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Arranged marriages are still very common in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. This is the story of Anaya and Krishna who had agreed to an arranged marriage and who celebrate their honeymoon according to her rules.

Anaya was a beautiful young woman prepared to allow destiny to help find her a suitable husband. She had grown up knowing that an arranged marriage was expected by her well-off parents. It was her destiny. She had stayed at home while studying and when she graduated, it was felt that this was a good time for her to get married.

Anaya could have waited and married later rather than sooner but it was her discussions with her best friend Anusha that convinced her to go sooner. Anusha had told her that she had been seeing Vinay, the smartest student in their IT class, to get help after lectures. She asked her married sister if she could use her apartment during the day. Her sister said it was OK and gave her a key but she had to be out by 5.45PM.

Anusha took Vinay there to help her studies but after two minutes they were kissing and cuddling. Vinay massaged her beautiful breasts and got her really excited. Two days later they returned and this time Vinay was able to get his hand into Anusha’s panties and bring her to orgasm.

Anaya could see that there was a glow about her friend that wasn’t there a short time previously. She asked and the whole story came out as only two friends who had shared every secret could reveal even the most intimate details. The story was not so exciting until she got toe point where she had her first orgasm with Vinay. At this point Anaya’s ears pricked up and her own expectations began to build.

Anaya, “Was it good?

Anusha,”Better than I can do it.”

Anaya, “I wonder why?”

“Kissing at the same time makes a big difference. Do you really want to hear all the details?”


“Do you really want to know?”

“Yes. You know my parents are looking for a husband for me and I want to know what’s going to happen after we get married.”

“I’ll tell you if you promise not to tell anybody else.”


“Then he took down his pants and put my hand on his Lund.”


“Yes, really.”

“I got a surprise to feel how hard it was. And then he motioned my hand up and down until all this stuff came out.”

“You’re kidding.”

“No I’m not kidding. It was just amazing.”

“Was it big?”

“I don’t know but my hand could just fit around it. If I show you a photo, do you promise not to tell anybody else?”

Anusha got her phone and found the photo.

Anaya, “It looks so big. “

“It is big and I love holding it. I love looking at it. It was getting late so we had to stop. We came back two days later and started again. This time I let him take all my clothes off and I took all his clothes off and we were both standing there naked.

He kissed me and put one hand on my breast and with the other played with my clitoris. You can’t believe what it is like. I was holding his Lund and it was as hard as ever. I just wanted to feel it inside me.”

“I can’t believe you are telling me this. Did it really happen?”

Yes. I’m really in love.

“Didn’t you feel embarrassed to be naked?”

“I don’t remember. His hands were all over me and I was getting more and more excited. I was in another world and there was nothing else to think about at that moment. All I remember is that I was getting closer and closer to orgasm and then he put me down on the bed.”

“You were going to make love to him? You were going to let him put his Lund into your Choot?”

“Yes. That was all I wanted. It felt so natural. All your thoughts fly out the window when you see the thing that is going to enter your Choot. Vinay knelt on the bed and opened my legs and put his tongue on my clitoris. You cannot imagine how exciting that is. I’ve never felt such pleasure in my life and he kept on doing it until I had an orgasm. And then he lifted my legs up and started to push his Lund into my Choot.”

“Did it hurt?”

“Just a little bit. I hardly noticed that. It was such a lovely feeling as he went deeper and deeper. You cannot imagine how wet I was and that helped him to slide in. He moved in and out a few times and then I felt him twitch and he went soft.”

“That was it? Was it good?”

“The best feeling of my life.”

“Did you do it again?”

“Not that day but ever since we come over to my sister’s apartment and do it twice each time.”

“You must like it?”

“I love it. The best is when I sit down on his Lund. There is no weight on me and the only connection between us is his Lund in my Choot. Anaya, you have to get married and you can have sex non-stop. You won’t believe how great you will feel. Vinay and I have asked our parents to arrange our marriage.”

