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Chapter 235 � Trilogy of Terror



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This story is an original work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales and incidents are either the products of the author”s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. This is a free electronic story. No part of this electronic story may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means electronic or mechanical including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from the author. If you are not of legal age in your location to view and read adult material, please close out of this story and delete any material you have downloaded or copied to your computer.




Aaron Munro � Ward of Shawn Walsh and Roberrt Berrill

Aiden Walsh-Johnston � Adopted son of Shawn Walsh and Stephen Johnston

Akihiko Ito � Lover and future partner of Tokugawa Kinugasa

Bhanubhakta Gurung � AKA “BG” Gurkha on assignment to Fort Connor by the British Ministry of Defense

Billy Landry-Mendez � Adopted son of Ricardo Mendez and Rod Landry

Caleb King � Partner and lover of Thomas Worthington

Daiki � Crown Prince and Heir to the Chrysanthemum Throne

Gloria Angelus Worthington � Biological daughter of John Worthington III

Hikaru Jansson-Winter Masamune Yasumori – Son of Hito Janson-Winter Masamune and Jimmy Yasumori

Johann Emmanuel – Adopted son of Cardinal Dominic

John Michael Worthington � Biological Son of Gloria Angelus Worthington

John Landry-Mendez � Adopted son of Ricardo Mendez and Rod Landry

Kichōna Mono Hashimoto � Grandson of the head of the Japanese Yakuza

Luke Michael Worthington � Biological Son of Gloria Angelus Worthington

Melech Leib � Adopted son of Uri Leib and younger brother of Michael Leib

Omoikane Kinugasa Ito � Adopted son of Tokugawa Kinugasa and Akihiko Ito

Omoikane Ryujin Hashimoto � Partner and lover of Tony Worthington

Ricardo Mendez � Six Star General, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu Administration

Ricardo Mendez, Jr. (Junior) � Son of Colonel Ricardo Mendez

Rod Landry � Six Star General, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu Tatical

Richard Rod Landry-Mendez � Adopted son of Ricardo Mendez and Rod Landry

Robert Berrill � Six Star General � (Commanding General of Alpha Zulu � Administration)

Shawn Walsh � Six Star General � (Commanding General of Alpha Zulu � Tactical)

Soshi Sato � Captain, Imperial Japanese Marines & Protector of Tokugawa Akihiko Kinugasa Ito

Stephen Johnston � 5 Star General � Medical Director of Alpha Zulu

Theodore Bradford III “Ted” – Son of the US Ambassador to the United Nations

Tokugawa Akihiko Kinugasa Ito � aka TAKI – Adopted son of Omoikane Kinugasa Ito and Ricardo Mendez Jr.

Tokugawa Yoshimune Meat-Goodman Kinugasa – Colonel � U.S. Army � Head of Worthington R&D


“Angus” (Name Classified) – (Son of a domestic terrorist in protective custody at Fort Connor)

“Biff” Jones (Name Classified) – (Son of POTUS and guest in residence at Fort Connor)

“George” (Name Classified) – (Senior head of the Worthington Brain Trust and Top Scientist in residence)

“Tod” (Name Classified) – (Teenage son of George and protectee of Alpha Zulu)

“PJ” (Name Classified) – (Teenage son of POTUS and protectee of Alpha Zulu)




Worthington Actual requesting permission to land? GRANTED! “Showtime” and neither Rod nor I felt prepared for what we now faced. Turning to John and PJ I asked them if they were ready? The blank look on their faces told me they were as unprepared as Rod and I were to face this young man.


Mama Bear held the hand of a young man as she walked down the ramp of Worthington Actual. Security verified both individuals and Mama Bear introduced us to Theodore Bradford III who immediately told us his name was TED!


Introducing John and PJ… Ted had briefly met PJ when he had accompanied his father to the White House. Asking John and PJ to give our new guest a tour of Fort Connor… an imp to imp view of his new residence. As the imps strolled off I heard the words “vanilla ice cream” and “homemade hot fudge sauce” being shared with our new addition. Another “addict” joins the imp ranks of Fort Connor. I swear if our mess ever runs out of ice cream and hot fudge our imps will be in revolt.


It was a beautiful day to just walk back to our office. The flowers in bloom were so fragrant and even us crusty old ground pounders appreciated all the work the men did to make Fort Connor their home and not just a military base.


John and PJ were indoctrinating Ted on the uniqueness of Fort Connor. Not only was it a secure place to live we had the rare privilege of having a resident GHOST and a little ANGEL by the name of Saint Roger. So, don”t be shocked if you wake up during the night and find a strange apparition with you in your bedroom.


“You must be shitting me?” As we assured Ted we were speaking the truth and just forewarning him of what to expect. Ted told us to expect him to be jumping into one of your beds if I get any nighttime visitors. John and PJ smiled and commented there was always room for Ted to join them in the bed they shared.


