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The characters in this story are all over eighteen and above the age of consent, Sex if it occurs is consensual. Kevin and Jane’s story continues.


“So major, major bust up, as expected, but Kevin talked Dad down from 50,000 feet and we ended up all square, best of friends and Dad and Mum agreed we could share a room, as long as we’re discreet.”

“So when are you moving in?”

“I’m not, we decided as they had agreed, we could take it forward as an when we want to, I do go into Kevin’s room, to talk and steal some time, but we aren’t in a hurry to get together, at least not since Sunday anyway. Kevin says if we show them some respect, they’ll respect us more for that.”

“He’s one fine brother, and a real catch, lucky girl. You have to sleep with him though, gotta say, no matter what they say or hint at, the real thing is unbelievable.” Julie blushed, “Shouldn’t have said that!”

“You tart Julie; is it really that good?”

“Find out for yourself, no details either, just yes or no when it happens okay?”


“By the way, I asked my Mum and Dad if when we were pretending to Double Date, you could come back and share with Chris and I but with our real partners, guess we don’t need to ask them for an answer now.”

The boys returned from the bar and sat down with their sisters friend, as arranged. Arms were slung around shoulders and drinks sipped.

“So Kev, what are your intentions with my sister?” Chris asked straight faced.

“Well since you ask, I intend to buy her a few drinks, dance with her, kiss and cuddle her until she’s boiling over with lust for me, drive her away to a hotel and show her how a man makes love, how about you and Jane?”

“Pretty much the same, is that ok with you?”

“Sure, enjoy, I know I will.”

They playfully shook hands and sat back red faced from laughing.

“And if we had any say in this, if that’s your intention, Julie and I will leave and go to the pictures on our own.”

“With lots of Popcorn and chocolate.”

“Or go back to one of our houses and drink hot chocolate with marshmallows and talk about the latest hair styles.”

“Or find some really rough guys and make their evening.”

“Thought we’d done that already.”

“OK, fine, sure, thanks, point taken, we were trying to create the impression of two very lucky guys with two gorgeous girls, but seriously I am genuinely enjoying being out with you guys, I feel good and I feel pretty cool about life and love and everything.”

“Hey can I have what you’re drinking, or better still, give me your dealers number that sure is some good shit!”

“Shut up, you know what I’m saying.”

“Sure do bro, thanks guys for being there and for letting us in to your world, guess we owe you.”

“No we owe you, we need each other, good to have real friends, real close friends.”

“You know what they say, a friend is someone who will bail you out, a real friend will find you a lawyer, but your best friend will help you bury the body.”

“Well hello best friend, there when I needed you.”

“Cheers, thanks for being there for us too.”

“Do you guys want to get a room and take this further?”

“Nice, thanks for that. come on lets get on the floor and throw a few shapes,”

“What are you like? you’ve never danced in public before, well not properly if I remember the casino siteleri College do on Friday, so embarrassing, now get outta here.”

“Gonna surprise you little Sis, Bo!”

“Are you happy with your choice in men?”

“Beginning to wonder.”

Later Kevin slowed his car down outside the Chambers house, Stopping he hopped out and escorted Julie to the door, hugged and kissed her and walked back down the pathway, Jane meanwhile kissed Chris goodnight in the back of the car, he stepped out and shut the door.

“Night Chris,” said Kevin, slapping Chris’s shoulder.

“Night Kev, look after yourselves, see you soon.”

Chris hurried up the path to the open door and they both stood in the doorway waving goodbye.

“Great night, good company. I can’t believe those two, they are so together, I hope we can stay friends for as long as…”

“Yeah, me too, come on I’m absolutely shattered, take we home please.”

The door closed and was locked and they wandered upstairs.

In the car Jane had climbed into the front passenger seat, belted up and squeezed Kevins arm,

“Happy, I know I am, I really love those two, what a couple eh!”

“Yeah, super. Jane, how did Chris kiss you goodnight?”

