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A Girl Named Payton Series:

Chelsea’s Butterflies

“Let me tell you something about Payton,” Tom was saying on the way to this stranger’s house, “She’s a playa.”

“You mean a slut?” I scoff.

“No. She’s gay. She gets all the ladies too. So be careful, if she likes you… you’ll probably sleep with her.”

I laugh, not believing him in any way whatsoever.

“We’ll see about that,” I say, no idea what I’m getting myself into.

It all started with her, Payton’s, jacket. See, the four of us were out at the park sitting by the pond. Tom was throwing small pebbles at the blue gills, Wendy was listening to him talk about the pond’s color, Payton was zoned out, and I, Nikki, was shivering. I pulled out the blunt I had just rolled up in the car. Payton looked up at me and I laughed as I lit it,

“I don’t why I got so cold of a sudden,”

She got up suddenly, and before she even asked, “Want my jacket?” she was emptying her pockets (which were full of my shit in the first place) into her others.

“Yeah, sure,” I looked over and watched her take it off.

I hadn’t really noticed before, but Payton had really toned arms. I caught myself staring at them as she stepped to the side of me. At first I was confused but then I realized, she was putting the jacket on me. Her knuckles gently brushed my arm as she pulled one sleeve, than the other. I had been cold before but the sudden goose bumps surprised me. I reached for the zipper and our hands made a collision.

Whatever was left of Tom and Wendy’s conversation had dissipated from my mind. She was practically holding me against her as she zipped up the jacket, my hands lingering at the bottom. I felt this exploding excitement, like a thousand butterflies just suddenly were woken in my belly, they flew out of me and turned into the sparkling sunlight on the pond. Tom threw a bigger rock and the light disappeared somewhere along the ripples. Payton let go of me and returned to her seat.

“Chelsea, are you going to light that blunt or are we here to see the view?”

I stared at the pond, glancing at Payton out of my peripherals. I handed her the blunt first, our hands brushing together, that familiar explosion when we touched. I had felt it there before, I knew, it was just so small until now. My eyes danced from the baby blue stripes on the sleeves, the baby blue that corresponded to Payton’s outfit, on her fedora, her neon shoes, even her shirt had baby blue splattered all over it. She was stylish. She was attractive.

That girl was smoother than even the finest woven silk.

Later, she’ll look at me while we rode in Tom’s want to be sport car. She’ll have a cocky smirk smeared on her face and her eyes will glint with confidence.

“You can’t deny it,” She’ll ask, baiting my curiosity.

“What’s that?”

“You looked good in my hoodie.”

I laugh and shake my head. When I look back at her, there is a softer smile on her face. Her eyes trace my body slowly. Just as Tom begins to turn up the music, she says to me,

“You looked even better in my arms.”

Two weeks prior to these events, Tom started hanging out with me more often. Tom was dating Wendy, a quiet girl with black hair and an aura that draws you in despite her shyness. The two of them always hung out with Payton, who lived a half hour away and lived a completely different life then the three of us were used to. She was younger than all of us, 18 years old, yet already had her own place, was going to college, and completely on her own.

Tom and Wendy both had dropped out of school long ago and currently lived with Wendy’s mom. I lived with my parents and recently graduated. I was 19 and had no plans for the future. Compared to what Payton had already accomplished, it seemed like we were nobody important. Yet she hung out with the three of us all the time and was nothing but a good friend.

Considering all the time we had spent together, the others more than I, none of us really knew much about her. She was flirty and witty, liked a variety of music and video games, and was considerably mature compared to most people I knew. We had never seen her drink yet we smoked weed with her every day. Her parents were absent from her life and her dad was never even mentioned. Often, the two of us joked of a secret lesbian affair, an ironic cover-up for the sexual tension I believed was actually between us.

I got to see more sides of her than Tom and Wendy did. Often the two of them would start arguing. I would look away from them and rub my head. Payton would come up to me, touch my arm, say my name, ask me to go somewhere with her alone. We’d sit in their bedroom, their living room, even Tom’s cars, and just talk. We’d talk mostly of Tom and Wendy. Sometimes, she’d ask me questions like, did you ever think about being with a woman, than, when did I decide I wanted to sleep with her?

