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Copyright © December 2021 by CiaoSteve

CiaoSteve reserves the right to be identified as the author of this work. This story cannot be published, as a whole or in part, without the express agreement of the author other than the use of brief extracts as part of a story review.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.

Author’s Notes

This was meant to be an entry for the 2021 Winter Holidays contest, but life took over, and I missed the boat. Thought I would publish it anyway rather than holding on for next year’s contest. Hope you enjoy, and please feel free to leave a rating and a comment.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Christmas Eve was as busy as you might have expected. Everyone was out buying last minute presents. Most were scouring the half empty shelves looking for that one spark of inspiration, the gift which would make aunt or uncle’s day, or even something to show hubby that you hadn’t forgotten about him.

Lottie though was a young woman on a mission. She knew exactly what she wanted and where to find it. What’s more, she was in a hurry.

It was late afternoon, and the last of the bright winter daylight had long since left. There was a chill in the air, even the odd flake or two of snow, as Lottie headed through the town centre in the direction of the bus station. The weather hadn’t been a surprise–it was deepest December after all–and Lottie had dressed accordingly.

At five foot five, and with her youthful looks hidden by a suitably wintry outfit, Lottie didn’t stand out in the crowd. That though was fine for the twenty-nine-year-old. In the height of summer, she might have thought about flaunting it a little, but on days like this a more practical apparel was on the cards.

Anyone paying attention, and a few did, would have noticed her cute face and long blonde locks appearing between bobble hat, coat, and scarf. Beneath the coat, a mixture of warmth and comfort had been the order of the day. Lottie had plumped for a fluffy jumper, not that anyone could see it, and thick black leggings. She loved the look of leggings over trousers or skirt as they… well, at least in Lottie’s mind, they made her legs look more toned. From the one or two glances back at the young woman as she hurried off on her way, Lottie was right.

With a handbag over one shoulder, and a full shopping bag in her other hand, Lottie boarded the number ten double-decker and set off for home. She glanced at her watch as the bus pulled out of the station. It was five already. A twenty-minute ride followed by around ten minutes walking would have her back home.

Lottie smiled to herself. Okay, well she didn’t physically smile as that would have looked a bit weird, but inside she felt the warmth of happiness pass over her face. It was going to be perfect timing. Lottie relaxed. She made herself as comfortable as she could on the hard seats of the bus. For the next twenty minutes or so Lottie stared out of the window, watching the houses pass by, as the bus made its way out to the suburbs.

Lottie loved Christmas. She loved the bright lights decorating the buildings. She loved the threat of snow in the air. She loved the idea of giving presents. She loved the time for friends and family.

More than all, Lottie loved the opportunity for surprise. This Christmas was going to be the best. She had it all planned. Lottie took another glance at her watch. Oh, yes, she had this one well and truly planned.

Lottie and Tom had been married three years, but this was the first Christmas in their own place. They’d known each other for several years before tying the knot, but each year it was a case of her parents or his. This year though, well, this year it was going to be the two of them, and the freedom to do just as they wanted.

As she stared out of the window, peering through the salt smeared glass, Lottie focused her attention on the Christmas trees, their lights shimmering in the house windows. Her mind moved onto her own, and the pile of wrapped presents sitting underneath. She glanced in her shopping bag and, metaphorically speaking, smiled once more.

Lottie always liked to grab a few extra presents and slip them under the tree. It was the element of surprise that she loved. This year there was no stopping her. Under the mound of last-minute groceries, there were three extra parcels: one for Tom, one for Lottie herself, and one for her best friend, Rosetta. Ok, so her own present was for Tom’s benefit also, so you could say it was two for Tom and one for Rosetta.

Once more, Lottie smiled to herself as she imagined them opening their Secret Santa gifts.

This year, Lottie didn’t have to consider what their parents would think, so she had been a little more adventurous with her gift buying. It was amazing what you could buy online, and all she needed ankarada sakso çeken escortlar was a quick trip into town to pick up her purchases. She’d even paid for gift wrap to make it easier to slip the extras away without being seen.

Already Lottie could imagine their faces on Christmas Morn. She would make Tom go first. His was a cock ring, a vibrating one at that. It was going to be the best of both worlds, Tom’s huge cock vibrating as they snuggled up close under the duvet. Oh yes, that would be most satisfying.

