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Chapter 1 (The Bath)

Alexandria used the soap to soften and lubricate her body. She laid her head back against the edge of the whirlpool bath and tried to concentrate on her desires.

She gently tugged at her nipples to harden them and massaged her ample breast before lowering her hand to her pelvic region to tantalize and explore.

She needed sexual release so bad. She had so much pent up tension inside her mind and body. Ever so slowly, her body began to respond to the warmth of the bath and the stimulation of her own hands. She was simultaneously massaging her clit while stroking her pussy lips and pushing one finger and then two into her warm cunt. Her back arched out of the water as she thrust her pelvis up to meet her delving fingers. She was starting to feel the faint rumblings of an orgasm deep inside when she decided to introduce one of her favorite toys.

Outside, and several yards from the house, the groundskeeper lowered the binoculars and took a drag off his cigarette. He cared about Ms. Alexandria and had worked for her for 3 years but that was no reason to turn down this private sex show. After all, what was the harm? She had no idea he was watching.

He raised his binoculars and found that she had replace into her sopping wet cunt a large, life-like rubber cock. It must have been at least 10 inches long and quite thick too. She was slowly easing the cock in and out of her tight pussy as she continued massaging her clit with the other hand.

“This is complete torture.” The groundkeeper thought to himself. It was hard enough to see her everyday in her bikini sunbathing beside her pool. He wished she were using his real cock instead of that fake rubber one. He just knew he could give her all the sexual pleasure her beautiful body could handle.

And she was so beautiful. She was a lovely statuesque blond. She had a models figure with full, natural breast and a nice, round, heart shaped ass too.

What a great view he had of her now. The groundskeepers cabin was about 50 yards behind her mansion and slightly elevated on a hill, giving an undisturbed direct view into the master bathroom and bedroom suite through huge picture windows. She usually closed the blinds at night but had forgotten on this occasion. He definitely was not complaining.

He raised the binoculars. Now she was trying to push the huge rubber cock into her tiny ass. It was obviously a very tight fit but she was determined. The groundskeepers cock was now rock hard, straining against his work jeans. He could see that she was finally able to get her ass to open up just enough to take the tip of the large phallus. Her body was quivering with desire but she held herself as still as possible as she slowly inserted the cock a little at a time. She had a mixed look of agony and pleasure on her face. She lay still while her asshole adjusted to the massive cock while her fingers were busy circling her clit and delving into her pussy. The groundskeeper started to rub his cock through the cloth of his jeans. He wanted her so much. He had never wanted a women this bad.

Now he saw that she was able to push the cock in and out easier and was beginning to thrust up to against it. “How on earth could her tiny asshole have expanded over this huge dildo?” he wondered. “Oh my God,” He said softly to himself as he saw that she was now fully inserting the massive cock, over and over deep into her bowels and screaming with pleasure. He could hear her faint cries of passion now as she came closer to orgasm. He could even see that her breast were fully aroused as her nipples were extended pushing through the soapy suds clinging to them.

Now she was alternating the cock between her ass and pussy in two and three stroke rhythms. He could tell that she was getting closer to orgasm as the rhythm was quickening with each plunge of the rubber cock.

The groundkeeper could take it no longer. He lowered his jeans and grasp his huge aching cock. The precum oozing from the tip was lubricant enough for him to stroke the full 10-inch length with his free hand while he held the binoculars in the other.

Suddenly, Ms. Alexandria exploded into orgasm, her midsection vaulting up from the whirlpool sending foamy water cascading in all directions. She gained control and lowered herself back into the warm swirling waters as the groundskeeper finally stroked his cock to orgasm spurting thick, white globs of cum all over the porch at his feet.

Once he had finished, the groundkeeper felt bad about invading his employer’s privacy. But even now, he could not pull his eyes away. She lay completely still, although the water still swirled around her flawless body. She raised a shaking hand to her face and covered her eyes, as her body also began to shake. His heart broke as he realized that she was weeping.

Alexandria and the Groundskeeper, Chapter 2 (Separate pleasures)

Alexandria toweled herself off as she stepped out of the whirlpool bath. She dried her tears as well as the bath water almanbahis adresi from her supple body and walked over to the full-length mirror to look at herself. As she gazed at her reflection, she took a shaky breath and tried to gain control of her emotions and figure out why she had gotten so sad in the bath a few moments earlier.

