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New author here, feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

This is the fourth chapter of a much longer story that will span multiple categories. The bulk of the coming chapters will end up here under Incest/Taboo, largely due to the relationship that this story introduces.

If anyone would like to assist with editing, I’m more than willing to accept help.

Thanks & Enjoy.


Sweet Casey

Alex rolled into his driveway and parked his street bike in the garage. He went inside and looked around for his sisters. It appeared he had the house to himself, a welcome change from the chaos he’d been experiencing. Upstairs in his room, he pulled out his secret shoebox, taking a few moments to admire Sam’s red lace shorts and the twins’ black and white panties before adding Megan’s freshly saturated undies to his trophy case. Four pairs in one day, if he kept that pace up he’d need a bigger box.

The secret collection of panties reminded him of Lily’s pink g-string. He’d caught a glimpse of the night before. It wasn’t something he’d known her to wear, although it wasn’t like she walked around the house half naked. In his weaker moments Alex had rifled through her panty drawer, and he often inspected what his sisters left in the hamper in their bathroom. Lily had a few lacy pairs that he might consider sexy, but they were all full-backed, he’d never seen a thong let alone a string in her drawer. She must be keeping secrets.

Alex walked across the hall and into Lily’s room. Posters covered the walls and girly pink accents were draped on the windows and bed. His older sister was a neat freak, there was very little mess, just some recent clutter on her desk. Focus! He had a singular purpose and wasn’t going to linger looking for her diary or other hidden treasures.

Lily’s dresser was Alex’s first target. He opened the top drawer where he knew she kept her underthings and rifled through the colorful assortment of bras and panties. White and pink were the dominant colors, mostly plain-styled cotton briefs and a few bikini and hipster cuts, but nothing close to resembling what he’d spied the night before.

Alex continued down the dresser drawers, but knew he wouldn’t find anything; jeans, shorts blouses, and sweaters were all that was left. He moved on to the closet which was stuffed with hanging jackets and Lily’s nicer clothes. The bottom was stacked with shoeboxes. Alex sifted through them, finding pair after pair of size sevens. On top in the very back, he found a large shoebox that was too heavy to hold its intended contents.

Alex opened the lid and stared in shock. An assortment of very naughty things filled the box. His eyes were first drawn to an anatomically correct rubber dildo; beige colored, about seven inches long, and thick, almost as thick as he was. It had a realistically shaped flared tip, colored pink, and veins that ran the full length of the shaft. Two little wrinkly silicone balls adorned the base, just above what he assumed was a flat round suction cup. His cock began to stiffen as he imagined what his sister must do with the toy. Maybe she used it in the shower. Or maybe Carrie used it on her.

Digging further, Alex found a few small plastic vibrators, one about five inches long and narrow, plus a couple smaller bullet-shaped devices with wires attached to separate control boxes. He opened a small velvet drawstring bag and found an inch and a half diameter butt plug with a pink heart-shaped jewel embedded in the bottom. He moved a box of condoms out of the way and examined a small collection of plastic squeeze bottles. A couple were plain lube, there was a bottle of cleaner, and he also found an assortment of scented oils and lotions, one of which was strawberry. He opened the lid and was immediately hit by Carrie’s smell. He inhaled deeply and flashed back to the sight of her sipping his cum in ecstasy. He made a mental note of the brand and continued his search.

Alex found nothing else of interest, no sign of the secret pink g-string. He did his best to leave her room in the state he found it, but couldn’t quite remember where he found the big box of toys. Oh well, maybe she’ll forget, or blame Casey.

Alex was feeling frisky after the discovery of the origin of Carrie’s alluring scent, not to mention the big rubber cock and butt plug he’d found in Lily’s toybox. He needed to cool off and get his mind off girls in a serious way, especially his sister. Whatever Carrie had done to him on the couch had turned his sex drive up to eleven.

It was a hot summer afternoon, a perfect time to take a swim. Alex had to stay in shape if he hoped to keep up with his older and more experienced teammates once the season started in the fall.

