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Opening her blurry eyes, Alice propped herself up on an elbow trying to shake the small wave of nausea that swept through her stomach. Sitting up on her knees, she rubbed her eyes in earnest trying to get her vision to clear. When she lowered her hands she noticed things beginning to come into focus. The white nothingness she had fallen through was gone and replaced with a silver-gray room bore of stone and metal. Her eyes, finally able to focus, revealed the room she was in for the first time.

The room was large, approximately 30 feet across and at least twice that in height. The room was shaped like an octagon, with elaborate gray marble pillars partitioning each wall. The floor was a lovely marble pattern of white and black stone that showed some age with small cracks and chips. Each wall had a silver mirror of different sizes and adornment ranging from one foot in height to 10 feet high. In the center of the room stood an amazing statue made of gleaming polished gold that was an amalgam of shapes, scenes and women. It was almost like a totem pole with the scenes molded one on top of the other. The pole itself stretched from the floor all the way up to the darkened ceiling showing odd shapes and sculptures along its length.

Standing up to look around the room, Alice noticed a run in her black pantyhose. “Great” she muttered to herself, remembering how much trouble she’d gone through to smuggle them out of the office. She was also without shoes. Somewhere along the plummet to this place, the voyage had gobbled up her heels and she was now in her stocking feet. “Pity… I got those shoes on sale” she muttered again.

It was warm here, too. Having run through the snow for the better part of the last 25 minutes, Alice’s warm pea coat and scarf were now making her unbearably hot. Doffing her cold weather attire she dropped it on the floor and continued examining her surroundings in her white satin blouse and black skirt. Thankfully the heat was also drying her snow dampened blonde hair

Walking towards one of the mirrors, she instinctively composed her appearance straightening her blouse buttons and her nylons. Reaching out cautiously to touch one of the mirrors, Alice heard a liquid sound like running water. Looking down, a teardrop, that looked poured out of pure mercury, seethed out from the mirror’s shiny surface to form an antique copper doorknob with a keyhole.

Bewildered, Alice tried the door only to find it locked. Pursing up her lips in disappointment, she looked to the other silver mirror frames. One by one, she walked around the room to each wall, and every time she was met with the same disappointment. All the doors were as unique and different as their frames. One was wrought black iron, one was an elegantly engraved silver handle, one had a wooden knob and several others were a conglomeration of door handles from ages past. The one thing in common was they were all locked. Frustrated, confused and scared Alice started to cry softly with short sniffles and sobs.

“Alice,” a voice whispered.

Turning with a start, wiping away tears, she didn’t see anyone around. The voice had sounded as if it had been sung by many voices combined into one.

“Alice,” the soft voice beckoned again.

This time Alice believed it came from the statue in the center of the room. Walking around to the face side of the statue she saw the form of a beautiful woman wearing nothing but embossed golden stockings that had roses etched along the tops. Her right arm was strangely outstretched forming a cupped hand. She was about the same size as Alice with long golden sculpted hair that melded around her voluptuous form into other shapes of wolves, pirate ships, and beautiful flowers towards the floor.

“Alice,” the voice said again, though this time the lips moved and the golden eyes opened to stare at her. Jumping back two feet with a cry, Alice covered her mouth in disbelief, tears welling up slightly. How could a statue come to life and talk? “Allliicccceeeeeee,” the voice drawled out soothingly, the eyes looking down at her cupped hand.

Following her gaze, the last of her sobbing done, Alice saw the golden fingertips begin to ebb the same mercury silver liquid that she saw in the mirrors. As it poured down into the statue’s palm, the small droplets swirled each other like balls on a roulette wheel before massing and forming into a three-inch silver key.

Realizing what it was, Alice reached out and plucked the key apprehensively. Instead of being wet and intangible, the key was as solid as steel. Running to the mirrors again, Alice used the key on every lock possible, but several times the key was too big, or entirely too small. Looking down at the foot-high silver mirror that had a platinum colored handle, Alice knelt down and tried the key. With a click the door handle opened and the mirror swung, as if on hinges, to reveal a marvelous land full of amazing colors and unbelievable landscapes stretching off into the blue and rose colored sky.

Sadly, try as she might, Alice discovered güvenilir bahis she was entirely too big to squeeze through the small portal. Lying down on the stone floor and trying to wedge through the door, she was met with futility as her silky, slippery pantyhose legs bore no traction on the slick stone.