She told herself that she had no reason to be sad. After all, she had the body of a Goddess and a face to match. In addition to her appearance, she was also filthy rich. She knew that she had a lot to be thankful for. As one of Beverly Hills most successful investment brokers, she was a self-made millionaire and had never had to rely on a man for a single thing and was very proud of it. She continued admiring her self in the mirror as she raised her hands to cup her full round natural breast. She pinched her nipples softly and pulled and twirled them a bit. She turned and admired her luscious ass and long legs. She bent over at the waist and caressed her ass cheeks with both hands and gently pulled them apart to view her lovely puckered asshole and pussy underneath. Oh God she needed a hard cock.

Why on earth can I not find a man to please me, she wondered. There is always plenty of hard cock around. It’s just that lately, hard cock isn’t enough for Alexandria. Even after having a good hard fuck, she is still somehow unsatisfied. And although she loves her own body and frequently enjoys pleasing herself, this too has recently lost its appeal.

Oh well, she thought. Might as well have a drink and try not to worry about it any more tonight. She carried herself over to the living room without bothering to dress and noticed as she did so that she had failed to close the blinds along the back of the house. “What a dummy.” She said to herself as she quickly closed all of them. Oh well, she thought, there wouldn’t have been anyone in the back yard to be watching me. After all, it was a secure area with privacy fences on all sides of the property with all the latest in security measures. There was no way anyone could have been watching.

She was about to pour herself a scotch when she thought of Antonio her Groundskeeper. “Oh my God”, she said as the glass almost slipped from her grip. Antonio’s cabin was directly behind the main house across the pool area. She knew that if he had been home and had looked in her direction that it would have been hard not to witness what had been going on a few minutes earlier. She went to the window and peeped through the blinds. She gasp as she saw the glow of a cigarette on the front porch of the cabin. She poured a stiff drink and lowered herself into a plush easy chair. He had been watching her, she realized! What if he had been watching her while she was fucking herself in the bathtub? All of the sudden, she found she was becoming extremely excited by the idea. “Oh God” she breathed softly as she realized her pussy was getting wet and her breath was getting short. Just the thought of him watching her naked in the whirlpool bath, furiously pumping herself full with the massive rubber cock was bringing her close to orgasm. She was so close that she couldn’t resist the urge to help herself along by massaging her clit with one had while inserting two and then three fingers into her cunt slowly at first then faster and faster until her body was on fire and cumming uncontrollably. As the orgasm subsided, she realized that it had been the most intense and pleasurable orgasm she had experienced in quite a while. Her whole body was limp. She barely had strength to raise herself off the chair and carry herself to bed.

Alexandria slipped in between the luxurious silk sheets and thought how strange it was that she had become so aroused at the thought of Antonio watching her. She had always considered him to be attractive, but had never been sexually attracted to him. After all he was her employee. Sure, he was an attractive man. Being of South American dissent he had a dark complexion while having a contrasting long main of light brown hair. He had an Olympic gymnast’s body with muscular thighs, arms and chest. To top it off, he had a great smile and he was also always very respectful and courteous.

One time, she had seen him strip naked and dive into the pool after he had finished his duties for the day. She knew that he didn’t think she was at home or he wouldn’t have done it. She remembered gasping at the sight of his huge penis. It was like something you read about or see in magazines.

As she drifted off to sleep she wondered if Antonio had ever been in love or married back home in South America before coming to California. She even let her dreamy mind picture Antonio naked, flexing his taught muscular body. She pictured him with his impressive thick cock, which hung down almost to his knees. Then the image changed to the same naked Antonio plunging his cock into a big-busted Hispanic girl from behind. The girl had a look of absolute pleasure on her face as she received Antonio’s large favor. She was standing against almanbahis adres a wall, hands and legs spread and on tiptoe with her ass stuck up and out to receive full benefit of him.

Suddenly, she startled awake and realized that her mental image of her groundskeeper had turned into a delicious, erotic dream. It had been so realistic. She could still pitchure the girl’s face and almost hear her faint cries of pleasure.

