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All characters are over 18. This is a mother-daughter-son incest story. It’s a fantasy so it doesn’t have to make any sense: I hope you like it.


Anna Stewart lay back and enjoyed the steam from her scented bath. It was the first day of her summer break, and the last few weeks had been so busy… But now she had at least an hour before her son got home, maybe two. Her daughter was shopping – wouldn’t be back for ages as long as the clothes shops were open, so there was no rush. Her favourite toy was at her pussy lips, she pressed gently. Gently. She sighed at the first entry. Gently does it.

As her tunnel slowly opened and filled with the firm plastic, she pressed and squeezed it back with her inner muscles, then pushed it back in. No rush. Plenty of time. It was pure delight.

At 41 years of age, she already had two children over 20 but her body didn’t show it. Apart from a surgery scar low down on her belly, her skin was smooth, pale and translucent. Delicate feet joined slender calves, full thighs, and round hips. Her backside, she knew, was a little on the ‘comfortable’ side, but her tummy was still firm and her breasts… She giggled in pride. She filled a low-cut dress in a way to turn heads. She looked at them now – even half-laying in the bath they still sat firm and proud. She pulled her nipples, enjoying the electricity that it always sent through her.

Slowly, surely she teased herself higher and higher. Her breathing got deeper, soft moans escaped her ruby lips. Her shoulder-length brown hair clung to her in the steam and her rising sweat. Her deep brown eyes closed to shut out the world and focus on the warm glow building between her legs.

But Suzie had come home. She’d forgotten her card and went upstairs to get it, silently, thanks to the deep pile carpet which quashed any sound she made.

The bathroom door was open, and she was about to walk past it when she heard a little splash, and a moan. Peeking through the crack, looking over her mother’s shoulder she was invisible. Instantly she saw what she was doing. She stifled a giggle, turned to sneak away and leave her to it, but her curiosity, and a barely-suppressed desire she’d nursed for some time held her there. She took a half-step inside the room, and in the soap-murky water she saw her mother’s legs splayed apart and her hand pushing a bright pink toy in, out, in. Suzie could tell by her breathing and heaving breasts that her mother was close to a climax. Unconsciously, Suzie’s hands found a breast and a damp patch on her panties, and despite the wrong of it she was turned on. She snaked her lower hand inside the elastic, and rubbed her clit, fingered herself, and watched as her mother shivered, breasts wobbling, and clamped her thighs around the plastic invader. She jerked, shivered, jerked again, then relaxed, breathing in gasps, as her little orgasm subsided.

But she wasn’t done. Suzie heard a low buzz and realised the toy had come to life. Her own pussy yearned for those sensations, her nipples begged for attention. She must have made a squeak because Anna startled and turned. Suzie was caught – she’d closed her eyes briefly in her rapture and by the time she’d reacted to her mother’s voice it was too late – caught masturbating to her own mother. She yelped and turned away.

“Suzie! Dammit Suzie, come here!”

A sheepish Suzie stood in the doorway. “Sorry mum.”

“Suzie? What were you doing?”

“Yeah, sorry.”

“Suzie, what…were…you…doing?” Had she really seen her daughter with her hands inside her panties, standing there, while she masturbated too?

“I didn’t mean to, um, see. But, well I did, and…”

“What did you see?”

Blushing silence. Anna needed to work this through in her head.

“I’ll see you downstairs.”

A few minutes passed in which Anna realised that she could accept that her daughter had seen her masturbating, but she had no idea how to deal with the fact that she watched and masturbated at the same time. So she decided to take the direct approach. But Suzie was clearly upset – sobbing, maybe? – as she went downstairs. She sat beside her daughter on the couch and said: “Sweetie, it’s OK. Really. I don’t care that you saw me. But, level with me. Did you, um, masturbate as well? I thought you did.”

“Yes. I’m sorry.”

“It really is OK. I think I’m flattered! But I didn’t know you liked girls, sweetie.”

“As well as boys, not instead of.”