Back in the master bedroom, Alex picked through his sizeable selection of swim trunks. After ten years of competitive swimming he’d collected quite a variety. More than one pair he’d outgrown, but kept for sentimental reasons. He pulled out a white speedo brief and smiled canlı bahis at it fondly. He won his first meet wearing it when he was thirteen. They’re a little too small now, and rather threadbare, but what the hell. He slid off his shorts and boxers and pulled it on. The suit felt good; tight, like he was being held.

Alex stepped in front of the mirror to admire his form. His excitement was obvious, the form of his balls and spongy prick were quite conspicuous. He grabbed his shaft through the suit and pulled up to see how well the stretchy briefs could contain his package. No chance of slippage there at least. Alex then reached in and pushed his stiffening phallus down his front so his shaft rested across his balls. His flared tip pushed the suit farther out, stretching nearly to its limits. He’d have to be careful, the old speedo certainly wouldn’t contain his full size.

Alex turned and looked over his shoulder into the mirror at his backside. The spandex hugged his ass tightly, he could just make out the start of his crack above the narrow waistband. He turned to the side and admired his bulge again. Impressive, he thought, as his cock twitched in delight. All the attention and complements he’d been receiving lately were feeding his vanity. It was a strange new feeling; he’d never considered himself particularly well-endowed. But apparently that was the case, he though, remembering Sam’s and Fiona’s shocked looks and words of astonishment.

Grabbing a towel, Alex marched downstairs and outside to the pool. He dove in and basked in the cool water. Beginning with a few warm-up laps, he quickly lost himself in the physical activity. All thoughts of the birthday party faded away as he picked up the pace, gliding through the water, his long arms propelling him faster and faster.

Casey had come home while Alex was changing, unbeknownst to him. As she passed his open door she was startled by the sight of her brother standing nearly naked in front of his mirror. She watched with fascination as he adjusted himself. Unable to see what he was doing, she was left with her imagination. Holding her breath, Casey admired his lean back and broad shoulders and stared agape at his sexy butt. The suit was so tight and worn through that she could clearly see the dark line of his cleft. When Alex started to turn around she stepped quickly out of the doorway and slid silently into her room, gasping for air.

Casey had only been this aroused one other time. It happened last fall when she and Alex were sunning beside the pool. He fell asleep next to her and she noticed in amazement that his tight swimsuit began to stretch. Alex’s erection grew to full size in front of her eyes, so massive that it pushed the suit’s fabric away from his hips. She could see a forest of dark crinkly hair through the growing gap. In a moment of sheer abandon, she quietly got up and crept in for a closer look.

From a foot away Casey could see the base of his thick shaft and the top of his wrinkled purse. He was so big! It made her quiver and tingle in places that rarely came to life. She stared for several minutes, and then quickly but quietly returned to her room. Hot and full of exciting feelings she mounted her biggest teddy bear and started humping it, still wearing her swimsuit. A few minutes later she experienced her first orgasm. She’d since graduated beyond stuffed animals as a means of release. Lily caught her doing it one day and laughed at her. Later she gave her a little metal toy, probably out of pity. Her older sister wasn’t known for doing nice things these days.

Casey loved to rub that metal bullet around on her clit, the strong vibrations drove her wild. She also had a secret selection of candles of varying lengths and dimensions she used to probe her tight little hole when the mood struck her. But that rarely happened. She didn’t like watching porn, and there weren’t any boys she was interested in at school; they were all too immature or just plain gross. Sometimes she read erotic stories, but her interest in fiction wasn’t strong. She’d never had a boyfriend, at least not a real one. It was always Alex that got her hot and bothered. She’d long since learned to accept her feelings for her brother and try to keep them to herself. He was oblivious to her sneaky glances anyway.

Casey contemplated a session of self-love, but the urge to see more of Alex overcame her desire for instant satisfaction. She had an idea, Sonya had given her a naughty present last week after school. It was a new leotard, but not just any leotard, it was a thong, probably meant to be worn over tights. Sonya wasn’t known for her modesty, she simply said she’d outgrown it and thought Casey might like it. Casey didn’t think she’d ever wear it, it was far from appropriate for public.

Feeling frisky, she pulled it from the back of her dresser drawer. The fabric was white, clingy, and very stretchy. It didn’t have snaps in the crotch like her other body suits, it looked more like a swimsuit except there bahis siteleri was no extra fabric sewn into the cups or crotch, and the back was very revealing. Below the waist there was little more than a triangle of fabric connected to a strip about an inch wide that lead up the backside. It was definitely not meant to be worn by itself, not decently anyway.