She also realized another fact. She realized that she was glad that Antonio had been watching her in the bathtub earlier. The thought was still making her pussy wet with desire. She drifted off to sleep trying to recapture the dream she had lost, except this time, with herself against the wall receiving Antonio’s cock instead of the Hispanic girl. She could almost feel the gritty stone wall under her palms and his hot labored breath on her neck and shoulder as he drove her closer to the wall with his repeated thrust and thrust…. .Alexandria slept.

Antonio lit a cigarette and walked inside to get a beer after Alexandria had closed the blinds and blocked all view to the inside of the house. He still felt guilty at having watched her private moments. But he also knew that he would be helpless in keeping himself from watching in the future if given the opportunity.

He wasn’t sure how he would react to her the next time they were face to face. He was afraid that she would somehow know he had been watching. He loved and respected her so much and did not wish to hurt her in any way. He would do anything for her.

Ms. Alexandria had hired Antonio on the spot during the first interview for the groundskeeper’s job. Antonio had only recently arrived in California after receiving his citizenship and was in bad need of employment. He never dreamed that it would grow into the kind of job he now had after 3 years. He quickly established himself as a master of many trades. Before long he was not only in charge of the upkeep of the estate grounds but also was in charge of planning and catering her occasional dinner parties and even bartentering as well.

She was so pleased with him that she turned over what had previously been the guesthouse to him so that he could always be close by at hand in case she ever needed him after hours.

Compared to the life he had lived in South America, he now felt he lived as a king and he owed it all to Ms. Alex and the trust and confidence she had put in him. He would almost give his life for her.

Thinking about all of this made him feel even more ashamed at having watched her in the whirlpool bath earlier. But there was no way he could have turned away. Just the sight of her stunning body unclothed for the first time had been enough to make him weak at the knees.

One thing was for sure, after watching the private sex show, he definitely needed some sex of his own. He thought he knew exactly where he could find it.

He picked up the phone and dialed a number from memory. He was calling Alicia, an exotic dancer friend of his that he knew couldn’t turn down an offer for a good hard fucking. After all, she was crazy about him. In fact, she had even been trying to get him into a three way with her and another dancer friend. “Maybe that’s just what I need tonight.” he thought as the phone was ringing.

About 45 minutes later both girls arrived at the front gates and Antonio buzzed them in. They were both a little drunk and horny after dancing at the exclusive gentleman’s club nearby.

They were obviously excited at the idea of a 3 way with Antonio. They threw their arms around him and started kissing and caressing his body the moment the door was closed behind them. “These girls are definitely in need of some hard cock.” Antonio thought to himself as he led them to the living room.

He seated them on the couch and went into the kitchen to fix drinks for everyone. As they waited for Antonio they lounged on the couch. They both had succulent bodies. As exotic dancers, they were trim and athletic in build with huge tits. He suspected they both had had breast jobs, as their tits were larger than normal for petite women, straining against the fabric of their blouses begging to be let out. It was obvious that these women were definitely dedicated to using their bodies as instruments to give men pleasure.

Upon returning with the girl’s drinks he noticed that they had gotten tired of waiting for him and were topless and all over each other.

Alicia had been eager to start the party off by removing her own blouse before also freeing her friends massive melons. The other girl, whose name was Sonia, embraced Alicia in a full mouth and tongue kiss pressing her luscious breast into Alicia’s tits making one mouth watering mountain of tit flesh.

Upon noticing that Antonio had entered the room they separated, looking longingly at his sculpted muscular appearance. Sonia’s mouth was watering for cock so she was the first to reach for the zipper of his tight jeans. As she lowered the zipper his large almanbahis adres penis flopped out causing her to squeal with delight. “See,” said Alicia, “I told you this guy had a horse cock. Here, let me help you with it” She pulled on the length of his cock while Sonia moved to the end of it and parted her sweet pouting lips to take the huge cock in her mouth. “Oh yes baby,” said Alicia as her friend began to take the cock deeper. “Do it baby, deep throat his monster dick.” Antonio could see that these girls were used to working together. They obviously liked calling the shots, so he decided to be quite and just do whatever they ask of him.