Anaya was looking forward to getting married and was very conscious of finding casino siteleri the right man to be her partner. It was the natural progression in life to get married after you grew up. Indian culture expected that she would remain a virgin and Anaya was quite happy with this. She learned the mechanics of sex on the internet and it was obvious that it was an enjoyable activity for both partners. She knew that marriage meant sex and she was sure that having a penis sliding in and out of your vagina had to be better than what she was doing with her finger. Anaya wanted to find the right man.

Many were suggested until she finally agreed to consider an Indian who was making a good career for himself in the USA. Krishna was fit, handsome and outstanding in every way. He was also from a well-off family who wanted to keep the family business within the family. Most importantly Anaya and Krishna’s horoscopes showed great compatibility.

After exchanges of emails and a few Skype conversations, Anaya agreed to marry him. Krishna arrived just a few days before the wedding and there was hardly any time for the couple to talk about anything. They were never left alone. A large wedding was organised with hundreds of guests with a procession of elephants, camels, horses followed by a contingent of guests. It went on for a long time and when the festivities were over Anaya and Krishna went to their hotel.

Anaya extracted herself out of her elaborate dress in the bathroom. It took ages. If Krishna expected her to appear in a see-through shorty nightie he was in for a shock. She appeared with her dark hair flowing over a pair of beautiful pajamas that covered her from the neck down until they met a pair of jewel encrusted sandals. You could see from the hang of the garment that she had largish breasts whose nipples were poking against the fabric.

Anaya said,” It’s been a very long day and I’m tired and we have to catch the plane in the morning.”

That was it. Anaya had had weeks to plan what would happen and her plan was to assert herself. Krishna had been so busy that he had hardly had time to think about his honeymoon night. His only plan was to insert himself. Assertion won over insertion.

A delayed departure, a missed connection, a long layover and they arrived in Singapore just after dinner time. By the time they had eaten it was already late.

Anaya sat on the bed and said, “It’s late. I’m tired. You’re tired. I know you want to make love. So do I. Let’s take it slowly. I want to get to know you better.”

The discussion was over and with that Anaya went into the bathroom and appeared in exactly the same pajamas as the previous night. Nothing was going to happen tonight and Krishna had no choice but to go to sleep as well.

When Krishna woke up late there was a note. ‘I’m down in the lobby. Come down and we’ll have breakfast.’

After breakfast Anaya said,

“Let’s go shopping while it’s cool.”

As they shopped in one of the clothing shops looking for something really cool and modern for Krishna, Anaya held his hand. He noticed it because it was the first time he could remember skin contact between them. After they had finished, they went to a cold juice shop and she intertwined her fingers with his. Krishna figured that this was her way of getting to know him.

“Let’s go back to the hotel.”

Krishna’s could only think of one thing – we are about to do it. Anaya opened the door and kissed Krishna as he came in. She closed the door and while still kissing him led his hand to her ample breast. With mysterious movements she somehow removed her bra and moved his hand under her T-shirt so that his hand could feel the warmth and softness of her breast. Instinctively he began to tweak her nipples until they were hard and she was purring. Just as her hand was moving to direct his hand as he hoped south of the waist, his phone rang.

Krishna thought, “Damn” and his hand moved with to pick up his phone. It was the office. The spell was broken. After a minute or two, Anaya went into the bathroom. When she opened the door a few minutes later Krishna gasped. Anaya was dressed in a see-through top that revealed her breasts and a very nice pair of lace panties through which he could just see the outline of her pubic patch.

Anaya remembered a few steps from her childhood classical Indian dance classes and moved towards him with seductive hand and arm gestures. Krishna took up where he left off and his hand began moving to her breasts and nipples again. This time her hand moved his hand inside her panties and he could feel her hairy muff and his fingers searched for the opening of her slit.

She encouraged his fingers to remove her panties and remove her top and she was naked in front of him. She looked delicious – nice breasts and a dark patch of pubic hair. She looked good enough to eat.

Krishna took her hand and guided it to loosen his belt canlı casino his belt and pull his pants down. He guided her hand to hold his erection.

