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Dave and Gerry just looked shocked, Marcus and Andy chuckled.

My head was spinning, and I really didn’t understand why they all found my question so amusing. I never did get a reply.

The last pub we went into had a disco, and despite my protests I was soon on the dance floor. The boys took turns dancing with me, and to be honest I didn’t mind the people bumping into me and pushing me against the guys. I’m sure I felt a hand touch my backside, but I was so drunk I didn’t care. They played a slow song, and Marcus persuaded me to dance with him. By this time I was swaying a lot, and I seemed to end up grabbing him round the neck. I rested my head on his shoulder, purely because I was feeling drunk. He didn’t seem to mind though. As the dance finished he went off to the loo. When we finally got a taxi home I ended up sitting on someone’s lap, with my legs stretched across the other two. It wasn’t until we were nearly home, that I realised my short skirt had twisted up my thighs. We were all laughing, and now and then I felt someone stroking my leg. Marcus opened the door and I shuffled over the guys laps, by the time my feet hit the ground my hem had slipped up to my hips. I tried my best to keep myself respectable, but I’m sure Marcus had seen my panties under my tights! Marcus helped me to the bathroom and I was sick everywhere.

“Are you OK to get yourself to bed?”

I gave him a drunken grin.


We stumbled and fell against Jeff’s door. It suddenly reminded me that he was there.

“Amanda.” I heard from the behind the door.

“I better see what he wants,” I sniffed.

I stumbled into the room, and I slumped down on his bed.

“God Amanda, are you that drunk?”

“Yes, but I have, have had a good time. I’ve just come to say goodnight. Goodnight” I slurred, and then giggled.

“Who has Marcus brought back?”

“His army mates,” I replied drunkenly.

I was suddenly aware of one of Jeff’s hands high on my thigh.

“What are you, do, doing?”

“You had a good time then?”

His hand was now going up my skirt. I just swayed slightly watching it in the glow of the moonlight.

“You shouldn’t be touching me like that,” I groaned, feeling my head spin due to the booze.

“Why not?” Jeff breathed.

“Because I’m divorcing you,” I said, with a drunken smirk.

I felt his fingers maul at my thigh. I looked back down to his hand. I could only see his wrist sticking out from under my skirt.

“Did you dance with, them?”

I saw him lick his lips like he was thirsty or something.

“Yeah, and I had a smooch with Marc,” I whispered, like it was some secret.

His hand had stopped rubbing my leg. To be honest I didn’t really mind him touching me, or so I thought. But we were supposed to be getting a divorce, so perhaps he shouldn’t.

“You danced a smooch with Marcus?” he said slowly, like some young kid learning to read.

“Well I was clinging to him really. I mean we had a goodnight, so I gave him a kiss. He said he would help me to bed if I wanted it,” I rambled.

His hand began mauling my leg again. Only this time his fingers seemed to tremble a little.

“I think but I’m not sure, but I think I gave them all a kiss for taking me, me out, a kiss.”

I was beginning to think Jeff might be getting confused. I sure was and I was the one talking.

“Anyway you shouldn’t be doing that I’m divorcing you. Now I’m going to bed if the boys will help me up the stair, stairs. I said they could stay the night, all of them. Are you OK? You are, are shaking? Oh what is a MILIFFY or something? Two of the guys said I was, one.”

“Yeah,” he panted.

I pushed his hand out from under my skirt. I got drunkenly to my feet.

“Now somewhere around here, here, I had a British army. I think they might get me to bed don’t you?”

I hiccupped and burped, and then giggled. Then I stumbled to the door.

“Sweet dreams Jeff.”

He panted something I didn’t know what.

“Marcus, take me up to bed?” I mumbled, as I closed Jeff’s door.

It was lunchtime before I surfaced. I had gone to bed and puked again, just making it to the bathroom in time. I vaguely remember talking to Jeff. I hope he wasn’t too upset with me. As the day wore bursa yabancı escort on I found myself becoming more aware of the night before. Jeff was hardily speaking to me. Marcus had gone out shortly after I got up.

“Look about last night. I, I think I said some things, that, you may have misinterpreted.”

He wheeled himself away. I caught up with him, and spun the wheelchair around.

“Look nothing happened. You got the wrong end of the stick.”

I could see my sort of apology was stumbling before he gave me a chance. My head was still hurting from the remains of the hangover.

“Jeff! Nothing happened, well apart from you groping up my skirt!” I snapped, and then rushed upstairs.

That night things became clearer. I felt so embarrassed, even though Marcus seemed to laugh it off. But it was Jeff that wouldn’t let me forget. I was glad to get back to work the next day.

Jeff and Marcus seemed to be happy when I got home; I too seemed to have been forgiven. I dished up the tea and felt a hand on my backside.

“You OK?”

I twisted away from Jeff’s hand and gave him a hard stare.

“Don’t touch me like that,” I hissed in a low voice.

“Sorry, I just forgot,” he replied, looking quite embarrassed.