“That’s great, Suzie! I mean, that you know and are şişli escort open with it. I don’t know if I’d have been so clear at your age. But darling I’m your mum.”

“I know but it was exciting. And then you came, and…”

“Oh you saw that?”

“Mmm Hmm. It was erotic, y’know? You looked so into it, and…”

Anna giggled : “Yeah, I was really into it. I was going for round two.”

Suzie giggled nervously. She tried a joke: “At least you got one away, I was still trying for round one!”

Anna pulled her daughter close and kissed her cheeks, then cradled her head to her bosom as she often had. Maybe Suzie’s interrupted pleasure had something to do with what happened next, maybe Anna’s still-tingling sexual senses allowed it. Something made Suzie lift her head, nuzzle in close, and plant light little kisses on her mother’s neck, cheek, face, then lips. Why Anna allowed it, she didn’t know. But she didn’t stop it when Suzie kissed her gently on the lips, nor when she felt her daughter’s tongue probing between them. She didn’t pull away when she realised she was kissing back, full-mouthed, nor when Suzie reached for the tie on the bathrobe and tugged it. Not when she felt her breast cupped gently, then more firmly, nor when her daughter’s fingers found an erect nipple and teased it.

She should have pulled away when Suzie’s head bent and her lips found that nipple. She should have reprimanded her daughter for that, but instead she shivered when a hand snaked down her tummy, featherlike, and towards…

If Suzie had wondered how far this could go, she was delighted when she felt her mother change position to open her thighs, despite the words she was saying: “Oh Sweetie, please don’t…”

Too late. Suzie’s finger found wetness and folded inside it, then another followed it, and she gently, so agonisingly gently, pressed them inside her mother’s pussy.

“Suzie please.”

She was begging into her daughter’s mouth, but her tongue told Suzie the opposite to her words and the slight movements of her hips told Suzie that now, at last, a dream could come true.

In a single fluid motion Suzie pulled her mother to the edge of the couch, opened her thighs, knelt, and pressed her mouth to her pussy, licking, probing, tasting. Anna’s hands on her head guided her, held gently between her legs. Quickly now, Anna rushed to a climax, it had been so long since another had taken this much interest in her pleasure, and ignoring, for now, that the tongue driving her wild was her own daughter’s.

She huffed and jerked out a climax, brief and urgent, before a new urgency overtook her. She wanted to taste her daughter the same way, even though she’d never been sexual with a woman before. Awkwardly she stripped Suzie’s panties off and got her head under her dress as they got down on the rug into 69. Mother and daughter learned about each other’s pussies, each reaching shuddering orgasms, each needing and wanting it never to stop, until they heard a car door.

Jack was home! They scurried off like the discovered lovers they were, half-naked, legs still wet from each other’s ministrations, and giggled into the bathroom as the front door opened.

Like conspirators they whispered: “He’s early, isn’t he mum?”

“Yes. Get dressed. Quick.”

“I am, almost.”

“OK, off we go.”

“Wait, mum…” Suzie kissed Anna passionately. “Thankyou.”

Boldly, Anna pressed her daughter’s pussy mound in a little squeeze and said: “I owe you round two. Or three, whatever we’re up to.”

Suzie beamed and flushed.

The evening did not start well. Suzie wanted to continue her tryst with her mum but Jack had lost his job, a victim of being the last one to start so the first to go. He was angry, but more than that he was despondent. It had taken him 20 months to get a job and he’d only been in it 5 months.

Sipping beers with him on the porch, mother and sister tried to console and encourage him. After a couple of hours, he was pretty loose, though not drunk. He was in the middle of the porch swing between his mum and his sister. Anna cradled his head to her chest in motherly affection, not realising a nipple was on full display inside her loose cotton dress. Jack teased her: “Hubba Hubba, mum, haven’t seen those since I was a baby!”

“Jack Dawkins you’re the limit! You shouldn’t be looking!”

“I can’t see what ain’t being shown, ma!”

“I’m not ‘showing’ anything.”

“You sure about that? I mean, that dress mecidiyeköy escort gapes a bit, y’know.”