His cock was getting harder as Sonia continued to push the head of it deeper and deeper into her lovely throat. As Sonia would withdraw her mouth till just the tip was left, Alicia would stroke the full length of his cock till her friend engorged herself again on the massive tool. “That’s it baby, make his cock good and hard for your sweet pussy.” Alicia said. She evidently had plans of Sonia getting first cock servings in her pussy as she had in her mouth.

While Sonia continued to deepthroat Antonio, Alicia fully undressed herself displaying her exotic dancers’ firm yet supple ass and lovely legs. She then gently tugged down Antonio’s faded Levis and pulled his tight tee shirt up and over his head. She stayed behind Antonio who was still standing reaching around him to caress and massage his muscular form while pressing her huge warm tits against his back. He looked down at Sonia and was impressed with her ability to take his massive cock so deeply into her throat repeatedly. As she would pull away each time she would moan and look up at him with desire.

Alicia was still running her skilled fingers along his chest and stomach and reaching down to stroke his dripping cock as Sonia would pull away. She then brought her hands back up to his chest and started pulling and twisting his nipples. He felt her hot breath on his neck and then her sexy, sultry voice whispered into his ear. “Antonio baby, I want you to do me a favor” she breathed. “What is it?” he said quickly as his breathing was becoming more and more rapid. “I want you to give my friend the hardest fucking she’s ever had.” She paused a moment to go around front and take her friends mouth off Antonio’s cock and whisper something to her. The two girls looked lovingly at each other and then engaged in a passionate french kiss. Alicia then spread a large bedspread out onto the floor and added some pillows off the couch and ask Sonia to lay on her back.

Sonia did as her friend instructed and Alicia helped her off with the remainder of her clothes. What was left was a sight for Antonio to behold. To see these two women, completely naked, their bodies flawless in every detail, lounging on the floor looking up at him with puppydog eyes and large pouty lips was hard to take standing still. “Easy boy,” he told himself, “this is still their game so don’t mess up by moving too quickly.”

As he watched, Alicia parted her friend’s legs, expertly placing her hands underneath her buttocks to raise her up a bit and then with a soft sigh, lowered her mouth to Sonias’ pussy. A moan escaped Sonia’s mouth as Alicias’ tongue circled her engorged clit and dove inside. Her hands shot out gripping the coverlet as she pushed her pelvis upward to meet Alica’s tongue desperately needing deeper penetration.

Alicia pulled away and stood to walk over to the patiently waiting Antonio. Once again she circled behind him to whisper into his ear while reaching around to fondle his huge manhood. “Sonia is my love slave.” She said. “She hasn’t had a good cockfucking since we met 3 months ago and I promised she would get one tonight. Do a good job for me and we may make this a regular occurrence.” “I will.” said Antonio obediently. She took him by his cock and led him over to the pallet where Sonia lay.

“Sonia, she said softly, Antonio has agreed to please you with his cock tonight, but you must agree to do exactly as I say or you will not be able to do this again, understood?” “Yes.” Sonia said breathlessly. “Yes what?” exclaimed Alicia, giving a quick slap to Sonia’s ass. “Yes Mistress.” Sonia corrected sharply. “Very good then.” Said Alicia. She then positioned Antonio on his knees between Sonia’s legs. “Wait ,” she said sensing that Antonio was barely restraining himself from plunging in, “I have to make sure your cock is ready to please my slave.” She bent her head between them and fully engulfed the huge cock into her mouth and throat in one motion. She backed away and looked up at Antonio before once again taking the full length into her throat. As the tip emerged again she said to Antonio, “In case you didn’t already know, you have a magnificent cock.”

Very deliberately Alicia guided Antonio’s cock toward Sonia’s gaping wet pussy. As the large tip touched her velvety lips Sonia cried out in anticipation, “Oh yes, please, please, Oh, Ohhhh…., God yes, please give it all too me!” Antonio slowly pushed the head and then a third of his massive cock into Sonia as she panted breathlessly, “Yes, Yes, Oh, Oh, Yes, Yes, Fuck, Fuck, Me, Ohhhhhhh…., Yessssssss………, Please fuck me….., Oh God, fuck me, please fuck me, Oh gooooodddd,..yesssss!

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