Anaya said, “Hello big boy. Welcome.”

Anaya had never seen one in the flesh before, let alone hold one and she was impressed not with the size, but how straight and firm it was. The skin was taut and shiny and smooth, purpose built to slide smoothly in and out of her vagina. She pulled back the foreskin to reveal the pointed shape that was designed to force its way into her vagina. The more she looked and held, the more she wanted it inside her.

With that they moved to the bed and lay down side by side. They cuddled and kissed for quite a while, getting used to each other’s bodies. It was the first time that anybody had ever put their hands between her legs and Anaya could feel the great pleasure as his finger diddled her clitoris causing her to get wet.

Anaya said, “I’ve never seen one of those before. Let me have a closer look.”

She rolled Krishna onto his back so that his erection was standing straight up. Her hand moved up and down and she looked closely at the shape and length.

Anaya said, “I know where that’s going to go and I’m a little bit worried that it might hurt. I would like to sit on top. Is that okay?”

Krishna thought: I don’t really have much choice. Does it matter? There are many ways to skin a pussy, as long as I get it in.

Krishna said, “Okay, if that’s what you want.”

Anaya said, “Krishna. I want this first time to be equally enjoyable and exciting for both of us. When we make love I cannot see you entering me. I can only feel you entering me and you can see everything. I want you to close your eyes and feel what is happening, just like me, and tell me what is happening. I will lower myself and tell you what is happening and you will tell me what you are feeling. Okay?”

Krishna said, “Okay.”

Anaya said, “Close your eyes.”

And with that Anaya positioned herself above his upstanding erection. She moved his penis along her slit trying to find her opening with its head.

Anaya said, “I think that’s the right spot.”

Anaya lowered her vagina just above his erect penis until it was just inside her a little bit.

Anaya said, “How does that feel?”

“It feels wet and slippery and warm and delicious.”

Anaya said, “I’m going to push down a little bit. Can you feel that?”

“Yes. I’m inside you just a little bit. I think it’s only the tip.”

Anaya said, “I’m going to drop down just a little bit. How does that feel?”

“It’s a little bit tight.”

Anaya said, “Yes I can feel that. I’m going to push down a little bit more. I think you’re halfway in and it didn’t hurt.”

“It feels like it.”

Anaya said, “I’m going to push down some more. How does it feel now?”

“It feels tight and warm.”

Anaya said, “I can feel you stretching me more and more. I like it. It feels great. Your penis is so straight and strong.”

“I am right in. You are now Mrs. Patel.”

Anaya kept bobbing up and down a little bit so that the moisture in her vagina would be spread liberally to allow Krishna’s dick to move up and down. Then she lengthened the strokes until his dick almost slipped out.

Anaya said, “I can feel you are moving up and down just a little bit and I like it. I’m going to drop down all the way. Wow, that feels good. Can you feel you’re all the way in?”

“Yes. I can feel my tip touching something deep inside you.”

Anaya said, “I can feel it too but I don’t know what it is touching. Do you like it when I move up and down?”

“Yes it is great.”

Anaya said, “You can open your eyes now.”

Krishna could see that her knees were up and he could see right where his penis had entered her vagina. He could see that Anaya had a nice clitoris begging to be touched and his finger moved to rub it. The pink valley running from her clitoris to where his penis was inside was framed by carefully trimmed hairs on both sides of her lips. He could now see that her bush had been neatly manicured and was not the unruly undergrowth that he had been expecting.

Anaya said, “I love it when you do that and I move up and down.”

The friction was having more effect on Krishna than Anaya and he soon exploded his seed into her vagina. Anaya could feel that his dick was getting softer and softer and she lifted herself off and stuffed a tissue into her pussy to stop the leaking.

Anaya said, “I’m going to clean myself up. I think you should clean yourself up too.”

Krishna followed her into the bathroom and they stepped into the shower together. This was the first time he’d ever been into the shower with a woman and he watched fascinated as she pointed the shower head into her pussy and then pointed it at his penis and washed it with her fingers. They stepped out of the shower and she kaçak casino dried him with the towel. She pointed the hair dryer at his dick and he felt the nice warm hot air dry him completely.