Anna looked down and sure enough, not only was one breast struggling to stay inside it, the front of the wraparound thing had gaped open and her little white panties were clearly visible.

“Stop teasing her, Jack! You’ll make her blush.”

Anna got bold. “Oh I doubt he can make me blush. I’m over all that kind of nonsense.”

She should have known better. Jack said: “OK then. Let’s see. Truth or dare?”

“Really, Jack? We’re not kids any more.”

“Don’t join in then.” He knew she would though.

His mother said: “Dare.”

“I dare you to… um…spin around and show us your knickers.”

She did, effortlessly. He would have to try harder than that. Suzie got a dirty idea and took the lead. Before many turns had passed, it had degenerated to her daring him to kiss their mother. Anna smiled, puckered up, and got a peck, with which Suzie was not impressed: “No way, Jack. KISS, not PECK.”

Anna wasn’t sure at first, but – well… Jack kissed her gently, a lip-nibbler but without tongues. He blushed, but she did not. Suzie said: “No, PROPERLY. Like this…”

Anna found herself being kissed by her daughter with erotic fervour as she had a few hours before, but this time, after ten seconds of it, she did urge her daughter away. Jack was open-mouthed, Anna saw with glee. So she pretended it was just part of the game. And she saw, too, that it aroused him. The bulge in his shorts proved it.

A voice in her head took charge over her senses. It said ‘Suzie wanted you, you want him. Why not?’

She gulped, took a long draft of beer. There was a sense of shocked relief. Something she’d kept below the surface finally burst into being, a nasty secret she once thought would send her to hell, but now, thanks to Suzie’s initiative, was very, very appealing.

“Wanna try again, son?”


“Suzie showed you how. Your turn, or forfeit.”

“Um, oh. OK.”

This time her son’s kiss was firmer, rougher than her daughter’s but no less erotic. Like a flood of possibilities breaking open a dam of propriety, Anna kissed her son with her tongue dancing with his, and pressed her body to him. Jack was half a head taller, strong, manly. Suzie was a shorter, thinner version of herself but Jack was broad-shouldered with an old-fashioned square jaw. Anna tousled his shock of dark hair as she kissed, felt his erection against her tummy.

Jack pulled away, confused, aroused. Suzie giggled and said “See, you still haven’t made her blush.”

Jack grinned awkwardly. He sat, but both women noted how he adjusted his shorts as he did so and stole a glance at each other. Suzie’s eyes asked a question, her mother’s answered ‘yes’. It was no longer a game, it was a seduction. But Jack didn’t know that yet.

It was Suzie’s turn. Anna dared her to sit on Jack’s lap. Innocent, maybe, but Suzie wriggled her ass slightly on his erection and he caught her scent in the cool night air. Jack looked at his mother who carried on as if this was innocent, but Jack wondered what was going on. They weren’t drunk, he was sure. But… God he was hard! Suzie must be able to feel it!

Within a few more turns the women engineered it so that Jack could be in no doubt. Right now he was being asked to compare his mother’s breasts and his sister’s. Size, firmness, and yes – he could touch if he wanted to…in the name of the game. of course. The seduction developed quickly from there. Soon, on their mother’s bed – the largest in the house – mouths found tongues, nipples. Hands touched, rubbed. Clothes were flung on the floor, then mother, son and daughter, completely naked together, began to explore.

Suzie was content to have either cock or pussy, but Anna was desperate for a man’s intrusion after so, so long. Jack was in a flat spin trying to reconcile the scene. His mother’s neatly trimmed bush, her large firm breasts, then his sister’s smooth pussy and tighter titties. He wanted both, all, everything. But most of all he yearned for his mother.

Anna lay back, beckoning her son. He got between her legs, looked down as his sister guided his cock to her, and watched it sink slowly inside his mother. She accepted it with a long, low moan. Suzie kissed her mother’s nipples, her brother’s mouth, fondled his ass, but she knew she was a sideshow right then. The main event was son fucking mother, passionately and urgently, deeply. istanbul escort Suzie sat against the bedhead with her mother between her legs and contented herself with tweaking Anna’s nipples while she watched her brother’s cock disappear again and again inside the pussy that had brought them both into the world.