I’d laugh at the second and say no to the first. She’d turn on music when we were in the car, scoot closer, than rest her face on the Kartal Escort seat. If we were in the living room, she’d slip an arm behind me, around the couch. In the bed, she’d roll over and face me, inches away from my face. She’d open up to me about how sometime she’d like to just be with me, without Tom and Wendy. Not that they were bad. But still.

I’d think about how it was probably because she thought she could sleep with me. I surprised myself every time when I was OK with that. I would always tell her, “We should. We should.”

“I might not be able to make it to the party,” Payton was saying, looking up at me from the cubby hole she had made next to my chair.

The party she talks of is in two days.

There had been no seats left in her living room. She said she was trying to be a good hostess. I wonder if she’s trying to be close to me. I secretly wish for it.

“Really?” My voice wavers, I feel my eyes ache.

“I don’t know,” She sighed and thinned her lips, never breaking her gaze, “I’m going to try my best to get there, I promise.”

An hour and a half into to the party. Guests were mingling, drinking, flirting, and having a general good time. I had several men operating the grill. I had dressed in a casual white dress shirt, open to reveal a pink tank top underneath, all over jeans and sneakers. Nothing special. Enough to show off my curvy figure.

Enough to draw Payton in.

If only she was here.

Every half hour that had passed so far, I had snuck up to my room to take a shot. I was losing my nerve and fast. Questions and comments flew through my mind. Am I bisexual? Is it just Payton? What if Payton doesn’t even find me attractive? She’s not coming. Even if she does, what would I do? Get her drunk off my own vodka-tainted breath than seduce her with my vomit?


A ’05, yellow ford mustang pulled up to the curve. Sitting in the drivers seat was Payton. She was wearing a black and white plaid truckers cap, an orange Aero shirt and a black jacket with two Watchmen pins on the collar. She stepped out of the car after putting a CD in the visor, sporting black dress pants and her neon high-kicks.

Across the street, looking through my kitchen window, I smile all my previous worries away. She looks at me through the window, somehow seeing me, and tips an imaginary hat at me. Her hair, a mix of blonde and red highlights among chocolate brown hair, danced as a breeze picked it up. I was expecting the cheesy love music to start playing at any moment.

“Hey Chelsea,” Her slightly boyish voice danced in my ears when she approached me for a hug.

“Hey,” I placed my hands on her shoulder blades as we broke the hug, felt the muscles there and forced her to look at my face, “I’m really glad you came.”

An curious expression passed over face than quickly changed to a dangerous, daring one, “Chelsea, I have to say… You’re looking quite delicious today, and it’s all I can do to resist taking a bite.”

I smiled, laughed, than had to look down at the floor to regain my composure. Her eyes were a shade of brown I had never seen. They were speckled with yellow flakes. I wonder if she liked my green eyes. My blonde hair. My pale face. Was that all delicious enough for her?

I looked back up. Now she seemed amused and pleased.

“You blushed.”

“Chelsea!” Tom shouted through the front door as he walked in.

Payton let go of me and wandered to the other part of our gang. “What’s up?”

Tom hugged Payton, I nodded at Wendy, than Wendy hugged Payton as well. She returned to my side, remaining close but without touching me. I wanted to slip my hand in hers, pull it around my waist.

“Alright, we’re going to go attack that food and booze, see you around?”

We waved him off. Wendy waited behind for a minute, quiet and zoned out. Payton turned to me, made an apologetic face and followed after Tom. I caught Wendy gazing lustfully after her. I widened my eyes, following her gaze and noticing there were about three other women in the room ignoring their boyfriends and watching the lesbian get some beer.

I had never considered competition…

The end of the party was winding down. I hadn’t gotten more than 5 minutes of Payton’s time. That five minutes was spent listening to her tell a story about how she picked up girls. One of the guys had asked, and suddenly all the “straight” girls in the room had gathered to listen, with some eager to learn boyfriends. I was among them, standing to the left of her.

“It’s my shoes,” Payton joked at first, “No, but seriously. First, I make small talk. I find out what music they like, because that’s something I know about, music. Or video games, if I’m lucky. Then, I’ll drop a line or two, something like…”

She thought about it for a second, then looked at me. I froze, her eyes intensely holding me to the floor. She came closer, leaning her face by my ear. Everyone in the group leaned forward.

“Why keep playing Chelsea? You know you want Kartal Escort Bayan me. I’ll make you feel so good, you’ll be moaning my name until next week.”

