowly kissed her, my tongue softly probing her mouth. My tongue was broad and flat and I easily pushed deep in her mouth. She moaned in reply and ran her hands over my rain soaked skin.

“You should istanbul escort lose your shirt and pants unless you want to freeze in your office.” I said as I slowly broke the kiss and started to unbuckle my belt.

“Wait – wait.” She said as she stepped back under the eve and quickly peeled off her shirt and dropped her capri’s and hung them on the door. She stood before me in her sexy lime green bra and boyshorts. Her bra looked great against her bronze skin and the shorts accented her sexy ass nicely. I wanted to eat her right there.

“Do you know how sexy you are?” I said as I stood in the rain and pulled her to me.

“Oh hush!” She said as she pulled my belt free from my jeans with a loud, SNAP! “I think you need to lose those jeans too or you’ll get cold in your office.” she quickly helped me remove my jeans and then hung them by the door as well. I pushed my boxers down and stood before her naked and dripping wet.

“Well…’ She said as she saw my cock semi-hard and quickly getting harder. The warm rain fell lightly on my shoulders and I wanted her.

“I can’t help it – I want you babe.” I whisper. I pull her to me again and kiss her, slowly, softly, and as wet as the rain falling on us both.

The air was warm and the warm summer rain was the kind that kids play in for as long as Mom or Dad will let them, splashing each other and jumping in puddles.

Our kiss is slow, soft and erotic. I peel her bra off her shoulders and kiss her now totally bare shoulders.

“Won’t someone see us?” She asks, only half caring what the answer is.

“Only someone in the hospital, and they would really have to be looking for us, but yes they could see us here. Do you mind?” I ask, before I un-snap her bra.

“well….” She replies…. “No, I just want another kiss, right now!” She breathed as she pulled him closed and kissed him, pressing her body against his.

His skin was warm and wet and oh so slippery. The rain was so soft and warm, it made their bodies slide oh so sexily together as they stood, then slowly laid down on the warm deck of the patio. I unsnap her bra and pull it off – kissing slow and hungerly as I do. I want to kiss each new bare patch of skin, licking and kissing the rain from her sexy body… My mind is wandering to escort bayan what other pleasures we will par-take up here on the 4th floor. My cock is rock hard and I both want to be inside her and I want to tease her with my stiff cock. I want to rub the head of my cock just outside her pussy- get it nice and wet while we kiss – rubbing her clit – probing her sex.

I pull her on top of me so I can have my hands free and feel her soft, sexy wet skin. I really do want to kiss her all over – paying special attention to very special places on her body. I am so hard – my cock is sticking out of my soaking wet boxers, I know she can feel me, feel Stanley pressing against her. We both like lots of foreplay – it works out well for us. Right now I’m torn between more long slow wet kisses and pulling her panties down so I can kiss and lick her pussy and push her as close to the edge as I am right now.

Somehow she does this to me – she excites me to a fever pitch very quickly. We’ve not been together for two weeks and now, within 15 minutes of being together my cock is rock hard, almost painfully hard, and I can feel an orgasm on the brink. I don’t want to cum too quickly – though I know when I do cum I’ll cum in buckets. I can easily remember our time in Boston when I covered her hand, arms, and side with a long strands of cum. But that’s another story..

I run my hands over her bare back – kissing her slowly and deeply. I choose the slow route, my hard cock will wait, at least a little while. I run my hands down her sexy ass – she knows I like her ass – she knows I want her ass but I won’t push it. I can’t deny it – I’m an ass man. I find her ass sexy. I do like to kiss it – I like to take her from behind – fill her pussy with my cock and watch as I thrust deep inside her. She has a sexy body, she just doesn’t believe me.

I continue to run my hands over her bare skin – the rain has almost stopped now, and the humidity is high, it’s almost like a sauna, but it’s not a bad heat, more like a warm fog that coats your skin with a liquid jell. We’re sliding our bodies against each other as we kiss. We both like the feel of bare skin on skin. I can feel her pussy grind against my hard cock – thankfully it’s not enough to push me over the edge or I would cum in shorts…

I escort istanbul move my hands down to her ass again and slowly push her panties down. Her panties are soaking wet – both with the rain and with her own sweet sexy desire. She kneels between my legs to remove her panties and I can see her now in this sexy fog. Her hair is wet, with that fresh from the shower come take me look that I love. I start to move to kiss her and she motions for me to stand instead. I figure she’s naked, I should be too, so I stand – feeling the still air collect around me. She pulls down my wet shorts and my rock hard cock pops free.

The tip of my cock is shiny, wet, and slick with rain and a little pre-cum. I know I am close, but I also know if I take five minutes I can hold back from cumming too soon. She has something else in mind – she smiles at me and takes my cock in her hand and slowly strokes it.

“God he is so huge!” She exclaims as she leans forward and takes Stan deep in her mouth.

Her mouth feels so good, so warm, so wet, so sexy. I don’t know if a woman can understand how erotic and sexy oral sex is for a man, but I love it. I admit it. I love giving and receiving. She knows how to lick and suck me without making me cum and I enjoy it. I like building up my orgasm to a fever pitch and the backing off, taking five minutes to lick and suck her pussy, only to bring it back to the peak again. She bobs her head up and down on my cock – it fills her mouth – hot firm meat, throbbing with desire.

“Oh babe – that feels good…” I moan as she licks and sucks Stan up and down while she plays with the boys. The rain has made my skin slippery smooth and we both like it that way. “I want to lick your pussy babe – I want to stick my tongue deep inside you – taste your hot wet pussy juice and then finger you while I lick your clit.”

“MMmm – but I’m not done yet!” She replies as she strokes my cock with her hand while she licks all around the head of my cock. “What if I want to make you shoot your cum on my chest? I might want to watch you cum in person this time – rather on than on that web cam…”

“Whatever babe – you know I want to lick your pussy before I cum though, you also know I want to fill your pussy with my cock… Then I can spray my cum all over you stomach. How does that sound?” I say in reply – running my hands through her wet hair and pulling her up so I can kiss her.

“Well you know I love your tongue babe – so feel free…” She says with a smile.

I lay her down on the deck and dive between her legs….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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