Withdrawing from the tiny portal, the mirror closed shut by itself and spat out the key with a tiny clink as it landed near her nylon coated knees. Picking up the key, Alice frowned. Not hardly as easy as she would have thought. “Seriously who makes doors entirely too small for entirely too large of a person to fit through?” Alice asked the unseen architect of this odd room.

Looking at the key, and then back at the beautiful golden statue, Alice got an idea. Walking around to face the golden stocking legged statue woman with pirates in her hair, she looked into the open eyes that were still staring down at its hand. “Excuse me statue, but how do I get through the door?” Nothing happened.

‘Fantastic,’ she thought, it’s a one trick pony. It spits out a key and leaves you stranded with runs in your pantyhose, without shoes, in a room full of mirror doors that won’t open except the smallest one that you couldn’t squeeze a hobbit through. She huffed loudly with a small chuckle. How funny. Only moments ago she was afraid of the talking statue and now expected it to bail her out of this puzzle.

“The key,” it suddenly replied, still looking down, in a voice that was like velvet and rose petals. Following its gaze to the outstretched hand, Alice replaced the key where she had found it.

“I used the key to open the door, but it’s too small to fit through, or rather I’m too large to fit through it,” Alice replied pleadingly. “How do I get through the door?”

“Kiss me,” the woman said, her penetrating eyes coming up to gaze into Alice’s sea-blue eyes.

Stepping back apprehensively, Alice stared at the statue. Its face seemed to glimmer as if more fluid and soft. “You mean if I kiss you, I’ll get out of this room?” Alice asked.

“Kiss me,” the statue replied again, with an angel’s voice that made Alice dizzy. It wasn’t like she hadn’t kissed a girl before. Her college roommate, Sara had been her part time pantyhose lover when boyfriends were scarce. She began to recall several occasions when she had so many orgasms in her pantyhose passions that her pussy felt like it would be sensitive forever. Thinking about kissing her former fling made her panties begin to moisten again.

“Kissssssssss meeeee,” the statue beckoned with a more seductive, resounding voice, that made Alice feel slightly drunk.

Walking up to the statue with small steady steps, Alice’s was suddenly very aware of her pantyhose again as they whispered with her approach. Her body was getting warmer and the silk on her legs felt a dozen times softer with two pairs gliding over each other. The statue was immaculate, and for some reason she yearned to kiss the golden lips that seemed as soft as satin.

Placing her hands on the statues thighs, the gold was warm and soft like nylon stockings, but had a metal plating that was slippery. Closing her eyes, Alice yearned for the kiss as she leaned in towards the beautiful face. The statue breathed out lightly before their lips touched and Alice was reminded of honeysuckle. Pressing her pink lips to the statue, the golden lips melded under her pressure and gave slightly kissing Alice back. Their moist lips kissed passionately as if the statue knew how to be a human lover.

Pressing her groin flat against the naked sex of the statue, Alice ran her hands up and down the silky metal legs as she gave herself over to the kiss. The statues lips sensually kissed Alice’s. Feeling even more compliant, Alice’s breath came in gasps as she opened her mouth, pushing her tongue past her golden lover’s lips. The statue moaned with a sound like gods loving, opening its mouth in return and letting its slippery tongue glide into Alice’s wanting mouth.

Then Alice tasted something. The saliva from the statue was rich and sweet like butter cream frosting on carrot cake. It was delicious and Alice hungered for it. Her body felt electric with the rapturous joy from the kiss and she began to flick her tongue with tenacity, licking the statues lips and sucking her tongue with sensual determination.

Suddenly the sweet golden lips were gone, and Alice felt so faint she thought she might pass out. Opening her eyes, she saw the statue growing to enormous proportions, the outstretched hand rising up above her as the room continued to expand and expand.

Her pantyhose immediately told her something wasn’t quite right. Not because they began to speak like the statue, but because they were becoming increasingly loose and baggy. It finally dawned on her that the room wasn’t growing; rather she was shrinking at an alarming rate. Her skirt and blouse became so large they fell completely off her hips and shoulders. In a mad attempt to keep some clothing on she grabbed the top of her panties and pantyhose güvenilir bahis siteleri with one hand, while the other held her bra against her breasts.