Lottie would go next, suggesting Tom did the honours on her behalf, and watching his face as he unwrapped the skimpiest of red lingerie: a quarter cup bra and crotchless knickers. The opportunities would be endless. Worn under her favourite dress, Lottie would be ready for action whenever Tom wanted it.

Then there was Rosetta, Lottie’s work colleague and best friend forever. Rosetta was a couple of years younger than Lottie, but close enough that they shared the same interests in life. They were like peas from the same pod. It was Lottie who had suggested Rosetta popped around on Christmas Eve, to pick up her Secret Santa.

Lottie had known Rosetta for several years and thought she had a good take on the young woman. Even so, Lottie had never bought anything like this, and she did hope that Rosetta saw the funny side. It was a dildo, a long flexible snake of a dildo. This was no normal dildo though. It was a dildo to share, double ended to fill two holes at once. Lottie could imagine her bestie opening it on Christmas Morn. Would Rosetta be shocked, amused, or downright excited at what was hidden under the glossy wrapping paper?

Oh, and yes, there was another reason for Rosetta coming around this Christmas Eve. That one was another of Lottie’s secrets, and one which wasn’t going to remain a secret for much longer.

Lottie was so engrossed in what she had planned for Christmas, that she nearly missed her stop. It was lucky that a couple of other passengers, both elderly and slow to dismount, were getting off at the same place or Lottie would have had more than the ten-minute walk home.

Lottie clambered off the bus. Out of the town centre it felt even colder, and Lottie pulled her scarf up a little. She glanced at her watch again as she set off on the short walk back to their house; twenty past five.

She had told Tom she would be back by six, but that had never been part of her plan. She just hoped that everything else had already fallen into place, to make this the best Christmas ever.

By half past five, Lottie was walking up the driveway. The house was lit up, both inside and out. There were silvery icicles dancing down from the guttering, a token gesture of illuminations to fit in with the other households on her road. Then there was the soft glow of houselights somewhere inside. The curtains were open in both dining room and kitchen, both of which were at the front of the house, so given the softness of the light, it had to be coming from the lounge at the back.

Was Rosetta already here? Was Tom taking good care of Lottie’s best friend until she got back? She had told her husband that Rosetta was coming around. She had told him to make sure Rosetta stayed there until Lottie returned. She had even told him what time she would be home, not that Lottie had kept to her schedule. All Lottie hoped was that Tom had kept up his end of the deal. How else was she going to make sure Rosetta got the Christmas Lottie had promised her?

There was only one way to find out. Lottie walked up to the side door, put the key in the lock and slowly turned it. She was careful not to make a noise, as she really wanted to surprise the two of them. Lottie closed the door behind her. She slipped off her boots, followed by coat, hat, and scarf.

Lottie had a good idea what Tom should be up to. If there was football on the box, then he would be watching it, and it would be no different even if they had friends around. It would take something special to break Tom away from the beautiful game, and Lottie hoped she had arranged something just so special, and most definitely beautiful. Even so, the idea of surprising him, or hopefully them, had Lottie’s pulse racing.

She loved her husband. She always had done, ever since they met all those years ago, during their university days. What’s more, Lottie knew he loved her. That’s what made it all the better. She would do anything for him, and he would do the same.

The moment Lottie entered the kitchen, she could feel the warmth in her cheeks, a gentle redness in her soft skin as the outside chill melted away. She stood there, thinking about what she was about to do. She had planned to surprise him, but now she wondered whether it was such a good idea or not. Was it the sudden change from the cold outside to the heat of the kitchen? Was it the excitement of bounding in, of interrupting her darling Tom in whatever he might be doing? Whatever it was, Lottie found elvankent prezervatifsiz sikişen escortlar herself breathing quicker, her mind suddenly filled with nervous excitement.

Lottie stood there for a moment, hidden in the shadows of the kitchen. She listened. At first Lottie couldn’t hear anything. There was silence in the house, and Lottie wondered if he was even home, let alone home with company. Then her mind wandered. Had Lottie got her timing wrong, or could it be that her guest had lost her charm, or even her nerve?