Why wasn”t Rod or I surprised beşevler escort when John and PJ ended their “walkabout” with Ted they ended up at the Mess and the start of another ice cream with hot fudge addicted imp began. As John ordered up ONE MEGA BOWL of vanilla ice cream with a mountain of homemade HOT FUDGE TOPPING with THREE spoons PLEASE? The 1st Sergeant in charge of the mess didn”t know what was happening but he knew enough to trust John and PJ. The way to get an imp to open up is to have him in a sugar induced high and he will spill his guts.


As Ted sat between John and PJ the three imps gorged themselves on ice cream with more hot fudge than any imp should eat. It was two hours to retreat and our evening meal and I knew the imps would be filling their hollow legs with dinner even after consuming their afternoon treat.


John held Ted”s hand and told him now for the downside of Fort Connor. We”ve told you all the good things about living here… now you”ll have to face our demonic vampire of a Doc. All of us when we return to base have to give up blood for Doc to do his thing. And, hopefully your shot record will be up to day… although he isn”t so bad at giving shots. (The adult men of Alpha Zulu would take exception to John”s comment!) At least we can face Doc on a full stomach after we enjoy a great evening meal.


As the imps still had time to kill before retreat and they needed to walk off their afternoon “snack” they asked Ted to join them as they walked through our memorial garden. The bronze nudes of Dale and Duke never fazed Ted. We shared with him the history of our most famous imp to ever live at Fort Connor. Of course, he asked about the bronze statue of Adela and all had tears streaming down our faces as the story our recent loss was shared.


Mama Bear joined the Generals for retreat and our evening meal. We offered to walk Ted to Medical to face our demonic Doc and Mama Bear assured Ted “Doc”s reputation is far worse than the actual man”.


Doc was semi civil as he introduced himself and commented he was happy he didn”t have to have security round up our new arrival. Exam Room one and please put on an exam gown.


Even being warned, Ted wasn”t ready for the number of vials of blood Doc had drawn. Doc was taking no chances considering the recent medical history of this young man being brutally raped.


Commenting, Ted had one booster shot needed and it needed to go in his bum. An embarrassed young imp bent over the exam table and lowered his “tighty whities” as Doc carefully numbed up the injection site and everyone breathed easier now that our newest imp was chipped… our ultimate in security.


As Ted thanked Doc commenting of all the shots he had recently… Doc was the best. Doc was floating on air the balance of the evening.


As John and PJ walked Ted back to our billet… they commented they hoped Ted would like to stay with them till he got used to Fort Connor. The bedroom next to theirs was empty and maintenance had already moved all your luggage in. Besides, knowing our soldiers… you”ll find a couple of black BDUs on your bed to wear… they are mighty comfortable with or without underwear… which had all three imps snickering.


Rod and I saw Mama Bear off and as Worthington Actual returned to civilization we were off to see how our two imps had done with our new addition. They were exhausted from all the running around base and talking they had done during the afternoon. Almost immediately, Adel came running into our quarters and made a straight line to our guest. Adel had just finished his rounds with Security and now he had free time for the balance of the night. Giving Ted a thorough “sniff down” he put his paws on Ted”s shoulders and gave him a wet sloppy “welcome to the family”. Adel was on puppy duty the rest of the night and both he and Ted were exhausted when it became bedtime.


Returning from his shower, Ted was shocked to find Adel in his bed… As John and PJ stuck their head into John”s room… they candidly admitted Adel wasn”t budging till morning. You have a “bed buddy” for the night. Make sure to give him a few doggie treats when you get up in the morning. Adel will be your best friend for life.


John and PJ were still on their 14 days of “DO NOT ENTER” so they accepted a night in bed cuddling which spilled over into a bout of intense oral sex between two consenting imps. Yes, their asses were still mighty tender but they were one day closer to enjoying a major fuck-a-thon with multiple trips to Nirvana.


As our family walked to flag raising in the morning it was great to look at our flag poles and see flags flying and not naked imps. I knew there would shortly be three naked imps run up our flag poles by the men of Alpha Zulu and I only hoped it would be a positive experience for Ted and one of acceptance showing the care the men of Alpha Zulu had for our young imp.


As we enjoyed breakfast as a family I had John and PJ take Ted around and introduce him to the men of Alpha Zulu. As every squad invited him to join them for a meal, we knew it would take some time for Ted to meet all the men and learn the invitation was truly one of caring by the men of Alpha Zulu.