Looking at the room, every single detail magnified, Alice bunched up the loose nylons and black lace undergarments and ran like a princess in a ballroom gown towards the tiny silver door. It was a little odd and yet fun at the same time to be in stocking feet when the nylons were as baggy as potato sacks. This would make a wonderful sleeping bag she thought to herself as her new body stocking rubbed along her belly and ass. After a minute of running from the statue, that had taken her only seconds to cross before, Alice finally reached the miniature door.

Reaching out, the teardrop of mercury formed the ornate platinum handle once again, albeit larger this time. Trying to turn the handle the door gave a resounding click but did not budge. “The key!” she said. Looking around at her pantyhose and undergarments and then back to her skirt; the sudden realization of where she’d set the key finally dawned on her.

“Oh no,” she said, a shaking hand covering her mouth. “FUCK ME!!!” she shouted up at the statue with the outstretched hand. “I get shrunk to a foot tall and forget the goddamn key to the door?!”

“Aaaarrrrrrrrrrrggggghhhh Shit!” She shouted again to no one but herself, blowing her blonde hair out of her face. Frustrated, yet determined, she bunched up her pantyhose and ran back to the statue.

Looking up at the golden hand that was at least 2 feet out of her reach, she pondered climbing the statue, but it looked entirely too slick to get anywhere but a couple inches off the ground.

“Great, how the hell do I get through the door now,” she muttered.

“The key,” the statue said. This time the voice didn’t come from the lips she had kissed so deliciously, it came from behind the statue. Walking around Alice saw a smaller form of the statue that she hadn’t noticed before because she had been too big. This carving was different though. Her hair was in a large bun on top of her hair that was lavishly decorated with braces, chains and golden etched jewels. The figure was wearing the same golden rose patterned stockings but this time the shape was sitting astride a long curved beam that reminded her of a saddle. Sitting on the saddle to face the statue, Alice Looked into the open eyes and said, “How do I get through the door at this size?”

“The keeeyyyyyyy,” the statue purred with her enchanting voice.

“I’m sorry, but I left the key up there, and now I can’t get through the door. How am I supposed to get back up there to get the key?” Alice asked in a little too much of a begging voice.

“Take me” the statue cooed .

“I don’t underst.. WHOA!!” Alice cried as she felt something hard growing up from the seat of the saddle. Jumping back, an armful of pantyhose cradled in her arms, she saw a golden curved rod about seven of her inches in length and an inch round, meld up from the surface of the saddle.

“Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me.. There’s no way I’m having sex with a sta..” Alice began before the statue interrupted her.

“Allliccccccccccee….. Take meeee” the statue said, its voice everywhere in the enormous room and inside her mind. She smelled honeysuckle on its breath again and swooned slightly from the dizzying scent that drew her forward.

Alice remembered the intoxicating feeling she’d had when she kissed the statue before and the electric feeling that had shot through her body when she’d tasted the butter cream sweetness of her golden lover’s mouth.

Moving over the golden phallus, Alice became aware that her body was more excited than she admitted to herself as a slippery bead of her quivering essence dripped down the inside of her leg.

“Allllicccccceeeeeeeee,” the statue drawled enchanting her more.

Pulling her pantyhose down around her thighs and pulling them through her legs so her pussy was exposed to the horned saddle seat, Alice stood up onto her tip toes inching forward towards the statue. The nylon pressing against the front of her legs began sending intense shivers through her entire body in anticipation of having something inside her.

‘God, why do I have such a weakness for sex in my pantyhose,’ Alice pondered as if in a dream. Then in one slow motion, she lowered her wanting pussy onto the tip of the rod. As soon as it touched her flesh, it was warm and comforting, like a nice hot bath. She was well greased from her own excitement, but the subtle vibration that emanated from the golden shaft spiraled right to her clit and inside her quim making her shriek in surprise.

“Oooooohhhhh God…” Alice uttered as she slowly sank onto the rod with fluid grace. The shaft became thicker and thicker as she took it into herself and after gliding up and down a few times to lubricate it with her sex, she sat down onto the saddle with a throaty moan; the entire length of the seven inches buried deep and throbbing inside her.