His pace was steady, even as his intensity increased. His belly slapped hers, she came briefly, pulled him in further with her hands on his buttocks. She put her hands behind her knees, opening her legs so, so wide for her son to plunge right up, up inside her, until he began to shiver, tremble, and jerk as his cock exploded inside. Five, six, times it splashed, more even: Jack filled the womb that made him with hot goo while his mother writhed and bucked underneath him in a new orgasm of her own.

Too soon, it was over. Suzie had two fingers inside herself watching her brother and mother fuck, and wanted her turn. Jack would need some time, but she was going to live another fantasy that day. Anna let Jack fall out of her as Suzie rolled him over and bent to take him in her mouth. Anna got behind her daughter and fingered her pussy and ass, watching her daughter suck her son, even as her son’s cum began to slide down her thigh.

Jack’s first head job was divine. Suzie had little experience of cocks but her warm wet mouth slurped gently along his shaft, her tongue flicked his knob, and although his cock drooped a little after it’s recent exertion Suzie made sure it didn’t deflate completely. Then when his mother joined her, and they shared it in their mouths, Jack was ready to fuck his sister. She lay where her mother had just been, Jack got on top, and Suzie’s cunt melted open for her brother’s rod to push in, past the knot of her hymen, opening her insides for him to plunder as he had with their mother.

Only this time, so soon after ejaculating inside his mother, Jack had plenty to give.

He took her from behind, she rode him, he got behind her again. He loved watching his cock slide inside his sister’s angry pink tunnel, then come out again all shiny and wet from her, only to plunge inside again.

Suzie was in heaven. She was thankful that her first cock brought her little discomfort even at first, then none at all, and she was flicked into little breathy orgasms twice before she felt herself rising to a new height of ecstasy.

As her brother’s thighs slapped her ass, she fell forwards with her head on their mother’s chest, nibbling the nipple closest to her,and reached down with one hand to fold three fingers into her mother’s dripping pussy, barely conscious of anything but the warm rod inside her, the sounds of their grunting and slapping of flesh, the wetness around her hand and her brother’s balls colliding with her pussy lips. Her clit ached – she reached between her legs with her free hand to press around it, rubbing, as… Yes. Yes! She felt the tsunami approach, begged her brother not to stop, and let the waves of incest lust carry her away to the fog of orgasmic delight she’d been reaching for, higher, squealing now, her whole being reduced to this one sensation, this one fact – her brother’s cock plunging inside her.

As she came, she pressed back at Jack who pulled her hips ever further onto his cock with his strong hands. He saw her shuddering, pushed hard, and felt his own burning begin. He groaned as he felt the increased heat, sure he must be inside her very womb so tightly was his cockhead buried: He was shuddering, rippling with electricity that puckered his ass and tightened his balls; he held his breath, then swore roughly as his cum splashed, in impossibly hard jets, like static electricity drawn out of him and into his sister’s open womb. Under him, Suzie felt it too, a tickling warmth of spray against the walls of her uterus, the cock that delivered it impossibly erect, like hot iron. Still he pumped, still his balls squeezed more, until he was dry and spent and collapsed on his sister’s back, still shivering, still twitching inside her.

Brother and sister rocked against each other, cock in cunt, for a couple of minutes until they rejoined the planet. Suzie was lazily fingering their mother, now Jack looked for her. She still lay on the side of the bed, luxuriating in the delight of being satisfied by both son and daughter, and she was beaming with joy.

He simply said: “Hi mum”

“Hi yourself.”

Suzie looked back over her shoulder, smiling. Jack moved, fell out of her. She said: “Awww, that was nice having it in there.”

“Are you two kids OK?”

“I am. You, Jack?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Because, son, you just fucked your mum AND your sister. That’s why.”

“Mmm. See your point. And guess what?”


“Give me a few minutes and I’m gonna do it again!”

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