“Are you jealous?”

“Nah!, it’s just, well I wanted to kiss Julie properly, but I thought it would be like being unfaithful to you.”

“How properly?”

“On the lips, just that, on the lips, just like you would someone you love!”

“Oh! ok, well Chris kissed me on both cheeks and we hugged, does that help?”

“Yes, I feel better now, thanks, will you stay with me tonight? not for anything other than I just want you near me, I just need you next to me.”

“Sure Kev, of course, thanks for telling me your thoughts and for needing me tonight.”

They pulled onto the driveway and went in the front, locking it behind them. They crept up the stairs and went into Kevin’s room. He stood by the bed and Jane came to him, they kissed and hugged. Jane started to undress and Kevin looked away.

“Kev, I’m about to get into bed with you, you are allowed to look you know!” she whispered,

“Sorry, I just thought you might want some privacy to get undressed and into bed.”

“idiot, I do love you”, she kissed him again then continued to undress, “Please at least take you shoes off before you get into bed?”

“what, oh, sorry, God you are beautiful, I’ve dreamed of this night for years, I finally get to touch the most beautiful girl in the world and she’s naked.”

“Better hurry up and look then, I’m getting a bit cold and I’m getting under that duvet.” she pulled the cover back and sprang into the bed.

Kevin undressed and threw his clothes onto his chair, pulled the cover back the other side and clambered into bed. Cuddling up to Jane he kissed her face until he met her lips. His arms circled her body and drew her too him. suddenly he realised he was erect and it was pushing up between them.

“Mmm that feels nice”, her hand slipped down and circled his member, “wow this is the first time I’ve ever touched a boy’s thingy, it’s so soft, but so hard. I’m not hurting am I?”

“No, that’s actually very nice and if you keep doing that you’re going to need a tissue to wipe up the huge mess I’m about to make.”

“Wow, do I excite you that much? Kevin how big is it?”

“I don’t really know, canlı casino 5″ or 6″ inches about average I suppose, it sort of only grows about another inch or so when I get hard, but I don’t get teased when I shower with the guys anyway.”

Her fingers continued to slowly move up and down his shaft.

“Wow, this is cool, Julie said it was better than anything else, so far so good. Please touch my breasts Kevin.”

“Like this, I’m not squeezing to hard am I? Please can you slow down a bit I’m about to lose it miss fantastic fingers.”

Her hand stopped caressing him but held him gently to her.

“Oh Kevin that is so nice, touch my nipples now, yes like that, like that.” She hated her nipples being handled roughly and Kevin’s touch was a whisper, lightly drawing circles round her erect tips. he occasionally just touched the nipples, giving almost a gentle flick, which she felt flash through her body ending in her groin.

They kissed again and again and Jane began to lift her leg over Kevin’s, moving slightly he allowed her to guide his penis to the head of her pussy, she slowly began to rub the head gently along her slit, until his head slipped easily into her. He slowly slid fully into her, gently pushing into her inner core, until his groin was against her. No hymen, despite being a virgin, Jane had unknown to her broken it during her early teenage years, blaming the small blood spots on her erratic periods, before she had regulated events by taking the pill. Slowly they began to move together, apart, together, apart. They kept the motion up until Kevin began to pant and thrust harder.

“Yes Kevin, push harder, come in me, come please come, come inside me..”

Kevin reached his climax and his orgasm exploded into her, at which point Jane lost control and came herself, pushing hard against her brother as her muscles rippled along his member, he felt that she was milking him as her vaginal muscles spasming wavelike motion passed along his penis, pulling all his cum out into her core . Slowly their gyrations stilled and he slipped out of her, leaving them both to say an “Oh!” as they separated.

” Wow, Julie was right but she seriously underestimated just how good it is. You my brother are a wonderful lover, that was so beautiful, I want to cry, but I also want to laugh out loud, thank you for being so patient with me, for me, was it worth the wait?”