He spun his wheelchair around and went into the lounge. I stared at the plates for awhile. He was acting like we were still together. I just hoped he realised that I was still divorcing him. Maybe it was my fault, but I was caught between trying to make him better and nursing him, and still needing my freedom. After tea we watched a comedy film. It had Marcus and I laughing but Jeff didn’t seem to find it as funny. Maybe it was something to do with our age gap? I noticed how Jeff would seem to be watching his son and me. It dawned on me after a while. I had cuddled into Marcus on the couch. It wasn’t a lovers cuddled by any means, but Marcus had his arm around my shoulder. I looked up at Marcus but he was chuckling at the film. I honestly don’t think he knew he was cuddling his father’s wife! I looked across at Jeff I could see his discomfort, but for some reason I didn’t care. I realised too my hand was on Marcus’s chest. Marcus was still engrossed in the movie, but now I was more interested in the audience of one that I had! Maybe it was because of Jeff’s wandering hand earlier, I don’t know, but I wanted him to feel embarrassed. I pulled my legs up letting them rest against Marcus’s thigh. He seemed oblivious to this but his father wasn’t!

“Why don’t you put the kettle on if you are not enjoying the film?”

Jeff looked a little shocked. He shuffled around pulling the blanket on his lap. He wheeled himself in front of us.

“Dad!” Marcus said miffed.

“Hurry up Jeff you are in our way,” I said, staring straight at him.

He took a last look at my hand resting on his son’s thigh, and then went into the kitchen. I’m sure he could hear us laughing at the film. God knows what he was now thinking. I heard the kettle boil and went to finish the drinks.

The next day I was off work and getting some sun in the garden. I wore tight pink shorts with my red bikini top. Marcus had just gone out for the day and I put off changing until he left. Jeff was never one for the sun so he stayed in doors. I lay down on the blanket and as I opened the sun cream I heard Marcus. I felt quite embarrassed. He explained he had missed the bus and would wait for the next one. We had a short conversation, but after it he wouldn’t take no for an answer. I lay on my stomach, and he began rubbing the cream into my legs. It wasn’t long before I had a relaxed feeling, as his fingers stroked over my body.

“Marcus!” I hissed, in shock.

I had felt him undo the clasp of my bikini top and he pushed the band off my back!

“God relax you don’t want tan lines do you?” he said, with a chuckle.

“No but your father, I mean you shouldn’t be doing this,” I stuttered.

“God why not, I’m only rubbing sun cream in?”

I felt his fingers run over my back. I tried to relax but it was difficult.

“Anyway it’ll give the old man a thrill.”

“What!” I whispered frantically.

I was lost for words as he giggled. His hands slipped over my shoulders and down my back. I wanted him bursa sınırsız escort to stop, but then again, I didn’t!

“He’s looking at us,” Marcus whispered.

I froze.

“Don’t worry about it, I bet he’s getting a thrill watching me do this. Turn over and I’ll do your front.”

“No!” I shrieked.

“Don’t worry I’m only joking. You know if you hadn’t have married dad, I would have hit on you.”

I was caught in my fantasy of the other night. Marcus had my head spinning with his revelation about fancying me. I didn’t know how to respond, I wanted to laugh and treat it as a joke, but I had a wet feeling between my legs!

“Is he still watching?” I asked with a gulp.

I heard Marcus smirk. Then his head appeared close to mine.

“Oh yeah he’s watching alright.”

I felt a kiss on my cheek. Again I froze thinking of Jeff. He would have seen his son whisper something to me. Then he would have witnessed Marcus kiss me. The fact that I hadn’t moved, must have indicated to Jeff that I had enjoyed it, or I was expecting his son to do it!

Marcus went into town and I sunbathed for a couple of hours. To be honest I didn’t want to face Jeff. I could imagine him yelling at me. But if he was going to do that, he could have wheeled his chair out onto the patio.

When I went back into the house to cool off Jeff had gone to his room. I knew he had been watching me for most of the time that I was in the garden. It gave me a sort of nervous thrill. At one point I rolled over on purpose leaving my top on the ground. I knew he was watching me still. My firm breasts would now be exposed to him. I bet he got excited. Especially when I rubbed cream into them!

I really wasn’t sure about my feelings now. As I walked silently passed Jeff’s door I heard him gasping. I knew what he was doing, but I felt strange. If he had been doing that a short while ago, I would have been outraged. Now the thought of him masturbating over me felt a little erotic! I moved up the stairs at odds with myself. After what Marcus had done with the sun cream I couldn’t get him out of my head. I took a cool shower to try and calm myself down. It didn’t work. I imagined Marcus joining me under the cool running water, he would be down between my legs, his tongue giving me pleasure like I used to have with Nigel, my ex boyfriend. But it was Marcus I focused on. I slowly pulled back the shower curtain. I would moan on my stepson’s tongue. I would stare right into Jeff’s eyes, as he looked up pathetically from the wheelchair. I would grin mocking him for being such a pervert as I toyed with my hard nipple. This of course made no sense, as I was enjoying his son’s tongue at the time! Marcus would finish me off to an earth shattering climax, and as I grabbed the shower curtain it would spring out of the plastic clips. Marcus would help me out of the shower and I would pull the plastic shower curtain over my husband’s head. I would grip it tighter and tighter around his neck, until his hand that was pumping hard on his cock stopped. Marcus and I would hug, just watching my husbands cock leak cum. This would be the last thing my husband ever did!