As my “Trilogy of Terror” returned to our table… (a nickname they proudly earned) I told Ted that John and PJ could get him settled into our computer lab and he could continue his classwork. I would give Ted a few days to acclimate to Fort Connor before I discussed with him to consider counseling with the Chaplain and Doc. All of us only beylikdüzü escort want the best for this young imp and the only thing that protects the men who hurt Ted was them being locked away in prison and not where a black ops team and take revenge for their horrific attack on such a precious imp.


As Rod and I made our nightly routine of tucking out kids into bed and kissing them goodnight… as we entered Ted”s bedroom, he had his arms wrapped tightly around Adel sleeping securely. Adel lifted his head and seeing it was us returned to slumber land. We tucked “sleeping beauty” and his protectee in for the night and kissed them both lightly. Adel managed to give me a “wet and sloppy” before he returned to slumberland and his self-appointed duty station for the night.


As Rod and I returned to our bedroom he chided me that I wasn”t getting kissed by him until I washed my face. I told him Adel was a better kisser anyway… and it wasn”t my face I wanted him to “kiss” … Oh! Was I doing the walk of shame the next morning. It was all I could do to keep from visiting Doc and getting a 14 day “DO NOT ENTER POSTING” on my ass. I knew if I did the imps would never let me live it down.


Taki had just finished his final exams at Harvard and felt certain he aced every class. As Soshi took him out on the town to celebrate this moment in his life, it wasn”t the celebration Taki wanted to have with Soshi.


As they returned to the Castle and settled into their bedroom… Soshi was first in the shower and as he was toweling off Taki raced in to hog the balance of the hot water. Soshi slid between freshly cleaned sheets which felt wonderful on his naked body. Without warning, INCOMMING was heard as a naked Taki landed on the midsection of Soshi, wrapping his arms around the neck of his protector and ravaging him with intimate kisses that were far from platonic.


As Taki slipped under the sheets to be next to Soshi, his little hand wondered downward until he found the prize he was seeking. Soshi was rock hard and ready for action. Taki nibbled on his ear as he told Soshi he loved him so much. Tonight was the night he was giving Soshi his most precious gift, his virginity.


Soshi was in shock and told Taki it wasn”t possible. He was too large sexually and would cause Taki too much pain. Taki only looked into Soshi”s eyes and asked if it would be less pain if he waited a few years… we both know the answer.


If you don”t have feelings for me, just tell me and other than breaking my heart I”ll never try to seduce you again. But, feeling the mass of hard flesh between your legs you would be lying to me so just be gentle and take my virginity with a minimum of pain.


I”m old enough and mature enough to know the first few times will be very painful but I want to share the moment with the man I love and that man is you. (Soshi nearly had an orgasm in Taki”s small hand.)


Taki nibbled his way down Soshi”s body and loved watching his body convulse as he licked and lightly chewed on his nipples. Taki wanted to suck Soshi”s cock but he wanted his lovers first orgasm to be up his ass and not in his mouth.


Taki learned quickly how to edge Soshi bringing him to the brink of an orgasm and then suddenly stopping preventing him from consummating the act Taki so desired. Finally, after repeated moments of edging Soshi and not allowing his balls to explode… Soshi took over and flipped his small tease onto his back and showed him how sensual it is to suck a guy to the brink and then stop without him Cumming. Taki was begging for release and Soshi knew it was time to claim another virgin to the Gods of Alpha Zulu.


Taking a full tube of lube and unceremoniously stuffing it up his little partner… his ass was a sloppy mess and hopefully this would ease the pain that all virgins experience. As Soshi lay on his back with his cock standing tall and proud he lifted Taki and centered his love tunnel directly over his hard piece of man flesh.


As Soshi released his body his weight forced him down onto the hard cock… Taki was squirming as the hard piece of adult flesh was wedging itself into his flesh. Finally, his rosebud couldn”t hold out and the fat head of Soshi”s cock slipped into the tight confines of Taki”s ass.


Soshi held Taki tight as he muffled the screams of his sacrifice into his chest. As Soshi helped Taki back into an upright position, he grabbed both of his ankles and raised them up so only his cock was in contact with Taki”s body. Gravity would take over and claim the prize Taki was giving to the man he loved.


As inch after inch of Soshi”s hardness slipped into Taki”s body… Soshi couldn”t contained himself and his balls exploded adding additional lube as his hard missile continued to claim virgin territory. Soshi felt the resistances of Taki”s second cherry and he doubted if Taki even knew he had a second cherry. One hard fast snap of his hips and his hard cock claimed this virgin territory and was now balls deep into a precious imp he truly loved.


As Taki”s tears dried up he held Soshi and told him to fuck him to Nirvana and back. The pain I endured is because I love you and I need to know you love me also. Oh, did Taki get fucked. If it wasn”t for Doc”s Super Lube it would have taken a team of medics to get the little imp out of bed the next morning.


