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When Paul came home Tuesday evening from another stretch of shows, he unpacked his things before suggesting he and Paulina go to the park.

He wanted to get his run in as soon as possible, especially when storms were predicted for later.

“I guess it wouldn’t hurt to get my power walk in,” she agreed, going to change into something more appropriate.

“Who knows what trouble we can get into,” he added with his ever-present, cheesy grin. “I’m thinking a nice little shower together when we get back.”

“You would,” Paulina replied with a laugh.

“Hey, regue junto, salva agua”, he growled in Spanish.

“In your case, I don’t think just saving water is what you have in mind.”

When they got to the park, the closer parking area to the trails had been closed for repairs, leaving Paul no option but to use the lot a considerable distance away.

Swearing in Spanish, he found an empty spot and parked.

“Oh come on; it isn’t that bad. Look at it this way; it gives us a head start on our exercise,” Paulina smiled.

“Race you up the trail. Loser has to have to have sex with the winner.”

“Ha. Figures you’d make up something where YOU would benefit whatever the outcome,” she teased.

“Yeah, scratch that. You came for your walk anyway.”

Paul had gotten a little ahead of her as they started up the trail, and she got to admire him from behind.

He was beautiful. Strong legs, nice shoulders, and definitely more bounce in his booty; she loved his ass. And he was all hers.

There weren’t many joggers or walkers out that evening. It was hot, and getting late. He was covered in sweat by the time they had finished, but he ran easily, not seeming out of breath at all.

She was feeling a bit grungy herself, even though she had only been walking. Once they had finished, they began heading to the car to go home and shower.

Thunder had also been rumbling in the distance, and flashes of lightening just over the horizon. A storm was coming in. Paulina felt a breath bursa escort of cool as a strong gust of wind came up.

“Oh shit,” Paulina muttered. “Maybe we better speed up if we’re going to make it to the car. All hell is about to break loose.”

Seconds later, fat drops of rain started pelting down around them.

“Guess we aren’t going to make it,” Paul said as they ran to the pavilion, an open, brick structure with two picnic tables.

They had barely made it into shelter just as the storm broke. Lightning flashed, thunder clapped, followed by a downpour.

Paul’s t-shirt, shoes and shorts were soaked. His shorts left little to the imagination, displaying his tight ass and large cock even more than before.

He flashed a sexy grin and sat down on the table next to Paulina, where he began prying off his running shoes.

“Oh no. You are NOT thinking what I think you are.”

“It’s raining. We’re alone and have some time to waste before this thing passes. Come on, baby; let’s have some fun.”

“But…what if we get caught?”

“That’s the fun of it.”

“What is with you and public sex lately?”

Paul had placed his hand on her left knee, not answering her. Her legs parted even as she felt uneasy about what they were about to do in such an open place.

“You are nuts,” she said with a nervous laugh.

Paul removed his hand and pulled off his t-shirt, and then bent down, kissing her fiercely as he fumbled with her shirt, pulling it over her head and revealing a lacy bra that encased her 40D breasts.

Hands traveling down to her shorts, Paul pulled them off, sporting sexy panties that matched her bra.

“Oh God, amor. You are so damned sexy. You drive me crazy,” he whispered, lightly running fingers over her full hips. “You planned this, didn’t you?”

“You said you wanted to get in trouble later,” she said with lust-filled eyes. “You weren’t supposed to see that until we got home.”

“Guess plans change,” he said, kissing her again.

His arm bursa escort bayan was then around her; his tongue was in her mouth. Paulina could plainly see that he was clearly aroused, and he wanted sex. NOW.

Paul removed her bra and panties before he ripped off his shorts in a single sweep and tossed them aside with the rest of their clothes as she felt the coolness of a breeze on her naked flesh.

Outside the shelter, the rain was still coming down in torrents.

A sudden desire came over Paulina; she wanted him to fuck her right there on the table, no longer caring who saw them. Storms made her so horny!

His hand was back between her legs and she spread them even wider. Paul’s fingers found their way up inside her her cunt, driving her wild with lust.

Paul then lowered his mouth to her cleanly shaved pussy, his tongue teasing and tormenting her entirely, from clit to asshole.

He was kneeling on the bench in front of her now, her legs supported on his shoulders; Paulina was going to cum at any moment.

As Paul fingered both pussy and asshole and licked her like a man possessed, Paulina didn’t know how long her orgasm lasted, but it seemed like an eternity. If her husband was an expert at one thing that made her cum, it was eating her.

Paul was now standing over her as she lay on top of the picnic table, looking into her eyes, stroking himself a few times before he mounted his wife and plunged into her pussy in one stroke without warning.

The two of them started fucking like animals right there on a picnic table, Paulina no longer able to contain her sighs, groans and squeals of orgasm after orgasm. His cock felt so good inside her!

Paul fucked his wife harder, her legs on his shoulders as he thrust in and out of her, making passionate love about twenty minutes before he rolled them over, his cock still inside her and Paulina now on top of him.

Thrilled at the change of positions, she began to bounce on him wildly, with his hips coming upward to meet hers stroke escort bursa for stroke.

Paulina rested her head on Paul’s shoulder as they continued to fuck on the table, whispering dirty things in both English and Spanish.

She whispered seductively in his ear how hot he was and she loved having sex with him, how she wanted his big cock in her ass when they got home, would he like it if another girl joined them sometime?

Would he like to watch her and a girl do each other, then take turns sucking his cock, or maybe him fucking the girl while she ate Paulina’s pussy?

He would love that, wouldn’t he? Wasn’t that what every horny man wanted–two women? One sitting on his face while the other fucked him?

It was all Paul could stand of the filthy talk his wife was giving him; he felt the heat rising in his balls and was about to explode at any moment. God, she was so damned good!

“Paulina…oh Paulina….I’m going to cum!” he panted.

Both climaxed with a howl, Paul shooting long streams of semen deep inside her pussy. It seemed like his orgasm would never end and Paulina didn’t stop bouncing on him until the last drop of cum left his cock.

Paulina then climbed off of him, both of them dressing and straightening themselves up quickly before they started off the rest of the way down the trail to their car.

“Told you we’d never know what trouble we would get into,” he teased, opening the door for her.

“You’re lucky we didn’t get caught by someone back there,” she said with an evil laugh. “And I thought you were going to wait until we got home in the shower.”

“Oh baby, who said I was done? We still have that shower yet, and then the bedroom. Maybe with the kids gone, we can even screw in every room of the house. But I did want to know something.”

“And what would that be?”

“Did you really mean it back there about bringing another girl to bed or was that you just being dirty again?”

She smiled devilishly. “That’s for me to know and you to find out.”

It would be Paulina’s turn to find trouble for them the next time they were alone. Now it was just the task of finding the kind of woman Paul liked. And she already had an idea of a perfect candidate in her best friend….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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