She took a few steps down the hallway, towards the soft glow of the lights, and then she heard it. Her heart missed a beat as she heard the same for a second time. Lottie picked up speed, still trying to be as quiet as she could, but now hurrying towards the lounge. It was a most familiar sound. It was the sound Tom made when she gave him…

“And… what have we here?” Lottie called out as she stood in the open lounge doorway.

“It’s… it’s… not what it looks like,” Tom stuttered as he saw his wife standing there.

Lottie just stared. Not what it looks like? Now that would take some explaining, as in front of her was her husband, slumped back on the sofa with his knees splayed wide. It was his moans which she had heard earlier, and the cause of the moans… well, the cause was right in front of him.

There, kneeling on the floor between his outstretched legs, head down, was another woman. Despite her shiny black locks falling across Tom’s lap, Lottie knew exactly what they were up to, and more so, who she was.

“This had better be good, Tom, as I know what it looks like from over here.”

Lottie had planned on a surprise for Christmas, in fact she’d engineered one of the biggest… or at least it would be by the time the evening was out. Lottie knew what was going on. Even the young woman on her knees, her best friend Rosetta, had been a more than willing accomplice.

It was only Tom… her darling husband Tom… who had no idea. And for now, Lottie found it great fun to prolong the suspense.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This very evening had been in the planning since those long hot days of summer, but the opportunity only arose a couple of weeks ago at the company Christmas Bash. Charlotte as she was known by her seniors, or Lottie to her friends, worked in corporate communications. She loved her job. She loved the company, and most of all, she loved working with her bestie. Rosetta was a typical Italian, feisty, enthusiastic in everything she did, and downright beautiful, with her long dark hair and lightly tanned complexion.

They’d both joined on the same graduate intake, some six years, or so, earlier, and had spent most hours of most working days together. To say they had a close relationship was an understatement. Rosetta was the one that Lottie trusted with her deepest secrets, and Lottie knew all of Rosetta’s, or at least she thought she did. When Lottie tied the knot with Tom, it was Rosetta who was her bridesmaid, along with several family nieces.

As Christmas parties went, this one was a bit of a damp squib. For sure there was enough grub to feed an army, and sufficient drink to sink the proverbial navy, but otherwise it was same old, same old. A middle-aged wannabe DJ was belting out the most cringeworthy Christmas tracks you could imagine, yet still the dancefloors were packed. It was amazing what the effect of Champagne could be, especially when it was free-flowing and at the company’s expense.

Lottie sat all alone, her table in the shadows towards the edge of the large open plan ballroom. As usual she wore the same little red dress that she always did. It was her favourite Christmas number, and she liked to think it was full enough of festive cheer that she didn’t need to replace it. To be even more jolly, Lottie donned a red elf hat, the white bobble on the top flopping forward over her ear.

Rosetta had left her there, with an excuse of grabbing some extra drinks. Lottie had sat there and watched her bestie disappear off into the crowds. If Lottie had been full of Christmas spirit, then Rosetta had gone the whole hog. She always did, and she always looked fantastic. This year was no different.

Her snowflake print dress–red like Lottie’s number–clung tight across Rosetta’s full bust, pulled in around her waist, then flared out wide down to mid-thigh. It was an off the shoulder number, held in place with two tiny red straps. As if that wasn’t enough, the festive number was finished off with white fur, a line around the hem of the dress and another following the roundness of Rosetta’s ample mounds.

God, with her curves and naturally tanned skin colour, Rosetta was one beautiful lady. The only surprise about the young Italian was why she hadn’t been swept off her feet, just as Lottie had been. One day, Lottie kept telling herself. One day Lottie would repay the accolade, becoming her bestie’s Maid of Honour. sincan gece kalan escortlar That day would come, but for now Lottie sat there with the thought of her bestie in her mind, or at least the image of snowflakes disappearing into the distance.

That seemed like an eternity ago, and now Lottie started to wonder if her bestie had found somebody better for the evening.

She wouldn’t mind if Rosetta did find somebody, as long as it was someone worthy of her hand. They were besties, but deep-down Lottie adored her friend. No, not like that. Lottie was married. There was something though about their relationship, something which had Lottie always looking out for her friend.