I sat crying on the bed again, how the hell could such a cruel thing turn me on?

I made various excuses for the way I was feeling. I wanted a divorce and at the moment I was tied to Jeff. Another excuse was that, it was his fault, and if he wanted me to humiliate him, then I would bloody well hurt him! Each time I tried to make these excuses I just had visions of Jeff laughing at me. I grabbed the divorce papers and ran down the stairs. I was mad at him for getting drunk and having his accident. By the time I reached the last stair, I was convinced he had crashed his car on purpose!

I stopped when I heard Jeff’s voice. My trembling fingers covered my mouth. God Marcus had returned, but I hadn’t heard him come in. Then I noticed the phone cable was trailing under his door.

“Oh mistress, was he better than me? Oh yeah he always is!”

I traced the cable along, and under the coat stand. I yanked hard and stood with the plug in my hand.

God was he going to get shit now! I kicked open Jeff’s door and stopped. The phone was on the hook way out of his reach, and he was in bed.

“Jesus görükle escort Amanda, what the fuck!”

I shook my head, and backtracked out of the room. I went back up stairs slowly. I could hear Jeff calling me from his room. But my mind had blurred his voice as if he was miles away. I sat on the bed and tears fell again. At first they were tears of shock, and then tears of anger. The tears of shock were because he had a pair of my dirty black panties on his face. I can remember them being on top of the laundry basket, the doorbell went and distracted me. I loaded the washing machine and never missed them. The tears of anger, because I couldn’t believe he was so perverted.

“Well if that’s what he wants then that’s what he is going to get!” I grizzled under my breath.

I sat there for the next hour plotting my revenge. I now wanted to torment, dominate, and humiliate him, until he got on his hands and knees, and crawled on his pathetic body right out of my house!

I phoned Marcus on his mobile phone. After a 5 minute chat I got dressed and went downstairs. I walked into Jeff’s room I could see he had been crying. His eyes rolled up to my breasts. He could see my nipples making two very visible bumps in my tight yellow blouse. I had on one of my knee length black waitress skirt. I had pulled it up and rolled the waistband over 3 times, so it was 5 inches off my knees. I wore black tights, and black court shoes with a 3 ½ inch heel.

“Amanda I’m sorry. Please give me a chance to explain. I was, just…”

“Just sniffing my dirty panties,” I said nonchalantly.

He looked at me even more worried than before.

“I’m going into town, try and keep your hands off my underwear while I’m gone.”

He looked down ashamed of himself.

“Now is there anything you want before I go?”

“Just a drink of juice, or something, please,” he replied sheepishly.

I ignored the quick glance at my legs. I returned to the room with the orange juice. I took a sip as I stood in the doorway.

“Oh that’s nice,” I said, and took another sip.

I sat on the bed crossing my legs. I took another sip and then another. I had drunk nearly half the juice. Jeff’s eyes flicked from my thighs (just a few inches from his hand), to my heaving breasts, then to the juice. He licked his lips and grinned uneasily.

“Are you going to save me some?” he chuckled nervously.

I just looked him in the eye with a real merciless stare, and swallowed all but 2 inches of the orange juice!

“Sit up,” I said, without answering him.

I moved up the bed and started to fluff his pillows up behind him. I could feel his hot breath on my bare cleavage just inches from his face. As I straightened up I could see his eyes had been focused between my tits. His face looked red and he swallowed hard. I picked up the glass of juice from the bedside cabinet and took another swig. I watched his eyes which looked on in disbelief. I put the glass down quite far away from him on the cabinet. His eyes looked questioningly at me.

“Is something wrong?” I asked slowly, rubbing a finger innocently down my cleavage.

He was torn between watching me and answering the question. He couldn’t manage both, as his mind was already full of questions about his teasing wife! I stood waiting for him. He didn’t speak but he reached for the glass, as if to show how far out of his reach it was. Before he stretched enough to grasp it he watched my hand come into view. His motions stop as I slid the glass further away from him. He gasped and looked up in bewilderment at me. I just returned his stare and raised an eyebrow.

“Is anything wrong?” I asked, in a slow deliberate tone.

He couldn’t answer again. His mind must have been so confused with what I was doing.

“Good, I thought not,” I said, in a soft purr.

I walked to the door then looked back at him. His eyes were all over my body. I waited until we made eye contact, and then I just gave him a superior grin, and then left. I could see the curtain twitch slightly as I walked down the pavement. Jeff’s bed was against the window so he could look out onto the road when he got bored. I grinned to myself as I walked past the wall and out of his sight. Now I could pull my skirt down to its proper length. I straightened it down hoping I hadn’t creased it too much. I began to do up my blouse. I chuckled to myself then left the two buttons undone. What the hell I was soon to be divorced, and if someone wanted to look at a little cleavage, so what. Besides I was more than a little bit damp in my panties!

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