Her hot breath on my ear and the seductive tone in her voice made me into a puddle on the floor. Another girl in the group turned away from the rest of us and began fanning her face while letting out a long, “Whooooooo.”

Her face moved from mine, eyes still locked on mine.

“That was tight!” One of the boys cheered and the rest of the group agreed.

“Looks like it worked on Chelsea,” Tom said.

We were staring at each other. I was daring her to make a move. She didn’t, breaking the gaze as soon as Tom spoke up.

Later everyone decided to leave. Payton stayed behind. It was getting close to 3AM. I had stopped taking shots when she arrived, completely forgetting about the vodka waiting upstairs. She had helped me clean up the whole house.

I walked into the living room after recycling a beer can. She was standing on the other side of the couch, her arms crossed. The look on her face was completely serious. I raised an eyebrow, “Something wrong?”

“No. At least, I don’t think so.”

“What do you mean?”

Her mouth opened to say something, but it looked like she decided against it. Her arms dropped to her side and she made her way over to me. Stood opposite of me, close, but not too close. Suddenly, the questions, the fears, the what-ifs and general whose-its flooded my mind.

“I should probably get going,” Her voice sounded doubtful, as if she didn’t want to go.

“It’s late. You sure you don’t want to stay?” The words tumbled out of my mouth. I was staring at her Watchmen pins.

What was I doing? I didn’t know what I was doing.

“Chelsea… Can you look at me for a second?” Payton’s voice had dropped down a few notches, a gentle whisper, her voice almost picking up my chin itself, forcing me to stare at her brown diamond irises.

I didn’t say a thing because I couldn’t speak. Any words I had thought up prior had caught in my throat. Every part of me wanted to look away from the exotic woman before me but there wasn’t a single bone in my body capable of that.

“Ok. Fine. How about I talk for you? Let me guess. Your straight. No-, you’re really, really straight. But…” And with this last part she leaned forward and whispered in my ear again, “There’s just something about me that pulls you in, isn’t there?”

I closed my eyes as the butterflies in my mouth exploded again, soaring out of my mouth as I whispered, so, so desperately, “Yes.”

With that, Payton placed her hands around my waist, pulled me against her, kissing the side of my face. Eventually she kissed my mouth, just brushing it gently with her lips. She stopped, pulling her face away for a second, her eyes searching mine. Her hand reached up to brush a blonde hair out of her view. Then she kissed me again, eyes still open, closing them then diving deeper in my mouth, her tongue teasing the tip of mine.

I wrapped my arms underneath and around her shoulders. Her hands slipped down into my back jeans pockets, grabbing my ass and pulling me as close as possible to her. The kiss deepened, our tongues slipping over and around each other, soft moans occasionally escaping from my throat. I suddenly felt Payton begin to push me, backing me up until we hit a wall. Her hands left my ass and moved to my face, cupping my chin before she broke the kiss.

Wild speckled brown eyes. Her breathing had grown heavier. Her voice was husky, “I want you.”

My own breathing was erratic. She grabbed my hands suddenly, bringing them over my head. Than she placed her thigh between my legs, pinning me against the wall and putting pressure in quite a good spot. Another quiet moan slipped out.

“Right here. I want you, right here,” With that her lips were on my neck, her hands finding themselves stroking the undersides of my breasts, all the while her thigh rubbing me just the right way.

I watched her, stared into her eyes, gasped and moaned. Any qualms I previously had were out the window. I had never wanted more than anything in my life. I was full of this completely raw sexual desire, something I had never experienced even with the greatest of lover. My shirt was moving up. My shirt was gone. My bra was gone.

I threw my head back, closed my eyes. She took one of my nipples in her mouth, gently licking and sucking on it. I had a sharp intake of breath, then she blew cold air on it, bringing it to a solid standing position, then the same for the other. Bringing her face up again to mine, she explored my mouth while both hands explored my nipples. Realizing my hands were free to move now, I found her ass underneath the dress pants and pulled her closer to me.

She broke the kiss and rested her forehead on mine, gasping. I realized I had slipped my own thigh between hers and now we both had each other exactly where we wanted. With a smile and a sultry glance at her, I began grinding on her own leg so mine would move the same Escort Kartal on hers.