For sure Lottie would never see Rosetta hurt, if she could help it. There had to be somebody out there looking for a drop-dead gorgeous, tanned Italian. It was just that their paths hadn’t come together yet. Lottie didn’t want to be matchmaker, but if only Rosetta gave some clues as to what she wanted in a man, or even a woman. Lottie really felt she could help. She glanced around the room, then clarified her own thoughts. Yes, she could help, but not with this group.

One day, Lottie told herself, one day she would see Rosetta happy.

“Hey, Charlie,” came a slightly drunken male voice. “Penny for them.”

“Charlotte!” Lottie replied, glancing up at a middle aged, slightly inebriated sales rep.

“Jack,” he continued, taking a seat at the table without even being asked. “Jack Smith, National Sales. Now, what’s a beautiful young woman like you doing sitting alone in the dark. I mean it, Charlie. The night’s young… come and dance.”

“Charlotte!” Lottie responded once more, “and I really don’t want a dance. In fact I’m waiting for somebody.”

“Come on. Get yourself on that dancefloor. Let’s strut our stuff and get a smile on that pretty little face of yours. It’s such a shame to see you looking so sad.”

By now it wasn’t a look of sadness which adorned Lottie’s face, but more the grimace of a lack of amusement. She hated these corporate bashes, but she felt obliged to come, to be seen. Jack… the slightly drunken Jack… was exactly what she hated most about the whole thing.

Really? Was he so interested in her state of mind? Lottie gave Jack the benefit of the doubt, but her cynical side told her he was just looking for an opportunity to get inside her knickers. Christmas party, a bit of fizz, and they were all up for a one-night stand, weren’t they?

“I told you Jack. I’m waiting for–“

“Me,” came a familiar Italian voice. “She’s waiting for me, and I’m so sorry for taking so long, my darling.”

Jack turned towards Rosetta, not sure what to make of the sudden outburst. Nobody spoke to the three times salesman of the year in this way. Rosetta had done, and what’s more, she continued to do so.

“Jack… isn’t it? Well, thank you Jack for keeping my Charlotte company,” Rosetta continued. “Now, if you don’t mind, two’s company, but three’s… well, you know what they say.”

The look on Jack’s face said it all. His macho bravado had suddenly been taken down a few notches and he couldn’t wait to get out of here.

The look on Lottie’s face was also a picture. This time it was a picture half full of surprise and half of concern. What had her bestie just gone and done?

“Sorry ladies… I… well…” Jack stuttered.

The macho bravado of the young salesman had disappeared. It was like somebody had stabbed deep into his heart. How had he not seen it? Batting for the other side, and he had tried to chat her up. What would the others say? They’d all be… well… laughing at him. Jack swallowed deeply. ‘Be kind’ he told himself. ‘Be kind… and get the hell out of here as quick as you can.’

“… please excuse me… I must get going… and sorry if I… well… I didn’t realise…” Jack continued, his response coming more as broken phrases than sentences. “Ladies… have a wonderful Christmas… together.”

With that, Jack was gone.

Once more it was just the two of them. Lottie sitting at the table, and Rosetta standing. Rosetta had been true to her word, and held a bottle of fizz in one hand, and two glasses in the other. Lottie on the other hand seemed uninterested in her friend’s newly gotten gains.

Lottie simply sat there, staring at Rosetta. The expression on her face spoke both of her confusion and her surprise. She wanted to say something but didn’t have the words. For a moment there was a standoff between the two women. It was finally Lottie who broke the ice.

“Why?” Lottie asked.

“Why what?” Rosetta responded, taken aback by the reaction of her friend.

“Why this?” Rosetta continued, placing the glasses on the table then popping the cork in the top of the bottle. Rosetta filled the two glasses, then sat down opposite Lottie. “I thought–“

“Why tell him we’re together… an item?” Lottie interrupted.

“Looked like you needed a little help… you know… to get rid of him… and… well… it just seemed…” came Rosetta’s still confident reply.

“It’ll be all over the company by the time we get in on Monday. Didn’t you think of that?” Lottie continued.

For a moment, there was silence. The two women stared at each other, a stern look on Lottie’s face and an emerging smile on Rosetta’s. Rosetta laughed, then addressed her friend.

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