Anaya had been aware of the fact that she had in some way usurped his male privilege of entering her and she was aware of the language normally used to describe what they had just done: a man took a woman’s virginity; a woman did not give it. A man was the top dog and a woman was the underdog.

She wanted to be treated with respect but it was probably better for his dignity if she encouraged Krishna to assert himself. She determined that the best thing was to let Krishna take the macho role and let him take the initiative and let her feel his weight on her body. It was necessary to restore the balance.

They went back to the bed and she lay down completely naked so that he could take her in fully with his eyes. Krishna knelt next to her and kissed her passionately and then his lips descended to her breasts and he sucked gently while his finger diddled her clitoris.

He could tell that Anaya was really enjoying this as her breathing became quicker and quicker. He kept licking down her stomach until he reached her thighs and then he licked them gently getting ever closer to her slit. Anaya was almost delirious with pleasure.

When he felt it was time he moved between her legs and lifted them up to expose her pussy. His mouth descended on her clitoris and alternated between licking and sucking until her hands pulled his head in further and she had her first orgasm with him.

Krishna was excited because the orgasm showed that Anaya was a really sexy woman.

It was time for him to initiate the sex and penetrate her pussy as he had expected to do. She watched his eyes as he located his penis in the vestibule to her vagina and then pushed in slowly and deliberately. He watched with great satisfaction as her eyes widened perceptibly as he stretched her passage and began to move in and out. He took her hand and led it to her clitoris hoping that she would bring herself to orgasm while he was pistoning in and out slowly.

Krishna’s need to demonstrate his masculinity was borne out by the way he subconsciously thrusted so vigorously into her vagina. These were not the calm measured strokes when Anaya was on top but strong thrusts displaying his strength and virility. It was his way of showing her that he was the master and that she was just the passive recipient of his passion.

Anaya could feel how strongly his loins banged against hers and wondered if her swollen lips were designed to be some sort of cushion. After some minutes she began to wonder whether he would ever finish. It was hard to think straight with your legs around your ears and a jackhammer in your vagina. Anaya cast her mind back to everything that she had read about sex but nowhere could she remember information about how long it would take and what to do if it went too long.

One of the problems was that Krishna thought that the longer he lasted, the better a lover he was. The idea that she could have too much of a good thing never entered his head.

It was just assumed that intercourse would last as long as the husband lasted before ejaculation. What to do – it was getting a bit uncomfortable and she couldn’t tell him to stop. She knew that sex was in the mind but if the friction couldn’t make him cum, what to do?

In the recesses of her mind she had heard of ‘dirty talk’ but had no idea what it meant. There seemed to be no other alternative but to try and see if it had an effect. How did a well brought up Indian girl say unmentionable things out loud? She would say whatever came into her mind. The end justified the means.

Anaya said, “Did you get excited to see me naked the first time?

I was so excited the first time you put your hand on my breast.

You cannot imagine how excited I was the first time I saw your Lund and touched it.

Did you try to imagine your Lund entering my Choot for the first time?

Do you like the hair on my Choot?

Can you remember my face when you touched my clitoris?

Do you like my clitoris?

Do you remember smelling my Choot for the first time and licking my clitoris?”

Those last words had the desired effect and she felt his penis stiffen even more, if that were possible, a few extra powerful thrusts and the spasms of his dick as he ejaculated. Relief at last. It was all over and she could lower her legs as his penis slipped out.

There was now time for cuddling – just enjoying each other’s warmth and small talk and getting to know each other.

Anaya had felt very confident that she knew all she needed to know about sex but the incident where he would not stop bothered her. She worked out that the most sensitive part of his dick was not the shaft, but the ridge around the tip. The next time they had sex she made sure that Krishna moved his dick back and forth just inside the entrance to her vagina for maximum excitement. She hoped it would work.

Their marriage had gotten off to a good start and they could look forward to many happy years together.

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