“Oooooohhhhh God…” the golden statue iddaa siteleri moaned in pleasurable response making Alice’s legs quiver. Grinding back and forth slowly, Alice could feel the warm golden shaft vibrating more intensely with a pulsing action. Unable to contain herself from enjoying the addictive pleasure any longer, Alice began to ride up and down the full length of the shaft grinding hard against the saddle with the wet sound of sex.

Over and over her body rose and fell. Before long a light perspiration beaded up on her skin as she worked herself closer to climax.

“Take me,” the golden lips said breathlessly, and then unexpectedly her supple metallic form jolted. The statues gilded breasts heaved, her eyes rolling back into her head as her perfect shiny lips opened wide in silent joy.

Before Alice knew what was happening, the phallus swelled throughout its length and then as she slammed down onto it one final time, it pulsed with a powerful shudder that exploded in Alice’s belly with sensuous, tickling warmth that felt like a thousand tiny fingers caressing her swollen pussy.

“Oh shit!” Alice exclaimed, grinding her clit against the saddle. Feeling the throbbing inside her pussy put her over the edge and Alice began to come in shuttering waves. Over and over again she jerked her hips down onto the golden horn until as she was just getting started to renew her sexual vigor, her pantyhose began getting tighter.

‘Huh?’ she pondered curiously.

With a sensation that felt like riding an elevator Alice began to grow again. Still convulsing with the power of her orgasm she was disappointed when her silken legs grew so long that they lifted her off of the rod with a moist slurping sound. A golden liquid, like honey ebbed from her wet pussy lips, and most likely was a similar tincture that had caused her to shrink.

In anticipation of reaching her full height again, she began pulling up both pairs of her nylons, and her black lace thong panties. Her bra was next as she reached her full height and she could now reach around and grab the key from the open hand of the statue. But something else was wrong. The key was tinier than she recalled, as was the hand, and both continued to shrink. Her pantyhose, just finally put into place along with her underwear began to tighten to the point of being nearly unbearable.

With a ripping sound like linen curtains being hewn in half, her nylons, both blessed pairs, split and tore all along her legs from toe to calf and from knee to ass. Her panties strained but held fast as she grew and grew towards the ceiling of the room. Her bra was the next to go and ripped apart in the front leaving each tiny cup dangling from her straps still fastened around her shoulders. Looking up, the ceiling continued to close as she grew to an enormous height.

“Stop, stop STOP!!!” she cried as her head bumped the arched stone ceiling, and as if on cue, she did just that. Looking into her hand at the key, it seemed no larger than a mosquito. ‘Well this is brilliant’ she thought.

Immediately looking to the statue that connected to the ceiling she saw a statue that was carved much larger than the one in the middle. Its golden face looked at Alice blankly without emotion.

“Well this simply won’t do to get me through the door now will it?” she asked her gilded love. Looking a the key and then down to the tiny door and back to the face of the upper carving, she stooped down to the golden lips. “I hope this works.”

The lips responded eagerly by kissing Alice back. Again she was drawn into the kiss and her loins, so recently satisfied began to stir. Their tongues met and shared the sweet taste of butter cream frosting, and an instant later she was shrinking again. Seconds had barely a chance to pass before she was again on the floor. Her pantyhose were destroyed beyond belief, her bra was useless and tattered, her panties were soiled with her love fluid and her skirt and blouse were too enormous to be of any use.

Shirking out of her rags she walked over to her pea coat and grabbed her scarf wrapping it around her naked body like a toga. The cashmere was velveteen on her warm skin and she purred lightly in its tickling comfort. Looking down at the key, now the size of her foot, Alice trotted back to the door and in an instant had the platinum silver mirror door unlocked and opened.

Holding up her garb, she stepped through onto stone steps, letting the door close behind her with a click. A path of cool stones set out from the door way, winding its way into the distance, yet looking back revealed nothing more than a door frame and a silver mirror resting on a hill of grass. There was no building she had come out of; it was simply a frame out here in the wilds and nothing more.

“Well this gets weirder and weirder by the second doesn’t it Alice,” she said to herself in wonderment. The sky was the color of cotton candy drifting into an ocean. The grass was greener than anything she had seen and the plants, numbering in the thousands, grew in odd bunches of shrubs and trees, weeds and thicket all along the path. A deep spruce forest was off to the left of the path while an oak forest was off to its right. Giant mushrooms grew in places and jutting stones were seen in the mountains beyond.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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