The pleasure soon bloomed into passion, causing the kissing to deepen, our bodies to crash together faster, and our moans to grow louder. My breasts were being caressed, her thumbs circling around and over my nipples. She slipped down, away from my mouth, taking them both, one by one into her mouth, and demonstrating the power, the speed, the skill of her tongue. I dug my finger nails into the wall, anticipating ecstasy as she kissed me between my breasts, slowly, down to my navel, to the top of my jeans.

This can’t be happening…

My button popped undone. The fly came down. My panties, my jeans, even my shoes suddenly slipped off me, without even a word out of my mouth.

This is unbelievable…

Payton stood up again, watched me. Her hand slipped between my legs, pressed against me and stroked my clit against my lips. I moaned and she grinned. I laughed and whispered, “What?”

She moved her hand again, eliciting another vocal response. I turned my face away, slightly embarrassed. Her other hand brought it back, cupping my chin again.

“Do you have any idea how hot you are?” She asked, kissing me open eyed again.

Confidence suddenly overwhelmed me.

“I try,” I whispered after another kiss.

“Are you ready?’ Her voice was serious, her eyes were caring.

“I’ve been ready for a while now,” I smirked.

“Mhmm,” A cross between a laugh and a growl, “Feisty now, are we?”

Down she went again. She squatted between my legs at first, than placed my foot on her shoulder. First, she planted a kiss on one thigh, then nibbled the other. I nearly fell over at that than laughed nervously at the whole bit. In the middle of my chuckle, she placed her mouth on me, taking my clit between her lips and gently flicking it with the tip of her tongue.

From the start, it was as if everything my body told her to do, she did. I was sensitive, to my own surprise, and she was gentle. It was like a feather was moving along my nub. The whole time, I could see Payton’s eyes looking up at me. I buried my hand in her hair, blushed and tried to focus on staying up.

Her tongue stiffened. Found a spot right underneath the left side of my clit. It was a spot that could easily turn bad because of how sensitive I was. I cried out, ending the sentence in my own growl, “God yes, that- s-so good…”

I could feel her lips pull into a smile. She exploited that spot slowly but firmly. It wasn’t long before I was moaning loudly and constantly. I felt like I had a fever. Two fingers made their way up my stomach to one of my nipples, flicked it. I buckled, slipping down the wall. Just in time, Payton grabbed my legs and eased me down the rest of the way. She placed me on my back on the floor, her mouth never leaving my center, both hands finding my nipples after we settled.

My whole body responded to the flicks of her tongue as they sped up. I arched my back and began tensing up. I could feel the build up of an orgasm starting. I tightened my legs around her face, wanting to cry out even more than last time but unable to as I had suddenly become mute. I came, and all the butterflies and explosions in my belly combined with the orgasm to create this serene moment, this moment where I realized nothing like this had ever happened before. I had just experienced one of the most amazing things a person could. For the first time.

I sighed, the cry in my throat escaping in a satisfied moan. I released Payton’s head, her tongue still lightly tickling my nub. I jerked away, extremely sensitive, and she moved up to slide next to me. I felt her lips on my neck and smelled myself on her breath. She ran her hands across my stomach, goose bumps following afterwards. My whole body was shaking in the aftermath, her lips a warm reminder as she continued to adorn my shoulders and neck with them.

I composed myself, reaching up to push back her caramel-rainbow hair, probed her eyes with mine and bit my lip. On instinct, I slipped my other hand by her pants, undoing the button and fly, finding my way in. Immediately, I find her clit with my middle finger, circling it like I did with mine. Something that had always felt good, but up until now, had never made sense to waste time doing. Payton bit her lip too and closed her eyes.

I pushed her down so I could climb on top of her. Judging by the moisture I found, this wasn’t going to take long. I kissed her as I pressed thigh against my hand, my finger pushing on the side and slightly on her clit. She took my lip in her mouth as I did this, giving an approving, long moan. Despite my orgasm, I felt myself already wet again from hearing her.

There was nothing better than getting someone else hot and bothered.

Like I predicted, it didn’t take long. Her fingers wrapped around my arm, her other pushing back her hair. I leaned down to kiss her. Tasting myself only made me more determined. I sped up my movements, her nails dug into my arms. She tensed, frozen as the pleasure took her, than let out a moan that traveled all the way down my throat. We furiously grinded together afterwards, to my surprise, the kiss expanding into a much more intense tongue to tongue battle, and than a second orgasm found her and me. After, we broke apart, breathless, caught once again in a green eyed brown eyed stare.

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