When Soshi joined Taki in the shower, his hard cock rested between the cheeks of his beautiful bum. Taki was in tears as he admitted he was too sore to be fucked again… bilecik escort he needed a few days to recover. Soshi only smiled at his young inexperienced lover and commented they could always enjoy a rousing bout of 69.


Taki was limping back to bed and was anxiously awaiting Soshi as he exited the bathroom. Taki had dreamed of licking and sucking Soshi and had numerous wet dreams over the thoughts. Now, it was going to happen and Taki would make certain Soshi wouldn”t be wandering far from his mouth and/or ass.


As Soshi”s balls exploded… Taki swallowed load after load but copious amount still drained from his mouth and nose. Soshi told him he looked great with his faced covered in his cum. Just let me know when your ass is ready because my cock is rock hard to pleasure you again.


Taki and Soshi were fortunate they were assigned one of the sound proofed bedrooms at the castle. There was little doubt in any mind Taki had given up his virginity but the sound of their lovemaking was only shared between the two of them.


It took three or four nights of great anal sex for Taki to be able to enjoy being fucked by Soshi and have his first of many anal orgasms. After the first time he experienced an anal orgasm he was begging Soshi to do it again and again and never to stop. Soshi”s new assignment in addition to being his PROTECTOR was to become his personal two legged fuck machine.


After commencement, Taki and Soshi spent the summer at Fort Connor and it was no surprise they immediately met with the Chaplain and scheduled their premarital counseling. For Taki it was easy… he just had to break the news to his fathers and grandfathers that he was in love with Soshi.


Soshi had the difficult part of asking the Generals for permission, in addition to Hikaru and the Emperor who had assigned him as the protector for Taki. He hoped they would understand his falling in love with the imp he was protecting. Hikaru, the little `ole matchmaker, just chalked another one up and Daki was happy for Taki considering he knew how much happiness a gay partner can be in a lifelong relationship.


When Hikaru relayed his and the Emperor”s approval it was on the condition their honeymoon was spent with them in the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. (Soshi definitely hoped his fellow Marines would be understanding of him seducing such a wonderful and precious imp.)


Taki insisted on a “friends and family” ONLY wedding and not to get out of hand with the bachelor party. He didn”t need a naked man jumping out of any cake as he had Soshi to take care of any physical desires the little imp might have.


Yes, we Generals put on our horrid Ambassadors Uniforms complete with jeweled sabers voluntarily for our little imp… and we got grief from the imps for over a week they had to wear a suit and tie if they were attending the wedding. And, NO you aren”t old enough to attend the bachelor party.


The wedding ceremony was beautiful and without incident. Hikaru and the Emperor let it be known they had made arrangements for their marriage to be blessed while they were on their honeymoon in Tokyo. Fortunately for our two out of control lovers, their marriage was blessed before they duo visited Soshi”s former Marine unit.


Oh, was Soshi shocked when he brought Taki to meet his former unit of Special Forces Marines. As the entered the barracks it was darkened only illuminated by candlelight. Rose petals marked the way from the entrance to Soshi”s old quarters. His former men wanted to make this a moment they would always remember and even their base commander donated a few bottles of his prized Saki for the celebration.


Soshi and Taki weren”t even embarrassed to find multiple containers of lube on the nightstand. By morning, they would all be used and his former soldiers were happy they could make the moment so special for a man they admired and loved as much as he loved his new partner.


Taki only whispered to Soshi they needed to get back to the palace so Soshi could use some of Doc”s super lube on and in his ass. “You were a real animal last night!” Soshi had a big grin on his face all the way back to the palace.


As Taki and Soshi were leaving the barracks, the new unit leader quietly whispered to Soshi… “Did you forget, your room isn”t soundproofed.” The antics you two were up to even had the straight men in the unit beating off all night. I didn”t want to know how the gay men handled the situation. Just so it was all consensual.


As Mama Bear sent Worthington Actual to Tokyo to reclaim our imp and his new partner at the end of their honeymoon… somewhere over the pacific Taki and Soshi joined the “Mile High Club”… and other than an imp with a slight limp and both men with a big smile on their faces nothing was ever spoken of the event.


Why wasn”t Rod and I surprised the next morning when we exited our quarters for flag raising we found three naked imps hanging from our flagpoles. I hated to issue the command to “cut” `em down but not until I get an ample supply of pictures to share with their fathers and for our family album.


The Command Sergeant Major only asked for Rod and me to let him know when we had taken all the pictures we needed… the men are more than willing to enjoy this moment and show the imps they do get even.


Rod and I hated to issue the command to “Cut `em down” and three sputtering imps were lowered chastising us fathers for taking so long and leaving them flapping naked in the breeze.


Three naked imps went scurrying to their quarters and quickly returned in their comfortable BDUs in time for Flag Raising and to be at the head of the food line. Some priorities with imps never change!







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