Casey quickly pulled off her clothes and stepped into the skimpy bodysuit. The fit was snug, she shivered as the suit pulled tight between her thighs, pinching her tingling sex. The suit was slightly transparent, the faint outlines of her nipples were visible, perched on her petite but prominent breasts. A dark crease ran between her legs just below a small patch of brown hair, all that remained of her short curlies.

Satisfied, Casey grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her exposed body. Lily was gone until dinner, so she had at least two hours to play with her brother. Excitement building, she bolted downstairs and out the back door to the patio. “Hi Alex,” she shouted to get his attention.

“Hey, Case. Didn’t hear you come home. Whatcha up to?” he asked while perched on the edge of the pool with his elbows.

“Do you mind if I practice on the lawn? I don’t want to bug you, but I have a meet coming up and the gym is closed.” It was a perfectly reasonable and innocent request. Except she couldn’t seriously practice on the uneven ground in the backyard, but Alex didn’t know that.

“Sure, knock yourself out.” Alex sympathized, the inconvenience of having to go someplace else to practice was why he had the large pool put in last spring.

Casey unwrapped her towel and started warm-up stretches. Bending and flexing slowly and methodically, she tried her best to catch Alex’s eye but he was in his own world, pacing back and forth in the water. She finished warming up and began practicing her tumbles, hoping her acrobatics would draw her brother’s attention. Casey loved how the skimpy leotard felt as she moved. The pull of the thong between her legs sent a jolt of electricity through her body every time she straightened.

Alex slowed his pace and stopped for a quick rest at the shallower end of the pool. Looking back across the water he finally saw what Casey was wearing. His jaw dropped and eyes opened wide while he gawked at his younger sister’s trim body. He’d never, ever seen her wear something so revealing.

Casey walked away to a clear spot in the yard and Alex fixated on her tight bubble butt. He watched the pale orbs flex as she walked, split by a tiny white strip of fabric that winked in and out of existence with each step. She was lean, not an ounce of fat visible anywhere, and incredibly sexy. Alex felt a stir in his tight briefs. Not wanting to chance fate, he resumed swimming to keep his mind off his sister’s unexpected exhibitionism.

Casey turned and was disappointed to see Alex continuing his exercise. She began performing a few short pieces of her floor routine, tumbling and flipping across the soft grass. She was acutely aware of how her new suit was responding to her movements. Her breasts had more freedom than she was used to. Her petite mounds moved in all directions as she jumped through the air and came thudding back to the ground, rubbing her nipples to stiff little points that jutted conspicuously through the sheer fabric of her leotard.

Alex continued to swim and her frustration boiled over. She hastily devised a plan without considering the consequences.

“Ouch!” Casey yelped and collapsed to the ground, grasping her left leg.

“What’s wrong?” Alex stopped swimming at her cry.

“My leg, I think I hurt it. Help, please!”

Alex got out of the pool and walked over as Casey looked up. She stared at his package while he approached, surprised at how small it now was. She could easily make out his balls though, and how they jostled left and right with each step he took. A small tremor fluttered between her legs.

“I think it’s my hamstring, I felt it go real tight and now it hurts a lot,” she whimpered, clutching the back of her leg

“Probably just a cramp,” Alex said as he looked down at his little sister. She was sitting on the ground with her legs spread and knees up, grasping her upper thigh. He could see her nipples poking out of her top, thankfully the angle and the grass kept the rest of her secrets hidden.

“It huuurts,” she whined in her best pathetic little girl voice. Then she laid back on the ground and closed her eyes tightly, feigning extreme pain.

Alex stared at her sister’s lithe body stretched out on the ground, knees raised up and ankles a foot apart. He stared right down at her mound and followed the clingy white fabric as it disappeared between her flattened cheeks. He leveled his gaze on her crotch again, noting two small hills split by the slightest darkened crease. Her pleasingly rounded lady bump was enticing, topped by a dark patch of fur that lead Alex to believe she was otherwise shaved smooth. bahis şirketleri He’d never looked at his sister with lust before.