“I can’t find anything to describe how I feel at the moment, that was unbelievable, I have never, ever felt like that before, you are just so perfect, so beautiful, I want to hug and kiss you and jump up and shout out the window and…”

The knock at the door surprised them. Then the door opened and their parents came in, the light from their bedroom streaming into the room.

“Oops” said Kevin, pulling the duvet up over them. Jane smiled and hugged him to her.

John and Mary looked down at their children, and hunkered down to be closer to them.

“I guess we need to think about a bigger bed,” said John with a wry smile “you guys ok?”

“Yes thanks Dad, Mum, sorry if we disturbed you, if I said we hoped we were being quiet, would that help?”

“What, do you mean? oh God no, so sorry, we thought you were just trying to share the bed, oh no, I’m so sorry, Mary this is awful, we should’ve left it til the morning, this is so embarrassing.”

“Honey”, said Mary reaching kaçak casino out and stroking Jane’s hair, “I’m so sorry, this is meant to be so special and now we’ve spoilt it, I’m so so, sorry.”

They stood to leave clasping hands, drawing together, arms around each other and red faced.

“Actually, it hasn’t spoilt it, it made it extra special for me that you wanted to check we were okay, thanks Mum and Dad, thank you for caring so much, goodnight.”

“If you’re sure, we’re so embarrassed. Night kids, sleep well, we will get you a bigger bed.” the door closed and the room became dimmer. Jane slipped from the bed and headed for her handbag. The room lit up again as she grabbed her mobile phone, pressing the buttons to create a message. Kevin watched her body lit by the phone’s glow.

“What are you doing?”

“Texting Julie.”

“You’re are not going to tell her now are you?”

“It’s either that or I’m going to open your window and shout out that I just made love to my Brother and he is a fantastic and attentive lover and I was so glad he took my cherry, your call?”

“Text away”

“Done it!”

“What, even you can’t have typed anything in that time!”

“I just sent “Yes”.”


“Julie and I agreed no details, but if it was the best thing ever that I had experienced, then I just had to type “Yes”.”

“and if it wasn’t?”

“I’d still be typing!”

Kevin laughed and cuddled up to Jane, as she tossed the phone onto the chair.

“Any chance of a repeat on the lovemaking, stud?”

“Go to sleep, you’ve got work to do tomorrow and so do I.”

“Hmm, someone down there’s telling a different story.”

“Come here you pest.”

“that’s nice, do it some more, my really big brother…”

Next door John and Mary Carpenter hugged each other, and slowly began to make love, shedding nightclothes and exploring each other excitedly for the first time in years.

“Oh John, I love you so much, touch me, touch me and make me feel alive again.”

“Mary you are so beautiful, so soft, so warm, I love you too, why have we wasted so much time and not done this before now.”

“Because darling we lost sight of what’s really important in our marriage, you and me.”

“Shh, kiss me..”

They joined together and he entered her, his thick prick easily sliding into her soft and welcoming entrance, her juices aiding his entry into her muscled tunnel of love. They coupled together and he began to gently move his hips sliding his dick in and almost out. Placing the fingers of his left hand between them he located her clit and began to circle it. Reaching for her he began massaging her left breast, lowering his head to her right nipple, her arms reached around his back and pulled him into her fully. They enjoyed each other for some time, until he stepped up the pace, pistoning in and out of her his fingers still circling her clit as they reached consecutive orgasms, grinding their bodies into each other and locking mouths, trading tongues. Falling apart they held hands and slipped into a post-coital glow.

Kevin and Jane hugged each other and smiled.

“Wow that was incredible again, thanks Kevin I really think that we’re going to be ok.”

“Me too hun, did you hear Mum and Dad, life in the old dogs yet.”

“Way to go Parentals ,” he shouted, before being dug in the ribs by Jane.

“Kevin, honestly, if this is how you act after making love, then I’m going to ration you,” she giggled.

“Go to Sleep!” they heard their father shout, before more murmurings and giggles from the other bedroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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