Casey opened her eyes and followed his gaze. It was working! She quickly turned her head away, not wanting to make him feel awkward, and theatrically twisted her face into a mask of agony.

“Ok, hold still, I’ll see if I can help,” he said, crouching to his knees. Casey propped herself up on her elbows, hoping to catch a better glimpse of Alex. There it was! she thought triumphantly. She could just make out where his elongated shaft sat nestled in the tight speedo.

Alex wrapped his hand under her left thigh and gently squeezed the muscle. Casey let out a yelp and Alex figured he found the spot. He continued to rub up and down her thigh, heating her skin and enjoying its softness.

“This isn’t working,” Casey said after a minute. Time to move on to phase two, she thought. “I need to be laying down on my stomach and this grass is itchy. Can you help me over to one of those chairs?” she asked, pouting with her pretty round eyes.

“Ahh, sure,” Alex said. He moved to her side, still on his knees, putting his package less than a foot from Casey’s gaze. He knew she was looking at it now, and that caused his brain to no longer do the majority of his thinking for him. He put one arm under her knees and the second across her upper back. With one sure movement, he picked her up off the ground, carefully cradling her petite body and trying not to jostle her injured leg. He looked down as she smiled up at him, unable to stop himself from sweeping his gaze across her chest and little dark pokies.

Casey swooned as his big strong arms wrapped around her. He carried her so easily, it made her feel helpless, in a good way. She watched as his eyes went to her breasts and felt her nipples stiffen even more, sending shockwaves all the way to her toes.

Alex set Casey down carefully on the nearest lounge chair. “Wow, you’re so strong,” she said with a girly bat of her eyes. She gingerly flipped onto her stomach and laid down flat with her toes pointed towards the pool. Casey arched her back slightly, putting her shapely ass on display for her brother.

Alex could only shake his head as he stared down at his little sister’s nearly naked form. Her back was completely bare except for one narrow piece of fabric that crossed her hips and intersected with the strip trapped between her two firm cantaloupe-sized cheeks. He reached down and placed his hands on her injured thigh, pouring all of his focus into his hand movements, trying to avoid the massive distraction of her flossed backside. He knew if he lingered he would quickly fill, and then likely spill out of, his undersized swimsuit.

Casey continued arching her back, squirming under his touch and spreading her legs ever so slightly. Alex remained focused on his hands as he pushed into the back of her thigh. She moaned, as much in pleasure as mock pain. She wished he would move around more, other parts of her body were also demanding attention.

Alex made the mistake of looking up at Casey’s body. He could see clearly between her legs where the white string escaped the clutches of her crevice and expanded across the surface of her small feminine curves. He admired how the leotard pressed her lips together, accentuating the hill nestled between her soft inner thighs. He could just see the faint outline of her slit where the sheer elastic material pulled into her. Alex’s cock jumped, and then jumped again, he could feel it start to strain against his swimsuit. Disaster!

Coughing nervously, Alex said, “I, uh, have to go to the bathroom. But don’t go anywhere I’ll be right back.” He turned quickly before she could respond or see his bulging package. He grabbed his towel and covered his shame then practically sprinted inside the house and into the downstairs bathroom. He understood Ben’s rapid departure from the closet now, perving on your little sister was a whole different ball game.

Casey was a little stunned at his sudden departure but figured he probably just had to go really bad. She laid back down on her stomach, enjoying the residual feelings of Alex’s hands caressing her body.

Alex sat on the toilet in a state of panic, urging his erection to subside. He couldn’t believe his little sister capable of acting as she was. She was gorgeous, but he always thought of her protectively, never sexually. He figured the best thing would be to rub one out so hopefully he could maintain control while finishing Casey’s therapy.

Remembering the bottle of baby oil Fiona found under the sink, he retrieved it from the cabinet and dropped his drawers. He grabbed a tissue as well, and sat down on the edge of the bathtub, legs spread, the same way he presented himself to Fiona. He set the tissue on the floor between his legs and squirted a healthy amount of oil into his palm. He rubbed his hands together, then cupped his balls with one and stroked his shaft with the other. Up and down his thick cock he went as visions of Fiona’s huge tits filled his mind. In no time at all he found himself reaching for the tissue and spurting his load into its softness, imagining instead it was a pair of plump red lips.

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